Anonymous in Celestia 5Ⓒ

May 9th, 2013
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  1. AiC 5Ⓒ
  3. >The months pass uneventfully, and you give Twilight regular updates on your transformation.
  4. >As your body grows accustomed to using the nutrients your bearer supplies to you, you find yourself spending much more time awake.
  5. >While you enjoy the carefree existence you have been living, and being swaddled by warmth, love, and safety that can only be provided in utero, you are ready to be born.
  6. >You've been looking forward to being able to see Equestria through your own two eyes for the first time.
  7. >Therefore, when Twilight and Celestia inform you that the transformation has completed, you are ecstatic.
  8. >You still want to clearly remember your time inside Celestia, so you spend the next few weeks carefully savoring and memorizing every sensation available to you. As to do this, you subconsciously begin to orient your head towards Celestia's birth canal.
  9. >Celestia doesn't seem to mind you taking your time coming out.
  11. >Finally, you decide you're ready. You'd assumed that this would be enough to trigger your birth, but nothing happens.
  12. >Getting impatient, and knowing the GUP isn't hooked up, you start to kick.
  13. >KICK KICK KICK. Kick kick KICK. KICK. Kick kick KICK KICK kick kick.
  14. >"Oh, you'll be born soon enough, Anon." she assures you. "Be patient."
  15. >You do wait, but several hours later, still nothing.
  17. >"'Now'?" repeats Celestia. "Oh, Anonymous, I was kidding. I'm not going to give birth to you."
  18. >Wait, what‽ No, seriously, what the fuck?
  19. >Kick KICK KICK. Kick kick kick kick. Kick KICK. KICK.
  20. >"I've decided to continue carrying you. It has been quite enjoyable for me, and you can better fulfill your duty if I have you with me at all times. Luna and Twilight have been informed that you have opted to stay in the safety of my womb. It wasn't hard for them to believe, given how content you made yourself sound."
  21. >She can't be serious. This wasn't part of the deal. She can't just keep you inside her indefinitely. Can she?
  22. >Uh oh. This is bad. Nop0ny else even knows you're inside Celestia.
  23. >Suddenly, all at once, her womb isn't your home, but your prison. The elasticity of the walls isn't liberating for letting you stretch and move, but restrictive as it pushes back against you.
  24. >Okay. Calm down. There has to be a way out. She can't just carry you indefinitely.
  25. >You try to tear at the sac around you, but have trouble gripping it with your hooves. Eventually, you get it to your mouth, and find you can't bite through it.
  26. >It feels thin and slippery, and responds like flesh, but it seems to have been strengthened magically.
  27. >Come on. Where there's a will, there's a way. You can't just give up and let her keep you captive in her womb.
  28. >You start to kick wildly, but this only evokes a contented moan from your bearer.
  29. >"Mmm, that feels so good, Anon. Keep squirming around in there." she teases you.
  30. >"I admire how strong-willed you are, but you're not getting out. You should be grateful that I'm allowing you to remain connected to me; I will keep you young, and you will get to live as long as me."
  31. >Oh HELL no!
  32. >"In case you're wondering, Anon," she explains, "I am connected with the sun, and I shall not perish until it does, in a few billion years."
  33. >She had better be joking. You signed up for less than one year, not eons upon eons.
  34. >"You can fight it if you want, or you can relax and enjoy the ride."
  35. >You direct your attention to your umbilical cord. It's drastic, but it is an "out" of sorts.
  36. >You wrap it around your right hoof, but no matter how much you try, you can't even kink it. It bends and flexes freely and stretches slightly, but it refuses to be pinched or kinked at all. Even a complete fold leaves the corner completely open.
  37. >Fuck, you really are stuck. Well, that's a bummer. You decide to give up and try looking at your predicament in a more positive light. Maybe some time in the next millennium, somep0ny will discover Celestia's secret, and you will be freed.
  38. >Until then, you will be Anonymous in Celestia.
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