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  1. [10:08:02 PM] Dane: [A TALE OF ROGUES]
  2. PART 1
  3. [Tags]: [M Human/F Belf] [Rogues] [Long Plot] [Consensual] [Oral] [Cum] [WIP]
  7. The human rogue pauses for a moment as he takes a deep breath; he had been struggling to get the Stormwind inn into focus on his binoculars for nearly five minutes.
  9. A girl’s sultry voice talks to him,
  10. “Ahh~! What do you see?”
  11. “Nothing yet... I can’t manage to use these properly...”
  12. “That’s.. mmpf, too bad.. I really.. wanted to sleep on a bed tonight.”
  13. “You will.... I just need to focus....”
  14. “‘hehe..”
  15. “Ugh you know we’d already be there if you weren’t distracting me.. nnngh, don’t bite.”
  16. “Ah, sorry .. aah-mmn.”
  17. “Ooohh~ Fuck, that feels so good!”
  18. “Mmmpff!!~”
  19. The rogue’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as he began to savagely pump hot spurts of thick white cream into the girl’s hungry maw. His hips sway forward as the girl eagerly sucks him dry, trying her best to gulp down load after load before inevitably gagging on the large batches of cum flooding down her throat. The girl flinches as he pulls her lips off his spewing cock and sprays the remainder of it along her face; a few wild shots landing in her golden hair while another splatters onto the wall behind her.
  21. The blood elf girl gasps, desperately lashing out her tongue to catch more of her partner’s thick milk. After he’s done painting her, she quickly wipes the sticky substance off her face and crimson armor, making sure every little morsel of his cum is collected on her fingers before dipping it into her glossy lips. Her illuminating eyes blink happily at him while she licks and cleans each digit carefully with her tongue.
  23. “Is it time to go now?” She asks, leaning in to clean his still-erect shaft, slurping on every inch before giving it a goodbye smooch.
  25. The taller human pats her on the head before pulling the mischievous elf to her feet. A lustful look shimmered in his eyes as he throws away the binoculars and gestures to his back, “Get on and hold stealth this time, I’m gonna sneak you in. There are too many guards down there and they are definitely not ruining my night. Especially with what I have in store for you.”
  27. She gives him a gleeful smile and climbs onto his back. “Mm, I love piggyback rides.”
  30. CHAPTER 1
  31. [Tags]: [Plot]
  33. Three weeks ago...
  35. Sitting in a room at the top of a tower in Westfall a gnome named Fizz Sizzleworth puts the finishing touches on his encrypted message. Everything was set. He got off the chair and starts chanting under his breath, his hands swirling with arcane energies as he opens a portal. A slight twitch of discomfort pings as he remembers the dangers of opening portals to locations that haven’t been properly tuned. His destination is Booty Bay but for all he knew he could end up inside a large dragon’s stomach.
  37. The gnome steps through the portal and trips into the lukewarm waters just outside of the bay. He grits his teeth and blames Cataclysm for missing the inn by a couple hundred feet. Swimming ashore, he puts out the strange purple fire in his hair and makes his way.
  39. ----------
  41. As the dawn on a regular day in Westfall slowly climbed into morning, a young man stirs in his bed of hay in an abandoned home just outside of Moonbrook. Rays of sunlight shine through the holes and cracks in the old wood as the warm summer air fills the room.
  43. Roy sat up in his makeshift bed, scratching straws of hay off his broad back as he scans his room for any noticeable changes during the night. Good, no one was here. Standing up and turning around, he shoves the hay off of what appeared to be a large chest. Inside lay his precious gear, which he had earned through the bloodthirsty battles of conquest in the arena. The reinforced leather looked soft at a glance but was made with materials strong enough to stop small bullets. The color scheme; brown, grey, red and white, was used to match the other gladiators across all walks of life. He grabs his helm and looks at the metal plate along the front, observing the grizzled reflection staring back at him.
  45. The soft dirt road was relaxing to walk on during the day. His arms swaying freely at his sides, not offset in the slightest. The only sound in the air were his feet crushing small rocks and clumps of dirt underneath as he walked. The tower finally came up on the horizon, it seemed awkward to just have it standing there. No peers to compare it to in the middle of a field in what was once a great farming land. Roy decides free climbing it would be better and easier, not sure what traps might be waiting for him inside the stairwell. Using loosened stones, cracks and holes as his footing, he manages to reach the top window in just a minute.
  47. The room was empty except for a small light on the table; it flickered in the small breeze, the wick almost non-existent. He was here last night… He pulls a note out from under the small rocks holding it in place and read it on an angle, allowing him to see the window and the door to the left, using the dying flame to destroy it once he finished. He had all the information he needed memorized. His target was a high ranking Worgen that was working for the new Defias, second-in-command to Admiral Ripsnarl who was being held prisoner by the Westfall militia.
  49. ----------
  51. The gryphon ride provided him with some time to reflect on his latest killing as Roy wipes his dagger with a soft silk cloth. He was surprised at how well the Worgen fought, he even seemed to have a little resistance to his poisons. Upon landing he went straight to the pub and took a center seat in the establishment, scanning the room for any signs of Fizz’s presence or any clues to his next target.
