(AiE) Apple Pie *clop*

Nov 11th, 2013
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  1. >Ugh, another day on the farm. That’s code for: you’re tired and your arms feel like they’re about to fall off. It’s not too bad since you’re primarily paying back the family currently supporting you though. They took you in, fed you, clothed you, and even bonded with you as one of their own. If only lugging apples around all day wasn’t so damn exhausting, you’d believe you were living it up. It didn’t really matter anyway since it was all routine for you nowadays.
  2. >Speaking of routine, here comes one of the things you enjoy most about this place. It’s not every day, but the yellow filly making her way towards you with a smile and some apple juice feels like a godsend right now. If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s how Apple Bloom knows how you like your apple juice.
  3. “Hey there, Bloom!” you call to her, noting that blush again.
  4. >Why does she do that every time you call her that? It’s just a nickname. If that keeps up, she may lose the tray currently holding a drink for both of you.
  5. >“H-howdy, Anon. Want some apple juice?” the filly asks after setting the tray down on a nearby stump. Does she even have t- wait, did she just stutter?
  6. “You okay, Bloom?”
  7. >You raise an eyebrow as you watch her look away for a moment.
  8. >“Right as rain, why do ya ask?” She tilts her head in confusion after looking back up at you.
  9. “No reason. Same as always?”
  10. >She’ll talk when she’s ready, you’re betting.
  11. 1/39
  13. >“Mhmm! You know granny, she won’t fix what she don’t think is broken.” The filly smiles at you as she takes a drink.
  14. >As usual, you take a sip along with her and bask in the refreshing feeling of the best apple juice around, according to you. Your throat begins to feel revitalized, and your body starts to feel as though it could withstand another few hours in the orchard, not that you’ll let Bloom’s sister, Applejack, know that. No way would that mare miss a chance to put your money where your mouth is. Besides, you only -feel- as though you could work those extra hours.
  15. “Ungh,” you grunt as you place another barrel in the nearby wagon, “I think that’s about it today, right?”
  16. >“Looks like it,” she responds, peering out over your assigned work area. “All that’s left is to call Big Macintosh over to haul ‘em up to the barn!” She beams up at you as if she’s excited that you’re done. It has to be because you finished your work a little bit earlier this time. Yeah, that sounds about right since this -is- a family of hard workers.
  17. “Alright then,” you take another drink, “mind getting the big lug for me?”
  18. >“Me?” She looks at you confused again as you sit down next to a tree.
  19. “I just need a few before making the trip back. I forgot to lift with my knees again on that last barrel, so I’m gonna take it easy for a little bit to prevent anything serious.”
  20. >You give her a smile that seems to satisfy her curiosity.
  21. 2/39
  23. >“Ah guess that makes sense,” she nods and her smile gets bigger, “ah’ll be back before ya know it.” You don’t doubt that for a moment as she speeds off down the path towards the farm.
  24. >Big Mac usually likes to rest a little before hauling apples to the barn. You can’t say you blame him when you look at the carts. His strength isn’t in doubt, but the family started taking mental notes on each other after Mac supposedly hurt his leg and couldn’t work one season. You can only imagine how rough that was on Applejack since Apple Bloom still hasn’t gotten an expert grasp on bucking yet.
  25. >“Ready to get these apples to the barn, Anon?” Bloom’s voice catches your attention from your right.
  26. “No time like the present, Bloom,” you respond with a little chuckle.
  27. >Once again, she blushes when you call her that. Does it embarrass her? Again, you’ll just have to wait until she’s ready to say anything. Hopefully, it doesn’t mean anything bad.
  28. >“Ya managed good time today, Anon. Nice work.” Big Mac’s compliment snaps you out of your thoughts on Bloom. Taking a moment to acknowledge his comment, you help strap him to the cart.
  29. “Well, I can’t say it was easy, but it was better than most days, you know?”
  30. >The three of you begin walking along the path to the barn as you converse.
  31. >“Eeeyup,” is his reply. “Converse” might have been too strong a word; however, that was a full conversation as far as Mac is concerned.
  32. >“Ah bet yer hungry, huh Anon?” Apple Bloom to the rescue before a long pause sets in.
  33. 3/39
  35. “I might be,” you give her a smirk, “what’s on the menu?”
  36. >“Well, ah was thinkin’ you could try some of mah apple pie, i-if you want.” You don’t catch her blush after saying that, and you also don’t even notice Big Mac clearing his throat.
  37. “You got a pie, Bloom? Mmm, I can’t wait to try it!”
  38. >Your anxious outburst causes Big Mac to clear his throat again, but you’re not paying attention. Apple Bloom just mentioned that there’s pie back at the house. An Apple family pie should be a delicacy as far as you’re concerned.
  39. >“Y-you want to try some of mah pie?” The filly stares up at you with surprise. Why should she be surprised? This is a Sweet Apple Acres pie you’re talking about.
  40. "Sure do; nothing like some apple pie that's full of love and care. The taste of the sauce hitting your tongue, the aroma as it sits before you all hot and ready, and the satisfaction of digging into something you love."
  41. >As you start daydreaming about the delectable dish back at the house, you continue to fail at noticing what’s going on around you. Apple Bloom is blushing furiously, and Big Mac has picked up his pace a little. Even Bloom’s stutters fail to reach you in your current state until she jabs you with a hoof.
  42. “Huh, what is it?”
  43. >You look down at her, curious as to why she’s interrupting your hype for dinner.
  44. >“Y-yer not pullin’ mah hoof, are ya Anon? Ya really want to try it?” Apple Bloom’s eyes are as wide as dinner plates. She must be proud of it and really wants your input, you guess.
  45. 4/39
  47. “Seriously, Bloom,” you nod, “I would -love- to eat your pie.”
  48. >“Ah…” she struggles to form words for a moment as you watch, “Ah’ll meet with ya later, Anon, ah just remembered that ah have to go… meet the crusaders at the clubhouse!” You don’t get a chance to say anything as she darts off in the direction of the clubhouse.
