Melts in Your Mouth

TiggyStarNytemaras Jan 26th, 2020 74 Never
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  1. Melts in Your Mouth
  3. Time is a killer
  4. As it moves forward
  5. It loves to to kill Her
  6. Time moves ever onward
  8. But does it Melt in your mouth
  9. Like a fine tasting drug made of sweetness
  10. Does it melt in your mouth
  11. Like a decaying mess of uglyness
  13. Time haunts me
  14. Barely 35 and dying from a heart condition
  15. She flow onward killing me
  16. My release is not self assure its a condition
  18. But does it melt in you mouth
  19. Like a fine burgandy wine
  20. Does it melt in your mouth
  21. Or do you cry and whine
  23. Time is a Killer
  24. Always tick tocking
  25. Seceretly its killing her
  26. Find new ways to keep tick tick tocking
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