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  1. [15:02] <@Little_Gloom> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Two: Welcome to Nexus (Part Two) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYp50_ymaZU&feature=youtu.be
  2. [15:03] <@Little_Gloom> 3“Nexus was a larger city than both Junction Town and New Canterlot combined. You could drop a Stable in there, and you probably would not notice…”
  3. [15:03] <@Little_Gloom> 3Rebirth.
  4. [15:03] <@Little_Gloom> 3Twenty-five years ago, the day of Sunshine and Rainbows gave Equestrians back the sky.  Twenty-three years ago, the Gardens of Equestria purged the Equestrian Wasteland of the poisons of the apocalypse, purifying the air and water, bringing back green grass and healthy fruit.
  5. [15:03] <@Little_Gloom> 3Shortly thereafter, the New Canterlot Republic was formed, with the old Shattered Hoof prison being rebuilt as the new royal castle, and the young armies of the NCR stretching out to secure and stabilize the region.  Now, Equestria is reborn, struggling but alive.  The ponies of Equestria once again have a chance at peace and prosperity.  
  6. [15:03] <@Little_Gloom> 3But not without sweat.  And not without blood.  Large swaths of Equestria remain untamed, particularly along the Ponytomic.  Communites must work hard to meet the basic needs of their population.  Monsters and bandits, while their population is greatly reduced, still threaten travelers in the open spaces and dark corners of Equestria.  
  7. [15:03] <@Little_Gloom> 3Equestria is no longer truly a wasteland, but it has become a frontier.
  8. [15:04] <@Little_Gloom> 3---Session Begins---
  9. 07[15:07] * +Kid waggles her tail excitedly as she navigates her way to the new firearms store.  Shells, guns, and commerce, oh my!
  10. 07[15:08] * %Mitzi , having passed on the tools she procured to the others, steps out of the supply depot and looks around. The pony city made her think of the way the sanctuary used to be, before the old pony buildings were replaced by warrens and burrows.
  11. 07[15:09] * @Get_Lost gives a satisfied look around and inspires deeply "ah, the nexux, You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy" the young mare giglles "i always wanted to say that"
  12. 07[15:09] * %Mitzi looks down at Get_Lost; "Why yu want say dat?"
  13. 07[15:10] * @Crescendo_ taps Kid on the shoulder."Sorry Ms... Whiskey was it? You appear to know plenty about the supplies we ought to take, how much food and water do you think we'll need for he first leg?"
  14. 07[15:10] * @Get_Lost shrugs "ah it's just... an old joke, don't mind me... i was kidding, the nexus is actually a... well, a hive of scum and villany, but nice from the outside"
  15. 07[15:10] * %Mitzi rubs the back of her head; "Eef yu say so. Ponee cities eez wierd."
  16. 07[15:11] * @Get_Lost "if this one looks weird to you, you have to visit the chapel..."
  17. [15:12] <@Get_Lost> "it's a town run by foals"
  18. 15[15:12] * +Spero follows along with the group, paying mild attention to their conversation.
  19. 07[15:13] * +Kid looks over her shoulder and gives him a little smirk. "Ms. Rotgut. Just call me Kid, everyone else does. And I've got us in terms of food, but we're goin' t' have t' scavenge in order t' maximize our chances 've runnin' out."
  20. 07[15:14] * @Get_Lost "i don't think we will have the chance to scavenge anything until we are sailing on a boat, but with some luck, since the company arranged that part of the travel, the meals will be covered?"
  21. 07[15:14] * %Mitzi blinks; "Dat not make much sense. Elders have experience what makes them gud leaders. Leetle ponies not have dat."
  22. [15:14] <@Little_Gloom> 3You are approaching a large, low pre-war building surrounded by the broken asphalt field of a sprawling parking lot.  “Awesome-Mart” boasts the faded pre-war monolith built on the edge of the asphalt.  
  23. 07[15:14] * @Get_Lost "and thinking of it, since we are going on a boat, i need shades"
  24. [15:14] <@Little_Gloom> 3The front of the building was once lined in plate-glass windows, but now only sharp fragments of the glass remain, leaving the bulk of the interior open to the elements.  You can see the thriving marketplace that has grown inside.
  25. [15:14] <@Little_Gloom> 3Other signs, modern ones, have been cobbled onto the old Awesome-Mart sight, announcing a variety of the small businesses that have taken up residence in and around the ancient superstore.  Barnstormers (announced by a large sign of crudely-wielded metal beams and scavenged neon) is an armored kiosk in what was once the pharmacy of a pre-war Awesome-Mart.
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  28. 07[15:17] * @Crescendo_ nods to Kid. "Then you have everything well in-hoof? Excellent! I must confess that I have little experience with long journeys without a caravan train."
  29. 15[15:18] * +Spero "Awesome-Mart, huh? Wonder what was so awesome about it."
  30. 07[15:19] * %Mitzi is confused by the pony customs, but follows the group towards the other center of activity. When in Roam.
  31. 07[15:19] * +Kid smiles and looks up at the signs. "Neither 've I. But ah know a lil' bit about makin' sure nopony goes hungry." She strolls into the building, putting on a disinterested face as soon as she hit the door. Okay, Kid. Play it cool. You're not going to just give these guys a good deal like you did with the caravan.
  32. [15:22] <@Little_Gloom> 3There are two griffins grousing behind the counter of the Barnstormers kiosk, standing before a display wall of sufficient firepower.  Their attention is focused on a group of ponies who have massed around the kiosk, facing outward, holding signs with slogans like “Make Love, Not War” and “Does the new Equestria really need more old guns?”
  33. [15:23] <@Little_Gloom> 3They block the way to Barnstormers, but not very effectively, looking like more of a harassment than a hindrance.
  34. 15[15:24] * +Spero reads the signs and mutters to himself, "Haven't any of ya'll even read the book of Littlepip?" He shakes his head and starts looking for a way around them. He wanted to go look at the things that made big booms!
  35. 07[15:24] * +Kid gave an annoyed sigh as she plodded her way inside. Stupid folk. Probably never had to deal with a pusser running at them full tilt.
  36. 04[15:25] * %Mitzi saunters up behind Spero; "Leetlepip eez ponee dat gave us back da blanket of gems, right?"
  37. 15[15:26] * +Spero looks back at Mitzi. Blanket of gems... blanket of gems... she'd said that before... oh stars! "Yeah, cleared the sky up and everything."
  38. 07[15:26] * @Get_Lost reads the signs and goes sitting next to the manifestants, apparently curious about what they are talking about
  39. 04[15:27] <@Little_Gloom> 3Spero, as you begin to look for the best route around the protestors, other thoughts join your own.  There is another Green somewhere quite close by.  
  40. 07[15:28] * %Mitzi nods to the percieved alpha of the group; "But she eez also one dat blow up old home und make ur alphas mad. Cept for old albino. He say dere eez sum nice ponies."
  41. 07[15:28] * @Get_Lost a crowd is always fun stuff, so the young solaris asks to the nearest pony "soooo... they are raising prices again?"
  42. 07[15:29] * @Crescendo_ makes his way through the protestors "Excuse me, pardon me," and joins the others beside the stall,.
