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Jan 1st, 2017
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  1. Hello all. Today I would like to alert the community about a crypter that is "developed" by someone who doesn't know how a crypter works, and rip codes from other people.
  2. This investigation was conducted by a few people, without whose help it would have not been possible.
  4. User profile:
  5. Sales thread:
  7. For those who aren't aware btw, this is the guy who sold Terror exploit kit and some other craps.
  9. First screenshot: [spoiler]
  10. [img][/img][/spoiler]
  11. Here, we see Bug Bunny admitting to rip code, as well as saying thing that are plainly not correct. Having multiple randomly selected runpe changes nothing.
  13. Second screenshot: [spoiler]
  14. [img][/img][/spoiler]
  15. Here, we see Bug Bunny lying about his product. It DOES NOT support x64 payloads. As shown here: Wardow's shellcode only supports 32 bit payloads.
  17. Third screenshot:[spoiler]
  18. [img][/img]
  19. [/spoiler]
  20. Here we see Bug Bunny admitting to rip even MORE code.
  22. Proof it is Bug's skype:
  23. [spoiler]
  24. [img][/img]
  25. [img][/img]
  26. [/spoiler]
  28. I strongly advise against dealing with Bug Bunny at all cost.
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