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  1. You incline your head politely to Idomenaeos, Tempest of Neraeos Fylakas.
  3. Centre of the temple.
  4. In the middle of this grand room, steps lead up to a circular dais. There is a pool tiled in varying
  5. shades of blue and white resting on the dais. Bubbling upwards from the centre of the pool is a
  6. frothing foam of seawater. Small fish and crustaceans make their home inside the pool, forming a
  7. tiny ecosystem complete in every detail. From the centre of the pool, an incredible marble statue
  8. stands some thirty feet tall. Its base is carved in the form of a wall of water rising to engulf and
  9. drown you but as you follow the lines of the statue upwards, its form slowly changes to that of a
  10. towering figure you recognise as a representation of Caspian, the Ocean Lord wearing the Crown of
  11. Oceans. His fierce visage regards you with an unerring gaze, and you get the impression of a
  12. quicksilver temper and changeable nature. Idomenaeos gazes quietly upon you. The eternal roar of the
  13. mighty ocean wreathes this elaborate marble shrine, a vivid testimony to the grace and power of He
  14. who is Lord of the Wine-Dark Sea. An abnormally large reptile is here, flicking her tongue as she
  15. waits.
  16. You see a single exit leading out (open door).
  18. You say, "Greetings again, old friend."
  20. Tahquil quietly passes two warm loaves to Idomenaeos along with a cup of red wine.
  21. The Mhun is somewhat less than hale, her features haunted as she slips onto the dais and sits to
  22. nibble on her own food.
  24. You give a small loaf of hard, brown bread to Idomenaeos, Tempest of Neraeos Fylakas.
  26. You give a small loaf of hard, brown bread to Idomenaeos, Tempest of Neraeos Fylakas.
  28. You give a cup of mulled wine to Idomenaeos, Tempest of Neraeos Fylakas.
  30. You sit yourself down.
  32. You take a long draught of red wine, hoping to quench your thirst.
  34. Taking a small, round loaf of brown bread in both hands, you break the hard crust and help yourself
  35. to the soft, warm insides.
  37. You ask, "Ever felt like you have taken the wrong path?"
  39. Tahquil pulls another piece of crust from her loaf, using it to point at invisible markers as she
  40. continues.
  42. You say, "I -enjoy- Alchemy, do not get me wrong. But attuning myself to the energies... I look to
  43. the sea and all I see is writhing tendrils of energy swamping each other."
  45. You say, "Salt.. salt and more salt. Cannot even see the water through ther salt."
  47. Tahquil sighs as she pops the piece of bread into her mouth, chewing thoughtfully.
  49. You say suddenly, "I miss the sea. I miss the waves, the calling, the connectedness."
  51. You say, "I still feel the draw, the need but I stand on the shore and...."
  53. A statue of Borak, Guardian of the North Seas yells, "All hail Neraeos, God of the Sea!"
  55. Tahquil shivers slightly, before distracting herself with a sip of wine.
  57. "All hail Ne-Ne, indeed," Tahquil mutters as she stares glumly at her cup.
  59. You drain the last dregs of red wine from the container.
  61. You give a pained sigh.
  63. You say to Idomenaeos, Tempest of Neraeos Fylakas, "Can you imagine not being able to enter the
  64. Oceans again?"
  66. You say, "Writhing surges of pure alchemical energy, no rhyme or reason to their movements."
  68. Tahquil lowers her bread into her lap, picking off pieces of crust and letting them
  69. fall to the ground.
  71. You say quietly, "Like watching a pod of kraken waiting for you, all eager to be the first to get to
  72. you."
  74. (Fledglings): Sakkinal says, "Is anyone available who is willing to teach me some alchemy?"
  76. (Fledglings): Askiva says, "Your best bet would be the alchemist in the lab as the rest of ours are
  77. out hunting I believe!"
  79. (Fledglings): Sakkinal says, "Okay, thank you!"
  81. (Fledglings): You say, "I can, in a moment."
  83. (Fledglings): Sakkinal says, "Okay, I can wait."
  85. Tahquil sighs as she puts her mutilated loaf in her pack and stands, brushing errant crumbs from her robes as she steps from the dais.
  87. You say, "Duty calls. Thank you for listening as always, friend."
  89. You incline your head politely to Idomenaeos, Tempest of Neraeos Fylakas.
  91. You stand up and stretch your arms out wide.
  93. You easily vault onto the back of Varniis, a Notic water dragon.
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