  43. 15[15:29] * +Spero 's mind is quickly drawn from the attraction of big booms by the thoughts. He looks around for the source of them. Eavesdropping? Well... yes. But it isn't like he could stop it if he wanted to. Might as well try and hear something interesting or go say hi. Common courtesy when you're reading someone's thoughts involuntarily, right?
  44. [15:30] <@Little_Gloom> 3Get_Lost: It doesn't take long for you to divine the ringleader of the protesters.  She is a green-coated mare with a braided yellow mane and a trio of smiling yellow flowers on her flank.  "Equestria," she insists to a pony who strayed close to her protest line, "has been drenched in blood for far too long.  This is not how ponies are meant to behave!:
  45. 07[15:31] * @Get_Lost "yeah, she's right! ponies should be all pretty and nice! all we are asking is to give love a chance!"
  46. 07[15:31] * +Kid pff's at Get_Lost. "Naw. With this many folk angry at them? Prices are goin' down if anythin', friend."
  47. [15:31] <@Little_Gloom> 3"This is not the promise of a new world that the day of Sunshine and Rainbows has offered us.  How can we turn our backs on such a gift and go back to the ways of violence, selfishness and horror?"
  48. 07[15:32] * @Get_Lost "happy ponies aare happy customers! buy solaris! boicot stable tech!"
  49. [15:34] <@Little_Gloom> 3Get_Lost is getting some odd looks.  The lead mare pauses and turns to her.  "Hello.  My name is Flower Child.  And who are you?"
  50. 07[15:34] * +Kid snickers a little. She didn't understand what this one had against Stable-tec as much as why these ponies haven't taken a good look outside and realized that the world was still trying to kill them.
  51. 07[15:35] * @Crescendo_ smiles at the two griffons behind the counter. "So... do these ponies come here often?" He nods towards the protestors.
  52. [15:35] <@Little_Gloom> 3One of the griffins, apparently having had enough, flaps her wings and launches over the counter, landing next to Get_Lost and staring at Flower Child.  "Your name's going to be dead meat if you keep harassing my customers!"
  53. 07[15:35] * @Get_Lost "my name is get lost! i'm a medic and i'm against violence too! violence never solved anything... well, except when we were all saved from the enclave... and from red eye's army, and from the raging raiders... and from crazed security robots revolt.. ah... anyway, violence is bad"
  54. 07[15:37] * +Kid trots on in and lays down the charm. "Naw, they can jaw as much's they want to. They'll change their minds as soon as they git a good eyeful've reality."
  55. 15[15:37] * +Spero continues wandering in the direction of the green alicorn's thoughts.
  56. 04[15:38] <@Little_Gloom> 3Spero: the voice of your sister flitters through your mind.  "They are a strange herd.  A cult, wishing the bonds of that only We once had... wanting their own version of Unity.  Speaking rhetoric of peace and love, but inside they are all horribly lost."
  57. 07[15:39] * %Mitzi saunters over to Get_Lost; "Why ponies argue? Why not ur alpha make decisions?"
  58. 07[15:40] * @Crescendo_ shakes his head and walks up to Get_Lost and Flower Child. "But a pony does not need a weapon to be violent, my ladies."
  59. 07[15:40] * @Get_Lost looks at the griffon "hey... hey there's no need to go medieval on this, you know? it doesn't look like your stand is being deserted just because ponies are here speaking their mind!" looks at the rrest of the group waiting for their turn to buy "actually, you are missing clients"
  60. 04[15:41] <@Little_Gloom> 3Spero: the Green Sister muses, "Their message is sibling to the words of the Followers, but their motivations are much less noble."
  61. 15[15:42] * +Spero continues walking towards the voice in his head. What kind of un-noble intentions could anti-violence protestors have, exactly?
  62. [15:43] <@Little_Gloom> 3The griffin still behind the counter nods, frowning.  
  63. 07[15:45] * +Kid folds her hooves on the counter. "So. How's yer supply of twenty gauge shot doin'?"
  64. 07[15:47] * @Crescendo_ "I have seen plenty of harm caused by hooves alone. Lacking a weapon is no hinderence at all to one with the desire to hurt others."
  65. 07[15:48] * @Get_Lost "well, but you can use hooves also to mend wounds, not just to provoke them..."
  66. [15:50] <@Little_Gloom> 3The griffin's beck turns up in a smirk.  "Better than I'd wish it too, thanks to this lot.  Enough to offer a discount if you're lookin' to buy.  You want standard, or something a bit more interestin'?"
  67. 06[15:52] * Pony_33323 is now known as Warp
  68. 07[15:54] * +Kid taps her hooves on the counter, internally laughing at the irony of how these ponies were making buying her ammo easier. "Well, I was jus' gonna stock up on some buckshot, but if ya'll peak mah interest..."
  69. 07[15:55] * @Crescendo_ turns to Flower Child. "And although the land now breathes the world has not healed. Bandits and raiders grow more desperate by the day, and they certainly aren't coming here to buy guns. Do you want honest ponies to be helpless before them? To protect their foals with words alone?"
  70. 04[15:55] <@Little_Gloom> 3Spero wanders past the protesters and deeper into the marketplace, passing food, clothing and junk dealers until he reaches where he is sure the other alicorn should be... and swiftly realizes she is directly above him, on the roof.
  71. 15[15:56] * +Spero blinks and looks up. "Hi there."
  72. 07[15:58] * @Get_Lost "not with words, but neither with a really unsafe bullet action device! what you need here, is killbots! sniper drones and automated flamethrowing turrets!"
  73. 07[15:59] * %Mitzi is confused by the ponies
  74. 07[16:00] * @Get_Lost "ponies are not meant for violence! let's the droids to the work"
  75. [16:01] <@Little_Gloom> 3The griffin grins.  "Well, I've got standard, magnum, bean bag shot -- those are particularly popular with some of the local FotA members -- and for the real connoisseur..."  He ducks behind the counter and Kid can hear a lock being opened.  A moment later,  he produces a small lock-box and taps it.  "...I happen to have a few magically enhanced rounds left."
  76. 07[16:01] * @Crescendo_ taps his chin with a hoof. "You know, robots might actually work. There are plenty of Sprite Bots still around, if they can be reprogrammed they could protect ponies."
  77. 07[16:02] * @Get_Lost "exactly! and if you enhance them with recoilless rifles and grenade launchers, i bet they can take a manticore on  one on one fight... you just need to find a light enough battery to feed the frontal shield generator"
  78. [16:04] <@Little_Gloom> 3Flower Child looks between Get_Lost and Crescendo, "You speak truthfully.  There are more paths to violence and hatred than these weapons alone.  We need to seek a better way.  A purer path of love and kindness to all those we share Equestria with.  Laying down our arms is but a first step."
  79. 07[16:04] * +Kid holds back a grin. Ooh! Magically enhanced! Be still my little filly heart! "Well," She schmoozed, "What are they 'magically enchanted' t' do?"
  80. 07[16:05] * @Get_Lost "yeah, that's the spirit! what we really need is to send a particle cannon in space!... ah... wi will think about the feeding later"
  81. [16:06] <@Little_Gloom> 3Flower Child produces a colorful poster of a smiling Celestial sun and happy rainbows arching over prancing, happy ponies.  The poster bids you to "Join the new Equestrian Sisterhood!"
  82. 07[16:07] * %Mitzi looks to Flower Child, then holds her paws out in front of her; "Can't lay down ur arms; dey attached."