  53. A dwarf up at the bar was looking over his shoulder directly at the rogue. Roy took the stool next to the intoxicated dwarf, tapping the counter with his index finger twice. The dwarf shook his head and took the last swig from his mug, a small note now appearing where the mug had been. The message was brief but he was given all the information he needed.
  55. Roy’s next destination was in Tanaris.
  58. CHAPTER 2
  59. [Tags]: [Plot]
  61. Roy took the last swig from his canteen before tossing it into the hot sand, shaking his head slowly as he read the sign in front of him: “Gadgetzan”
  63. Who’s idea was it to put a small town in the middle of a desert? He couldn’t recall it ever raining in Tanaris; even before the Cataclysm. At least the ride over wasn’t so bad. Taking a boat across a cool lake beats crossing a dry, salty lake bed on an angry camel any day of the week.
  65. He remembers hearing about a tavern and picks up the pace towards the large stone entrance into the small town. Just as he was about to enter something caught the corner of his eye, vultures, their circular pattern easily recognizable in the distance. Roy’s back tensed as he changes direction, almost jogging towards whatever it is that’s either dead or dying. His thoughts began to race as he closed the gap. Was it Fizz? Or could it be an random troll dying of thirst or heat exhaustion? Whatever the reason he knew he had to find out.
  67. There he was, lying on his back under the hot desert sun with his hair nearly burnt clean. Fizz’s corpse has a tense stressed out look on his face. As if he was petrified. Roy squats down to assess the damage, “Why are you dead?” he spat angrily. The sand underneath him a deep burgundy shade, the body almost looked like a doll, drained of all its energy and blood. Nothing about it struck Roy as human, his rogue nor his human instincts could tell that this being was once alive.
  69. Whoever did this killed him and then drained him for all he was worth. “Dammit Fizz” he whispered between his clenched teeth, squeezing his fists in such anger his knuckles turned white. He doesn’t work well with anger, it clouded his judgment and blinded his insight and this was...
  70. [10:08:30 PM] Dane: the worst time for any of that. He’ll grieve the loss of his co-worker and friend later; for now he needed some answers.
  72. Searching for any clues that may lead him to Fizz’s demise, Roy began patrolling the small town from above; his agile frame easily gliding along the tops of the thick beige walls that surround Gadgetzan. Surely there was something, somewhere that would point in the right direction. After about half an hour of stalking and observing, his finely tuned ears pick up a distinct cry which seemed to have come from behind the bank. “Someones in danger.” he thought, sprinting along the walls towards the source of the distress.
  74. His senses pricked as he closed in on the source; the distinct smell of fresh forestry tickling his nostrils. “Night elf…” he worded breathlessly. It was distinct because he had not seen a single night elf since he got off the boat in Ratchet. His pace grew faster; night elves rarely if ever call out in distress or pain. He turned the corner mid thought and scanned the alley.
  76. Stacked barrels littered the dimly lit back alley of the bank, beside them crates, saddle bags, parts of tents and hidden under a darkened canvas, a night elf fucking an orc. Roy grips the pillar he’s standing on as he does a double take; the effects of which nearly cause him to lose his balance and give away his presence. Once steady, his eyes re-adjusted on the scene unfolding before him.
  78. His eyes immediately lock on the night elf’s naked bottom bouncing joyfully on what seemed like an enormous green serpent. Upon closer inspection, large orcish hands slide down her back and onto her firm rear, kneading her while she rides the monster’s cock. The alleyway is loud with the squishing sound of the elf’s pussy getting thoroughly fucked. He could see her purple folds suddenly leaking wads of white jizzum as the grunting monster below her growls and bottoms out deep inside her. The girl starts to groan, feeling the orc’s ballsack pulsating as it begins pumping ridiculous amounts of its thick spunk into her. Roy couldn’t help but feel envy for the lucky orc as well as hungry for some elven action himself.
  80. The night elf mutters something inaudible and slowly pulls her stained crotch up and off the cock, letting a river of steaming hot orcish cum flow from her well-fucked pussy. They get off the stack of crates, forcing Roy to hide behind the pillar. After minutes of laying low, he peeks his head around the corner and watches the dark blue haired night elf drop to her knees as another similarly green orc approaches from the shadows. She grabs the second orc’s twitching cock, smearing the tip dripping with pre-cum along her slutty lips before stuffing her mouth full of it. Roy’s eyes were glued to the sight, his own erection starting to drill a hole into the hard stone wall in front of him.
  82. He watches the grinning orc pull the elf to her feet, pressing her against the filthy wall as he lifts her leg straight up and rams his stiff cock into her sloppy wet cunt, effectively plowing her sideways. Roy could see her entire front in the new position, her pubes sticky with layers of drying cum, his eyes becoming hypnotized as he watches her heavy tits sway back and forth and her cum stained tummy bulge with more green meat. The other orc is simply laying on the crates exhausted, watching his buddy take sloppy seconds. An expression of lust shines on her face; her mouth gaping and her eyes fluttering with each thrust. Their moans and yelps could probably be heard halfway across Gadgetzan.
