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  3.  Gods' Blessing Medicine vanished from Umbra City thoroughly, what displacing is Han Shuo's Gods' Blessing Medicine , but when Han Shuo has taken over all these truly, knows , to manage the good such big outdoor shop, needs to spend many energy.( Provides the latest chapter to read >\;~~. ~~
  4. Before has not annexed Gods' Blessing Medicine , the entire Gamma Drugstore all are under the charge to him completely, collect the raw material for medicine, to refine medicine pill, to sell three aspect Han Shuo one people to process, but annexes after Gods' Blessing Medicine , then big resources , to use, by Han Shuo one person distant insufficient.
  5. The collection raw material for medicine, the depositing medicament and refinement medicament, sell several aspects to subdivide, the talented person who such one, Gamma Drugstore needs was not only only Alchemist Master, but Han Shuo also immediately realized that the manpower was far from enough, therefore new round recruiting started......
  6. Many talented people are Han Shuo are short, spent the massive time to be used to recruit, but cannot seek for enough manpower, the talented person who especially thoses excelled at the business management was hard to find, but Han Shuo itself to managing was not skilled, this made him start the headache to get up.
  7. The people of Andre and several respected families, were Han Shuo have recommended some capable people actually, however these people more or less with their family some relations, Han Shuo for fear that day of Gamma Drugstore any slightest sign of trouble will be known by several respected families, therefore endured suffering the person who refused several respected families to recommend, was the Gamma Drugstore matter is exhaustively busy.
  8. Han Shuo early has brought in original Gods' Blessing Medicine , entire Umbra City altogether 17 were the Gods' Blessing Medicine large and small store, was grasped by Han Shuo completely in oneself hand, however in two months, Gamma Drugstore will not have started doing business, because as before the manpower insufficiently cannot do business normally.
  9. But, Han Shuo outside 16 Medicine Store closure Umbra City, assembles in Umbra City Gamma Drugstore the talented person who can gather temporarily completely, the preparation straightens out Gamma Drugstore in Umbra City first, at the same time. Recruits all capable people as before vigorously.
  10. Han Shuo for Gamma Drugstore busy badly battered time, leaves Umbra City for a long time Avery, on this day suddenly appears outside the city in the mountain range.
  11. Hits is capturing to kill Avery that the children murderer gave a pretext. Vanishes is more than half a year, this time appeared with great difficulty, does not dare to return to Umbra City immediately. Instead temporarily stays outside the city.
  12. Avery was too familiar with the Umbra City surrounding situation. In addition his strength formidable, has avoided the searches of that side mountain range many God Protectors , is waiting for anything secretly, side him, three squad altogether thirty original Fifth Division God Protectors , these people from the Ryfus family the place, was loyal and devoted to Avery in the past.
  13. Dim light of night arrives, Avery narrows eye to stand on an old tree towering to the skies. Is looking out near at hand Umbra City, face yin cold.
  14. , Transgresses together the person's shadow from Umbra City gradually, that person's shadow as if for fear that some people presently his trail, go around in the night, change several positions to arrive in front of Avery.
  15. The single knee is well-grounded, coming the person to look at Avery of stands proudly on the big tree, said in a low voice: „Subordinate meets the Sir!”
  16. „, Says Umbra City on the 3rd recently the situation.” Avery is looking out not far away Umbra City as before, has not looked down to kneel to bend down in 3rd of place.
  17. „Recently. Umbra City discussed Gamma Drugstore that the chaotic topic soon will start doing business. Gamma Drugstore master Bryan had the full support of Sinter family, has become the Medicine Store person with newly acquired wealth. Moreover. The Sinter family has not relaxed these days to our Fifth Division surveillance, Andre three times has arrived at Fifth Division to inquire that the Sir falls. It seems like should suspect on us!” No. 3 sinking sound track.
  18. „Bryan, he destroyed my good deed, has revived Camerita that cheap person unexpectedly, I will not let off him!” Avery drinks one lowly, silent, he lowers the head to look finally is kneeling to bend down in 3rd of place, said: „How many people does Fifth Division have to be willing with me to leave Umbra City?”
  19. „Altogether nine people including the subordinate, remaining I have probed carefully, they had not revealed that follows the meaning of Sir.” No. 3 hesitant, the sinking sound replied.