  83. 07[16:07] * @Get_Lost looks amazed at the poster "uh, uh! i want one! it's beautiful i love the colors! can i have one plase please pleeeeeeease?"
  84. 04[16:07] <@Little_Gloom> 3The Green Sister thinks to Spero, "Hello, young brother.  Are you aware your thoughts are tinged with fire?"
  85. 06[16:07] * Eridani is now known as Shatara
  86. 06[16:08] * Fear_Full is now known as Shadow_TakingTheDam
  87. 15[16:09] * +Spero chuckles a little and thinks back to her, <Um... yes actually. My parents even talked to some doctors once...> He shakes his head. <Anyway, you were thinking about how those protestors were up to no good or something?>
  88. [16:10] <@Little_Gloom> 3Flower Child gives Mitzi an odd look, apparently unsure how to respond to that.
  89. 07[16:11] * @Get_Lost shrugs at flower child, then turns towards mitzi "ah... technically she doesn't have arms... ponies have four legs... i think?"
  90. 04[16:12] <@Little_Gloom> 3The Green Sister thinks to Spero <Their motivations are... selfish.  They do not wish to help the world.  They wish it to conform to their tastes.  Many of them... they are like sheep, following pretty promises.  We wonder who is making them.>
  91. 07[16:12] * %Mitzi waves to the peaceful pony. "Yu tryeen to make peace. Eez gud plan, but still need protect selves in da meanwhile." She then looks to Get_Lost; "Same ting isn't eet?"
  92. 15[16:13] * +Spero cocks his head, continuing to look up at the green alicorn. <Making them? Like... what... hiring them to protest? Or tricking them?>
  93. [16:14] <@Little_Gloom> 3The griffin taps the box.  "Robot Stoppers."
  94. 07[16:14] * @Get_Lost "well, i'm not sure... arms have hands with fingers.... ponies have hooves... actually, it's quite the problem...."
  95. 07[16:15] * +Shatara works through the crowd towards the arms shop, pausing to gaze at the bizzare discussion involving peacenik protesters and a small group of...interesting individuals. What was that one talking about strapping recoiless rifles to a spritebot? He finds himself staring at the bizzare group.
  96. 15[16:15] * +Spero blinks. <Or do you mean who is making the promises?>
  97. [16:16] <@Little_Gloom> 3The griffin describes to Kid that the shots are imbued with a magical electrical charge.  "Great for shuttin' down robots, sentry guns and arcanotech devices."
  98. 07[16:19] * +Kid nods approvingly. "Oh. Them! Yeah, I remember them. Not many robots in Froggy Bottom, ah'm afraid." Still, they did spark up pretty when she found some underneath some dead bogpony's shack that thought the world was going to end in a robot apocalypse. "Gimme a good twenty shells of buckshot, six of those pulse things, an' six fla-shet-ee shot if'n y' got 'em."
  99. 07[16:20] * @Get_Lost seems to have an idea, thinking about the poster "hey, flower whatever, you shouldn't be here: these ponies are already seeing things their way, do you know what you should really do? open a school ,and educate new poies, young ones that will learn to love and tolerate... i think that here you are losing time"
  100. [16:25] <@Little_Gloom> 3The griffin nods.  "I'll see what I have for the flachette.  Not as much call for those, so we don't keep as much in stock..."
  101. [16:28] <@Little_Gloom> 3The griffin returns after a moment of searching, producing twenty shells of buckshot and five flachette rounds.  He opens the lock on the lockbox and withdraws six lightning slugs.  "That will be seventy caps."
  102. [16:29] <@Little_Gloom> 3Flower Child is more than happy to get another poster for Get_Lost.
  103. 04[16:30] <@Little_Gloom> 3The Green Sister responds to Spero, <Making the promises.  I have never gotten close enough to discover their ringleader.  Or, if I have, her thoughts are hidden from me.>
  104. 07[16:32] * @Crescendo_ taps the other griffon who was busy scowling at Flower Child. "Well these ponies don't seem to going anywhere. I don't suppose you could help me, I'm looking to buy a few Gem Packs."
  105. [16:33] <@Little_Gloom> 3Flower Child smiles brightly,  "Oh no.  I don't believe in schools.  Schools are just ways to indoctrinate our foals and spread the old propaganda of Red Eye and Velvet Remedy."  She shakes her head.  "I believe that children should learn more naturally."
  106. [16:34] <@Little_Gloom> 3Kid: The lightning slugs are not the matrix disruption slugs you have encountered before.  From the glyph on the casing, these are zebra-made.
  107. 07[16:35] * %Mitzi looks confused; "Remedy eez nice ponee. She give old Albino new shiny leg und save his life."
  108. 15[16:35] * +Spero furrows his brow then turns his head to look back out at the group by the kiosk. He watches for a moment before trying to reach out and enter Flower Child's thoughts.
  109. 07[16:35] * @Get_Lost thinks about flower's objection for a moment "still, the rest of the world will go on educating their foals the way they see it... and this means you'll get the short straw... you have to jump on the trin or you'll lose it... still, the natural selection thing has some appeal, i must admit it... but usually that ends up in more violence, only more tribal, with spears and stones..."
  110. 15[16:36] * +Spero thinks back to the Green Sister as he does so, <Are there more from this group somewhere else?>
  111. 07[16:36] * +Kid looks at the Griffon flatly after overhearing Flower Child. She leaned in towards the griffon. "... Fifty caps and somethin' nice, and I'll give y' a break from these durned fools." She whispers.
  112. 04[16:37] <@Little_Gloom> 3Spero has no difficulty reading Flower Child's thoughts.  Right now, she's really wishing the hellhound wasn't here wrecking her vibe.
  113. 15[16:38] * +Spero chuckles then looks back up at the Green Sister. <So that one isn't the leader. Could the leader be a non-pony?>
  114. [16:38] <@Little_Gloom> 3The griffin looks from Kid to the group of protesters and back.  Then nods.  "So long as it's nothing that can get traced back to us, you've got a deal."
  115. [16:39] <@Little_Gloom> 3Green Sister confirms, "That had been my suspicion.  Or perhaps a unicorn adept at memory magic."
  116. 15[16:40] * +Spero looks back at the protestors looking for any non-ponies among the members. If the pony doing all the talking (Flower Child) wasn't the ringleader... it would probably be someone else over there just sitting back and watching her work...
  117. 06[16:41] * Shadow_TakingTheDam is now known as Shadow_AFK
  118. 07[16:44] * @Crescendo_ notices Shatara, the new griffon who had joined them at the kiosk. "Good day sir, are you with the two griffons here or did you cross the picket for something special?"
  119. 04[16:45] <@Little_Gloom> 3Spero looks around for non-ponies, but the protestors seem comprised entirely of ponies.  Asside from the members of his own group, there are very few non-ponies in the marketplace today.  And the only other non-ponies paying any attention to the protestors are three griffins, two of whom are the Barnstormers' clerks.  
  120. [16:45] <@Little_Gloom> 3The other is [insert Shatara's description here.]
  121. 07[16:45] * +Kid grins and looks at the griffon. "Don't worry, sir. I don' shoot stupid. I shoot stupid an' mean. Hold those shells nice n' cozy fer me." He puts on an offended look and scoffs as she leaves the place. "Well, I /never/ sir! I'll come back when yer not speakin' like yer head an' yer flank switched places." Hey, it was a job she would do for free and she's getting ammo out of it.
