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  1. <b><size=15> <color=magenta> Smithtainment Gaming Vanilla SCP:SL Server </color> </size>
  3. <size=10><i> <color=blue> SCP: Secret Laboratory Server Rules </color> </i>
  5. <color=maroon> - Racism is not permitted under any circumstances. All racial slurs, the Hard-R N-word or any of its variations are not appreciated.
  7. - Excessive harassment against staff or players is not permitted. You will receive at most, three warnings. You will be banned permanently if it continues.
  9. - Earsplitting or egregiously obnoxious noises are not okay. You will be muted.
  11. - Chaos Insurgency/SCPs are forbidden from teaming with MTF/Facility Guards. Class D Personnel can team with any role, but action will not be taken if they betray your trust.
  13. - In the event you're the last of your team alive, and a staff member ask you not to round delay, you will be expected to play normally, no matter what.
  15. - Do not abuse the map as a means to avoid confrontation from SCPs. Play fairly.
  17. - Using a third-party software to receive an advantage (Hacking) is not permitted. You will be banned without warning. </color>
  19. <i> <color=green> INFRACTION CONSEQUENCES: </color> </i>
  21. <color=red> The following actions may be taken in this order unless violating a more serious offense.
  22. - Players will receive warnings.
  23. - Players will be kicked from the server.
  24. - Players will be banned for up to a week.
  25. - Players will be banned permanently.
  26. - Bypassing a server ban will result in a ban.</color></size>
  28. <size=12> <color=magenta> Applications are open! Apply at
  29. Simply register, verify your email, and post your application thread under the SCP: Secret Laboratory section. </color> </size>
  31. <size=12> <color=teal> Join our Public Discord Server for information on server updates and to socialize with members!
  33. All bug reports and suggestions can be made in our Support Discord Server.</size> </color> </b>
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