  49. >What about the pie?
  50. >When you look at Big Mac, he just shakes his head and says “eeenope!” before moving on towards the cellar. He doesn’t even wait for you to snap out of your confusion as he begins unloading a barrel onto his back and heading down the steps.
  51. >As you go to help Mac unload the barrels, you decide to think about what just happened. While you were daydreaming about apple pie, something obviously upset Bloom. You can only hope that she was just too excited that you were going to try it. It -is- her first as far as you know. Given that, Big Mac’s comment must have been a warning to not hurt her feelings if it doesn’t taste good, or perhaps that you got her hopes up and shouldn’t let her down.
  52. >You scoff at the thought since you see no reason why you wouldn’t want to try it. You’ve eaten Applejack’s pie before, and you’re almost certain that she helped Apple Bloom make hers just as sweet. Even your stomach knows what’s up when it grumbles a bit in anticipation. It’s not until Big Mac suddenly drops a barrel harder than normal that you realize your thought process might be off kilter.
  53. 5/39
  55. >“Can ah ask ya somethin’, Anon?” Big Mac always seems a bit serious, if not laid back, but the stare he’s currently giving you puts you ill at ease.
  56. “Sure thing, Mac. What’s wrong?”
  57. >Does he know what’s wrong with Bloom?
  58. >“Ah was just curious as to why you agreed to… what Apple Bloom was askin’ ya.” That is the first time you’ve ever heard him struggle to find the right thing to say. He always kept his comments short and to the point, so a pause like you just heard strikes you as cause for concern.
  59. “Why wouldn’t I agree to it? Apple pies made from Sweet Apple Acres apples are the best around. I dare you to find a better tasting apple pie.”
  60. >You arch an eyebrow when Big Mac’s eyes go wide for a moment. You get even more curious when he stares into your eyes, searching for something.
  61. >“You were thinkin…” another pause, “ah see, well, ah hope ya enjoy it. Won’t do to let Apple Bloom down after what ya said.” He seems to let out a sigh when he goes back to the barrels, but that sounded like relief. What the hell did you miss?
  62. “Out of curiosity, Mac,” you grab his attention, “what else would that have meant? Is that why Bloom got upset and took off?”
  63. >“It doesn’t matter none, Anon.” He looks down for a moment before turning back to you with an incredibly serious stare. “If she decides it has to mean something else, though, ah want ya to promise me somethin.”
  64. “What’s that?”
  65. >Your eyebrow can’t get any higher.
  66. 6/39
  68. >“Don’t go breakin’ her heart, ya hear?” Big Mac adopts a stance like he’s about to charge. You recoil a bit as you know damn well how strong Mac is. If he wanted to destroy you right now, fat chance you’d have at stopping him in this barn where you can’t maneuver that well.
  69. “What are you talking about? If you mean not to tell her the blunt truth if it tastes bad, I know for sure you and Applejack would kill me. I ain’t takin’ that risk, Mac. Trust me.”
  70. >This is getting out of hand. Just what are you missing here? You go back to lifting a barrel as you think about that burning question.
  71. >“You’ll figure out when the time is right, but tell me this: how much do you care for her?” Big Mac’s expression hasn’t changed at all. It seems like he’s excessively worried about you hurting Bloom’s feelings.
  72. “What?”
  73. >You set a barrel down, looking at Mac in confusion.
  74. “I care about her a lot. I mean, why wouldn’t I care so much about her? She’s always helping me, fun to be around, and always knows how to brighten my day. Heh, she’s almost like a little sister, so I care about her a lot.”
  75. >“Ah guess ah’ll trust your judgment for now, Anon. Ah just don’t want to see her hurt, but you’re a fine gentlecolt anyway.” Big Mac nods before continuing to help you empty barrels.
  76. 7/39
  78. >You decide to give up since you’ve gotten absolutely nowhere fast. After you do, work speed picks up and soon, you and Mac are walking back to the house with plenty of daylight to spare. You can only wait for Apple Bloom to bring it up some other time -if- there actually is something else she had in mind. Whatever it is, you’ll just have to face it when it comes.
  79. >A couple hours in the house pass with you and Applejack playing a friendly game of cards. How that mare picked up Poker and Blackjack so fast is beyond you. Even so, she’s still terrible at bluffing anyway. As such, you’re free from dish duty tonight.
  80. >When Apple Bloom comes trotting in for supper, you take note of how she blushes just from you looking at her. It’s even weirder when she opts to sit next to you at dinner. You almost want to think she’s starting to have feelings for you, but she’s just a little filly. Puppy love would be one thing, but Apple Bloom still doesn’t strike you as having a crush or something at her age, especially given how you’re not a pony. Of course, that last part doesn’t seem to matter from what you’ve heard from Twilight. Ponies are apparently free to experience love wherever they may find it, just as long as both parties are consenting and such. You assume that also includes legal age since you don’t think a foal in a diaper could consent to such a thing.
  81. 8/39
  83. >Dinner gets going without so much as a fuss shortly after you decide to let Apple Bloom do as she wants for now. If she has something to say, she’ll come out and say it when she wants to. At least, you’re certain if she’s anything like her sister. Those thoughts are set aside as all of you begin digging into tonight’s meal. Apple fritters are always on the menu, but different kinds of dishes are set up as well. Ponies might figure the apple family for eating nothing but apples, but tonight’s lineup would suggest otherwise. There’s even a simple salad bowl thing going on. You’re not sure what it is since you couldn’t understand Granny’s explanation, but it’s still good stuff. You’re let down by the lack of the apple pie that Bloom promised, but you decide not to make a fuss. Chances are, Bloom tossed it out and wanted to make a better one now that she knows for sure you want to try it.
  84. >After dinner, you decide to take it easy on the couch, after thanking everyone for the meal of course. The Apple family would kill you if you thought you could get away without a courtesy “thanks for the grub”. A good book is always nice after a hard day’s work, but you’re kind of unsure about this new series that Rainbow Dash told you about. It has something to do with a pony who raids ancient ruins for relics and then she “totally defeats the bad guys” according to the aforementioned multicolored referrer.