  122. 06[16:45] * Shadow_AFK is now known as Shadow
  123. 15[16:48] * +Spero frowns and looks back up at the Green Sister. <Do you know where this group came from or if there's more of them anywhere?>
  124. [16:49] <@Little_Gloom> 3Green Sister's thoughts are calm and fluid.  <There are more.  I have encountered them in other towns.>
  125. 07[16:51] * +Kid tries to find somepony from the caravan, settling on Get_Lost after some trepidation and lack of choice. "Hey. Sol-whatsit. Get, over here." She says, gesturing the pony to a quiet isle.
  126. 15[16:53] * +Spero ponders for a moment... <Ever try following them after they leave?>
  127. [16:53] <@Little_Gloom> 3The griffin who threatened Flower Child is now looking at the mare like she not only lost her marbles but traded them in for raisins.  
  128. 07[16:55] * @Get_Lost "it's solaris... anyhow, i'm coming" the mare trots away with kid
  129. 07[16:55] * %Mitzi turns away from Flower Child and looks to Kid; "Eez dere problem? Du we leave now?"
  130. [16:57] <@Little_Gloom> 3The smell of fresh-baked bread wafts through the Awesome-Mart marketplaces as the wind shifts.
  131. 07[16:57] * @Get_Lost looks at mitzi, a bit confused "actually, i don't know, let's go with kid, she wants to talk..."
  132. 07[16:58] * +Shatara snaps out of being confounded by Flower Child's...yeah...and turns towards Crescendo. "Wha? Oh...uh...no, I'm in the market for a long gun it seems. Are you with..." He points a talon generally towards the others.
  133. 07[16:59] * +Kid tilts her head left and right. "Whatsit called? Semantics. That's it. Get yerselves over here, I've got an idea." She takes them to a corner. "Okay. Th' folks in there tol' me that if I give'em a break from these dumb foals, I can get myself a discount. I like gettin' discounts. So what were goin' t' do is, I'm gon' go outside an' start makin' some noise. One of you folk're goin' t' say that...
  134. 07[16:59] * +Kid ...there's, like, a pro-gun parade around th' corner."
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  137. 07[17:00] * @Get_Lost giggles "no problem, that green mare seems silly enough to believe anything you say her if you yell it loud enough"
  138. [17:00] <@Little_Gloom> 3Green Sister's thoughts confirm that she has.  <We believe that the groups in each town are receiving advice from an outside source.  Their leader does not seem to be... local.>
  139. 07[17:01] * +Kid smirks. "Me n' whoever's with duck out, we come back here, I get my shotgun shells, everyone's happy. That sound like a sturdy 'nough plan?"
  140. 07[17:03] * @Get_Lost shrugs "sure, i like playing some nice pranks until nopony gets hurt"
  141. 15[17:04] * +Spero <Not local as in... courier to deliver messages, or not local as in... terminal chat?>
  142. 07[17:05] * @Crescendo_ nods to Shatara. "I am indeed."
  143. [17:05] <@Little_Gloom> 3The female griffin growls in disgust at Flower Child.  "One of these days..."  and then turns back towards the Barnstormers kiosk.  With a whip of her tail, she smacks Flower Child across the cheek hard enough to knock her over.  "...now get the hell away from my business before I do somethin' that scars."  
  144. [17:06] <@Little_Gloom> 3As the griffin flies back over the counter, several of the protesting mares rush to help Flower Child get back up.  You can hear her saying something to them in a falsely calm, happy voice.  Something about turning the other cheek.
  145. 07[17:07] * +Kid watches this happen and grimaces. "... We, uh. Might wanna hurry before a durned riot breaks out." She looks for anyone that seems to have a tolerance for firearms.
  146. 07[17:10] * @Get_Lost "ah, i'll go checking on the mare..." the doctor trots towards the grounded pony "hey, it's allright?"
  147. [17:10] <@Little_Gloom> 3Most of the ponies in the marketplace seem to be ignoring the situation around Barnstormers.  It feels like this may have been going on longer than just today.
  148. [17:12] <@Little_Gloom> 3Flower Child winces a bit but smiles, trying to suppress the tremble in her voice.  "Oh, I'm fine.  Need to wash my face though," she tries to laugh it off.  "Who knows where that tail has been."
  149. 07[17:13] * +Kid quietly waves Shatara over. She seems to know that bullets go out of the littler end.
  150. 07[17:14] * @Get_Lost looks closely at the cheek "yeah, let me take a look, i'm a doctor..." while being close to the mare, get_lost whispers "provoking the griffin until they get violent is really cheap... you should try to try better with the ones that listen to you, rather than framing merchants... otherwise, somepony could think you have personal interests in their business...."
  151. 07[17:15] * +Shatara nods slowly, before the mare waving him over catches his eye. He pads over, with a bit of nervousness in his step. "Err...can I help you, miss..?"
  152. 07[17:17] * +Kid gives her a mischievous smirk. "Hey. Ya'll wanna help pull a lil' prank on these durned foals an' get a discount on some ammo while yer at it?"
  153. 07[17:21] * +Shatara muses for a moment. Discount on ammo sounded quite tempting, given he still was lacking in the long-gun department, and he'd need to feed such a weapon. "..Sure? What do you need...?"
  154. 06[17:23] * Scorch_Mechanic is now known as Scorch_Mechanic[A]
  155. 07[17:24] * +Kid grins. "Alright. We're gonna hold ourselves a little gun pride parade an' send 'em on a wild cockatrice chase towards Shady Street. Come wi' me, an' start shootin' nowhere in particular when I say. Be sure not t' actually shoot anypony. Ya'll got any friends 'er anythin' that'll play along?"
  156. 15[17:24] * +Spero suddenly has a question don on him for the Green Sister. <What are you doing up there, anyway?>
  157. [17:25] <@Little_Gloom> 3Flower Child brushes off Get_Lost's advice.  "It's not my fault if they can't hold their tempers.  Just proves what we're saying."
  158. 06[17:25] * SmartCookie (nb@Pony-amn5au.pools.arcor-ip.net) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  159. 07[17:25] * @Crescendo_ sighs and shakes his head as he walks up to the Barnstormers kiosk. "I'm sure they were annoying, but attacking them like that only proves their point. They'll just get even worse after this."
  160. [17:25] <@Little_Gloom> 3The thoughts of the Green Sister are mildly amused as she admits, "We are... We suppose We are spying."
  161. 06[17:26] * SmartCookie is now known as BlueNote
  162. 06[17:26] * SmartCookie (nb@Pony-amn5au.pools.arcor-ip.net) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  163. 07[17:26] * @Get_Lost frowns "you risk too much, anyway... i don't likee seeing ponies getting hurt... you should try something else"
  164. 15[17:26] * +Spero grins. <Spying's fun, isn't it?>
  165. 07[17:27] * +Shatara balks a little at the idea of running around firing at random. "...you sure that's a good idea? I mean...bullets tend to come down somewhere...."
  166. 07[17:28] * +Kid looks deadpan for a moment. "So shoot down! We don' have t' fool th' outside ponies, we jus' have t' fool them!"
