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  1. Reaction Paper 1
  2. An Interview with a Person of Different Sexual Behavior and Socialization
  4. I conducted an interview from across the waves of the internet with a good friend of mine who goes by the online alias n0c0ntrol. He otherwise wished to remain anonymous. He hails from Britain, but I met him some time ago while he was staying with some friends in Anaheim. As he was fairly free on time waiting for code to compile, n0c0ntrol was able to provide me with enlightening in-depth answers both as I asked the questions and in a more detailed document later.
  6. I started off by asking him for the sake of the interview how old he is currently and how old he was when he lost his virginity, to which he answered 19 and 14 respectively. He had expressed in previous conversation that he was something of a “man-whore”, opting to associate with multiple women at at time, so I asked him why he acted that way.
  8. n0control: I’m a manwhore because I was first cheated on by a womanwhore
  10. I didn’t know that that sort of motivation existed. I have however heard in the past, in some fictional media or other, of men who date women for the sake of emotionally hurting them. From the later received document…
  12. n0c0ntrol: At 15 I got a girlfriend and we had sex a fair amount of times. However she got bored, cheated on me and then proceeded to tell the school that I was a "bad fuck", and how I was a selfish lover and that I had never gotten her off etc and more. She told pretty much everyone. She made my life living hell, everywhere I went for a while there were sniggers.
  14. I asked him next about what he would do were he and his current girlfriend, for whom he surrendered the life of pimpin’ hard with his bros for hoes, ever to separate…
  16. n0c0ntrol: if I break up with a girl then yes its back to many girls, the having sex with randomers is just urge gratifying more than anything, the multiple dating however is because findeing te right girl takes too long
  18. Something I’d been told but never believed before was that dating was not only an art, but a skill developed after suffering through many rejections and failures, that people like Mystery, who had his own dating advice show, and the protagonists of romantic dramas and comedies were blessed with the gift of women gravitating toward them, be they their true loves and soulmates or common passers by, and that there was only some sort of attraction that transcended the need for “ability” or “competence” in the seduction attribute, so what he said sort of shattered my naïve misconception.
  20. The last question I’d prepared for the short interview with n0control was a question of his fetishes. I’d figured that someone with as much sexual experience as him would have to have some sort of kinks in his armor and personally enjoy hearing of everyone’s hidden preferences despite the subject not being so easily approachable.
  22. Juancho: and fetishes... uh... "do you enjoy sexual behaviors not generally considered normal ie hentai, armpits, male your anu/rectum being stimulated"
  24. n0control: There are two things I love in bed. The first would be when there is a tussle for dominance. When the girl naturally wants to be dominant but because I do too it gets rough. She could bite me, scratch me up, try and pin me, those are the sorts of things I love and I would be trying to do the same to her. [I’m] also a huge fan of roleplay. Whether it be teacher student, cops and robbers or nurse and patient, I love roleplaying.
  26.     Given my perception of him as something of a very self-confident person who impresses himself constantly upon others and gloats constantly about his accomplishments, I reacted accordingly…
  28.     Juancho: ...that seems incredibly YOU for some reason
  30.     ...and his love for roleplaying is somewhat generic in my eyes. As I know it, roleplaying is something that older couples do to spice up their sex lives after concenting sex in the missionary position becomes boring, but if anything, my surprise is that he’s doing it at such a young age. He even seemed somewhat shy to discuss it at first, which I found to be amusing because, in my eyes, those fetishes of his are extremely tame. I’m sure that, to someone who lives in a sexual bubble, roleplaying might seem extreme, but for someone who gets his rocks off to rape, tentacles, and misogyny of an animated, Japanese, and purely fictional nature, such things are normal. Even with those fetishes under my belt, there exist things that, for present lack of a better word, bother me, not necessarily because they are so sexually deviant, but because I can do nothing but lose faith in humanity for even being capable of creating or perpetrating such acts. There was a story in Japan about a group of men who kidnapped, raped, beat, and starved a girl in her high school years over the course of a month that was adapted into manga. Reading it killed my buzz that night and the following two because, despite it containing two of my more commonly perused preferences, because it just didn’t sit well.
  32.     I kindly thank the enigma that is otherwise n0c0ntrol for giving his spare time to conduct this interview with me.
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