MH - Avaline's Intro

Sep 1st, 2014
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  1. <Darkling> There's a knock on the door, startling you out of a dream that pops out of existence the moment you open your eyes. "You're going to be late if you keep sleeping." You hear your mother call as her footsteps carry her away from the door and down the hall. If you hadn't been up studying last night so much maybe you wouldn't have slept in.
  2. <Avaline> A small price to pay for making the grade. Ava gets out of bed, going straight to a large mirror in her room and staring at her reflection, recoiling from the sight of her reflection. She hastily reaches for her brush, fixing her hair, making an idle glance at the clock. Just how late did she sleep?
  3. <Darkling> Thirty minutes to get to school still, not very long if you wanted to eat and shower though. Thankfully you live fairly close to the highschool and it only take you about ten minutes to walk there.
  4. <Avaline> Shower, definitely. Cleanliness and proper clothes are essential. Who needs a complete breakfast? She's off to shower, then dress up. Gothy dress, check. Hair ribbons, check. Mini boots, check. Skull necklace, check. Makeup... alas, not enough time to do more than the bare minimum.
  5. <Darkling> At one point you hear your mother calling that she is leaving for work, to have a good first day at school, and to try to not scare too many freshmen with her scary looks.
  6. <Avaline> She starts stuffing things into her backpack, calling out to her mother in response. "Don't worry, mom! They won't be scared if I sneak up on them from behind and eat their souls before they see me! Omnomnom!" And then when she's done filling her backpack she's off to the kitchen, nabbing an apple before she heads out the door to walk to school.
  7. <Darkling> It's a nice autumn day, and the neighbourhood is bustling. Kids running off to school, adults heading off to work. You've made some good time and have a few minutes to spare. Anywhere you want to head, or straight to school?
  8. <Avaline> A few minutes to spare? Too bad. Could have spent that time on more makeup. Oh well, straight to school!
  9. <Darkling> Not far down the road a familiar faces comes bouncing up beside you. "Hey Avaline," Elise says cheerfully, pushing aside some green locks. "Are you excited for school?"
  10. <Avaline> "Hello! I'm surprised you recognized me with barely any of my makeup on!" Avaline says with a while. "I am. I've been kind of bored during the tail end of the summer. And you?"
  11. <Darkling> "So excited!" She bounces with energy. "Can't wait to see what kind of trips we get to go on, or what crazy projects we'll get to do." Where this girl got her energy and enthuesiam from was unknown, but she had always been helpful and friendly before.
  12. <Darkling> "I noticed we had homeroom together!" She pulls out her schedule. "English isn't my favourite, but I suppose it's alright."
  13. <Avaline> "Maybe we'll do a field trip to the Babineaux place. It'll be just like a slasher film." Ava says with an amused look. "I'll pass you notes every now and then to help pass the time if we sit close enough."
  14. <Darkling> ""I'm sure we'll find a way, but I'd rather not go to that creepy old house, would you?" She shakes herself. "Eugh!"
  15. <Avaline> "I think the place probably wouldn't live up to my expectations." Ava sighs afterwards.
  16. <Darkling> "You never know." You've reached the school now and are headed inside. "I've got to run to the library quickly, but I'll see you in class!"
  17. <Avaline> "See you!" Avaline waves, then heads off to class.
  18. <Darkling> Without much hassle and not too many weird looks you arrive at your homeroom. Most of the class is there already with only a few stragglers left coming in. It's easy enough to find your seat, sitting with two dark haired girls.
  19. <Darkling> ------------------
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