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May 27th, 2019
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  1. [15:02]
  2. 45th | Wilson ❖:
  3. I'm going to help you out even if you don't have the courage to talk with me.
  4. I Want to be the better person
  5. But before i send you the names to respect your wishes.
  6. I'll tell the people that I'm telling you their names
  7. You'll get them by the end of today
  9. [15:03]
  10. TToW. | Sage:
  11. what is this shit
  12. im just trying to play games with some mates whats with people spying on us
  13. like i wanna enjoy my gamesn ot be paranoid
  14. and losing trust in people
  16. [15:04]
  17. 45th | Wilson ❖:
  18. And it's not fun and it's disrespecting towards you guys and it's making you and other people Paranoid
  19. I Get that
  20. I Apologize but the whole thing started when some people opened their mouth's
  21. Sage from my own sake i really want to apologize to you "I Honestly don't know what i did wrong but I'll still apologize"
  22. The people's names are the followingWraith told me some few informationsBilhaarJoseph after wraith explain something to him
  23. The two other people I'll need to ask etc.
  24. Since the rest of them have not really said i couldn't say it but that's all i can provide you with Currently.
  25. But i must say the fact you are feeling paranoid even on our TeamSpeak3 is sad
  26. But it is what it is right we got to move on
  28. [15:06]
  29. TToW. | Sage:
  30. heh so they dident need permision to tell you about chit chat between a private friend group?
  31. i do not like conflict and feel sick when having to confront people
  33. [15:07]
  34. 45th | Wilson ❖:
  35. They Just instantly told me short after some conversations within the group itself.
  36. I'm sorry for making you feel sick
  38. [15:07]
  39. TToW. | Sage:
  40. i went my seperate way so that i dident have to talk in the 45 ect
  42. [15:07]
  43. 45th | Wilson ❖:
  44. I Respect that even if it means cutting people off like me.
  45. But All i have to say Sage is that I'm sorry the 45th made you feel this way and I Maybe had something to do with it
  46. Apologize once again
  47. I Don't expect you to give me a second chance but i still have respect for you even tho you don't have it for me
  49. [15:09]
  50. TToW. | Sage:
  51. like you got to understand that its just a little friend group playing some mordhau ect and to have people spying on us is pretty frustrating
  53. [15:09]
  54. 45th | Wilson ❖:
  55. It's not something i was in Charge of
  56. it's not my problem it's the people who you played with
  57. who came and confronted me and trust me
  58. I Understand i said it in-front of Harold aswell
  59. I Don't need to now everything
  60. and i knew how it would make you feel.
  61. So for the 7th time I Apologize.
  62. know'
  63. But to make it easy for you i think the best option is to cut the contact until you feel you are ready once again to have a talk with me not regarding the regiment but just a pure friend talk.
  65. [15:11]
  66. TToW. | Sage:
  67. at the end of the day all ive heard when they were talking about the 45th is that they feel under apreicated and might just step down from the nco positions keep in mind that was litterly just them talking if that is there intentions or not i do not know
  68. id like to know who the other 2 people are
  70. [15:11]
  71. 45th | Wilson ❖:
  72. Then you will need to wait until I can confirm it with them
  73. you'll
  75. [15:12]
  76. TToW. | Sage:
  77. well your making rash decesions and demoting good honest people from there well deserved ranks bc of some people trying to lick your arse and get promoted
  78. it is your problem and i want to know its not as if they were in the right for going behind a group of friends backs now is it
  79. how am i ment to deal with this if i dont know who it was
  81. [15:13]
  82. 45th | Wilson ❖:
  83. You don't know what's going on in the Regiment
  84. you don't even know the full extent.
  85. I'm not going to sit here and tell you things that made you "SICK in the beginning"
  87. [15:13]
  88. TToW. | Sage:
  89. i dont care about the regiment im more concerened for my group of mates
  91. [15:13]
  92. 45th | Wilson ❖:
  93. Then you should confront them yourself.
  95. [15:13]
  96. TToW. | Sage:
  97. yeah well its just goign to fucking drive me nuts if i dont know
  100. [15:14]
  101. 45th | Wilson ❖:
  102. Well Confront all of them
  104. [15:14]
  105. TToW. | Sage:
  106. you really dont know how anxiety works do ya
  108. [15:14]
  109. 45th | Wilson ❖:
  110. that's what i did
  111. I Confronted the whole group
  113. [15:14]
  114. TToW. | Sage:
  115. no you had people come to you and tell you bullshit
  117. [15:14]
  118. 45th | Wilson ❖:
  119. Hmm.
  120. Really.
  121. I Confronted them Sunday
  122. Saturday
  123. and a few days before
  124. After the mass thing we had Thursday
  126. [15:14]
  127. TToW. | Sage:
  128. only bc you was told shit from others
  130. [15:14]
  131. 45th | Wilson ❖:
  132. you Don't know what's going on
  134. [15:15]
  135. TToW. | Sage:
  136. not as if i am being told whos doing this
  137. its not as if i want to cause drama or anything i wish your regiment the best in all honesty
  139. [15:15]
  140. 45th | Wilson ❖:
  141. We are not getting anywhere with this conversation I'm just making you mad
  142. once again i apologize the 8th time but I'll cut it short now because you couldn't wait.
  144. [15:15]
  145. TToW. | Sage:
  146. yeah well i was told you are going to tell me the names and you havent yet
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