Speaker of the word of N

May 14th, 2021
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  1. >Kiara ended the stream with a smile, though on the other end of her screen, she was shaking. A perverse warmth flowed through her limbs as she struggled to hold back an unnatural grin. She had done it.
  2. >Sure enough, as soon as the stream ended, Amelia messaged her. She knew it would be coming.
  3. >"I'm so proud of you," the detective wrote. "Didn't it feel good?"
  4. >"I don't know," Kiara shakily typed in return. It had. It had felt fucking amazing. "Doing it on's such a rush, but..."
  5. >"Don't worry, they'll never make it a big issue," Amelia replied. "You had a good excuse. It was just a slip of your voice."
  6. >"But, Amelia..." Kiara trailed. Her fingers moved slowly as her heart still pounded. "Saying 'nigga' on stream...i-it's so intoxicating..."
  7. >"I know! I know. But this was just an 'accident'. Try to keep it as 'accidents' for awhile...give it a few months between. This was enough for you for now, right?"
  8. >"Yeah," Kiara typed. It really wasn't - her heritage demanded she say it more. "Yeah, I'll be okay. Thank you, Amelia. This was an amazing idea."
  9. >"Of course! Let me know if you ever need anything else."
  10. >The two exchanged their goodbyes as Kiara slumped back further into her chair, sweat rolling off her forehead as the memory played itself in her head over and over again. They believed her. They bought the idea that it wasn't on purpose.
  11. >She'd have to do karaoke streams like that more often.
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