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Feb 7th, 2020
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  2. 2020 What You REALLY DO Need To Be Afraid Of. Mannarino
  3. 7 Feb 2020
  5. In the comments section, Mannarino posts: Looks like my Twitter account got blocked... : (
  7. Partial transcript of video below:
  9. 2:14
  10. This thing with this virus
  11. It's a serious thing ... people are dying
  12. But pay attention to how this is being portrayed on the MSM
  13. Generally, when there is something that has the potential for public harm, it's hidden from you.
  14. And you are kept in the dark.
  15. THIS - every effort that they can possibly come up with, is being used to keep it in your face....
  16. Fear fear fear
  17. Why do you think this is happening?
  18. It all comes down to $ and cents.
  19. That's what runs the world.
  20. Whoever controls the cash box, controls the world.
  21. What's the set-up?
  23. 3:23
  24. We have a dire situation going on here in the debt market.
  25. It's unprecedented.
  26. We are existing under a Frankenstein debt bubble
  27. Every effort imaginable to keep it hyperinflated is going on, right under our nose
  28. The FED is pumping this market like we've never seen before.
  29. Way worse than under the last guy.
  30. You're not supposed to know that.
  31. .... 2020, it is projected that we will take in $3.6T in tax $
  32. However, the budget has already priced in missing that mark by over $1T
  33. Just for this year - 2020
  34. What does that mean?
  35. It means that the FED has got to step in here and conjure that cash out of thin air, add it to your digital screen, pile on more debt on .. the US and its citizens.....
  37. 5 mins
  38. The mechanism is inflation
  39. Going back to the virus
  40. Going back to the fact that we're in a global slowdown, which includes the US
  41. In 2010, ..the dead centre of the financial melt down, the labour force participation wss 64.7.
  42. Today, it's 63.3...
  43. There are less people working today than during the great recession.
  44. You're not supposed to know that
  45. The Propaganda Ministry will not allow you to know that.
  46. "We're adding jobs. We're booming. Our economy is stronger than it's ever been."
  47. But we're running trillion dollar plus deficit.
  49. 6:08
  50. Now back to the virus.
  51. In your face. In your face. Fear. Fear
  52. What is it all about?
  53. Being that we're in a global slowdown, including the US
  54. Being that in order to maintain where we are right now, we cannot do it without exploding the debt much bigger than it is, and adding to our deficit.
  55. It's already baked in.
  56. $3.6T of tax revenue; spend $1T more than that
  57. It's already baked in - the FED is the player here
  58. We are getting calls again
  59. Larry Kudlow and the president today calling for the FED to be more aggressive in lowering rates.
  60. What does that mean? More debt.
  61. So they are creating a situation: Fear. The Virus. Fear.
  62. Giving a reason for you to expect more cash is going to borrow into existence.
  63. The FED moves higher to the top of the pyramid - it's their final solution.
  64. Understand you are being played here.
  65. The fear factor.
  66. They are making you afraid because the solution is to add more debt
  67. This has been in the works way longer than this virus was dispersed...
  68. A reason to instill fear into people.
  69. Keep it at the fore front of their minds.
  70. Keep them laser focused on the virus.
  71. Ignore everything else.....
  73. 8:30
  74. Why is the FED pumping the debt market the way it is right now?
  75. Why are we running Frankenstien debts and deficits?
  76. Because we are booming?
  77. Does that make any sense to you at all?
  78. No, it doesn't.... because we are in freefall.
  79. Absolute freefall.
  80. The only thing giving the illusion that things are OK is the stock market.
  81. How is the stock market being maintained where it is?
  82. By a debt expansion cycle, the likes of which the world has never seen.....
  84. 9:44
  85. The FED will be cutting rates drastically this year.
  86. It's all part of the set-up.
  87. Again, the fear of the virus
  88. It's the virus causing the global slowdown
  89. The entire world is slowing down...
  90. The solution is to add more debt
  91. All this is doing is bringing about the end game
  92. The goal of the FED is to be the lender and buyer of last resort
  93. This is a multi-decade engineered scenario.
  94. It can only get worse from here.
  95. We are running over trillion $ deficits by design
  96. Nothing is what it seems
  97. When you see the MSM pushing a particular agenda - this is a script they are all fed
  98. They are all reporting the same thing.
  99. Showing you the same pictures
  100. Pointing to what you should be afraid of.
  101. It's working
  102. People are fearful.
  103. I'm not saying it's not a real thing and that people shouldn't be afraid
  104. But it's being over hyped
  105. It's being used as a tool here .... as a reason as to why we need to cut rates
  106. A reason why we need to borrow more cash into existence
  107. It's all about debt
  108. The central banks' one and only product. .........
  109. The only thing they do is to manage debt and issue more to a greater and greater amount
  110. They want to rule the world
  111. They already do by causing us to transact in their products
  112. Fiat notes added to a digital screen, printed out of thin air...
  113. These notes you have in your pockets are not yours
  114. They are owned by the issuing central bank (in this case, the FED)
  115. They are owed back to the issuing central bank plus cash they print out of thin air.
  116. We haven't seen anything yet
  118. 12:40
  119. Their final solution; their last push, which we are seeing now, is going to require more debt than we have ever seen, to be borrowed into existence.
  120. This is how they win.
  121. By allowing a central bank to issue more of its product, it becomes stronger.
  122. Every day, they create more slaves on an unprecendented scale.
  123. Why do you think POTUS (and most members of Congress) are against alternative means of transaction?
  124. They don't want you transacting in gold... silver... platinum.
  125. They don't want you bartering
  126. They don't want you transacting in any crypto-currencies
  127. Or any non-central bank issued note
  128. They are in on the game as well
  129. The only people who are not in on it, are you
  130. You are not supposed to know any of this
  131. I'll tell you something else you are not supposed to know.
  132. The election has been decided.
  133. Already, behind closed doors, President Trump will win the next election
  134. .... it's already been decided.
  135. You get to find out after the election
  137. 14:29
  138. Generally, when there is a public threat, it's hidden
  139. Right now, it's in your face
  140. It's being done by design, to create fear...
  141. The virus is being weaponized against you, to allow for lower rates, to allow for more debt.
  142. It's already baked into the budget.....
  144. 15:04
  145. This year, 2020, you can expect the FED to drastically cut rates
  146. It's very simple. It's being set up right under your nose.
  147. Are you smart enough to see it?
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