TOI7 Qualifier feedback

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  1. TOI7 Qualifiers:
  3. Beast mode (Pandemonium X)
  4. - Feels like Pandy's usual leaner charting style melded together with modern DDR elements. Nicely done.
  5. - Difficulty curve feels a little stagnant
  6. - Nice flow for the most part; changes in direction feel natural and fun
  7. - (Expert) Flow break on measure 55, may be awkward since it leads into a 16th gallop
  8. - (Difficult) Flow break on measure 29-30; not a big deal since it's 4th/8ths but nonetheless worth noting
  9. - Like the rhythm a lot on Difficult
  11. Lyrith (dancingmaractus)
  12. - Audio is blown out, lol
  13. - (Challenge) Jack gallops are an interesting burst of difficulty in the beginning, but don't line up with the actual background rhythm. This continues with some of the 16th bursts later (e.g. m51). Overall the rhythms feel a little bit out of place for me
  14. - (Challenge) Beginning section (~m20 ish) with freezes are a nice idea, but I personally would've mirrored it to avoid being too reliant on moving with the left foot only (This is actually done later around m32-ish, so props)
  15. - (Challenge) Ambiguous flow out of the UD jump at m75, but otherwise pretty nice flow and patterning
  16. - (Challenge) Great use of 8th jacks and freezes to complement the music. Personally I would've used jumps more though
  17. - Similar sentiments for Expert chart
  19. Shellfie (Gameoson)
  20. - (Challenge) Feels like a 15, not a 14
  21. - (Challenge/Expert) Great patterning and rhythm
  22. - (Challenge/Expert) Nice use of freezes and jacks
  23. - (Challenge/Expert) Alternating freezes and rolls felt creative
  24. - (Challenge/Expert) Stagnant difficulty curve and feels repetitive due to the second half basically being mirrored from the first. If the patterning were more technical or demanding in the second half it could've helped solve this
  26. Let It Rain (Braeden47)
  27. - Weird place to start - directly when the song starts? (One measure in for Expert)
  28. - (Challenge) Feels overcharted
  29. - (Challenge) I liked the use of mines to accent the vocals, but the rhythm you followed and the way you represented the vocals kept changing and that bugged me. Felt messy
  30. - (Challenge) 24ths shouldn't have been necessary to raise difficulty at the end. I get why you put it in, but the file was overcharted and it didn't need to be
  31. - Nice flow and patterning for the most part
  32. - (Expert) Rhythm and use of 16ths is kinda jank imo. Stick to a consistent rhythm
  33. - (Expert) Flow break at m28
  35. Policeman (SupremeX)
  36. - Sync is late
  37. - (Expert) Flow break at m14
  38. - (Expert) Minor flow break from m23-24
  39. - (Expert) Flow break into m27. This one's a little more problematic as it's in between the 16ths. Ditto with m28
  40. - (Expert) m36 is either a footswitch or a flow break. If it's the former, it feels out of place as it isn't used anywhere else and is immediately followed by a similar one that isn't a footswitch
  41. - (Expert) m47 leads you sideways at the end, which feels unnatural. This could be solved easily by mirroring the last triplet horizontally
  42. - (Expert) Some ambiguous patterning out of jumps, e.g. m15
  43. - Overall actually quite nice compared to previous files I've looked at from you. Rhythms are pretty good and the patterning is somewhat of an improvement
  45. Nightbird (VanEden)
  46. - Really nice file as usual
  47. - (Challenge) Mine usage is a bit confusing at times. Why are mines used in arrows that the player doesn't even step on in preceding segments when going into a new segment? I mean the ones that aren't even in proximity of an upcoming pattern. I do like how they complement the music though
  48. - Love the rhythms
  49. - Stylistically, just one niggle - for the sake of symmetry/cohesion, I would have charted the up-right gallop in m37 as something else, just because all other gallops in the section are alternated
  50. - (Difficult) Similarly looks great. Love the jumps
  52. Freedom Dive (  _|/-\43D)
  53. - Sync seems a bit early
  54. - (Expert) Flow break on m37
  55. - (Expert) (section starting on m43) I would have placed every second set of gallops on a measure as starting on the 4th beat instead of the 8th beat; the rhythm rn feels off
  56. - (Expert) Either a sideswitch or flow break on m46, and doing that at 222bpm does seem a little uncomfortable
  57. - (Expert) Some uncomfortable/ambiguous entry on m53. If the player doublesteps out of the freeze to the up arrow, this isn't a problem. This flow is mirrored with m57. I'd just extend the freezes on m57
  58. - Stop feels a little out of place
  59. - (Expert) Pretty well charted otherwise. An enjoyable chart
  60. - (Difficult) Ambiguous flow on m5
  61. - (Difficult) Similar flow issue to freezes on Expert in m20, but it doesn't matter as much this time since it's just a 4th at 111
  62. - (Difficult) Flow break at m82