  85. 9/39
  87. >Time passes fairly quickly as you read your book. Right as the adventurous mare comes face to face with her prize, Big Mac clears his throat to get your attention. A nod from him is all you need to know it’s time to wash up and get to bed, so you place your bookmark and get up to follow. A few quick stretches and you’re up the stairs to prepare for bath time.
  88. >Stopping by your room to fetch your towel and such, you walk straight into the bathroom. It was your turn according to Big Mac and Applejack, but someone forgot to tell Apple Bloom. The only response you can make is to cover your eyes and slowly close the door. The ponies are naked all the time, but it’s not every day you see one positioned just right to where you get a clear view of what hides under their tail. Worse yet, it happened to be a filly.
  89. >Leaning against the wall next to the bathroom door, you patiently wait for Bloom to come out. She appeared to be drying off anyway. It’s not long before the door opens, but you don’t expect the yellow and red blur that rushes passed you. Talking to her about the previous incident was on your agenda; however, it seems that will have to wait for another time. She’s already in her room and has shut her door.
  90. >“What the hay was that?” Applejack almost startles you from behind with her question.
  91. “Seems Bloom forgot it was my turn in the bath,” you reply, not looking away from Bloom’s door.
  92. 10/39
  94. >“Are ya sure?” Applejack moves next to you. “Apple Bloom doesn’t usually take such long baths. Ah also don’t usually see her movin’ like she was tryin’ to outrun a bull.”
  95. “Well, it probably doesn’t help that I ended up accidentally walking in on her getting out of the tub,” you chuckle nervously, rubbing the back of your head.
  96. >“Heh, serves the gal right fer takin too long.” She nudges your leg with a hoof, causing you to look down and notice her winking her eye at you with a grin.
  97. “I hope she’s just embarrassed.”
  98. >“Hah, she’ll get over it. It was your turn in the bath, so she only has herself to blame. If ya want, ah’ll talk to her and see what’s lit a fire under her hooves lately.”
  99. “Nah, I’m betting she’ll speak up when she’s good and ready. Wait, you said ‘lately’. Have you noticed how she’s been acting too?” you ask, looking down at Applejack with a raised eyebrow.
  100. >“Ah noticed she’s been pretty excited about somethin ever since she came back from playing with the other crusaders. Ah didn’t want to pry, so ah figured she just had a good time.”
  101. “That makes sense. Well, I’m gonna shower up and hit the hay. Night, Applejack.”
  102. >She giggles a little as you ruffle her mane.
  103. 11/39
  105. >“Alrighty, have a good one, Anon.” She trots off towards her room after giving you a friendly swat with her tail. She started doing it after you snapped her flank with your towel one day. Chances are, she never truly forgave you for that incident, but at least she knew you didn’t do it as hard as you could. Well, you believe she understood since she’s never hit you hard enough to leave a mark with her tail.
  106. >Once you’re all done in the shower, you head back to your room. You stop for a moment and look at Bloom’s door, but you shake your head of worry and make your way to your bed. Worry wants to creep into your mind about Bloom, but it’s probably best just to leave it be. If anything, she will need her sister for problems more than she will need you.
  107. >You set the candle on the nightstand before hanging your towel up to dry in the closet. After that, you lie down in bed, blow the candle out, and let your mind review today’s events. Said activity usually helps you get to sleep faster. You’re already dead tired anyway, so not even thoughts about Bloom keep you from closing your eyes and nodding off into slumber land.
  108. >Your dreams don’t last long as you feel something prodding your side, rousing you from your sleep. Waking up, you notice the object currently poking you happens to be a hoof. The hoof happens to belong to a certain yellow filly.
  109. “Ugh,” you groan as your body begins waking up, “Bloom?”
  110. >“Are ya fully awake, Anon?” she whispers.
  111. 12/39
  113. “Yeah, I’m up, kind of.”
  114. >You move to sit up, but her hoof stops you.
  115. >“Ah wanted to ask ya somethin important,” she whispers again, moving on top of you. You’re about to ask why it can’t wait until morning, but something seems off about her expression. Focusing for a moment, you notice that she looks like she’s completely terrified. Did she have a nightmare?
  116. “What is it?” you ask, deciding to play along for now.
  117. >You’re too tired to make a fuss.
  118. >“D-did ya really mean what ya said earlier?” She stares into your eyes. Her face reads uncertainty, doubt, and something you’re not quite sure of yet. Whatever it is, this question is obviously eating her up on the inside.
  119. “Bloom, you don’t have to worry about that. I’m sure it’ll be great.”
  120. >“Would ya like to have it now?” A hopeful smile begins to take over the fearful one from a moment ago.
  121. “Now? It’s the middle of the night, Blo-” You’re silenced by her hoof.
  122. >“Ah’ve been meanin’ to say this for a while, Anon.” She takes a deep breath and attempts to calm her nerves before staring into your eyes again, tears beginning to form near the corners of her own eyes. “A-ah love you.”
  123. >It takes a moment before what she said registers. Once it does, you’re mind fires up instantly and you begin to panic about what you’re supposed to do now. Sure, it explains her recent actions at the dinner table, but her sincerity is in doubt.
  124. 13/39
  126. >“Ah didn’t know how to tell ya before, but ah knew ah had to say it after you said yes earlier.” She smiles wider, fighting back her tears. You’re currently hoping she’s just relieved to get that off her chest, especially since you haven’t been capable of forming a response yet.
  127. “Y-you… love me?” you ask, trying to buy time for your brain to formulate a proper plan of action.
  128. >“Yeah, you’ve always been there for me, made me laugh, cheered me up when the bullies at school made me feel down, and ah always like bein’ around you.” She takes another moment before restating her confession. “Anon, ah want you to be mah special somep0ny.”