  167. [17:31] <@Little_Gloom> 3Flower Child rubs her cheek (which is not cut, but is bruised badly and beginning to swell) and shakes her head.  "We have to show them that violence is not the answer, even when threatened with violence.  We have to show them that we can return threats with love and friendship.  How can we do that if we just run away?"
  168. 07[17:32] * +Kid saddles up and starts waving them over outside. "C'mon. We're doin' it." Alright. Plan A is go.
  169. 07[17:34] * @Get_Lost "you are not running away... can't you see that this approach is useless anyway? look around yourself: there's nopony caring but the ponies that already are with you... thisdoesnt' work and you are just getting hurt... it's... so sad.." the mare kisses flower child on the hurt cheek "go put some ice on that one, or tomorrow you'll get a blue muzzle, you are so pretty..."
  170. 07[17:34] * @Little_Gloom 3smiles to Get_Lost at the kiss.  "T-thank you."
  171. 07[17:35] * +Shatara blinks as the mare gets moving. He hovers behind, facetaloning as he draws his 9mm. Why was he doing this again? His instructors would have his ass over this kind of thing...welcome to the Outside.
  172. 07[17:37] * +Kid waits for everypony to come outside with her, and trots down the street a bit. "Alright, folks. On my mark, start hollerin' and whoopin'. We need t' be sure those idjits can hear us. Ready?"
  173. 07[17:37] * @Get_Lost "dont' thank me, i'm just worried to see good dreams being shattered by not wanting to at least try something else, now go hom and put something on the bruise, maybe tomorrow you'll think of a better way to show ponies the pright side of ponies"
  174. [17:39] <@Little_Gloom> 3The afternoon is at it's hottest as the group makes their way to Shady Street, which is not living up to it's name.  While many of the businesses here have sheltered overhangs -- the broadest and fanciest being the grand porch of the Clever Phoenix -- the wide street itself seems to shimmer in the sunlight.
  175. 13[17:39] * Pantzar (znjnkpovwbgqh@Pony-7or5gr.customer.t3.se) Quit (Connection closed)
  176. 04[17:41] * %Mitzi finds her way over to Spero through the throng; "Yu been here long time und quiet. Yu doeen anyting?"
  177. [17:41] <@Little_Gloom> 3The street is hard-packed dirt, dry as salt, with grooves from the passage of countless heavily-laden wagons.  Even at this time of day, the tinkling music of a band can be heard wafting out of the Clever Phoenix.  It sounds like the band makes excessive use of xylophone and harpsichord.
  178. 15[17:43] * +Spero blinks then looks down at Mitzi. "Oh... uh... Just thinking. About those protestors."
  179. 07[17:44] * +Kid is rather worried. This... Didn't look like no rough side of town. Maybe I was mistaken.
  180. 07[17:44] * %Mitzi nods; "Yu tink long und gud den?"
  181. 07[17:46] * +Kid is rather visibly upset. "Well, shit." She said bluntly. "We can't say it's here! They'll know we're lyin' if we take 'em here!"
  182. 13[17:46] * Waak (chatzilla@Pony-1uprl8.dhcp.inet.fi) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 12.0/20120420145725])
  183. 15[17:46] * +Spero chuckles. "Oh yes. Lots of good thinking." He turns around and sits down now facing back to the protestor group. "Say... do you enjoy tracking?"
  184. 07[17:47] * +Shatara groans. "You didn't think this plan through much, did you?"
  185. [17:47] <@Little_Gloom> 3Flower Child seems to be internally debating this.  She looks furtively at the griffins then to the door then back at Get_Lost.
  186. 07[17:47] * +Kid grumbles. "Look, it'll work. We jus' need t' find someplace it would happen!"
  187. 07[17:48] * %Mitzi blinks; "ur kind eez gud at tracking. Yu need to find someting?"
  188. 07[17:49] * +Kid mumbles something about having a bar and being called Shady Street.
  189. 07[17:49] * @Crescendo_ smiles at Get_Lost and Flower Child. "She's right you know. Making folks angry isn't going to make them change for the better."
  190. 15[17:49] * +Spero nods a bit. "You know that silly group of protestors over there," he points a wing over towards them, "I was hoping we might be able to follow them when they go home. Something's not right about them."
  191. 07[17:50] * @Get_Lost "i'm sure you can do better, sister... there must be a better way, i'm sure. and, 'sedes that, it's not thatthe shop wil lgo anywhere tonight, get some rest on that cheek"
  192. [17:51] <@Little_Gloom> 3It's hot afternoon, the bar and casino is in full swing but hardly at the height of it's business.  That won't be for many hours.  Most of the ponies on this street are dock workers and ponies hauling cargo.  As Kid and Shatara look about, they notice a slight disturbance in the movement of ponies around them.
  193. 07[17:51] * %Mitzi nods; "Uh can do dat. Yu want me to follow, den tell you, or just follow und listen for urself."
  194. [17:51] <%Mitzi> ?
  195. 07[17:53] * +Kid raises an eyebrow and curiously tries to get closer and sneak a peek with her good eye of what's bothering folks so much. Hey, if this was a bust, she might as well sate her intuition while she was here.
  196. 15[17:54] * +Spero thinks for a minute. He gives a little smirk. "The first one. I'm sure you can get close and hear things I couldn't without me tagging along and screwing it up."
  197. [17:54] <@Little_Gloom> 3Shatara is the one who spots the reason for this.  The pony folk are moving out of the way, giving a wide berth to a most peculiar figure who is shambling down the street.  A ancient and shrunken ghoul whose flesh is riddled with root-work and who has some sort of plant growing out of his head.  A flower with a large bulb of withered fruit.
  198. 07[17:55] * %Mitzi nods; "Uh can try und do dat den. Yu want I follow wen dey leave, or wait till dark und follow old scent?"
  199. 06[17:56] * Shadow is now known as Shadow_semiAFK
  200. [17:56] <@Little_Gloom> 3The unusual ghoul has a battle rifle slung across his back in a kludged battle saddle.  Nopony seems to want to be in that rifle's path.  
  201. 07[17:58] * +Shatara jumps a bit at he sight of the shambling ghoul. His first instinct is OHDEARGODSAZOMBIKILLIT, but the lack of anyone fleeing in terror or poducing their own weapons seems to indicate this is not the proper course of action. Closer, calmer inspection falls upon a rather nice rifle he seems to have. Well then, totally not a zombie! Zombies don't use guns...do they?
  202. [17:58] <@Little_Gloom> 3Flower Child ponders a bit then shakes her head.  "No," she stomps gently.  "We've made too much progress today to turn home now."  Turning to the other protestors, she announces, "Everypony, I think it's time for a song!"
  203. 15[17:59] * +Spero blinks. Oh, scent. They can do that. "Um, wait until dark if you can." He gives Mitzi a smile. "Thanks, by the way."
  204. 07[17:59] * @Get_Lost shrugs; songs are good, she likes songs "alright, what about give peace a chance?"
  205. 07[18:00] * %Mitzi nods; "Eez no prublem. Uh'm tryeen tu be nice tu ponies. Yu group alpha, so I help yu, help all other ponies."
  206. 07[18:00] * +Kid looks at the ghoul and tilts her head. "Erm. Howdy, friend." She says to the ghoul. "What's, uh. What's goin' on around here?" She folds her legs. "I don't suppose you know of any gallery days going on right now, do you?"