  84. Watching them, a brief distant memory flashed before Roy’s eyes; the sweet aroma of the Kaldorei forest filling his lungs once more. It was nearly a year ago; he was half naked behind a large bush outside a small home south of Teldrassil. In a situation much like the orc’s; except the night elf he was with had green skin instead of purple. He frowned for that was then and this was now. And this was certainly not the time nor the place to begin reminiscing.
  86. Roy averted his eyes as soon as he hears the orc roaring, his muscular hips slamming with incredible force, pounding his monster cock into the night elf whore as hard as he can. His pace quickly stuttering as he cums, giving their playmate another hot and sticky internal filling. Globs of fresh cum slather down her inner thighs, covering the elf’s trembling legs in streaks of white. Even without watching, he could hear the loud slapping of flesh as another orc steps up, ready to pound and cream her pussy. With his heart beating, Roy decides to move, to get away from this before it completely compromises his mission. Just as the odd party prepares for another round, Roy turns and notices a sandstorm howling in the distance. The strong winds blow a distinct scent into his nostrils.
  88. The scent reminded him of his first years as a rogue, when the recruits were given swift thistle tea to help supplement their abilities. The air was sweet and rich with the herb, prompting Roy into an alert stance. He was definitely sure; there was another rogue in the area, another just like him. Possibly watching the front row fuck theatrical or possibly watching him. He stood motionless with his blades ready to strike and after hearing nothing but the moans of the whore, he let out a frustrated sigh, peeled himself away from the pillar and slipped into town.
  90. The locals were of no use to him, his questions coming off as rude and haughty as he poked around for any signs of Fizz’s activity the night before. He found himself talking to a goblin just outside the tavern. “Look friend, nobody knows nothing about a gnome mage around these parts. If you’re looking for answers the best place to start would be that tavern.” Roy nodded, his throat beginning to close with frustration, he was sure Fizz’s last assignment was in there. The last thing he wanted to do was pick up a contract at a time like this but he soon realized he had no choice.
  92. Roy lets out a deep sigh, desperate to release the tension he built up after discovering his friend. Too many ideas came to his mind as the picture of his dead friend flashed before his eyes. How could he not even feel a presence within the body? He was staring at a corpse that was less than eight hours old, not a pile of unrecognizable bones. He flexes the muscles in his hands, stretching his sore fingers from digging up so much sand for Fizz’s makeshift grave.
  94. As he took his first step into the Gadgetzan tavern, a killer aura washes over him like a wave. Only an experienced killer could pick up on something like this, regardless of how strong the intent is. His eyes scan the room; the tavern was filled with mostly innocent and happy patrons and then he saw her sitting in the back of the room in a bloody mesh. Taking a harder look, his eyes widen, Bloodfang!? How many people did she have to kill to get her hands on that?
  96. There was no time to admire a cold-blooded killer, he still had no leads. While the likelihood of that rogue being involved was high he had to make sure Fizz didn’t leave him any information before he investigated on his own. He walks cautiously in into the tavern, keeping an even pace as he watched her at every movement out of the corner of his eye. Taking his usual seat at the table in the center of the room, Roy angles his chair so he could keep tabs on his new dangerous friend.
  98. A goblin approaches him shortly after he took his seat, her blues staring directly at his, her full height just barely reaching his sitting down.
  100. “Can I get ya anything?” the goblin asks.
  102. Roy shakes his head slowly before tapping the table with his index finger. The goblin growled, jabbing his shoulder with one of her large stubby fingers.
  104. “We don’t offer those kinds of services around here!” She scowls, turning her back on him and heading over to the next table of patrons. Embarrassed at his accusation, Roy...
  105. [10:08:32 PM] Dane: got up and retreated to the bar. He keeps a watchful eye on the dangerous rogue as he takes the seat next to the only person there, a gnome engineer who seems to be missing a cogwheel or two in that small noggin of his.
  107. “Hey bud wanna see my latest avenshun!? HIC!” And then as if on cue the gnome promptly caught on fire, screaming like a small child as he raced out the door, not realizing he had a better chance of finding water in the tavern.
  109. The barkeep returned, his facial expression changing from disgruntled to pleasantly surprised as he soon realized nobody had been killed in his bar. The sound of coins hitting his counter grabs his attention as Roy waves him over.
  110. [10:08:41 PM] Dane: CHAPTER 3
  111. [Tags]: [Plot]
  113. By accounts of the barkeep for the past two years...
  115. During the day, a crimson hooded rogue makes her visit to the renovated Gadgetzan tavern. The innkeepers can only guess that it’s a girl by the curves of her leather and that she’s a blood elf by the green tinted glow of the stare; a maddening game she does to all who enter the tavern. While others travel with companions, the rogue is always alone; often sitting at the far end of the room with a cup of cheap tea. She sits in no hostile manner but rather bored with her legs crossed and her head tilted on a palm. She’s usually glaring outside into the burning light as if-
  117. “She’s waiting for someone.” The barkeep says. “Wondering who and why here?” He pauses, noticing her burning glare on him and leans in to whisper. “Jus’ listen and trust me on this, shady people like you wash up every minute but Red’s keeping this place running. She tips like royalty and I advise you not running her off. Got it?” With a little persuasion, the barkeep reveals more details…
  119. The red rogue hasn’t spent a single night in the tavern. Instead she wanders off in the late evenings, away from the guarded confines of Gadgetzan and returns the next morning for a bite at the tavern and a spectacle at the arena. She disappeared for weeks during the flood and when Gadgetzan was finally reconstructed, she was seen lounging on the town walls like a stray waiting for the tavern to open.