  63. - (Difficult) Similar impressions to Expert otherwise
  65. Connective (vonafroa)
  66. - Gallops do feel a bit out of place at times. I think they could've been better integrated
  67. - Ending 16ths shouldn't be 16ths; take a second look at it
  68. - Flows really nicely! Rhythms are pretty good aside from some of the gallops as well. Would be fun to play. The stepjump patterns near the end are nice
  70. In Your EyEs (Marten)
  71. - (Expert) Nicely charted, with great flow and fun-looking twists
  72. - (Expert) Great cohesiveness to the chart
  73. - (Expert) Nice difficulty curve
  74. - (Expert) Personally would've used a few more jumps and filled in some of the empty portions. This is subjective opinion though
  75. - (Difficult) Ending and stamina pushes this one to a 9/13 imo
  77. 1001 -ESCAPE- (ForcedNature)
  78. - (Expert) Nicely charted. Interesting rhythms from the song, and an 8th rhythm shift too. Ballsy song choice- (Expert) Would've personally put more jumps in as accents
  79. - (Expert) Difficulty curve does feel a little stagnant. Playing around with harsher patterns or using more of the song's rhythms perhaps could help
  80. - (Difficult) Looks reasonable. Similar thoughts to Expert. No complaints here
  82. La Primavera (DigitalBasic)
  83. - Nice song choice
  84. - A little overdone with the karaoke stepping; may be awkward to play with the quantizations
  85. - Nice flow and patterning; seems very fun on that front
  86. - Difficulty curve is a little weird, but patterning variety makes it a non-issue
  88. Dance Around the World (SomethingRandom)
  89. - Sync seems drifty, but I guess that's the nature of old songs
  90. - Minor flow break at m9, since generally arrows should still be alternated out of freeze arrows. Not much of an issue though
  91. - Flow ambiguity out of jump at m48. Again not a big deal since both cases here are 4ths
  92. - Patterning feels a bit choppy; it feels to me like it's made of puzzle pieces of patterns locked together more than it just rolling out and flowing. But it flows nicely with few exceptions and the use of jumps and freeze arrows help break that up some. A word of advice - I'd think about how difficult it is to do certain crossover, scooby or spin patterns and have them scale throughout the song or correspond to build-up or peaks in the music.
  94. Brain child (tamtamino)
  95. - (Expert) Liking the intentional doublestep section starting around m20 (although usually how I'd do it is with freeze arrows like the section near the end)
  96. - (Expert) Not really a fan of the extended spin in m34-5; it has to be either spun or doublestepped and with 16ths that may make it uncomfortable
  97. - (Expert/Difficult) Feels like a nice throwback to old DDR charts
  98. - (Difficult) Those jacks are... something
  99. - (Difficult) Patterns towards the end look like they'd be fun to spin
  100. - (Difficult) Feels a little too easy for a 7. Maybe justified with the jacks. Dunno, old scale suck
  102. Tank! (TonyAkita)
  103. - Sync feels late
  104. - (Expert) Like the rhythms, but they could've been harder in certain places
  105. - (Expert) Patterning ffeels a little bland. Places with step-jump-step patterns could've been straight jumps, or places where the melody progresses could've been charted with more movement than placing repeated notes on a single arrow
  106. - (Expert) Objectively a fine chart. Flows well
  107. - (Difficult) Nothing much else to say. Nice chart
  109. I Don't Wanna Get Hurt (Nezemarth)
  110. - Sync drifts towards earliness
  111. - (Expert) Inconsistencies in how elements are charted, both pattern and rhythm wise, bug me. Sometimes things will be very undercharted, sometimes they'll go ham. I can't really tell what's being charted
  112. - (Expert) I like the second half with the gallops a lot
  113. - (Expert) This is a 9
  114. - (Difficult) Similar impressions, but since the charting is lighter the problems aren't as bad
  116. Do You Wanna Come Over (chewi)
  117. - Audio is slightly blown out
  118. - (Expert) Seems closer to a 5, maybe 6 than a 7
  119. - (Expert) Nice flow and patterning, but it does feel a little undercharted, like there could be some jazzed up steps or 16ths here
  121. On A Roll (hooky)
  122. - Audio is slightly blown out
  123. - I feel like 8/11 would be more apt given the use of 16ths and the stamina requirement with 400+ notes
  124. - Solid patterning and rhythms, although the 12ths felt like a little too hard of a difficulty spike
  125. - Stagnant difficulty curve due to similar patterning and rhythms in both verses/choruses
  127. Good Evening (ledgam3r)
  128. - (Expert) Wait, this isn't a DDRDAIKENKAI file?
  129. - (Expert) Nice flow and patterning, although a little heavier on karaoke stepping than I'd like
  130. - (Expert) Good use of freeze arrows
  131. - (Difficult) Similar impressions to Expert
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