Dadonequus Discord Part 285

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  1. >You kick backwards, and slide along your back away from the now jittery boulder.
  2. "Geez! Is that him?!"
  3. >Scrappy hops down, bouncing off small boulders and jumping in front of the shaking one to confront it. "Thorax, by the name of the queen, and as my authority as the captain. I am to bring you in!" Scrappy stands brave,confident, and tall.
  4. >You however, instinctly move forward, grab him with your hooves, and pull him back.
  5. "Yo, don't be an idiot like with the excaptain. You don't know what he's capable of."
  6. >You actually felt an instinctive need to protect him. Perhaps it was for Scootaloo, perhaps it was the hugging moment, but one thing for sure. Scrappy didn't care if he'd have a chance to be killed in battle, he'd just go for it.
  7. >Luna then pulls the both of you away as she looks down upon the boulder. Was it a trap? She thought. Did he even realize they knew he was the boulder?
  8. >Luna put the both of you down gently next to her as she looks down at Scrappy. "Remember little one, he will be coming with me"
  9. >"I know, but I just wanted to give my official captain decree! I can't be a captain without being able to tell others whats going to happen to them." Scrappy just smiled and looked up at her with a dumb smile as he waved his tail. What you took as ignorance, she took as bravery against the face of evil.
  10. >"Tell me Scrappy, Do we really have nothing to fear from this Thorax?" Luna asks.
  11. >'W-wait..." before Scrappy could reply, the boulder began to speak and transform into that of a meek looking changeling.. He then darted behind another small boulder, a real one, and peeked from the top. "Y-you're the real Princess Luna? You aren't a changeling?"
  12. >Holy fuck....this guy sounded like a total fucking wimp. Whatever fear you had. It was now gone.
  14. >"Indeed I am, we have come for you Thorax. There is no escape, and there is no defeating us. I would suggest you give up peacefully." Luna just lays it out for him right there and then. She felt it wouldn't prevent a fight. But she still had to warn him.
  15. >".......ok" Thorax immediately gives up as he steps away from the boulder he was hiding behind, head hung down. He then sighs. "I know I'd still be wanted for what the queen has done and the fact I was in that whole invasion thing in Canterlot. I give up"
  16. >And he just stands there.
  17. "....u-uhhh...that was easy. You're not even gonna fight or anything?"
  18. >"No....I don't like fighting. Wait...huh?" That's when Thorax realized something. He was afraid of being taken back to Chrysalis it seemed, because he thought all of you were changelings. And despite Scrappy's cry, he thought it may have not been changeling related when he learned that Luna was the real Princess Luna. But then he sensed a changeling among them. "Do you know that the talking dog is a changeling too?..u-ummm..." He takes a few steps back, fearing that his own words might cause it to attack. He didn't want to be caught in a fight.
  19. >"Of course they know. I'm their friend!! are you doing Thorax? Why do you not like the queen? She's pretty great" Scrappy asks him, sitting down, awaiting Luna's next move.
  20. >"....I must have been hiding for too long...Captain? I remember you saying you were the captain...I remember you being a lot meaner. I...really don't want to answer that question though...not in front of you...I don't want to be hurt" Thorax gulped, sliding back slowly behind the boulder.
  21. "Woah, hold on. Let me get a word in here. So,'re just going to give up? That's it? I know what Scrappy said, but Chrysalis said you were pretty dangerous. What happened?"
  23. >"Ooooghhh...Now I'm confused. When did ponies start working with the queen? And why does Princess Luna have a colt as a guard? Did I fall asleep for a long time?...I feel so lost.." Thorax grabbed at his own head, he was feeling a slight headache coming on.
  24. >"Work with that vile creature? No, we would never EVER do that....." Luna was then confused, did he have something against Chrysalis that much to just seem like he was THAT afraid of her? "....But what do you have against her? I would like to know, straight from your mouth if you please. You don't seem like those other vicious creatures she keeps with them."
  25. >"HEY!" Scrappy snapped back at her "I'm also crafty! Don't forget to say we're crafty!"