  129. >The response you had disappears when she leans in and kisses you on the lips. Screams of how wrong this is sound through your brain, but your tired body makes a different move as her tail begins rubbing along your boxers. Her kiss continues for a moment until she pulls back, smiling and staring you down with half-lidded eyes.
  130. “If that wasn’t enough for ya, ah’m willin’ to sweeten the deal.” It’s only after she says that when you realize her tail is currently rubbing against your rising boner. Making a note to think about castrating it later for its treachery, you accidentally let out a small groan as you feel the velvety tail gently stroke your shaft.
  131. “B-Bloom,” you finally find your words, “do you realize what you’re saying? And you shouldn’t be doing that with your tail. I love you to-” Once again, you’re cut-off, but this time it’s due to her kissing you again.
  132. 14/39
  134. >It’s no use fighting back though. Your body is still waking up, and everything is happening too fast for your awakening mind to keep up. You weakly raise a hand to pull her away, but it goes limp on top of her head, and you can only imagine that she mistook your action as acceptance when she makes a moan sound into the kiss. It also encourages her to rub her tail along your now stiff member that peeks out from the hole in your undergarment more.
  135. >“Ah know what ah’m doin’, Anon. Ah love ya a lot, and ah want to prove it. Besides, you promised to eat mah pie.” After she says those words, everything suddenly clicks. She wasn’t talking about an apple pie she made; she was referring to her privates!
  136. “Bloom, I thought you were talking about an apple pie you baked. I had no idea this was what you meant. We can’t do this,” you state, trying to reach up and give her a comforting hug.
  137. >“You thought ah was talkin’ bout an apple pie? Ah thought that was the way y’all talk about a girl’s crotch.” Once again, you’re stunned by her revelation. Her assumption of “pie” being a guy’s slang term for a girl’s privates has just landed you in incredibly deep trouble. If this isn’t stopped now, who knows what the apple family will do to you. At the same time, you’re nearly being distracted by her attentions down below. Even with your comment, her tail hasn’t stopped its enrapturing massage.
  138. “It can be, but you’re still a filly,” you reply, hoping that will make sense to her.
  139. 15/39
  141. >“Ah’m not a foal anymore.” She tilts her head in confusion, as if there was a difference between a foal and a filly. “Ah’m old enough to get mah cutie mark and everythin’.” This causes your own head to tilt in confusion. Does she really think being at the age to get a cutie mark makes her old enough for things like this?
  142. “Bloom, I could get in serious trouble if someone were to walk in with your tail currently around my…”
  143. >You trail off, not sure what to call it, but a nod downward tells her all she needs to know.
  144. >“We just have to be quiet enough that we don’t wake up mah brother and sister. Granny always sleeps through the night until zap apple season.” You’re not getting through to her. She doesn’t even seem to grasp the extent of the trouble you would be in. “Please, Anon. Ya promised to eat mah pie, and ah’m willing to let you to show ya how much ah love ya. Please?” Her tearful eyes bore into your own. As you watch what might be her heart breaking, you recall what Big Mac had said earlier. You have only two choices before you, and both lead you straight to your doom.
  145. “If I do this,” you sigh, “do you promise not to say anything? I’m risking a lot here, but I also don’t want to see you heartbroken. As long as you promise that this remains a secret, I’ll do this for you just this one time.”
  146. >Closing your eyes, you internally scream and beg to whatever gods might hear you that they have mercy upon your soul.
  147. 16/39
  149. >“Ah thought couples rut more than once.” Your eyes open fast in surprise to see Bloom’s confusion looking back at you again. She knows of rutting apparently, but you still haven’t agreed to be her significant other.
  150. “You… know about rutting?”
  151. >You need more time to think of a way out.
  152. >“Yeah, Miss Cheerilee taught us about it not too long ago. She said it was only somethin’ that couples who were truly in love do. Ah thought that would be the best way to show ya how ah feel.”
  153. “Why didn’t you just say something? You don’t have to do this.”
  154. >“Ah know,” she looks down for a moment before looking back to you with determination, “but ah want to. Ah can’t think of a better way to show ya besides lettin’ you rut me.” She moves closer and you think she’s about to kiss you again, but she stops right before your noses touch.
  155. >It seems hopeless now. She’s set on the two of you being together, and any move you make against that would probably make you end up in a shallow grave behind the barn. It might be possible to defend yourself during such an encounter, but you wouldn’t possibly be able to raise your fists defensively against punishment for such a crime. Your conscience just wouldn’t allow you to throw one punch. Because of all that, you begin to resign yourself to your fate. You would rather hear ponies mock you in the street than be set free and just remembered for breaking a filly’s heart.
  156. 17/39
  158. >“Do ya… love me too?” Her question interrupts your thoughts. With one final vote from your internal committee, the results come in: you’ll take your chances as a criminal as opposed to a corpse.
  159. “I do. I guess I could in the way you’re thinking. I just…” you don’t finish, looking at her and embracing her next move.
  160. >Her lips meet yours, and you return it this time. It takes her by surprise a little bit, but she doesn’t hesitate when you take control. Putting your hand on the back of her head again, you decide to show her how couples are actually supposed to kiss. Giving her lips a gentle prod, her eyes open wide for moment before fluttering closed. She accepts your direction and grants your beckoning tongue entrance into her mouth. It’s a quick mambo between both your tongues as you break the kiss for air. Your lungs still haven’t fully awakened either.
  161. >“Y-you stuck your tongue… in mah mouth.” She licks her lips and stares at you, confusion once again painting her face.
  162. “It’s how couples who truly love each other kiss.”
  163. >You smile on the outside, but mentally cringe on the inside. She means a lot to you, but the legality of the situation still hasn’t been notified of your acceptance to go ahead.
  164. 18/39
  166. >A reprieve from those thoughts comes in the form of her increasing her tail’s movements. Still not wishing it weren’t true, you have no choice but to admit to yourself how good her tail feels at the moment. A slight grunt almost makes her stop in what might be a fear that she hurt you, but a stroke of her mane and a smile convince her to continue. Despite everything, you -can- admit that it feels so much better than your hand ever did.
