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AM2R 1.5 Full Changelog

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Feb 16th, 2020
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  1. 1.5
  2. - Linux support added.
  3. - Please read dependencies.txt for more information.
  4. - Added intro text to area scan logs.
  5. - Zeta/Omega balance changes:
  6. - Buffed Omega health from 32 to 35.
  7. - Made a few Omega AI tweaks, including a new flame attack to prevent spiderball cheese.
  8. - Very slightly increased cooldown on Zeta missile block.
  9. - Resprited several enemies and tweaked various behaviors.
  10. - Meboids are now fully animated, and drain health instead of doing normal damage.
  11. - Skreeks spawn slightly slower and have new movement to feel less robotic.
  12. - Shirks now take one missile's worth of damage less to destroy.
  13. - Skorps now use lures.
  14. - Several enemies have new/modified Hard/Fusion difficulty behavior:
  15. - Drivel now drop acid on Hard/Fusion difficulty.
  16. - Aquatic Blobs now home in on Samus.
  17. - Meboid Barriers will explode into several Meboids on destruction.
  18. - Revamped parts of Area 6 (Search & Rescue Hideout):
  19. - Added a save station much closer to the first Omega.
  20. - Changed a significant amount of the level layout to flow better.
  21. - Changed some enemy placement/behavior and incorporated some new species.
  22. - New variants of Meboids and Skreek now live in A6.
  23. - The new Skreek variant has returned to its M2 roots, jumping out of lava and spitting acid at Samus before dropping back into it.
  24. - The new Meboids are far more aggressive and multiply rapidly; they have, however, retained their vulnerability to the Ice Beam.
  25. - Changed how Fusion Suit palettes are loaded.
  26. - Hardware incapable of running the palette swap shader will now properly display the M:SR variants of the Fusion Suit instead of an eternal blue suit.
  27. - Fusion Suit Power, Varia, and Gravity palette files have all been separated.
  28. - M:SR variants are in the left column, and the defaults are in the right; edit the right column to change them in-game.
  29. - Revamped the Serris battle:
  30. - Graphics updated.
  31. - Movement AI fully rewritten; new movement patterns implemented.
  32. - Several small tweaks to missile and beam collisions.
  33. - The double-hit Missile bug has been fixed.
  34. - Non-Plasma beam weapons no longer pierce through Serris during the second phase of the fight.
  35. - Sonic projectiles added to one pattern.
  36. - Speedboosting implemented.
  37. - Revamped the Tank battle:
  38. - Graphics updated.
  39. - Two new beam attacks added.
  40. - Core health boosted from 100 to 125 to compensate for larger hitbox sizes.
  41. - Decreased Super Missile damage boost against core by 1/3.
  42. - Slowed missile production to compensate for the additional beam attacks.
  43. - Arm Cannon HP boosted from 100 to 150.
  44. - Revamped multiple sections of artwork.
  45. - All upgrades and expansion tanks have been resprited.
  46. - Ammo pickups dropped by enemies have been resprited to fit.
  47. - New animation added for obtaining the Gravity Suit.
  48. - Missiles, Super Missiles, Power Bombs, and Bombs have been resprited to fit their respective items.
  49. - Chozo Statues and Item Balls have been resprited.
  50. - Several HUD sprites updated to match new items.
  51. - S&R Team resprited.
  52. - Pre-Lab Ascent background updated.
  53. - Several log images changed to match new sprites.
  54. - Several log images changed to use the AM2R Larval Metroid instead of the Zero Mission form.
  55. - Golden Temple Claw Orbs resprited.
  56. - The default Gravity Suit palette file has been given a facelift.
  57. - Area 5 has received several reworked sprites and general palette tweaks.
  58. - The Gravity Chamber has been resprited.
  59. - EMP Sphere graphics have been updated.
  60. - Warp pipe graphics updated.
  61. - The broken pipe has been altered. Pray that we do not alter it further.
  62. - Touched up the Research Lab sprites.
  63. - Added new textures for bubbles generated in lava.
  64. - The first cavern phase with Skorps now has various fungi and small Cordite crystals scattered around, as do the Cordite Mines.
  65. - Updated Save Station palette.
  66. - Samus' Gunship has been reshaded.
  67. - Added cheats functionality.
  68. - On the game selection screen, you may use the following sequence of buttons to unlock:
  69. - New Game+, Random Game+, and Fusion difficulty (On Android the game modes are now disabled by default, but can be unlocked again with this): [UP][UP][DOWN][DOWN][LEFT][RIGHT][LEFT][RIGHT][ACCEPT][BACK]
  70. - Early Baby Metroid (Lets the baby Metroid follow you anywhere, anytime during gameplay. Enter it again to disable.): [UP][LEFT][DOWN][RIGHT][RIGHT][DOWN][LEFT][UP]
  71. - A sound will play if the unlock was successful.
