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  1. Can somebody with a lot of capital that theyre comfortable with investing into a 0 risk high upside investment call nike, buy out all the 11.5 random vapormax, use a 20% coupon, file a missing cashback claim, wait a couple weeks, and sell for like $80 profit each? Thanks. Easiest money you will ever make, 9 and 12 went up as soon as they soldout, as did other sizes. Too easy.
  4. Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2 Random Men's Shoe.
  5. Find the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2 Random Men's Shoe at Enjoy free shipping and returns with NikePlus.
  10. look how price increased when they soldout size 12, same exact thing wiht size 9 which was at like 200 pre sellout
  12. 160 after 20% code
  13. even better, call nike, ask to add 100 to cart, quantity will adjust to however many they have left after step 1 of checkout process. Trust. Don't do this unless ur funds right but there has to be some ppl in here.
  14. Just paid off all credit cards for yzy szn, over 700 pairs in inventory, am banned on nike on all my addresses, after june 7th if these still sitting, which they shouldnt be, me and @Blankey calling in and making a size or 2 sellout. Did i forget to say that these nike exclusive.
  15. If you do callin, open a topcashback nike tab and file missing cashback claim week after, you will get the 10% added fast,
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