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Belana Makalo

ninjajermz Sep 20th, 2011 64 Never
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  1. [IMG]http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h39/Jusomagna/Spherecrossed/BelanaSprite.png[/IMG]
  3. Your name is Belana Makalo
  5. [CENTER]You aren't  much for words. Actually, you haven't spoken once. All you can do is gesture with your batons with your BATONKIND specibus and use emotes. You are kinda cowardly and weak, which leads to much ridicule amongst the troll populace. Though, it seems, at least amongst your friends, people love to vent to you. Maybe it's because you're a good listener?
  7. You have mainly one interest: CLASSICAL MUSIC. The soft flow of strings and violins are completely harmonious with your soul. You have many, MANY RECORDS of GRUBACH, BEETHIVEN, TROZART, JOHORNNES BRAHMS, and many more that you keep tidily in a RECORD ORGANIZER.
  9. You are pretty low on the hemospectrum, having ORANGE BLOOD. Though, you don't quite care to flaunt it, since people seem to think you're higher, and place you more towards green or jade.
  11. You live in a CLIFFSIDE MECHANICAL VILLAGE, hundreds of feet above the ground below, so you don't get out that much. You live with your GOATBAT lusus BAALASH. Baa has been trying to get you out and climbing for years, but to no avail. Have you seen those cliffs? No thank you.Your respiteblock is rather empty for the most part. One of your walls has a record collection sprawling across the wall of your respiteblock, a RECORD PLAYER sits next to your bed, and a lot of sheet music is on the ground.
  13. Your symbol is an elliptical U with a diamond in the middle.
  15. Your trolltag is [color=#387C44]symphonicFate[/color] and you [color=#387C44]:X[/color][/CENTER]
  17. (Description of village: The city is basically built for daredevils, some houses are actually jutting from the cliff sideways. A common way of getting around is supportless rockclimbing. The main part of the village, though (which is found in a huge recession in the cliff), has a few roads and the houses are upright. From the copper and brass build of these houses, it seems of a evaporation-based society. The steamstacks are constantly billowing clouds of steam, which is most likely powering their houses and appliances.)
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