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  1. =================================
  3. =================================
  5. ======================================
  7. ======================================
  8. [ubercombat]: inv weapon
  9. All of your weapons:
  11.   a pugilist's armguard of layered black steel plates
  12. [Type INVENTORY HELP for more options]
  13. !>
  14. [AutoMapper] Activating Map: C:\Users\samwi\AppData\Roaming\Genie Client 3\Maps\Map66_STR3.xml
  15. stance evasion
  17. You are now set to use your evasion stance:
  19.   Attack :  100%
  20.   Evade  :  100%
  21.   Parry  :  80%
  22.   Block  :  0%
  24. !>
  25. Variables Saved
  27. =====================================================
  28. **** ESCAPING FROM COMBAT!! - Total Time: 3.15 minutes
  29. **** Saving location - Zoneid: 66  Roomid: 620
  30. =====================================================
  32. ======================================
  34. ======================================
  36. !> [ubercombat]: inv weapon
  37. All of your weapons:
  39.   a pugilist's armguard of layered black steel plates
  40. [Type INVENTORY HELP for more options]
  41. !> [ubercombat]: retreat
  42. You are already as far away as you can get!
  43. !>
  44. ===========================
  46. ===========================
  47. release cyclic
  48. release mana
  49. You have no cyclic spell active to release.
  50. !>
  51. You aren't harnessing any mana.
  52. !> encumbrance
  54. !>
  55.   Encumbrance : Heavy Burden
  56. !> command zombie leave
  57. You do not have a zombie to command!
  58. !>
  59. [AutoMapper] Goto: North Bridge
  60. [AutoMapper] Goto: North Gate
  61. [Script loaded: automapper.cmd]
  62. [automapper]: northwest
  63. [automapper]: northwest
  64. You sashay northwest.
  66. [Eastern Fields, Roadway]
  67. A low, soft mist slowly crawls across the ground, reducing visibility to only a few paces in any direction.  The sound of swiftly moving water disrupts the unearthly calm, though the resounding echoes make it impossible to determine its source.  Faint silhouettes of tall giants with menacingly long arms, hands and claws play at the edges of the fog before resolving into the benign forms of gnarled trees.  
  68. Next move: go gateway
  69. Obvious paths: southeast, northwest.
  71. !>
  72. You sashay northwest.
  74. [Eastern Fields, Roadway]
  75. Open fields of golden grains stretch out into the distance on either side of the narrow road.  Seldom are the hearty stalks stationary, as even the slightest of breezes causes them to ripple in vast waves.  Vibrant, contrasting colors dot the fields as wildflowers and other colorful foliage stake their claim to the now-untended fields.  The smell and feel of moisture is heavy in the air.
  76. You also see a red-bristled gremlin and an opened gateway.
  77. Next move: north
  78. Obvious paths: southeast.
  80. !>
  81. Mapped exits: go gateway
  83. [automapper]: go gateway
  84. [automapper]: north
  85. [Eastern Fields, Path]
  86. An eerie quiet hangs over the swaying fields.  No birds call, no insects hum and even the rustling of the grain can be barely heard.  It's a waiting quiet, though, as though the moment will soon be right for -- something.
  87. You also see the corpse of a golden lynx.
  88. Next move: north
  89. Obvious paths: north, south, west.
  91. !>
  92. You sashay north.
  94. [Eastern Fields, Path]
  95. A light breeze sends rolling waves through the grain fields and sets the stalks waving like upraised arms, as if the grain was worshipping the sun that gives them life.
  96. You also see the corpse of a golden owl and a guarded gateway.
  97. Next move: west
  98. Obvious paths: north, south.
  100. !>
  101. Mapped exits: go gateway
  102. [automapper]: north
  103. [automapper]: west
  105. You sashay north.
  107. [Eastern Fields, Path]
  108. The level path curves gently around a wind-carved boulder.  The fields are laid out in such a manner as to avoid the huge rock, since its smooth planes and odd curves make it a perfect ornament for its setting.  Its rightness here in this place is so obvious that none of the farmers would have even considered removing it.