  167. >As she seems to delight in the response she’s getting from you, both of your hands take her by surprise, even more so when they lift her up. It seems your strength has finally returned. Before she can protest, you sit up and lay her on her back onto the bed.
  168. >“W-what are ya doing?” she asks, nervousness immensely evident in her tone.
  169. “You promised me a pie,” you give her a warm smile as you spread her hind legs, “so I’m cashing in on that promise.”
  170. >Shaking another shiver from your words, you lean your head down between her legs. She lets out a small gasp when you kiss her thigh, but she then watches intently as you pepper kisses down towards her folds. It’s only now that you notice how incredibly wet she is. Once you get near her lower lips, you blow a little air onto her clit, which makes her squeak and close her legs shut against your head.
  171. >“That tickles,” she giggles.
  172. 19/39
  174. >Spreading her legs again, you surprise her with a slow and forceful lick from the bottom of her folds up to her seemingly hardening nub. Another gasp, a bit louder, escapes her, and it then turns into a moan as you start systematically coating her lips with your saliva.
  175. >“Unnh~ w-wow, Anon…” It sounded like she wanted to say more, but she trails off and lets her head fall back.
  176. >Her head doesn’t come back up when you take her clit into your mouth and suck on it, but she makes, in your opinion, an incredibly cute squeak that devolves into a groan. It was only an experiment on your part, so you return to licking around her nethers once more. You’re nearly ready to move forward at this point as her folds continue to comply with each of your movements, eliciting more groans from her.
  177. >Stopping to give her clit one last suck and hearing her adorable reaction, you force your tongue in between her lower lips and into her body. Once again, your action gets a louder gasp, but her head doesn’t lift. Her back arches and her tail twitches a bit, but you can see just past her belly that she has her eyes clenched shut.
  178. >Probing further, you note her pleasured groans whenever your tongue wiggles at your command. Fully inside as far as you want, you begin to massage her inner walls with your tasting appendage, which earns you more groaning. There’s even a moan as you lap up her inner flavor as much as possible, chuckling on the inside about how she actually -does- almost taste like apples.
  179. 20/39
  181. >“Y-your tongue… nnnngh~.” Her forehooves search for something to grab onto before settling on messing up the bedspread as she drags them across it.
  182. >Ignoring her words, you double your efforts. Wiggling, deliberate licks, and even some more suckling on her nub from you causes her to bring a hoof to her mouth in an attempt to stifle her moan. At this point, you’re just focused on bringing her over the edge. She can probably guess that much as your slurping noises increase in volume and your movements reach as fast as you’re capable of.
  183. >She’s about to make another comment before she bites down on her hoof and screams into it, her back arching as much as it physically can. Juices greet your tongue and you don’t have any time to react as they escape her depths and onto your face. Her tail freezes, and one of her hind legs begins to spasm a bit. It’s only a few more spurts of juice before she remains tense for one moment more and finally collapsing back onto the bed, panting heavily. She lets out a small squeak as you pull your tongue out and give her folds one last slow lick.
  184. “How was that?” you ask, placing a hand on her belly and rubbing a little.
  185. >“W-wow,” she weakly sits up and looks down at you, “that… was… amazing… Anon.” She notes your smile, and returns it amidst her pants.
  186. “It’s not quite over though. What you just experienced, I need to as well before we’re done.”
  187. 21/39
  189. >It’s far too late to strangle yourself for such words. Bringing a filly to orgasm with your tongue has pretty much killed any further resistance you might have against carrying on.
  190. >“O-oh, right,” Bloom begins to stand up, “ah still gotta… take care of… ya, especially since… ya took care… of me. Fair is fair and everythin’.” As she makes her way over to you, her eyes fixate on your now throbbing length. Each of the sounds she made caused a twitch from it that has made it eager for attention.
  191. >As you sit back, you halt her advance with hand before sliding your boxers off. She thinks about your action for a millisecond before she continues advancing to her goal. You didn’t want to get them dirty, and they would probably get in the way.
  192. >As she climbs up on your lap, she places her forehooves on your shoulder and stares down at the fleshy appendage threatening to skewer her body. When she looks back up towards you, uncertainty and a pinch of fear are evident in her vermillion orbs.
  193. “Are you sure you’re up for this? We can stop here, you know?”
  194. >She appears ready to back out, so you’re willing to give her every opportunity.
  195. >“No,” she shakes her head, “ah need to go all the way. It just ain’t fair if ah’m the only one that gets to feel good.”
  196. “Okay, but if it feels like it’s too much at all, you tell me, alright? We won’t get anywhere if I can’t focus on anything other than whether or not it’s too much for you.”
  197. 22/39
  199. >“Ah will,” she nods, “but ah’m gonna give it mah all, ya know.” She adopts a determined look, almost challenging you to show her how much she can actually give.
  200. >With a nod of your own, you reach up and grasp her torso, lifting and holding her just over your member. It twitches with eager anticipation as some juice splashes onto it, warm to the touch and sending a small electric jolt up your spine. Even as the tip makes contact with her folds, eliciting a small gasp from you both, the eager feeling from your shaft almost screams in your head.
  201. >There’s one last look between you two before you let her descend slowly and carefully. A grunt escapes her while you bite your bottom lip as her body attempts to deny you entry. Letting gravity aid in your endeavor, the head slips inside, causing you to bite harder on your lip. Once the stiff portion reaches her clenching entrance, you realize a bit more force than you wanted to use would be required.
  202. >Giving in to that thought, you then grab a hold of her a bit more and start pushing. Her eyes widen at the sudden force, but she seems to calm down when she sees your reassuring look. It tells her exactly the message you’re trying to convey: you have to do this in order to progress.
  203. 23/39
  205. >Both of you clench your eyes shut for a moment before two synchronized gasps echo throughout the room. The first two inches of your length buries itself inside between her warm, velvety walls as the pleasure rockets throughout your nervous system. You had broken through, and now her body is rewarding you with encouraging squeezes and what feels like a constant massage.