  20. „Only then nine people......” Avery shouted one lowly, sneers saying: „Nine people of nine people, 3rd, I must enter Umbra City tonight, I do not want presently my trail, you use the remaining strengths, arranges to me!”
  21. „Yes!” Replied on the 3rd in a low voice, has thought that adds: „Sir, once has used that several people, we can only leave Umbra City immediately.”
  22. „Relax, tonight, we together leave Umbra City!” Avery signals by nodding him to understand, and good words comforted one: „With me, no matter in Umbra City in other cities, you can also enjoy the beforehand treatment, if keeps Umbra City, because my relations you can never obtain to entrust with heavy responsibility!”
  23. „Sir waits us not to be thin, where the Sir goes, we are willing with!” No. 3 hurried [say / way].
  24. „Um, arranges, tonight I must kill several people to walk again!” Avery waved.
  25. Retreats on the 3rd cautiously, after returning to Umbra City, immediately contacts with some original Fifth Division whole shows, in these people have two to be responsible for guarding the east city gate, in the two, Avery is bringing original Fifth Division several elite God Protectors desirably independently, sneaks in Umbra City.
  26. After returning to Umbra City, Avery arrives at Ryfus family not far away on first a building, looks at the Ryfus family from afar, Avery was thinking aloud in a low voice: „Big brother, I think that you should know a point anything, I did not return to the family, so as to avoid brought troublesome to you.”
  27. „Sir, the time is urgent, how should we do?” Avery behind a person in a soft voice asked.
  28. „In some Umbra City people I already looked that is not pleasing to the eyes, tonight has killed completely, earlier we leaves the problem solve earlier, cannot alarm the person of Sinter family, otherwise we gave up any idea of that goes out of Umbra City.” Avery has drunk one coldly, accepting as a memento the Ryfus family of looking distant place, having the person to leave quietly.
  29. When moon/month violent wind filled with dust tall Ye, kills and torches.
  30. Depends familiar with Umbra City, Avery is leading several original Fifth Division elites, evaded all the way layer upon layer guards, shifted several positions, killed several strengths to be ordinary quietly, however in Umbra City actually quite somewhat influence character. For example Tuyas of Buley family, strength is ordinary, but is actually good at managing, all along does with the Ryfus family right. Usually in Avery does not dare to take him to be what kind, tonight actually boldly begins, kills him in Buley family biggest Crystal Stone Store .
  31. Besides Tuyas. Several people also colorless invisible were killed by Avery, the object who because the Avery strength begins profound mostly is Middle God, therefore has not caused any person to pay attention.
  32. „Sir. The time was up. We should leave!” Follows in Avery behind, to remind on the 3rd in a soft voice.
  33. „A person, processed us to leave him immediately!” Avery silent, suddenly sinking sound track.
  34. „Who?” Asked on the 3rd in a soft voice.
  35. „Gamma Drugstore Bryan, this boy recent scenery infinite good some time, should die to me! Because of his reason, Kaik and Eve will not die in the Camerita hand, I cannot move Camerita temporarily. However this fellow refuses stubbornly to be possible!” Avery cold Sendao.
  36. „Sir, hears side that boy to have a little girl to be fierce, according to the people of Quiza family that little girl once and Grusey has fought, but is not as good!” Before 3rd one hear of Avery just before leaving, must take the Han Shuo operation, the hurried reminder said.
  37. When the Quiza family, Andelina once compelled to draw back Grusey, got the winning side obviously. The Quiza family is concerned about face-saving, nobody dares to say Grusey to suffer a loss, passes to outside changes for a long time becomes Andelina fell on the leeward, concerned several people closes with a smile to the rumor. Has not paid attention. But Andelina is only a little girl, therefore everybody thinks naturally Quiza family these people said is the fact.
  38. „A little girl. Can be what kind of again fiercely!” Avery disdains saying: „Let alone, the Grusey strength is inferior to me. He can exceed that little girl, what do you have to be good to be worried?”
  39. Listened to a Avery such saying on the 3rd, knows that he was determined already, does not dare to speak again the persuasion. Peak, Han Shuo eyes closed practice.
  40. Although recently was made to be utterly exhausted by the Gamma Drugstore matter, but Han Shuo has not relaxed the practice, because particularly two External Body Incarnation have stayed in the Myriad Demons Cauldron inland reason, had not been affected.
