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  1. salem - 01/25/2018
  2. I’m sorry.
  3. Igmdigm - 01/25/2018
  4. I know you are. You don't need to say anything else. I just want to be alone.
  5. January 26, 2018
  6. Igmdigm - 01/26/2018
  7. Hope you have a good day.
  8. Try and get through the Friday, I know this one will be especially tough.
  9. salem - 01/26/2018
  10. Thank you.
  11. You too.
  12. Igmdigm - 01/26/2018
  13. You're welcome. I just want you to be happy is all. If this is the decision you've made, don't let my feelings get you down.
  14. I'll live. My closet has plenty of room.
  15. salem - 01/26/2018
  16. I’m sure you’ll be okay. I’m sorry.
  17. Igmdigm - 01/26/2018
  18. Stop saying that you're sorry and just live with your choice.
  19. My feelings were relegated to second. This was for you, entirely. The reasons you gave me fully support that.
  20. My life and emotions shouldn't matter to you anymore. Please don't force things, or pretend like they do.
  21. salem - 01/26/2018
  22. I still care about you, regardless of what you think. I can’t force myself to feel a certain way.
  23. But okay, I’ll leave you alone from now on I guess
  24. Igmdigm - 01/26/2018
  25. I'm just saying. You held a record longer with Face than you did with me. I haven't slept, I had to spend a night drinking with some random dude I met just so I could not think about you or that for a short while. You never had to be crazy for me as a prerequisite for a relationship, I even gave you the offer for things to slow down and you implicitly declined.
  27. I'm not saying you don't care for me. I'm saying that you shouldn't. That was the basis of your decision. Even if you do still have some feelings for me, I'm not going to linger around like a puppy that's just waiting to get put down. I'm wrecked enough as it is.
  28. The other reason is that I love you. If you want that to change, then leave me be. Don't give me unwarranted sympathy.
  29. Don't let me have some stupid hope that I can win you over again, that I can make you feel the same things that I do, because that's apparently not possible granted I "didn't do a single thing wrong".
  30. Igmdigm - 01/26/2018
  31. Anyway, I'm exhausted in plenty of ways. I'm going to finally catch some sleep. Enjoy your weekend, I'll talk to you at some other point maybe.
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