  206. “You—ngh—okay?” you ask, opening one eye to check on her.
  207. >She takes a moment to catch her breath before looking up with a weak smile. She must be proud of herself for being able to take you in so far, but you’re curious if she expects more since you’re not fully inside. The smile doesn’t fade as she gives you another nod, silently asking you to proceed.
  208. >Slowly, you let yourself invade her more and more. Her smile begins to fade, replaced by a look of surprised pleasure. The eyes of your partner fall to a half-closed state as a quiet and long moan vibrates the air in her throat.
  209. >When you finally reach inside as far as you’ll go without risk of hurting her, you quickly note that you could go no further either way. Fully hilted, you answer her body’s squeezing and gentle massaging motions with a groan. Feeling that there’s no sense in denying it, you bask in the pleasure of her walls attending to you and the feeling of her tail twitching every so often against your legs. The coat of her soft butt only adds to your enjoyment as a couple squirms from her causes said coat to brush against your thigh and testicles.
  210. 24/39
  212. >You’re ready to begin, and you believe she is too if the look of wonder is any indication. Imagining she’s curious if it’s all over, you start lifting her up. Any comment she might’ve made is silenced by an “ohhhhh~” flowing from her vocal cords.
  213. >Once you’re nearly pulled out, you stop and let yourself slide right back inside. Your grunt is unstoppable as the tightness of her depths enraptures your length once again. No fap has ever come this close, and there’s no way you could hope to emulate the strength of her squeezes. Plus, you doubt you’ll ever be able to get the image of her pleasured stare out of your mind after this. Her tongue slowly falling out, the semi-glazed over look in her eyes, and her heavy breathing colliding with your own.
  214. >Hilted again, you waste no time in pulling back out. There was no time to take it slow anymore. If you both were going to finish, you had to start pumping away at her. The pleasure she’s feeling becomes more obvious as her tongue falls out completely, her eyes betraying a plead for more. Her moans and grunts slowly build in volume with each stroke of your length as it continues to scrape and massage her inner walls.
  215. 25/39
  217. >That soft tail of hers dances back and forth in tandem with your motions. The bow she always wore that you loved so much seems to want to break free from her hair and fly off, like a bull rider losing his grip. The feeling of her butt against your skin, the wet and warm massage happening to your length, and her attempts to grip your arms with her hooves all excite you in ways you knew was coming. With all this, your only regret now would be if it ended too soon.
  218. >As the bed starts to creak under her ride, you take note of her moans increasing in volume. She’s becoming unable to keep herself under control with each swift in and out of your member. Slowing down only seems to draw them out, and a small increase in rhythm makes them louder. Realizing you can’t stop her vocalizations, you settle for making this ride as memorable as possible for her. Even if Big Mac barges in to destroy you, you’re going to make damn sure this filly’s first time doesn’t end abruptly, and it’s something she can remember more for the pleasure than the pain and anguish afterwards.
  219. 26/39
  221. >A few more thrusts is all you can handle as your body decides now is the time to open the floodgates. The moment your seed burst forth into the filly, her own orgasm overtakes her. She makes no effort to, or likely can’t, stop her cry as her body begins milking you for all its worth. Her walls clamp down tight and pulsate in a deliberate fashion, which only serves to make you add your own voice to the chorus surrounding you. The torrent of juice covering your pelvis begins to mix with your seed as you fill her womb to the brim. The womb wasn’t necessarily big, but it was still more ejaculate than you could ever claim on your best days alone.
  222. >A few moments of bliss pass by for the both of you before you’re finally reduced to panting as you stare at one another. All you’re capable of doing is holding her body still and staring into her eyes. Even through trying to catch her breath and being exhausted, she manages to smile in a way that was somehow cuter than all the happiest ones she showed you in the past. If there was any doubt of her feelings now, it just flew out the window faster than any pegasus alive could achieve.
  223. 27/39
  225. >You’re about to say something to her when the door bursts open, nearly giving you and the filly a heart attack. Feeling you might as well have one, you’re speechless from the sight before you. There, in the doorway, stood Granny Smith. Big Mac was the one you were afraid of, but this was beyond anything you could’ve expected. Images of the farmer’s daughter and shotgun weddings begin playing through your head as you process the scene before you. Poor Apple Bloom is suffering a similar fate as her eyes have apparently reached maximum width for technicolor ponies.
  226. >“Would you two kids keep it down? I swear, your love makin’ makes more noise than a quartet of skellies tap-dancin’ on a tin roof. Apple Bloom, ah know it’s a great feeling to be with your stallion, but you’re moanin’ and hollerin’ too much.” Before you could even react to that speech, she turns on you, “and you, sonny, go easy on the poor girl. From the way it sounded, you were poundin’ her way too hard. I know y’all love each other, but there’s no sense in rushin’ your first roll in the hay.”
  227. >“We’re sorry, Granny,” Apple Bloom mutters like a child who just got disciplined. Looking at her adds to your confusion as she has her head turned down apologetically. You can understand why she’s doing it, but at the same time, you can’t comprehend what just happened.
  228. 28/39
  230. >“It’s alright, Apple Bloom. Just try not to make such a ruckus next time. I need my beauty sleep.” With a sly grin after that last sentence, she shuts the door, leaving you dealing with a total mental system failure. Not only did she catch you, there wasn’t a single part of her reprimand that hinted at you being in trouble for being in bed with a filly, let alone her granddaughter. You could only hope she doesn’t remember any of this. She’s pretty old, right?
  231. >Apple Bloom nudging you snaps you back into focus. Looking down, she giggles and leans up to give you a kiss. You don’t stop her, but she senses the hesitation in your return. “It’ll be okay, Anon,” she consoles, “we’ll just take it to the barn next time.” Another giggle and she dismounts, getting a small groan from both of you.