  109. You also see the corpse of a golden bear.
  110. Next move: climb low stile
  111. Obvious paths: south, west.
  113. !>
  114. You run west.
  116. [Eastern Fields, Path]
  117. A dirt path draws a graceful line through knee-high grasses.  A low stile provides easy access through a simply but beautifully carved wooden fence, which borders a road to the west.  Grain fields, like a placid lake of green-gold ripples, spread out to the south from east to west as far as the eye cares to wander.
  118. You also see the corpse of a golden panther.
  119. Next move: west
  120. Obvious paths: east.
  122. !>
  123. Mapped exits: climb low stile
  125. [automapper]: climb low stile
  126. [Edge of the Fields, Dusky Path]
  127. An ocean of golden wheat stretches as far as the eye can see.  Wooden yokes and leather harness rest over a weathered oak fence, shiny from use.  Footprints left by meandering livestock are impressed into the soft, fallow earth below.
  128. You also see a low stile set into the fence.
  129. Next move: west
  130. Obvious paths: north, west.
  132. !>
  133. Mapped exits: climb low stile
  134. Learned: Athletics
  136. [automapper]: west
  137. [automapper]: west
  138. You run west.
  140. [Golden Grain Fields]
  141. Workers swing long, sharp scythes back and forth, slicing through the dense gold of the fields.  Swift hands bundle the shafts of grain, laying them aside in tall piles.  
  142. Next move: southwest
  143. Obvious paths: east, west.
  145. !>
  146. You run west.
  148. [Golden Grain Fields, The Well]
  149. A stone well rises from the earth beside the road, its rock surface polished, the rope and gears in prime condition.  A young Elothean girl struggles with a heavy bucket of water, smiling at you through her disheveled golden locks.  
  150. Next move: west
  151. Obvious paths: east, southwest.
  153. !> [automapper]: southwest
  154. [automapper]: west
  155. You run southwest.
  157. [Golden Grain Fields, Dusky Path]
  158. The fields that surround the road seem to stretch on forever, bright burnished wheat swaying gently to the cadence of a slight breeze.  The wide expanse of sky stretches far over the shimmering grains of the farmland.  
  159. Next move: west
  160. Obvious paths: northeast, west.
  162. !>
  163. You run west.
  165. [Golden Grain Fields, Dusky Path]
  166. A small chipmunk lounges on a cracked wooden fence, happily munching on the fruit of some poor farmer's hard labors.  The shadow of a homesteading lurks over the rippling fields of grain to the west.  
  167. Next move: south
  168. Obvious paths: east, west.
  170. !> [automapper]: west
  171. [automapper]: south
  172. You run west.
  174. [Golden Grain Fields, Main Road]
  175. The fields to the south begin to thin, accomodating for the road as it widens for increasing travel.  On the horizon in the same direction, a shimmering crystal city waits astride a sparkling blue lake.  On the other, northern horizon, the shadows of dark mountains loom hungrily over the fields that languish below them.  
  176. Next move: south
  177. Obvious paths: east, south.
  179. !>
  180. You run south.
  182. [Southern Trade Route, Road to Shard]
  183. The golden farmlands to the north shimmer with fiery ripples as the wind dances over them.  To the south, the road widens, showing signs of frequent trade and use.  An abandoned wagon rests forlornly on a patch of grass near the roadside, a Trader's dream shattered by a broken wheel.  
  184. Next move: southeast
  185. Obvious paths: north, south.
  187. !> [automapper]: south
  188. [automapper]: southeast
  189. You run south.
  191. [Southern Trade Route, Road to Shard]
  192. Elegant rosewood trees line the roadside, their pale red leaves rustling as they slowly drift to the ground.  To the south, the tips of a crystal city peek into view.  
  193. Next move: southeast
  194. Obvious paths: north, southeast.
  196. !>
  197. You run southeast.
  199. [Southern Trade Route, Road to Shard]
  200. Swarms of people head both south and north along the road.  Dignitaries, Traders, peasants, mages - people from all walks of life traverse the road to and from Shard, a panoply of cultural richness.  