  121. Not a single goblin or Alliance knows who she is or what she looks like under the hood. A curious crowd leans over whenever she lowers her mask for a sip; desperate for a glimmer of anything. The abundant Horde who visit the tavern quickly move on, not bothering to look over their shoulder because they know the rogue is watching – her eyes narrowing as she smiles under that mask.
  123. Those who observe her notice the neatly kept leather is of older times - few recognize the intricate red pattern lining the edges. Those brave enough to approach her for a better look are never seen the day after; their bones are discovered weeks later peaking from the sandy dunes with the flesh licked clean by vermin. No one suspected a thing. The world outside was horrendous, unforgiving, travelers often getting lost in the Tanaris sandstorms or caught by the local pirates to use as shark bait.
  125. Rumors quickly spread of this suspicious rogue quietly killing time in the middle of no-where. They were all corrected when a Horde city official passed by with his guard to remap the flooded region. According to them, the red rogue was exiled from Silvermoon city and then again to the remote desert town by Thrall himself. The cartographer and guard only stayed one night.
  127. It seems the red rogue survived a great ordeal, becoming a bloody stain of the past. And yet here she is when Roy enters the tavern. Her eyes are beaming and he can sense the crimson spikes of her outfit rising with excitement. He could only guess that she’s found her next prey as she locks her stare onto him with a delightful interest.
  128. [10:08:47 PM] Dane: Looking back at her only reminded Roy of how strong her aura was as his eyes scan her body; looking for any combat advantages. He was obviously taller, leaner, and stronger but it wasn’t the rogue that worried him. Bloodfang occupied his thoughts. He recalled guildmates reciting horror stories of Forsakened rogues in Bloodfang and how they would mercilessly assault and embarrass even the most seasoned warriors within Alliance towns. However, this lone rogue seemed relaxed, probably mistaking his calculations as hesitation and fear. If he has to kill her he needed to think it through thoroughly and fast. There are no second chances on the battlefield. You can’t call for ‘do-overs’ after someone has slit your throat.
  130. He shifted uneasily as her hand caught his attention, gently tapping the table next to her. There it is; she knew something and he had to find out what. Calmly walking over to her table, no words were exchanged before he taps the table and waits for a reaction. Her cheekbones rise as she gives him a playful smile under her mask.
  132. The red rogue hadn’t blinked since Roy entered, taking in full admiration of his newer leather design. She imagined what he must look like underneath the suit, how toned he must be for his generation and what it could feel like if she could snatch it from him. The thought was brushed aside, knowing that there was nothing better than her own leather. In exchange for a life of murdering, her crimson armor gave her a supernatural edge. The perfect trade for a perfect host. But this rogue- no, this assassin wasn’t going to end her tirade. He was going to be a satisfying meal.
  134. “Red”, as they call her, stops daydreaming and promptly stands from her seat. Pushing her chair into it’s proper place, she slides two golden coins onto the table and quietly makes her way to the front. She walks right up next to Roy and runs her open fingers across his arm, giggling softly as she brushes by. A fume of death lingered in the air behind her; it smelled of dry blood and a slight fragrance of something else. Something sweet and familiar.
  136. “Lets settle this outside. I don’t want to make a mess.”
  138. That’s it, Roy thought, keeping distance behind her. She’s definitely involved somehow.
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  145. [10:09:10 PM] Dane: Yeah this forum I posted to
  146. [10:09:12 PM] Dane: was literally
  147. [10:09:20 PM] Dane: just like erotic storytelling
  148. [10:09:22 PM] Dane: it's all about da smut
  149. [10:09:32 PM] Dane: plot was icing on the cake
  150. [10:09:41 PM] Dane:
  151. CHAPTER 4
  152. [Tags]: [Awesome Rogue on Rogue Action]
  154. The wind started to pick up as he follows her for yards past the gates of Gadgetzan, the gentle mixture of sand, small rocks and flying debris only served to intensify his focus on her. He blocks out all other distractions, his arms at his sides with his hands open and tense, ready to draw his blades at any moment. Then without warning the soft breeze turned into fierce gusts of wind. Roy blinks as sand poured in from the gaps of his helmet, preventing the soft brown particles from scratching at his eyes.
  156. She was already gone, literally in the blink of an eye, leaving behind a short trail of footprints that lead further south into the desert. With the winds showing no signs of calming down he looked over his shoulder to see Gadgetzan already fading into the distance. Realizing he has no time to hesitate, Roy starts sprinting down the trail knowing very well she could be the lead to finding out what happened to Fizz. But if the scenario is worse - he’d be ready for this killer.
  158. Yanking the hood over her eyes, the rogue stops and focuses behind her. “We’re far enough.” At the appropriate distance, she ignites the wick and tosses the object with perfect precision into the blinding wall of sand. “Nice shot!” She giggles madly, wondering how the human will manage with such a disadvantage.
