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  1. [8:51 PM] jack879: hey
  2. [8:51 PM] jack879: I've been thinking about it and I think that having an active prime player as a SRC mod would be a good idea.
  3. November 18, 2017
  4. [11:43 AM] Skull64🌐: Is this you asking to be modded or you asking me to resign
  5. [11:50 AM] jack879: Wait can I choose both?!
  6. [12:26 PM] jack879: Yeah give me mod
  7. November 19, 2017
  8. [11:38 AM] Skull64🌐: alright so here's my actual opinion on the matter
  9. [11:39 AM] Skull64🌐: I don't think you actually care whether there are active prime players as SRC mods
  10. [11:39 AM] Skull64🌐: If any of df, dcr, or me did the things you support, you wouldn't care
  11. [11:39 AM] Skull64🌐: If any of us magically became super active again, that wouldn't change your opinion either
  12. [11:39 AM] Skull64🌐: You want to be mod because you want to change things on SRC
  13. [11:40 AM] Skull64🌐: And that's the reason I don't want to mod you: I rarely ever agree with any of your opinions on changes to the leaderboards
  14. [11:45 AM] jack879: You're entitled to speculate but that doesn't change the fact that nobody represents the interests of runners more than a runner that supports the current rules and regulations.
  15. [11:48 AM] jack879: Not doing so would cast aspersions to your own legitimacy and capability of running a board for the community of which a majority hold different opinions than you. And regardless, you still are a supermod and capable of undoing any changes and unmodding me. I don't see the problem.
  16. [11:50 AM] Skull64🌐: You are the only person who ever complains about SRC. You are the only person who calls into question my legitimacy and capability of running it, at least in public.
  17. [11:51 AM] Skull64🌐: What are these opinions that the majority hold that I feel differently about? I can't think of any off the top of my head, unless you're talking about RTA, and you would have to know that I would never actually try to forcibly switch the LBs to use RTA
  18. [11:54 AM] Skull64🌐: And if you really actually are concerned about no active runners being mod, I could always mod Ari or Edzan, I'm sure they'd be more than happy to help out :smiley:(edited)
  19. [12:01 PM] jack879: I complain only because it is the de facto leaderboard and the image people see when looking for Metroid Prime speed run related information. Of course I am one of the few with foresight to care, since most players have long since stopped running and by logic caring about times.
  21. Hmm. Real-time, Segmented, possibly adding more categories, as was joked about when dcr was made a mod. Really, the "keep things the same" attitude is pervasive in the community even harkening back to nate's intent to preserve m2k2 in its dreary state. Not that I would change things now, but if there were a new group of runners it would be worth my time to consider it.
  23. You could, though they aren't as active nor might they have as intimate of knowledge of the game as others. That is a cute idea, however.
  24. [12:03 PM] Skull64🌐: Are there specific changes you would want to make?(edited)
  25. [12:05 PM] Skull64🌐: I've already denied your request for segmented runs being on there many times because of the logistical headache that results from all SS runs needing to be duplicated
  26. [12:05 PM] Skull64🌐: Not sure what you meant by RTA
  27. [12:07 PM] jack879: I've only thought of adding segmented runs that were more than 2/3 segments which would account for the SS problem, but it wasn't something I have fully fleshed out and planned so it'd take time to consider how that would go about being set up.
  29. The other change would be to add a Gamecube/Wii platform choice once I have concrete video proof that there are time discrepancies. Clearly proving what was run on which console is difficult even with videos, but it'd be a start to more specialized information.(edited)
  30. [12:11 PM] Skull64🌐: I'm just not sure what the point of a leaderboard for segmented runs that require a minimum number of segments is. It's cutting off tons of great runs that were done essentially on a harder difficulty setting. I do sympathize with the problem of lack of exposure for segmented runs, but I'm not sure what the best solution is
  31. [12:13 PM] Skull64🌐: I always interpreted the Platform option on SRC to mean the version of the game that was used, not the type of hardware
  32. [12:14 PM] Skull64🌐: Looking around on other gamecube games on SRC, looks like most of them (but not all) only allow you to pick GCN
  33. [12:15 PM] Skull64🌐: Also how would we know what platform was used for the tons of runs that don't have videos? And even for the ones that do, someone would need to go and inspect all of them to determine what console was used
  34. [12:18 PM] jack879: Well, it doesn't necessarily have to be a minimum number of segments or take the spotlight from SS. I'm trying to preserve the times that made important impacts of MP, which happen to take up nearly half of its life. Like I said, I haven't figured out how to set up the word play, but that's a matter of manipulating the language to account for both. It can even be a subheader in any/100 and whatnot.
  36. Platform doesn't really define anything. You can run MP on 0-00, 0-01, 0-02, Korean, and JP and still be considered "normal" compared to PAL. This would be a filter (separate from Platform if it is incapable) that allows the submitter to choose from GC or Wii, so whatever SRC has as default can easily be changed. Wii de Asobu doesn't have its own board but it's fairly expected that Prime is run on the original gamecube game (can even be specified in the rules).
  38. Video proof makes it rather easy, really. Door loads from my experience were vastly different, and should be a streamlined process that moderator(s) can tell from a glance once I am done recording both and making comparisons.(edited)
  39. [12:21 PM] Skull64🌐: Perhaps I shouldn't have been so quick to judge when you asked
  40. [12:21 PM] Skull64🌐: You definitely didn't do yourself any favors with how often you antagonize me though
  41. [12:22 PM] Skull64🌐: I will think about it
  42. [12:23 PM] Skull64🌐: You clearly care a lot about the game and the community and presenting a good front to the speedrunning community as a whole
  43. [12:23 PM] jack879: I figured you'd be against it because of what I mentioned earlier. I hadn't expanded more possibilities for what I'd like to see and never made it clear that I did not intend to take action or want action immediately.
  44. [12:25 PM] jack879: I was more interested in a discussion between others who really cared about what really would be best for the boards, but after interacting a lot with the community, I saw that only very few care to consider the meta.
  45. [12:26 PM] jack879: I just want to do as much good as I can for the people who have put time into the game without disrupting those runs that are clearly much more established.
  46. [12:28 PM] Skull64🌐: If only we had a dev on the inside at SRC
  47. [12:28 PM] Skull64🌐: We could make the segmented problem go away
  48. [12:29 PM] Skull64🌐: And we could finally get rid of the fucking ":00"s
  49. [12:29 PM] jack879: Yeah that would be nice
  50. [12:31 PM] Skull64🌐: It would be as simple as it is for Normal/Hard except you'd want the Hard runs to show up on the Normal LB but not vice versa
  51. November 20, 2017
  52. [12:18 PM] Skull64🌐: https://www.speedrun.com/The_Site/thread/tkxj3/1#jjimt
  53. [12:24 PM] jack879: That's disappointing.
  54. [12:24 PM] Skull64🌐: I've come to understand  "in the works" to mean "never going to happen" when it comes to speedrun.com
  55. [12:25 PM] Skull64🌐: check the date on this post https://www.speedrun.com/The_Site/thread/g79jt/6#5u12g
  56. [12:29 PM] jack879: That's great...I was considering looking into making a website dedicated to it, but since we already have it on SRC I don't think that that'd be the best course of action.
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