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  1. "Hey, Chris!
  3.     I figured you would wanna hear about this new vr game I got called Fidelity! It's like Destiny and VRChat combined. Basically you're in the cosmos and you have a dog named DD who, for some reason, always wants to go with you everywhere.
  5.     Fun fact: The cosmos have a train station, but DD never wants to go onto the trains because she doesn't have a MetroCard. She says that she can see Projections into the future and that they have a desire to see the SlowMoon.
  7.     I'm just assuming that you don't have the game, and it's kinda hard to set it up, so here's how it works: First, connect your vr headset to your computer. There's gonna be some lag at first, but it'll be fine. Then you have to log onto Fidelity. You'll probably pass out, but when you wake up, you'll be in a room with lots of sunlight. I'll be a refuge for now, but at least you'll be away from the police. Just put some blind faith into it. Oh yeah, if you get lost, always head back to the house. It will always be on your menu.
  9.     Good luck and remember to not die!
  11. -D"
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