  160. Roy snaps to attention when his foot makes contact with something metallic. Almost immediately he twists his body and backflips to avoid the muffled blast of a goblin pipe bomb. The force of the explosion sends him skidding into another well placed bomb which he instinctively punts into the blowing sands and hears the sharp boom in the distance.
  162. He quickly recovers, grips his blades and slices a third pipe bomb swirling towards him, cleanly cutting the wick before it explodes. The assault stops for a moment, giving Roy some time to hone his senses. A young girl’s haughty laugh echoes from the sands. Her voice is clear despite the howling winds and he isn’t sure if it’s the storm playing tricks or if he’s miscalculating their distance.
  164. “So they’ve sent a bigger one! If challenge had a taste, you’d be delicious!” Her childish laugh is almost psychotic as all killers are. He hears her daggers unsheathe nearby and swore he could see a glimmer of her polished blades dancing in the storm. She closes in at an alarming speed; prepared to end it in one swift strike. “Goodbye Mr. Assassin!”
  166. Wait, “assassin?”
  168. And immediately she was on him, flanking his side with such speed he could barely react. If it weren’t for his intensive and rigorous training, he’d be another corpse under her boots. She herself was almost too fast for his eyes to follow, always striking from the same direction with the wind behind her. Luckily Roy could be considered at the peak of his career and no one, especially this crafty girl, could best him. With his sharp reflexes, Roy parries the strike, sending the red rogue racing off into the wall of sand.
  170. “Hah! You’re pretty good! It’s a shame you’re already-” She’s many heads above him, her daggers crashing downwards like a praying mantis, “DEAD!”
  172. Roy only has time to deflect one of her strikes, the other leaving a clean cut down the side of his helm. She lands from her attack and continues with a burst of supersonic stabs, taking risky steps towards the assassin and pushes him into another trap. Roy chuckles at the amateur tactic, drops low and sweeps at the rogue with his leg. He decided not to hang around for the explosion; the girl’s timing was nearly perfect.
  174. The red rogue flips effortlessly away from his kick and chases him away from the exploding goblin bomb. As he ran, Roy marveled at the small knives and bits of shrapnel being flung from the trap, littering the desert field with more dangerous toys. With whatever seconds to spare, he decided to confront the red rogue about Fizz. “I’m not here to kill you, I just want to talk. I was looking for a gnome mage. Put away your weapons!”
  176. “No chance!” Her voice sings gleefully in the distance. “You must think I’m just another rogue. Just another fool!”
  178. Roy sighs at her stubbornness; dealing with legions of undead was much more effortless than this. At least they didn’t leave him a migraine before he struck them down.
  180. Now minutes into their duel, Roy notices his vision blurring, his muscles straining to keep up with the red rogue. He twitches his cheek where she had cut him; crippling poison. His senses are slowly being disabled and with the twisting sandstorm in front of him already limiting his vision, he’d be fighting completely blind. He has to end it now, cut down the girl even if it means losing the lead to his friend. Not holding back anymore, he readies his stance for the death-dealing blow. Until he hears something... he hears her talking to someone, bickering loudly to another in the storm.
  181. [10:09:49 PM] Dane: “I know he can’t see us but- Yes, I know! We’ll try that next time!” She’s whining and pouting.
  182. Roy quirks a brow at the discussion, quietly shuffling his feet towards the source.
  183. “You never let me have any fun. Always hungry! Well I call the shots, I run the show!”
  184. He’s upon her now; the red outline of her outfit clearly in view.
  185. “Remember who rescued you from that forsaken rat! Now shut up before he-”
  186. Reaching with his whole body, Roy lunges his best swings at the rogue, delivering a duo of desperate wild blows that cuts deep into her, flinging streaks of blood onto the sandy battlefield.
  188. She shrieks in horror, doing her best to retreat and landing a couple feet away still standing. “You bastard! You’ll pay for this!” Her voice is trembling, caught off balance and having the wind knocked from her. But something’s wrong. She collapses onto one knee, gasping and whimpering at the pain. “What have you done to me? What did you do??”
  190. “Now you’ll talk to me. Unless you want to die from that poison.” Roy tried his best to mask his deteriorating condition, completely exhausted from her barrage.
  192. “No, it’s you who’s going to die, Mr. Assassin. You’re going to die out here in the middle of no where. And I’ll be back in the morning to collect your he-” She’s silent, slowly realizing what he means when she can’t move her legs. “N-No.. this.. this is all your fault. Your fault!” Her frustrated cries carries off into the storm, then the sound of the rogue whimpering and tearing up as she confronts her demise.
  194. “Maybe if you tell me what happened to that gnome mage I’ll spare your life.”
  195. “You think l keep track of everyone who dies here? Eat shit!”
  197. Roy is ready to accept it as well. He leans back against the wind, tilting his head to the sky as if victorious like he always was. He should have known better. He reflects upon the countless achievements of his life as he takes one last breather before turning to a random direction and taking a blind step towards what he hopes to be Gadgetzan. “Well Fizz, looks like I’ll be seeing you soon after all.”
  199. He takes another step when something grasps his ankle; he shakes it free and continues on his way.
  200. “Wait! Don’t leave me! I can save us. Please, wait and listen!”