  41. Death Element External Body Incarnation has achieved Middle God initial period realm, recently slowly consolidated new realm, while tries to realize from experience several new strength applications, Destruction element External Body Incarnation was also studying diligently the utilization of Bead of Destruction, the present is more and more adept.
  42. Suddenly, in the Han Shuo heart moves, divine sense realized arrival of crisis immediately.
  43. After previous time has received the heavy losses, Han Shuo is keener regarding the response of crisis, Devil Inextinguishable Body formed the huge Gang strength to cover entirely the whole body immediately, Han Shuo was motionless, calms the mind to sense the intensity of crisis, in heart one startled, immediately subpoenaed to Cauldron Spirit: „Comes the person strength to be very strong, with the strength of my Demon Head !”
  44. Cauldron Spirit also induced that obviously Han Shuo has locked secretly the aura, hearing this rubbish, shouted to clear the way lightly: „Attention, you, when the Demon Head strength irrigation, will bear the great agony, moreover these strengths, when your body is mobile, has the damage to your body, you cannot continue too for a long time, once thinks that immediately returns to the strength of Demon Head to me!”
  45. „Hurry up, again late without enough time!” Han Shuo drinks to Cauldron Spirit greatly.
  46. The next quarter, in the Han Shuo within the body Cauldron Spirit place, wells up the terrifying strength crazily, in a flash, Han Shuo within the body is the blade punctures the general ache likely, but with the huge ache, an inexhaustible strength floods in within the body, making Han Shuo want to face upward the long and loud cry.
  47. Dozens the Demon Head strength that is formed by Lower God Middle God, huge command Han Shuo is hard to imagine, that strength makes him want in the carefree feeling of hand to release immediately, whatever otherwise these strengths flood in demon within the body scurry about, is one suffers to his Demon Body .
  48. „You must a bit faster shell the strength, otherwise the strength gathers at your within the body completely, will make you unable to withstand quickly, will cause the damage to your demon infant radically!” Cauldron Spirit hurried pass on message.
  49. „I understand how that damn not to have begun! ***!” Han Shuo felt that enemy about, clenches teeth to support secretly, heart inside obloquied.
  50. Avery firmly in darkness, but there is a failure experience that previous time has sneak attacked, Avery does not dare to begin now rashly, but also is observing Han Shuo in the surroundings secretly, approaches cautiously, is looking for the most appropriate opportunity, such one, but gave others a bad time gathered the strength unceasingly Han Shuo.
  51. „Quick roll-call strength bang exits. This way you will unable to withstand quickly!” Cauldron Spirit subpoenaed again.
  52. The unendurable pain floods in Han Shuo body each corner, saw with own eyes that the enemy does not begin, Han Shuo cannot endure again. Face upwarding noisy wail one, is a Bloodlust wild animal anger exclaims likely: „Get lost to me!!”
  53. The terrifying voice in hidden place goes toward the Avery bang of concealment, that piece of dark space had the intense fluctuation. Is preparing to get rid Avery to have a scare. Does not understand how Han Shuo is presently his position.
  54. „Howling......” crazy howling, the Han Shuo double pupil is red, the whole body muscle intertwines, has fired into Avery crazily fiercely.
  55. „How possible!” Avery loses one's voice to call out in alarm, the heart startled under hurried the whole body Darkness God strength gathers together, forms layer on layer the Darkness barrier in the surroundings, in God's Domain pulls out Dark element all of a sudden completely completely.
  56. „Bang!” The Han Shuo two Demonic Edge storms highlight, is Bloodlust Evil Demon crashes in that stretch of Darkness domain likely. The strength through the Demonic Edge bombardment on the Darkness barrier, destroys the Darkness barrier of Avery arrangement fearfully instantaneously.
  57. A cruel overbearing strength, breaks in Avery within the body fiercely, making his Divine Body be damaged immediately, threw to fly all of a sudden.
  58. After striking, the within the body strength divulges turbulently, Han Shuo suddenly thought. Sees with own eyes Avery by him, as soon as strikes to fly, in his heart is overjoyed, fires into Avery at once, Demonic Edge likely is two cold glow. Greeted toward Avery.
