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  1. >Be the anonblood with a Door-fetish
  3. Thy Speech Lacks Truth
  4. Thou Art Uncouth
  6. >Er...Be The Poetic plumed lady??
  8. Ah Dear,Rhyme And Measure
  9. My Least Favorite Treasure
  11. You are Now ZUKUAS MADKSA, a ???blood(#727272) at the ripe age of 7.5 sweeps. You are a very CALM and PATIENT troll, and some would even call you EMOTIONLESS, which is quite untrue. You have emotions, you just prefer to not express them, because they would get in the way of your DUTY to THE DOOR. Not that you are unable to get mad; when you do get ANGRY you are STUBBORN and UNREASONABLE.
  13. You aren’t quite sure what THE DOOR is, nor are you quite content with the fact of being around it. it makes you extremely UNEASY, as if something TERRIBLE will happen because of it, which is quite ridiculous! Nonetheless, THE DOOR somehow takes control of your mind, where you feel the INTENSE NEED to MURDER all who come near THE DOOR. Due to this, you try to deter others from coming near it, which has lead to fewer deaths than in previous sweeps. It is due to this obsession that you are unable to open any and all DOORs without someone opening it for you first. This is the main reason your hive has no doors, and is instead filled with ARCHWAYS. This is quite ironic actually, because your hive is actually just a big ARCHWAY for THE DOOR.
  15.    Other than your strange obsession with said gate, you have other hobbies as well. you enjoy practicing your AGILITY and ENDURANCE in the ways of PARKOUR, as well as the elegant FOOTWORK of SWORD DANCING.
  17.    You hate WASTING things, especially things that can be REUSED. This is the same reason you take the FEATHERS your LONGTAILED FEATHERBEAST shed to make hair extensions.
  19. You have a STRONG DISLIKE for poetry, as well as RHYMING and MUSIC. This dislike grows even more due to the fact that when you are NERVOUS, you tend to SPEAK in a LYRICAL and POETIC fashion. Despite your HATRED for poetry, you have an adoration for MYTHOLOGY and MURDER MYSTERIES, and have a large library left by your ancestor that is filled with such things.
  21. You are also DEATHLY AFRAID of PAWBEASTS. No creature should have that many teeth, ever!
  23. Your strife specibus is JIANKIND, a thin blade that is easy to wield with your thin physique. It is also very easy to dance with. You are a very difficult target, unless someone aims to attack you from your RIGHT SIDE, where you are PARTIALLY BLIND in that eye.Your MODUS is PARKOUR STEP, which requires you to climb up an obstacle that the modus sets for you.
  25. Your Trolltag is elegiacPlumage, and you
  26. Speak With Rhyme And Prose
  27. Which Way The Speech Flows
  28. Thou Also Speaks In Olden Tongues
  29. Ascending Proverbial Rungs
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