  201. “Like how you listened to what I had to say? Piss off! You dug your grave, now rot in it like the rest of us.” He shakes her off, offended by the girl’s sudden change of heart.
  202. “No, please! I know the way home, I’ll listen to you if you can bring us there.” She coughs up chunks of sand and blood collecting in her mask.
  203. “I’m not falling to another desperate trick. I only regret not finishing my business here.”
  204. “Then I’ll help you! I swear! We’ll truce until you say otherwise! I swear my life on it! Please! It doesn’t have to end like this!”
  206. Roy stands with the storm pounding his front, barely able to hear her sobbing and sniffling at his feet.
  207. “Please...”
  208. He grimaces with disdain and bends over to run his hand over her leather, giving her a reassuring pat. “On my back. Before I change my mind.”
  209. “Really?”
  210. Without a second to spare, Red climbs onto his back with the last of her strength. She’s not too heavy, actually light as a feather.
  211. “Hideout. Where is it?” she mutters, seemingly concentrating.
  212. Hideout? Why is she asking me? Roy wonders.
  213. She sticks her trembling dagger-in-hand forward and it twitches to the east. Smiling, she leans closer to Roy’s ear and instructs him in a friendlier manner,
  214. “Okay, turn right slowly - stop! Now walk straight until I say so.”
  215. “I’m not going to thank you.”
  216. “I don’t care. Now giddy-up!”
  217. [10:10:00 PM] Dane: CHAPTER 5
  218. [Tags]: [Plot] [Lots of Sand]
  220. Somewhere in the Tanaris sandstorm a blind human rogue navigates the dunes with a wounded blood elf rogue riding on his back. Thoughts race through Roy’s head. He kept rerunning the last half hour in his head; trying to come up with different scenarios. Of the many ways he could have gone through with this mission, why did he chase the girl into the storm? He gritted his teeth and swore to slap himself later.
  222. Often spending the majority of his time alone he found the best conversations were with himself or running countless training simulations in his head. But then another thought invaded his - a voice unlike his or the girl’s. He pauses for a moment. The voice felt like an intruder, prodding his mind for information.
  224. “Can you hear me, boy?” He froze, the voice felt eerily familiar but at the same time nothing like he had ever heard before. It was definitely not the rogue’s voice. He felt Red’s hand patting his shoulder, snapping him back to reality. “Mush, mush!”
  226. “Did you hear that? Someone else is here right? I heard you talking to someone..”
  228. She doesn’t say anything, her hand goes limp. Her other arm holds onto him so tightly she could feel his heart beating through his armor. With her so close he quickly realizes the familiar scent from the rooftops; the sweet aroma of swift thistle that he and all rogues enjoyed in times long gone.
  229. “So you were watching them too, huh?” he asks.
  230. “What?”
  231. “Nevermind.”
  232. “That slut getting plowed?”
  233. “I knew it. You were there watching too. Hot.”
  234. “This isn’t the time to share, you pervert.”
  235. “Heh.”
  237. No, it wasn’t the time for chatter but a better time to reminisce. He closed his eyes and leaned into a steady pace as his mind drifts back; back to the forest where he lost his innocence to that amazing night elf he briefly called his lover. He remembered the image of her greedy mouth sucking away at his thick shaft, how he made special care to remember the way her cheeks dimpled as she sucked him off for dear life.
  239. His pace slows down a bit as the image shifts; his well lubricated cock was neatly planted deep inside her now. He would never forget the image of watching his iron rod, glistening with girl cum as it disappeared between her supple, round cheeks before pulling it almost all the way out and slamming back into her with as much force as he could possibly summon. Their mixture of love juices flow down her spread legs, dripping off somewhere along her calves.
  241. All it took was a loose rock in the sand. He stuttered forward, taking several awkward steps as he attempts to keep his balance without disturbing Red. He hissed loudly but the noise was swallowed by the powerful waves of sand shifting around him. Not only was he rudely disturbed from his blissful memory but he had a considerable problem stirring in his pants.
  243. Roy trudges on for what seems like hours. Unable to tell if the rogue was still alive, he squeezed her thigh and his eardrum rang as she yelps loudly into his ear. “Hey!?”
  244. “Just making sure you’re not dead.”
  245. “Gee, thanks.”
  247. “Over there.” She seemed to have used up all her remaining strength to steer him in the right direction. Roy squinted his eyes and scanned the horizon for something, anything. “There. Between the two boulders.” She forgot he was almost blind in this weather. Following the subtle hints from his passenger, Roy felt his leg brush up against something hard and jagged. A rock? He looked up and saw the mouth of the cave. How could he not see this only a few moments ago? Roy let out a sigh of relief as he went from drudging through hot heavy sand to walking on a smooth surface. Almost as soon as the feeling came it was gone as he fell to one knee.
  249. This is it. Suddenly the light-weight on his back had the density of a dying star as he struggled to stand up again. After three failed attempts he trips forward, landing flat against the surprisingly stone cold surface of the cave. At least they made it; now he just has to figure out what he was going to do about being paralyzed. He remembers keeping his own antidote in his pouch, with one of his hands already conveniently at his side he grasps at his belt searching for it, passing out in the process.