  59. However compared just gathered the full strength to strike. This time offensive force was obviously weak, moving aside that although Avery was thrown into confusion as before. But the Han Shuo's attack cannot gather the Avery life.
  60. Even if so, Avery is also scared. He could not expect Han Shuo all of a sudden likely changed another person, the cruel strength that suddenly displayed has filled the bloodthirsty and crazy, was Avery has never seen.
  61. „Was too deceitful, this boy has been hiding the strength, this is one also wants sinister and ruthless role Ah! in the Avery heart to obloquy compared with Andre” that is thrown into confusion is resisting the Han Shuo attack, is seeking for the escape route of escape unceasingly.
  62. „Bryan, returns to the Demon Head strength to me, you cannot act without regard for authority get down! Otherwise, your demon infant will be damaged!” Avery when Han Shuo hits fully retrocedes successively, the Cauldron Spirit anxious pass on message extremely said.
  63. In heart one startled, Han Shuo induces to within the body demon infant immediately was unusual, in the Demon Head strength floods in the situation in within the body each corner, nourishes Han Shuo demon infant the assigns blood essence rapid urging to fall, these life blood essence vanish in the Han Shuo body, making his skeleton meridians be able to withstand Demon Head strength flowing.
  64. However demon infant same cannot leave this assigns the blood essence resources, when demon infant place the will assign blood essence insufficiently to support the demon infant survival, demon infant will be injured weakly, this will not be Han Shuo is willing to see.
  65. „Mother place, calculates that you are in luck!” Han Shuo scolded one lowly, suddenly the backlash, no longer gets rid to attack, returns Cauldron Spirit the within the body Demon Head strength hurriedly.
  66. Avery under a Han Shuo wanton bombing, is slow the god has come finally, looked at Han Shuo one panic-strickenly, Avery without demur, turns around goes into hiding in the darkness, is bringing five God Protectors Division of these hidden places, fast left here.
  67. „Does your this fellow, how suddenly become that formidable?” Andelina that already came, a face inconceivable was looking at Han Shuo, opens mouth greatly.
  68. Because Han Shuo saw Andelina to come, this dares saying that dropped independently. He had not replied immediately that first returns the within the body Demon Head strength to Cauldron Spirit, this refers to the direction that Avery left, said: „Andelina, has killed that fellow to me, I give you ten ten thousand black crystal coins !”
  69. Shook the head, Andelina replied: „I protect you, does not help you kill people!”
  70. „That considers as finished, right now Avery escaped, if will come me really to have bad luck next time again!” Battled for dozens seconds, who Han Shuo has recognized obviously came the person is, smiled bitterly was saying.
  71. „I looked what should be afraid is he is right! By strength that you just showed that he could not kill you!” Andelina deeply is looking at Han Shuo, smiles, said: „Bryan, what you can tell me you to use is what strength, how will you suddenly become that formidable?”
  72. „You told me your matter first, then I considered that must confess with you!” Han Shuo smiles.
  73. „Did not say, had anything to be great!” Andelina curled the lip, the vitality said.
  74. „Well, what's the matter?” Ackerly came in high spirits, shouts and wrangles saying: „Just some people fought, person?”
  75. Fight between Han Shuo and Avery, ended in the short dozens seconds, Ackerly in a far practice field practice, his strength is inferior to Andelina in addition, therefore cannot rush promptly, when his coming enemy vanished without a trace.
  76. „You came lately!” Andelina stared Ackerly one ill-humoredly, disdained saying: „But, even if you came early, could not meddle!”
  77. Ackerly knows that the Andelina strength is immeasurably deep, hearing this was more excited: „Middle God?”
  78. „High God!” Andelina shouted to clear the way coldly.
  79. „......” Ackerly is dejected immediately, the awe looked at Andelina one secretly, mouth inside whispered: „Mother, is High God...... looks at the Ackerly look unexpectedly”, obviously is when Andelina repelled the person.
  80. „It is not I!” Looked at Ackerly one, Andelina knows that he thought anything, has referred to Han Shuo ill-humoredly, said: „Is he repels the person!”
  81. „Did a bit less! Good, was all right I to go back!” Ackerly waved, does not believe that Han Shuo can repel High God, languidly and turned around.
  82. „This fool!” The Andelina mood is not feeling well, obloquied that said.( Unabridged book novel network)
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