  72. - Added animated title screen background to internal resources and changed how custom backgrounds are loaded.
  73. - The animated title screen background will now display on Android.
  74. - See the FAQ at the top of the readme on how to load a custom background.
  75. - Changed how title screen images are loaded.
  76. - Each language can now have its own image.
  77. - See the FAQ at the top of the readme on how to load custom titles.
  78. - Changed some randomizer logic to prevent potential hardlocks. This may cause old seeds to generate differently!
  79. - Changed randomizer logic to prevent Speedbooster from being at the Reactor location behind Speedboost blocks.
  80. - Changed some Bomb blocks in the room before Varia to destroy themselves under certain conditions in Random Games.
  81. - Changed item ball sprite held by the Chozo statue in A4 to match the coloration of the statue.
  82. - Changed several of the Larval Metroid collision behaviors to prevent them from getting out of bounds. For real this time.
  83. - Changed how Charge Beam draws in pickups. The speed should be relatively the same, but it should accelerate more smoothly and has better directional support.
  84. - Changed Health and Missile X Parasites to have a 50% chance to spawn even when Samus has full health and ammo.
  85. - Changed the Autom's hit sound and death type from organic to robotic.
  86. - Changed item acquisition fanfare to quickly fade out rather than simply stopping when the item collection notification is closed.
  87. - Changed room during Reactor escape sequence to fix an improper room transition.
  88. - Modified Energy Tank pickup description text to reflect the multiplier values in difficulty settings.
  89. - Modified the right platform in BG3 Gamma room to become shot blocks under certain conditions in Random Games.
  90. - Updated small health pickup sound to a higher quality sound file.
  91. - Updated percent complete sprite in map menu.
  92. - Tweaked trooper/research log arrow animation to be quicker when unlocking.
  93. - Slightly modified random Septogg spawn routines.
  94. - Slightly lowered Autrack projectile origin.
  95. - Animated Halzyn eye to follow Samus when in view.
  96. - Tweaked Blob Fly AI to make them more aggressive but disperse under certain conditions (namely retreating from or killing the Blob Thrower).
  97. - Enemies near Samus are now destroyed during suit transition animations to prevent Samus from being damaged and put in a bad state.
  98. - Fixed Samus being shifted slightly left when against a right wall while jumping or unmorphing.
  99. - Fixed Samus from being affected by room transition fades.
  100. - Fixed bug that caused Septogg to spawn in the first Alpha room before the Alpha was dead.
  101. - Fixed collision bug in Mining Facility that caused speedboost to stop on a slope.
  102. - Fixed rare error with water graphics.
  103. - Fixed rare Torizo Core-X crash on pickup.
  104. - Fixed bug that allowed Missiles and Super Missiles to collide with Larval Metroids in their idle state.
  105. - Fixed softlock at the first Super Missile Tank location.
  106. - Fixed display bug that caused HUD E-Tanks to display improperly with health values between 99 and 100.
  107. - Fixed bug that caused bosses to spawn Power Bomb refills in Insanity Mode, regardless of whether or not the player has obtained them yet.
  108. - Fixed bug that caused the HUD map highlight square to become partially transparent.
  109. - Fixed log notification pop-up from being affected by room transition fades.
  110. - Fixed multiple scan notifications unlocking at once and overlapping; the second log notification will now wait for the first to finish before scanning.
  111. - Fixed Wallfire projectile origin being off-center.
  112. - Fixed cave droppers sometimes disappearing early.
  113. - Fixed Ancient Guardian being damaged by Power Bombs during its immune state.
  114. - Fixed graphical glitch with ending gallery selection screen.
  115. - Fixed Ramulken enemy being blurry on some resolutions.
  116. - Fixed issue in A3 where picking up an item in Alpha room during the fight would cause the area theme to resume, making both the boss and area theme play simultaneously.
  117. - Fixed Halzyn being unable to damage Samus in morphball form.
  118. - Fixed Halzyn and Ramulken shields being drawn over other enemies.
  119. - Fixed water graphics being at full opacity at room start despite Samus already being in the water.
  120. - Updated log font with new glyphs, including special characters, updated Cyrillic letters, and the Japanese alphabet.
  121. - Fixed a rare randomizer sequence break that enabled an Alpha Metroid to fly out of bounds in Area 2.
  122. - Fixed a rare error where a water jet could activate while an Alpha Metroid was still alive, causing a minor graphical and audio error.
  123. - Removed Super Missiles from Alpha Metroid drop pool.
  124. - Zeta Metroid cocoons are now persistent.
  125. - A2 turbine invulnerability to Power Bombs has been fixed.
  126. - Added helper Septoggs in BG3 to prevent a softlock in Random Games.
  127. - Other minor fixes.
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