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  1. Maki - confused villager, why? Was told Black leader would be protected and mafia still shot him
  2. Would be a waste for mafia to "see if Rain was telling the truth" and use a round on taht
  3. Shadi - Doctor (proven 99% due to protecting BL after convo with Rain)
  4. Rain - Broke Writer 99%, said he's shoot Emz and indeed did so
  5. Konijn - Harlot 90%, can maybe be proven, talk to hcmac to see if I receive a PM about Konijn sleeping
  6. Sexy - 99% in the theatre, 50/50% Femme fatale, IF Konijn's list is true and Konijn is the harlot
  7. *DEAD* Emziek - ?? Shot dead (Never claimed)
  8. *DEAD* JSN - 50/50% Femme fatale, if Konijn is harlot + his list is genuine, lynched
  9. Quicksilver - Brute claim
  10. MMage - ?? (Claimed villager)
  11. Blackblade - ?? (Claimed villager)
  12. Elric - ?? (Claimed Villager)
  13. Toonie - ?? (Claimed Villager)
  14. Blaze - ??  (Claimed VillageR)
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