  207. 07[18:00] * @Get_Lost "no, no, i know! i don't want to set equestria on fire! i love that one!"
  208. 07[18:01] * %Mitzi looks back to the protesters; "Ugh, uh no like ponee singeen. Uh'm gunna go outside till dey stop." She then exits the building the same way Kid and Shatara did.
  209. 15[18:01] * +Spero cocks his head. He's group alpha? Um... alright. Well... that's certainly one way to get to trust someone whose mind you can't read. His focus from Mitzi at the mention of a song. Oh no...
  210. 13[18:03] * Mirage (Zepheniah@Pony-37sohl.pool.mediaWays.net) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 12.0/20120420145725])
  211. 07[18:03] * @Crescendo_ chuckles to himself, these protestors certainly had spirit.
  212. [18:04] <@Little_Gloom> 3The protestors cheerfully agree, several of them producing musical instruments.  One earth pony slips on a spiked horseshoe, normally a weapon of battle often preferred by raiders, and uses the spikes to help strum the strings of a ukelele.
  213. 07[18:05] * @Get_Lost takes her lighter and lights it, waving it in the air "AAALL WE ARE SAAAAYIIIING... IT'S GIVE LOVE A CHAAAANCEEEE!"
  214. [18:08] <@Little_Gloom> 3The ghoul slows to a stop and cranes his neck around to fix Kid with dried and nearly vacant eyes.  The movement gives off sounds like twisting vines.  He says nothing, although an odd hiss comes from his throat.  You can see the remains of his cutie mark on his flank.  It looks like a trumpet overlaying something else...
  215. [18:09] <@Little_Gloom> 3...but the rest of the mark is too worn and decayed to be deciphered.
  216. 15[18:09] * +Spero facehoofs so hard as he watches the singing.
  217. 07[18:10] * %Mitzi saunters her way over to Kid. Wasn't hard with the clearing in the throng for... what exactly was that thing. She looks to Kid; "Plant ponee eez strange. Yu know eet?"
  218. 06[18:10] * Shadow_semiAFK is now known as Bael
  219. 06[18:11] * Arcane_Migraine[A] is now known as Arcane_Scroll
  220. 07[18:11] * +Kid looks slightly perturbed. Okay, she'll admit she's seen uglier ponies, hell, Mr. Rustler back in the bog was uglier than him and he wasn't even a ghoul, but that didn't make it any less disturbing. "Uh. Ya'll doin' alright there?"
  221. [18:11] <@Little_Gloom> 3The ghoul sees Mitzi and reacts the the hellhound, drawing back.  You can hear the click from the battle saddle as it tries to fire from an empty clip.
  222. 07[18:12] * +Kid holds out her hoof to the ghoul. "Easy, friend! Easy! She's civil! Talks n' everythin'!"
  223. 07[18:12] * %Mitzi tenses as the ghoul jumps back, and braces herself for a shot that doesn't come. She blinks, then lowers her arms. She waves to the ghoul; "Yu no shoot okay? Uh'm not gonna hurt anee ponee tuday unless dey shoot first."
  224. 07[18:14] * @Crescendo_ "No no, you're doing it wrong. More from the tenors, please, and the mares to my left need to pick things up a bit. Can't hear you over the enthusiastic right."
  225. 07[18:14] * @Get_Lost could notice the problem with the shooty ghoul, but is quite focused on her anti-war songs "I JUUUST WAAANT TO STAART, A FLAAAME IN YOOOU HEAAAAART!"
  226. 07[18:15] * +Kid looks at the plant on the ghoul's head, and with some trepidation, pokes it. "Hey! Ain't that Punga? It looks like Punga. Ya'll from Froggy Bottom, friend?"
  227. [18:15] <@Little_Gloom> 3The ghoul pauses again, then croaks, "Well, shucks... they breed Diamond Dogs civil now?"
  228. 07[18:16] * %Mitzi shakes her head; "Many of ur kind still dun like ponies, but yunger ones know we need tu get better relations."
  229. 15[18:16] * +Spero shakes his head as he continues watching the protestors and Get_Lost. He sighs and looks at the latter. "You have fun now, Lost, just don't go home with strangers."
  230. [18:17] <@Little_Gloom> 3The ghoul looks at(ish) Kid.  "Yep.  She's a Punga.  Nope.  Got 'er from Gaia."
  231. 07[18:19] * +Kid looks at the ghoul and blinks. She didn't think the poor thing could think, much less talk. "Yeah, she's a real sweetheart. And it's 'hellhound'. You talk?" Stupid question, Kid. "I mean, so, uh. Gaia. Never heard."
  232. [18:22] <@Little_Gloom> 3After some discussion over song, several of the ponies begin a metered stomp and the musical players start to play.  "War!  What is is good for?  Absolutely nothin'!..."
  233. 07[18:24] * @Get_Lost stops and looks at the other ponies "but this one is lame! c'mon we can do better! this isn't even a song!"
  234. 06[18:26] * Bael is now known as Shadow
  235. [18:26] <@Little_Gloom> 3It would seem the choice of music is directed at the griffins.  From their expressions, they have heard it before."
  236. 07[18:26] * @Crescendo_ is caught in the moment. "Miss Lost, we should sing our own song!"
  237. 13[18:28] * Shadow (Shadow777@Pony-t9vl2q.mo.charter.com) Quit (Connection closed)
  238. 15[18:29] * +Spero chews on his tongue. Know what? They were about to go freeze their ba- uh... fur off crossing a mountain. Let's sing a song. He walks on over to Lost and Crescendo_. "Got anything in mind?"
  239. 07[18:29] * @Get_Lost alright, they want the was song, alright, they'll get the war song! "no no, let' sing that one, i know solaris' version, it's 20% better it has jazz!" the mare takes breath and sings "WAR! WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? ITY'S GOOD FOR YOU! IT'S GOOD ME! it shows the world that we've got stones, and carry thems, with fighter drones!"
  240. [18:30] <@Little_Gloom> 3The ghoul goes quiet, seeming to get lost in his thoughts.
  241. [18:31] <@Little_Gloom> 3The ghoul finally re-emerges, focusing as best his dead eyes can.  His body creaks.  "Yep."
  242. 07[18:32] * @Crescendo_ grimaces. "That... wasn't quite what I had in mind."
  243. [18:32] <@Little_Gloom> 3Get_Lost's counter-singing only serves to drive the protestors to sing there version louder.  And slightly off-key.
  244. 07[18:33] * +Kid coughs awkwardly. "So. Uh. Do ya'll know what the bad part've town is? 'Cause, uh." She looks around at the shining, happy streets. "This ain't it." Lots of questions, but little time.
  245. 07[18:34] * @Get_Lost the mare sigs and watches at her own red F cutiemark, why everything she does always ends that way? it's not fair, not fair at all...
  246. 07[18:35] * %Mitzi winces; the singing was getting worse and she could still hear it
  247. [18:35] <@Little_Gloom> 3The ghoul frowns.  "The poor part?  That's across the river.  The bad part?  Oh, this part is plenty bad.  It don't show it much though.  Least, not when the sun is up.  The bad likes to stay hidden.  Underground.  Like... roots."
  248. 15[18:35] * +Spero snickers at the crowds reaction. "Got anything else?"