  201. Next move: southwest
  202. Obvious paths: southeast, northwest.
  204. !> [automapper]: southeast
  205. [automapper]: southwest
  206. You run southeast.
  208. [Southern Trade Route, Road to Shard]
  209. The well-tended trade route bears signs of both old and recent travel, from scraps of worn leather and clothing tossed aside, to an ancient waystation standing beside the path, as it most likely has for countless years.  
  210. Next move: south
  211. Obvious paths: southwest, northwest.
  213. !>
  214. Mapped exits: go ancient waystation
  216. You run southwest.
  218. [Southern Trade Route, Road to Shard]
  219. Wyvern Mountain towers far into the sky to the southwest, a monument to time and myth.  East of it reclines Shard, a shimmer of light against the omnipresent darkness of the glowering peak.
  220. You also see a muddy trail.
  221. Next move: south
  222. Obvious paths: northeast, east, south.
  223. [automapper]: south
  224. [automapper]: south
  226. !>
  227. Mapped exits: go muddy trail
  229. You run south.
  231. [South Trade Route, Journey's Rest]
  232. The Southern Trade Route meets Shard's North Bridge here at the Journey's Rest.  Travelers often use this convenient stopping point to recheck their gear before moving on.
  233. You also see a stone bench.
  234. Next move: south
  235. Obvious paths: north, south.
  237. !>
  238. Mapped exits: go hidden trail
  240. You run south.
  242. [Shard, North Bridge]
  243. North Bridge gently slopes down towards the shore where it joins the Southern Trade Route connecting Shard to the Northlands.  
  244. Next move: south
  245. [automapper]: south
  246. [automapper]: south
  247. Obvious paths: north, south.
  249. !>
  250. You run south.
  252. [Shard, North Bridge]
  253. The Tower of Shard stabs upward over the city walls directly south, accompanied by a smaller, darker tower masked in its own gloom.  To the north a vast field leads up to the edge of the Dragon's Breath Forest.  
  254. Next move: south
  255. Obvious paths: north, south.
  257. !>
  258. You run south.
  260. [Shard, North Bridge]
  261. The elegance of Elven architecture spills over onto the north bridge from the city proper as evident in the crystal inlay and carefully carved wooden trestles.  The wooden planks and marble supports do not show any indications of time's passage.  
  262. Next move: go city gate
  263. Obvious paths: north, south.
  265. !> [automapper]: south
  266. [automapper]: go city gate
  267. You run south.
  269. [Shard, North Bridge]
  270. To the north of this opulent bridge, the Dragon Spine Mountains span the horizon and exhale a dense forest known simply as the Dragon's Breath.  The North city gates stand close by, guarded by sharp-eyed soldiers on the city wall.  
  271. Obvious paths: north.
  273. !>
  274. Mapped exits: go city gate
  276. You pass by the sharp gaze of the Sentinel Esharis who is guarding the city gate.
  277. She bows graciously.  "Welcome back, Madam Glas."
  279. [Shard, North City Gates]
  280. The massive gates of the city of Shard rise up to the north.  The twin doors of steel-braced ironwood give access to the North Bridge across the Lake of Tears.  Somber guards watch on the battlements above.
  281. You also see the Sentinel Esharis, a prominent warning sign and a ladder to the top of the wall.
  282. Obvious paths: east, south, west.
  284. !>
  285. Mapped exits: go city gate
  287. [Script finished (In 4.2433454 seconds): automapper.cmd(195)]
  288. You feel fully rested.
  290. !> justice
  291. After assessing the area, you think local law enforcement keeps an eye on what's going on here.
  292. You are also fairly sure that the people are convinced you are either a necromancer or sorcerer.
  293. !> release spell
  294. release mana
  295. You let your concentration lapse and feel the spell's energies dissipate.
  297. !>
  298. You aren't harnessing any mana.
  299. !> encumbrance
  301. !>
  302.   Encumbrance : Heavy Burden
  303. !>
  304. =======================================
  306. =======================================
  307. push my iron band
  308. Your iron band cannot do that again yet.
  309. [You will be able to PUSH your ring again about half an hour from now.]
