2nd udhcpd running for Freifunk mesh network

jcomeau_ictx Jul 17th, 2013 66 Never
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  1. root@scavenger:~# cat /etc/olsr-udhcpd.conf                            
  2. start 
  3. end   
  4. max_leases      50
  5. opt             router
  6. opt             subnet
  7. opt             lease 1440
  8. opt dns
  9. opt dns
  10. interface       eth1
  11. lease_file      /var/run/olsr-udhcpd.leases
  12. pidfile         /var/run/
  14. root@scavenger:~# cat /etc/init.d/S98olsr-udhcpd
  15. #!/bin/sh
  16. touch /var/run/olsr-udhcpd.leases
  17. /usr/sbin/udhcpd /etc/olsr-udhcpd.conf
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