  249. 07[18:37] * @Crescendo_ "I don't suppose you know another song, Get_Lost?"
  250. 07[18:39] * +Kid gives him a slight nudge with her knee. "So, uh. Wanna pull a lil' prank on some folk? We're tryin' t' get these gun protesters out've the Awesome Mart n' I was thinkin' that we could prolly send 'em on a wild goose chase if'n we go off and make enough noise about there bein' a gallery day somewhere in th' town."
  251. 07[18:40] * @Get_Lost "well, yeah... but why? they are bad at singing and their song shoice is awful, they are so mainstream! there are lotta pacifist songs out there and they sing anything that even a colt could do... they are a lsot cause! i... i... I WIL BUILD AN ARMY OF KILLBOBTS AND SHOW THEM! AND THEY'LL BE SINGING! SINGING KILLBOTS WITH SONIC BAZOOKAS! THEY'LL SEE! THEY'LL ALL SEE OR MY NAME IS NOT SOLARIS! MWAHAHAHAHAH!"
  252. [18:40] <@Little_Gloom> 3The protestors finish their song.  And without a beat move onto something akin to Kumbaya.  Half the words to the song are in Zebra, and you suspect they are mispronouncing more than a few of them.
  253. 07[18:40] * %Mitzi covers her ears. This was getting unbearable
  254. 07[18:40] * @Get_Lost "stops for a moment "ah... did i say that aloud?""
  255. 15[18:41] * +Spero nods. "Yeah."
  256. 07[18:42] * @Crescendo_ puts a hoof on Get_Lost's shoulder. "Perhaps it's best we left them to it. The others have good, we should probably find them." He winks, "Let's save the robot armies for later."
  257. 07[18:43] * @Get_Lost nods "ah, yeah, sounds like a good idea, before someone complains for the self exploding frag mines... again..."
  258. 15[18:44] * +Spero rolls his eyes. "Look, if you want to blow everything up and overrun the town with robots, can you do it in the morning right before we get on the boat out of here?"
  259. 07[18:45] * @Get_Lost "ah... no i'm not going to do anything likee that... sorry... it was just a moment, it went away... i'm sorry..."
  260. 07[18:46] * @Get_Lost trots away, with a long muzzle and moping face, ears falling down along th head "they didnt' want to sing my song..."
  261. 04[18:51] * @Crescendo_ shares a look with Spero before following along.
  262. 15[18:51] * +Spero shakes his head and follows Crescendo_ and Get_Lost. Last thing we needed was the mad scientist to be sad.
  263. 07[18:53] * @Get_Lost trots after the others, still muttering words of self loathing
  264. 07[18:57] * @Get_Lost "probably the problem is not with me, but with ponies... i mean, if we were in a controlled environment, it was totally going to work... i trried my best... and my song was better..."
  265. 15[18:58] * +Spero nods. "Yes, yes it was. Plus they're a bunch of idiots."
  266. 07[18:58] * %Mitzi chances removing a paw from her ear; "Dey done singeen bad yet?"
  267. [18:59] <@Little_Gloom> 3The ghoul looks confused, then lost.  It is increasingly clear that his mind is not all there, and that he may very well be on the slide to zombie-dom.  "Who we need to shoot?"
  268. [18:59] <@Little_Gloom> 3The ghoul frowns.  "Don't want to shoot nopony less they're a threat.  Sally don't like that."
  269. 07[18:59] * @Get_Lost "no, they are still singing and they are doing it without me.... only because i wanted to take over the show and do it my way against everypony else's decision... that's so... so.... not ponycratic..."
  270. 07[19:00] * +Kid shakes her head. "Nopony. We're just giving the ponies up at the Awesome Mart a break from horrible singin' and stupid."
  271. 04[19:02] * @Crescendo_ looks between Spero and Get_Lost. "Where did Kid go anyway? She mentioned something about a plan?"
  272. 07[19:02] * @Get_Lost "actually, i have no idea... we better go back with the manifestats.... she'll be back there, i think?"
  273. 06[19:03] * Scorch_Mechanic[A] is now known as Scorch_Mechanic
  274. 07[19:03] * @Get_Lost "mybe they are finally singing something decent?"
  275. 07[19:04] * @Get_Lost the mare stomps a hool on the ground "A CONGA TRAIN!"
  276. 07[19:04] * @Get_Lost "i know how to make those ponies go away! nopony can resiste a conga train!"
  277. 15[19:05] * +Spero rolls his eyes and tries to feel Kid's mind. "No, no cong- what you're just going to lead them away from there?"
  278. 15[19:05] * +Spero "Start up a train and just... head to the other side of town?"
  279. 07[19:05] * @Get_Lost nods
  280. 15[19:06] * +Spero facehoofs then holds a wing out to let Get_Lost go first. "After you..."
  281. 07[19:07] * @Get_Lost goes back at the singing place and follows their singng for a few moments, trying to get again in the mood
  282. 07[19:08] * @Get_Lost "kombayaaaa, my lord, koombayaaaa!"
  283. 15[19:09] * +Spero laughs, and then decides to join in on the singing.
  284. 07[19:10] * @Get_Lost feels again the love and takes her poster of the sisterhood, opening it and waving it during the singing "kumbayaaa, lunaaa, kumbayaaaa"
  285. 07[19:12] * +Kid grins. "Hey. I remembered somethin'. What's th' name o' them streets over there? Someplace where you can hear gun sounds?"
  286. 07[19:12] * @Get_Lost looks at the other ponies of the group with her and when the song seems to rech the climax, she yells CONGA!
  287. 07[19:13] * @Crescendo_ tries to get Flower Child's attention through the singing. "Flower, I've had a thought. What'll really get everypony's attention is a show of together-ness and solidarity like... hmm..." He claps his hooves together, "Yes! A conga line! Great thinking Lost!"
  288. 15[19:14] * +Spero shakes his head but joins into the conga line anyway. Gotta have some fun before going off to freeze to death.
  289. [19:15] <@Little_Gloom> 3The ghoul again gets lost in thought, this time for several minutes.
  290. [19:17] <@Little_Gloom> 3Flower Child looks up.  She's apparently rather unsure about the lot of you after Get_Lost's maniacal outburst.  But she seems to listen.  And while she remains skeptical, several of the other protestors jump at the idea of a conga line.
  291. 07[19:17] * @Get_Lost drives the conga for a full tour around the building, then keeps going in a random direction
  292. 04[19:19] * @Crescendo_ "Come on everypony!" he says joining Get_Lost and Spero. "Who needs guns, they're no fun! They're no good for anyone!"
  293. [19:19] <@Little_Gloom> 3Flower Child frowns, but digests Crescendo's words and sees the wisdom in them.  Soon, she too has joined the conga line.
  294. 07[19:20] * @Get_Lost "how may years must a mare turns her head and pretends she doesn't see? the answer my friend, is bloing in the winf, the answer is blowing in the wind!" colt dylan on a conga beat is obviosuly the right choice, even is with some lonh drink and a flower necklace it would have been a lot better
  295. [19:20] <@Little_Gloom> 3Surprisingly, several of the shoppers soon join in.  But the time you have made it to the parking lot, there are twice as many ponies in the conga as there were protesting.  
  296. [19:22] <@Little_Gloom> 3The conga line does diminish somewhat however as the random path through the parking lot takes them close to the kiln where a few kiosk ponies are baking fresh bread.  They wear big smiles as the line in front of their stand suddenly gets much longer.