  232. >She makes a move to hop down from the bed, but her body gives out underneath her. She collapses onto the bed, snoring immediately. Without thinking, you move her up next to you, gently laying her head on your pillow. As you watch her smile warmly in her sleep, you’re finally able to collect your thoughts. Only one seems to emerge though, “tomorrow is going to be an interesting day to say the least.”
  233. >Too exhausted to do anything else, you lie down next to Bloom and fall asleep nearly as fast as she did. As much as you want to panic, your body had only a little more energy to give than Bloom’s small form.
  234. 29/39
  236. >The next morning, you woke up in a cold sweat. Not even the nice shower Bloom helped you with made you feel any better. She must not have sensed your concern, as she was the happiest little filly you’ve ever laid eyes on. There was a definite spring in her step this morning, but anyone could tell there wasn’t so much as a purpose within yours anymore.
  237. >Fear gave way to utter terror and complete confusion moments later as you saw Applejack trot by. It’s impossible for her not to have heard the commotion last night, but her genuine, caring smile as she went passed had you thinking she might have slept all the way through it. On top of that, you’re not sure you want to commit the nod you got from Big Mac to memory for any other reason than proof it actually happened. It’s as if none of them even know.
  238. >Breakfast passes by just as smoothly as it always does. There were a few pieces of conversation here and there, but nothing about what went on the previous night. You would think it a dream at this point, but Bloom’s smile and need to be by you at all times makes you think otherwise.
  239. 30/39
  241. >Before you and the others head out to start the day, you catch something that makes your heart skip a beat. You and Granny lock eyes, but her smile never falters as the only move she makes is giving you a sly wink. A myriad of thoughts go nuts in your head; however, you’re quickly snapped back to reality as the others whistle for you. Whatever that gesture meant, you’re going to have to wait until she makes it clear. No sense in going crazy about it now when there’s work to be done.
  242. >A bit later, you’ve begun putting your troubles behind you, as focusing on work feels like the most important thing in the world. Setting up baskets, hauling them to the cart when they got full, and once again testing your luck against one of the trees was your only agenda. Given your structure, you never were able to get the amount of force behind a kick of yours to match an honest buck from your co-workers. To you, that kind of maneuver, at least for a creature on four legs, seemed to give them the ability to put all their power into one solid blow. True or not, the difference in sound between your strike and theirs was clear.
  243. >Afternoon rolls around, and you’re just about ready to head off towards the school to get Apple Bloom. After one of their arguments with a couple bullies at school, the trio got the bright idea that they’d be safe from any afterschool troubles with you around. You weren’t sure if you helped any, but they always had lit up faces as they walked alongside you.
  244. 31/39
  246. >When you’re about to inform Applejack that you’re leaving, a, “pard,” gets your attention from behind, nearly making your skeleton leap from your skin. Turning around, you find Big Mac with a serious look on your face. No malice detected yet, but you’re sure a storm is brewing.
  247. “Lemme guess,” you start before he can speak, “you need to talk to me about something?”
  248. >Your worry escalates as he gives a casual nod like always.
  249. >“Ah wanted to ask you about the ruckus you and Apple Bloom made last night. Ah won’t stand in her way, but ah want to make sure she’s not gonna end up hurt, ya hear? Nothing personal, but that’s my little sister you were carrying on with.”
  250. >You process the information for a moment before a dozen red flags crop up and stop your thoughts cold. He knows, but he didn’t act as though you had just committed a sin. Why has nobody even said a thing about the fact you were in bed with an undera- wait. Is it possible?
  251. “You… have no problems with what happened? I mean, of course, I wouldn’t dream of breaking her heart, but there’s nothing else wrong with it?”
  252. >It’s time to test a bizarre theory.
  253. >“What do ya mean, Anon?” Big Mac tilts his head, a look of confusion forming.
  254. “I was just thinking about something. Wouldn’t you think that Apple Bloom was a bit young for something like that?”
  255. >“What are ya getting at?”
  256. 32/39
  258. “I mean she’s still in elementary school more or less. Yeah, I know things don’t work around here 100% the same as it did for my kind back where I’m from, but you can’t tell me she’s reached the age of consent around here.”
  259. >Internally, you’re face palming hard, but you have to press on. This could change everything you’ve ever known. Well, at least change what you thought about Apple Bloom, which might as well be the most important thing if your theory is correct.
  260. >“Anon, ah don’t know what it was like for you and yours back in your world, but here in Equestria, love is something real special,” says Applejack, having snuck up behind you. “If she’s old enough to get her mark, she’s old enough to be able to listen to her heart.”
  261. “It’s special for humans too, but our young could never understand everything involved with it. Even if they thought they were in love, chances are it was because that person only gave them a pleasurable experience they’ve never felt before.”
  262. >“Are ya sure? Love once saved the kingdom here, so it’s a pretty powerful thing. If love is found between two po- people, sorry, Anon, it should be nurtured.”
  263. “Even if it’s between me and Apple Bloom?”
  264. >“Well, ask yourself: do ya truly love her? You weren’t doin’ it just to make her feel better, right?”
  265. 33/39
  267. >You didn’t have an immediate response to that, which annoyed all three of you. They certainly showed it, and you felt it. It didn’t seem to matter to them, but it did to you. If it’s not a problem, could you love her? Do you love her? Thinking back to all the times you shared with her, it could go both ways. You cared for her as a little sister on one hand, but on the other, you would do anything for her. Her happiness actually mattered to you more than you could care to explain.
  268. “I care about her regardless,” you start, “but what about what we did last night? Are you telling me that’s covered under this idea of fostering love where it blooms? I didn’t exactly plan on it happening.”
  269. >“From what Apple Bloom was tellin’ me this mornin’, y’all did a fine job. If you’re worried about if she liked it, I can tell ya that she was happier than a pig in mud.” Applejack finishes her sentence with a sly grin and a nudge with her foreleg.
  270. “Well, that’s good to know,” you chuckle uncomfortably, “but you’ve got no problems with it?”