  310. !>
  311. [AutoMapper] Activating Map: C:\Users\samwi\AppData\Roaming\Genie Client 3\Maps\Map67_Shard.xml
  313. A troupe of city guards rides into the area, led at the front by several rangers!  One of them points at you.  "There she is!  Don't let her get away!"
  314. Several of the guards quickly tackle you!  Binding your arms and legs, they soon have you completely unable to move.  One of them clobbers you on the head, and the world goes black.
  316. Once you're free again, you feel certain you're going to want to stay out of the city and not attempt to use any city services around for quite some time, until things die down.
  318. !> health
  320. Your body feels slightly battered.
  321. Your spirit feels full of life.
  322. You have some minor abrasions to the neck, minor swelling and bruising around the right arm compounded by cuts and bruises about the right arm, minor swelling and bruising around the left arm compounded by cuts and bruises about the left arm, a severely swollen and deeply bruised right leg compounded by deep cuts across the right leg, some minor abrasions to the left leg, a constant twitching in the left leg, some tiny scratches to the right hand, some minor abrasions to the left hand, some tiny scars across the chest, some tiny scratches to the abdomen, some tiny scratches to the back, some tiny scratches to the right eye.
  324. Bleeding
  325.             Area       Rate              
  326. -----------------------------------------
  327.        right leg       light
  328.    inside r. leg       slight
  329. You're unconscious!
  331. !>
  332. ============================================
  334. ***  TARGET LOCATION: red-bristled gremlin
  335. ============================================
  336. **** CHECKING TIME....
  337. encumbrance
  338. time
  339. You don't seem to be able to move to do that.
  340. !>
  341.   Encumbrance : Heavy Burden
  342. !>
  343. As you are brought to the jailhouse, the jailer shakes her head.  "No, that one needs to go in the dungeon.  She has been acting up quite a bit, and isn't getting a regular trial."  The guards nod and take you into a winding passage.  You soon find yourself...
  345. [Guard House, Jail Cell]
  346. Appearing to be a heavily secured area of the city's Guard House, this cell has completely smooth stone walls, and is bare except for an uncomfortable-looking cot in one corner and a small wooden chamberpot in the other.  Dim light streams in through a barred window in the top portion of the wall, much too high up to reach.  A heavy iron door blocks the only exit to the room.  
  347. Obvious exits: none.
  349. The guards toss you unceremoniously onto the cell floor and slam the door shut behind you.  It makes a resounding *CLANG*, and is firmly locked from the outside.
  351. !>
  352. The black lotus blossoms of your morgawr bone armband flare with radiance, a sense of peace and restfulness spreading through you to ease your mental fatigue.
  353. !>
  354. What looks to be a paladin in shining armor walks in front of the cell.  "That's the woman, all right."  He continues looking at you sternly.  "You will stay there until we decide what to do with you.  As a menace to society, you cannot be allowed to run around and wreak havoc."  The paladin walks off again, leaving only silence in his wake.
  355. !>
  356. Several of the charms on your anklet flare brightly for a moment, a sense of peace and restfulness spreading through you to ease your mental fatigue.
  357. !>
  358. The thin slivers of blackwater jet running through your bone spike darkens ever so slightly for a moment before returning to normal, leaving you feeling mentally refreshed.
  359. !>
  360. *** Night Time
  361. *** No random direction possible?? Looking to attempt to reset room exit vars
  362. search
  363. You search around for a moment.
  364. Roundtime: 2 sec.
  365. You don't find anything of interest here.
  366. !R>
  367. RT with no EXP.
  369. You feel fully attuned to the mana streams again.
  370. !R> [ubercombat]: look
  371. [Guard House, Jail Cell]
  372. Appearing to be a heavily secured area of the city's Guard House, this cell has completely smooth stone walls, and is bare except for an uncomfortable-looking cot in one corner and a small wooden chamberpot in the other.  Dim light streams in through a barred window in the top portion of the wall, much too high up to reach.  A heavy iron door blocks the only exit to the room.
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