  297. 15[19:22] * +Spero sniffs deeply. "Oh, bread. Bread. Can we get bread?"
  298. 07[19:23] * @Get_Lost yeah, why not! let's put on the linbo stick, let's see how low we can go!
  299. [19:25] <@Little_Gloom> 3The ghoul finally shakes out of his reverie.  "What was you askin' again?  Sorry about that."  He fixes the three of you with a dried-eye gaze and then lifts a hoof.  The hoof lifts slowly, and you can hear the roots straining and pulling.  "Name's Herald, by the way.  What's yours?"
  300. 07[19:27] * +Kid scratches the scruff on her chin. "Seeing Stars. But you can call me Kid." She stands close to Mitzi and holds her tight. "Okay! On a count of three! One! Two! TH-" Suddenly, conga line.
  301. 07[19:28] * +Shatara watches the conga line roll by, deadpan. "Does that mean we can save the ammo?"
  302. 07[19:28] * %Mitzi wiggles away; "Uh dun dance. Und ur claws are hazardous to anee ponee een frunt."
  303. 07[19:29] * +Kid almost looks disappointed. "But... But... I was..." Kid, either way the job was done. You should be grateful that you didn't even need to lift a hoof. Even if you went through all the trouble of- Is that Get in front? "... I guess so."
  304. 07[19:31] * @Get_Lost is wearing a lamp as a hat and still singing pacifist themed songs "What we've got here is failure to communicate: some ponies you just can't reach...
  305. [19:31] <@Get_Lost>  look at your young colts fighting. look at your fillies crying. look at your young colts dying... the way they've always done before..."
  306. 07[19:31] * +Kid smacks her lips. "Welp. I'm just going to get my ammo now." She said in a deadpan fashion, trotting back to the store.
  307. [19:32] <@Little_Gloom> 3The ghoul watches the conga line go past.  Several long seconds afterwards, he croaks, "Well, that ain't somethin' you see every day."
  308. 07[19:32] * %Mitzi repeats her assessment; "Ponies eez wierd."
  309. 07[19:33] * +Kid motions for the ghoul to follow her. "Hey. Come 'ere if you're not busy. I'll make you somethin' nice t' eat."
  310. [19:34] <@Little_Gloom> 3Kid: The griffins at Barnstormers are thankful for the disappearance of the protesters.  Enough to give you 50 caps off on your ammo.  So it will only be 20 for the ammo you wanted to purchase.
  311. [19:34] <@Little_Gloom> 3The ghoul will follow.  "Anything with radiation in it."
  312. 07[19:36] * +Kid hesitantly doesn't reveal that it wasn't directly her fault. Just apologizes for calling her a flank face, explaining that it would've been to obvious if she had left looking happy.
  313. [19:36] <@Little_Gloom> 3The griffin laughs.  "Been called worse than that by my sister this morning."
  314. 07[19:37] * +Kid scratches her mane. "As fer that somethin' nice, d'ya mind givin' my friends a discount fer as long as those dumb foals stay out of here? Ah think they're gone fer th' day."
  315. 07[19:41] * +Shatara sits on his haunches, glancing back and forth between the varmint rifle and the .357 lever gun.
  316. [19:41] <@Little_Gloom> 3Crescendo: when you ask for gem packs, the two griffins look to each other, barely containing frowns.  The sister of the pair shakes her head.  "Sorry.  Don't really deal with Enclave-type weapons here.  Won't find any lasers, phaser or tazers."
  317. 07[19:42] * @Crescendo_ nods. "Fair enough. I usually use them to start campfires."
  318. [19:42] <@Little_Gloom> 3The brother snorts.  "Hey, now there's an idea.  Never thought of that."
  319. 07[19:43] * @Get_Lost pokes her head in the shop, stil lwith the lamp on her head "he we're starting pin the tail on the pony, you better hurry!"
  320. [19:44] <@Little_Gloom> 3((awesome))
  321. 07[19:45] * @Crescendo_ "Oh I've got to get in on that! Good day to you, friends."
  322. 07[19:45] * +Kid waves at Get. "Naw. I'm not one fer big parties. Too many ponies at once. You go have fun!" She encourages, trying to find something radiated in the Awesome Mart for Herald to eat.
  323. 06[19:46] * Arcane_Scroll is now known as Arcane_Eating[A]
  324. [19:47] <@Little_Gloom> 3The griffins look at Shatara, "Tell us what you're lookin
  325. [19:47] <@Little_Gloom> 3The griffins look at Shatara, "Tell us what you're lookin' for.  Maybe we can make you a deal."
  326. 07[19:50] * +Kid gives the old viney ghoul a stressed smile. "So. Herald, were it? Whaddya know about th' zebra lands an' Darkness Falls?"
  327. [19:55] <@Little_Gloom> 3The griffins whisper amongst each other, then the brother turns to Shatara.  "Well, for the price range you're looking at, you've got three options.  We got here both a trusty varmint rifle and a .357 repeater, both in good condition.  Or, we also have a battle rifle that's... well, let's just say it's seen itself a lot of action."
  328. 07[19:55] * +Shatara perks at the mention of a battle rifle. "...how much action?"
  329. [19:56] <@Little_Gloom> 3The griffin sister admits, "Weapon isn't in very good condition, but it will still shoot.  We don't have the spare parts to fix her up, so we're willing to let her go for a mere 225 caps."
  330. [19:57] <@Little_Gloom> 3The griffin fetches the rifle and lays it across the counter.  She's not kidding.  It's functional, but just barely.  It will probably require regular maintenance, and it will take a lot of work to get it back to full muster.  But it's still got a few fights left in it.
  331. 07[20:01] * +Shatara frowns at the battle rifle. It is...or at least *was*...a beautiful weapon...but what were the chances of coming across parts to keep it from spontaniously exploding?
  332. 06[20:04] * Bass_Drop (Shadeacidic@Pony-u9rlt2.ga.charter.com) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  333. 07[20:06] * +Kid frowns. "Well, Shat. Y'gotta ask yerself an important question. D'ya want t' go for th' short term 'r long term? Mah opinion's that in th' long run, we're all dead, but it could turn int' a beautiful gun if we're lucky."
  334. 07[20:07] * +Shatara chews on his talons, glancing between the rusted rifle on the counter and the lever gun on the wall. It seems he'd make a great president.
  335. 06[20:10] * Bass_Drop is now known as SR-71
  336. 07[20:10] * +Kid pats the Griffon on the back. "Think quick. I'm gonna get a ghoul somethin' t' eat."
  337. 13[20:16] * @Crescendo_ (Samus@Pony-s74hjp.demon.co.uk) Quit (Quit: Flees!)
  338. 06[20:16] * Scorch_Mechanic is now known as Scorch_Mechanic[A]
  339. 06[20:24] * SR-71 (Shadeacidic@Pony-u9rlt2.ga.charter.com) has left #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  340. 13[20:26] * @Get_Lost (utente@Pony-4bar07.retail.telecomitalia.it) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
  341. 06[20:26] * Spero is now known as Karina
  342. 06[20:27] * Arcane_Eating[A] is now known as Arcane_Scroll
  343. [20:30] <@Little_Gloom> 3--- Session ends ---
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