  271. >“Ah’d appreciate if y’all didn’t make so much noise. Some ponies don’t care to see, or hear, that kind of thing, but ya shouldn’t feel ashamed about it. If the two of ya love each other, ah see no reason why ya can’t grab the bull by the horns and go for a ride, if ya catch my drift.” She gives you another nudge with her hoof.
  272. 34/39
  274. “Right,” your forehead meets your palm as you sigh and attempt to process this, “you’re telling me that as long as I love Bloom like she loves me, her and I are free to roll in the hay whenever? As long as she’s old enough to get her mark, you’re gonna let her follow her heart?”
  275. >“That girl can be a little thicker than a cow pie on some days, but ah know she’s smart enough not to be careless about something like who she loves, especially after that incident during Hearts and Hooves with her teacher and Big Mac here.” As AJ says that, you actually catch a rare blush on the big guy’s face as he turns away and clears his throat. After chuckling, AJ continues, “if she finds that she wasn’t listening to her heart right, she’ll just go through the same thing everybody does when they find out they didn’t love someone as much as they thought. It’s her mistake to make, but ah didn’t see a mare who wasn’t sure of herself this morning. From the way she was talkin’, that wasn’t just a simple roll in the hay for her, and that’s what counts.”
  276. “I guess I just have to ask myself one question then.”
  277. >“That ya do, partner.” Big Mac, having finally turned back, gives you a nod.
  278. 35/39
  280. >You turned that filly into a mare, and now said mare wants you. Do you want her back? Her age was the only thing holding you back it seems, as the answer seems unanimous from what your internal jury is saying. Like AJ said, if it doesn’t work out, that’s just life. Given that, do you feel the same way? All the memories flowing through your mind made that clear. She made you happy, and you’ll be damned if you don’t try to do the same for her.
  281. “Yeah,” you look at both of your co-workers one last time before finishing, “I do love her. She’s made me incredibly happy being here, and I want to do the same for her. They always say for better or worse, right? I’m gonna give her ‘better’, or else I want the both of you to kick my head in, understood?”
  282. >“Yeehaw,” Applejack tosses her hat up in the air with a cheer, “that’s what ah wanted to hear, lover boy. And don’t y’all worry none,” her grin returns, “y’all hurt my sister, and you won’t want to wake up the next morning.”
  283. “It’s a deal then.”
  284. >You bump her hoof with your fist, and do the same with Mac. The grin on your face as you three looked at each other couldn’t stop the three of you from laughing.
  285. >With a nod, Applejack points a hoof towards the school, “Go get your mare and give her the good news, Anon. Go on, get!” She ends her sentence with a swat on your ass with her hat that she retrieved a moment prior.
  286. 36/39
  288. >Not looking to rush it, you walk off after waving to your co-workers… no, your family. If you and Bloom were going to be an item, they might as well be your family. Just as Bloom had this morning, your step had a spring to it as well. All of your worries have finally been relieved. Nothing in the world was going to stop you now.
  289. >Reaching the school, you saw something that casted out every amount of doubt you could possibly have had. She didn’t seem down as she was talking with her friends, but the entire world may as well have stopped as she rushed to meet you, leaping into your awaiting arms. The two of you exchanged a great hug for a moment before you pulled back and looked into her eyes.
  290. “Apple Bloom,” you smile, “I’m not perfect, like most, but yes, I’ll be your special somep0ny.”
  291. >Before she can even react, you close the distance and your lips meet. It was a short kiss, but the look on her face wasn’t worth waiting for. None of the others seemed to pay the two of you any mind; however, they might as well have not been there. All you cared about right now was the mare in your arms. She was yours, and you were hers. With that smile, you never wanted to let her go. Yeah, you do love her, and you’re not gonna let a thing ruin that. She’s your world now, and you don’t care one bit.
  292. 37/39
  294. >The trip home was uneventful, save for the excitement coming from the three friends going on and on about what just happened. They were happy for her, and they were going to let her know it. You weren’t exactly keen on her telling her friends what your dick felt like inside her, but you decided to let her have her moment. It didn’t seem to matter anyway, least not with the feeling you were experiencing.
  295. >A few hours later, the two of you were sitting in the clubhouse, about to head back home as you saw her friends off. It was after they’d left that you got an idea. If there was nothing stopping the two of you now, you bet you could one up your performance the previous night easily. What better way for you to show her how serious you were than giving her your all.
  296. >She didn’t resist when you laid her down on a blanket and began assaulting her mouth with your own. You got a few gasps when you started teasing her nethers with two fingers, but she wasn’t about to let your tongue’s invasion of her mouth go uncontested. She even managed to keep concentrated enough after one of your fingers slipped in between her increasingly moist folds.
  297. >It felt like it lasted hours, but hearing her cry out your name at the end was well worth it. Even through her euphoric daze as she came down from her orgasm, which easily sent you over the edge, she had the strength and capacity to pull you into another kiss. Her body began to go limp on top of you, yet you could still feel the vigor behind her affectionate attachment to your lips.
  298. 38/39
  300. >Deciding to let her rest a bit, you take pleasure in knowing there was no other place in any world you’ve been to that you’d rather be at this very moment. You were never truly alone, but now it felt as though it was undeniably true. It didn’t seem right to follow your heart after the previous night, but if today was any indication, you had no interest in ever ignoring it again. Judging by Bloom’s contented sigh from in your arms, she agreed completely.
  301. >A thought comes to mind as you rest, and it makes you begin to chuckle. This somehow gives Bloom the energy to look up. “What’s so funny?” She tilts her head.
  302. “Oh nothing,” you stifle your amusement a bit, “I just realized you do make the best damn pie in this family.”
  303. >You give her a wink before you start laughing. She thinks on it for a moment before blushing and hitting you with her hoof. It doesn’t stop your laughter, but you playfully ruffle her mane, which gets her giggling too.
  304. >“I love you, ya big oaf.”
  305. “I love you too, Bloom.”
  306. Fin~
  307. 39/39
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