  251. The rogue rolls off of Roy’s back, cursing her stinging wounds. She wanted to kick Roy for the rough landing but her lower half and left arm are completely paralyzed, forcing her to claw her way to the back of the cave where she stashes her precious goodies. She doesn’t need to look as she recognizes each bag by touch; pulling a vial with clear liquid from the first stash.
  253. She claws back to Roy’s body and groans and cusses some more, trying to roll him over on his back. Thoroughly defeated and out of breath, she taps into her last reserves...
  254. [10:10:07 PM] Dane: “For fuck’s sake, help me push this ogre over!”
  255. A haunting voice answers from her crimson armor,
  256. “It brings me such great pleasure to witness you in such a pathetic-”
  257. “I know! Just give me a boost!”
  258. The elf hisses under her breath, placing her still functioning hand on Roy’s side and pushes with no results. She clenches her Bloodfang glove and screeches impatiently,
  259. “Where’s the help??”
  260. “Sorry, sorry! Heeere we go, a one, a two!”
  262. She closes her eyes and feels the extra strength surging through her, letting her roll the heavy human over with a gentle shove. Afterwards, she grabs Roy’s mask and tugs it over his head, taking a moment to look over his wild features, as well as the cut down his face.
  264. “He’s a pretty one, wouldn’t you agree?”
  266. She rolls her eyes and lets out a sigh before she climbs over him and pops the cork of the vial, pouring all of it down Roy’s gaping maw. “That’s a good boy, drink it aaall up.” Her hands run along his chin and neck, making sure the contents are gulped down.
  268. Moments later the red rogue lays limp, the both of them motionless on the cave floor. Outside, the storm roars and escalates into the night.
  269. [10:10:16 PM] Dane: I'm not even going to read it... My god.
  270. [10:10:30 PM] Dane: CHAPTER 6
  271. [Tags]: [Plot] [Flashback]
  273. Six years ago in the thriving elven city of Silvermoon, a young elven girl is lectured by her instructor on how to properly harvest swift thistle. Her mother cheered her on from the sidelines, proud of her daughter’s enrollment in the Farstriders ranger academy. The girl had short bobbed golden hair and complained every time her mother cut it. She admired her mother and wanted to be just like her in every aspect; especially jealous of her mother’s long strands which were always so straight.
  275. The young girl was born into wealth. Her father, an important diplomat, never had the chance to properly care for his wife and child. He was often out on important matters and rarely visited Silvermoon. “We’re finally going to have peace with the Alliance. No more will we have to fend for ourselves. Be proud of your father, I’m going to bring us salvation.” Those were his last words to her; she never saw him again after he departed that day.
  277. She was a spoiled child. Always getting what she wished for, always being pampered and praised by the family. Her mother was the only one who set her straight; confident in her future. They were left in the care of her father’s estate and by her uncle, whom the girl could never accept as a father-figure. She hated the way he treated her mother, berating her for picking his brother over him. “Look at you now, abandoned by a selfish politician. I guess you never would’ve expected this to happen; but I did. It was all about his money, wasn’t it?”
  279. Later that night, the young girl listened while her uncle raped her mother. Neither of them said anything about it. But the girl knew and her brooding hatred for this man boiled. Soon, mother and daughter grew distant; the mother spiraling into a mid-life depression. The girl plotted a way to have the problem disposed of; perhaps hiring an assassin or poisoning her uncle’s drink.
  281. But it was too late. The uncle’s throat was slit, sliced ear to ear by the girl’s mother. She keeps the image of her mother to this day, weeping madly on her husband’s robes and clenching a bloody dagger she soon turned onto herself. Her last words to her daughter, “I didn’t know... I didn’t know! I’m sorry, I just can’t do this. You’ll find out the truth one day and I hope you can forgive me. Please, make something of yourself. Go and live only for yourself. Goodbye Elise. I’ll always love you.”
  283. The Silvermoon patrol found the bloody massacre later that morning. What they never found was the young elven girl whom they presumed dead.
  284. [10:10:36 PM] Dane: CHAPTER 7
  285. [Tags]: [N/C] [Rape] [M/F]
  287. The hard cold surface numbed his back as he came to, holding his breath as groan of disapproval began climbing up his throat. Slowly coming to his senses as he could feel the warmth of the red rogue’s shallow breathing on his chest. Feeling his body shifting underneath her she lifts her head up and tells him with her last ounce of willpower, “Listen… you have to take off my armor. Hurry before I…” Her eyelids fluttered shut and her head drops onto his chest.
  289. Roy shifts uneasily to her seemingly final request but obeys it nonetheless, how could he not after she just saved his life? He winces as he slides out from underneath her, stretching his sore and stiff limbs while he inspected the cave. There was nothing to be seen, the cave was shrouded in darkness. He spied what was a campfire and quickly gave light to the girl’s hideout. For a moment he was motionless and in awe of the things he saw. Piles of treasure of all kinds littered the cozy cave, mounds of it nearly stacked to the ceiling. The rogue in him wanted to comb through the oddities but his senses lashed at him, making him return to the blood elf’s side.
  291. He lifts her head up gently as he removes her Bloodfang hood. Wavy strands of wild blonde hair flowed out, partially covering her face down to her chest. He took a moment to admire the elf’s face, which seemed even more beautiful framed by her hair as the warm light from the campfire seemed to to make her pale skin glow. Kneeling over her, he softly pressed his index finger against her small jaw, parting her supple lips just enough for him to pour the contents of his antidote in and gently massages her neck to help her swallow.
  293. After a few moments her tense body finally began to relax in his arms. He lifted her head further up, placing his other arm across her back as he found the clasps for her leather chest piece. Shortly after removing it he find himself having difficulty concentrating. The way the light bounces across her slender curves distracts him as he scans her chest for anything. He held his breath as he noticed a small red line across the left side of her ribs. Damn it I’m good..
  295. Realizing what he was about to do was unavoidable; he pulls the tight tanktop up, revealing not only the wound but two soft pert breasts. The blood elf laid panting, her hasty breathing causes her chest to rise up and down; begging his touch. His hands seemed to ache as he began gently rubbing the salve along her ribcage. His mind fills with thoughts of thoroughly massaging her breasts, firmly gripping them with the palm of her hands, as if he were about to begin kneading them, waiting and watching as her nipples began to perk up before squeezing, teasing and pinching them. His mouth opened slightly as his thoughts began to drift; he dreams of himself slowly lowering his mouth towards her chest. Just before he could get any further he felt his arm brush up against her left breast, shocking him back into reality, the healing salve thoroughly applied to the wound. He let out a sigh of relief before backing off.
  297. His gawking ended abruptly when he noticed the right glove was still on her hand, twitching and scratching almost violently in the air. Oh shit, is she awake? Maybe just having a bad dream... He removed it promptly and placed it on top of her pile of leather, watching her tiny hand lay still.
  298. [10:10:42 PM] 샤코: i caNT BREATHE
  299. [10:10:43 PM] Dane: Roy was far from finished. As he unbuckled her belt and slid the rest of her leather off he spotted another one of his great works just on the inside of her right thigh.The cut was shallow and far away enough from any arteries to pose a real threat. The problem was he could not treat the wound with her inner tights on. Taking a deep breath, he lifts her legs with one strong arm and peels the skin-tight fabric from the elf.
  301. He paused for a moment, staring at her slender legs. Here we go again. He takes in a deep breather before parting her legs gently, inevitably finding himself staring at her smooth little slit. Oooh what I would do to you right now if you weren’t dying on me. It’s been a year since he was with a woman. It felt more like an eternity at the moment. He gently caresses her unharmed thigh as his eyes began to wander to over her shapely frame. His mind begins to drift again and he imagines how wonderful it would be with this blood elf who tried to kill him.
  303. He imagines how tight she’d be, how that fine elven pussy would squeeze around his fingers before gently rubbing them along her slit before slipping two and three into her. He imagines the utter euphoria of drilling his fingers into her wet sex, so exposed and hungry for him. He would want nothing else but to fill her with all nine inches of his thick cock, smiling blissfully as her tight pussylips would wrap around his girth, engulfing his entire shaft in her warmth. In his mind, she felt so good and right for him. He would grind his cock balls deep into her, making the fat tip of his meaty shaft slam her good.
  305. He closes his eyes and hisses in pleasure as his cock begins to throb, groaning as she clenches down tight, ready to accept his load. “This is what you get for all the trouble you’ve caused me!“ His wildest desire flashes with her squealing with delight as he explodes and fills her with copious amounts of his pent up seed, shooting it deep into the core of her scorching hot pussy. “Take it you little bitch, take all of it..” He imagines her sperm plastered womb squelching in defeat with each thick shot of his cum pouring into her, his hips bucking and slapping lewdly against her thighs as he marks her body for himself.
  307. A cold gust of air washed over him, sending a goosebumps down his back, bringing him back to reality. His heart is racing and a cold sweat drips down his forehead. He’s on top of her, finding his hand firmly grasping her breast in mid-squeeze, his other hand gripping his fully erect cock just inches above her body. How long had he been there fantasizing about raping her? The greatest amount of shame washed into his mind. He hung his head and pulled his pants up; he had no time to reflect. His methodical training and mind was defeated by his perversions yet again. He mutters to himself while reaching for his supplies.
  309. After cleaning the wound with a bit of water he applied a generous amount of salve, he couldn’t help but notice how incredibly soft and warm her skin is while he holds her thigh with one hand and applies the treatment with the other. Even while unconscious she seemed to react, letting out soft whimpers as he massaged the warm viscous liquid onto the wound.
  311. “That should do it.” he whispered, trying to be strictly professional as he wraps the wound in a silk bandage and slides her tights back on. Doing his best to ignore the sight of her crotch just inches away from his hand.
  313. “I’m gonna need a trip to Goldshire after this escapade.”
  315. [10:10:59 PM] Dane: The cringe is real
  316. [10:11:07 PM] Dane: I think I'll stop there, I can't believe I wrote so many chapters.
  317. [10:11:17 PM] Dane: 19 year old Dane was a different man.
  318. [10:13:04 PM] Dane: Don't die from laughter.
  319. [10:15:22 PM] 샤코: hahahaha holy shit
  320. [10:15:28 PM] 샤코: im saving this
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