  26. >Luna kept her patience, she kept in mind that Scrappy was just merely childish and ignorant in his dimwitted way of thinking. She didn't want to think of him as an actual evil. So she just went along with it "Yes, of course. Also crafty"
  27. >Scrappy nodded with satisfaction.
  28. >Thorax started to rub his leg nervously, he didn't know what he was doing anymore because he couldn't figure out what company he was in. "Everything...she's an evil queen. Living with her for so long, well, it just got really really nauseating. She never wanted to try doing anything the nice way or try to make any friends. It's really lonely there, you know? None of my siblings ever saw eye to eye...which is why...erm" He looks towards Scrappy "Why are you helping Princess Luna? And why do they call you Scrappy? I don't remember you having that name before"
  29. >"Oh! OHH!" Scrappy giggled "You think I'm that big stupid head excaptain. Nope! The queen kicked him out with a biiiiig explosion, KABOOM!" He emphasized the explosion by throwing his paws in the air. "I'm the changeling without a name, except I now have one thanks to my friend Anon and master, Applebloom, who really liked the name. The nicest and greatest filly ever!"
  31. >The seemed to catch Thorax's attention in a positive way. "F-friend?...pony? You have a pony friend?"
  32. >"I have six! Anon,Anon, Princess Luna, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Master Applebloom. They are the greatest ponies ever and they give me hugs and happiness and play games with me. I like it so much. Even if one if my enemy and the other disgraced our queen." Scrappy said, still as genuine and naive as ever.
  33. >"....I...Think I remember you. Yeah, you didn't have a name at all. But you were always trying to make the queen happy. Right?" Thorax asked, finally recognizing him.
  34. >"Yes! That's me!" Scrappy smiled with an abundance of confidence.
  35. >Thorax just sat there, he couldn't fathom why Chrysalis would make him captain, nor did he care at this point. "...S-so, you really did manage to make friends? Gosh...." The fact that he couldn't imagine him with pony friends really made him wonder, was possible for him to have friends too. That's what Thorax wanted. "...It must be nice to have friends..."
  36. >Woooooah, wait. The way this guy talks. He just sounds like a friendless loser. Like holy shit, if it wasn't for the fact that this was the target. You'd actually cringe at this.
  37. "Wait, you want friends? I didn't think a changeling out on their own would want any friends."
  38. >"...But I do, that's why I'm here. I wanted to maybe...maybe try to be friends with the crystal ponies..or just one really...but." Thorax felt a pain in his chest, he looked so downtrodden "Who am I kidding? Nopony would want to be friends with me. I'm a monster"
  39. >"......Thorax....are you saying the only reason you're here was to try to make a friend?" Luna couldn't believe it. In just one day, she had run into two good changelings. Well one dumb and sorta good, and the other who was smarter, more cowardly, didn't like his queen, and was seeking friendship.
  41. >Thorax nods, and turns away from the group. "Yeah, but, since I'm a monster, I deserve to go to whatever prison you have for me for the crimes I committed. I don't want to be a bother, I'll go quietly."
  42. >Luna looks towards you as you look towards her. You both were thinking the same thing.
  43. "Princess Luna, I think I know why Chrysalis called him dangerous. He's a changeling who probably knows the ins and outs of the changeling society who wants to make friends with ponies."
  44. >"Indeed, I was thinking the same thing. I believe there is no trap here. I trust in Scrappy's word in what he has said about Thorax so far. In addition, I believe from Thorax's attitude that he means us no harm. Although a changeling's roots are in deception, they aren't adept at displaying such emotions." Yeah, you and Luna definitely came to the same conclusion.
  45. "...hmm..Yo Thorax!"
  46. >you reach your hoof out towards him as you call his name
  47. >Thorax ducks down and covers his head "Wait! Don't hurt me! please! I don't mind being taken in, but please don't hurt me"
  48. >......ugh...he was also a grade A pussy. Like...fucking christ.
  49. "Ahrm, Thorax..we're not going to hurt you.In fact, how would you...."
  50. >He wasn't listening as he continued to duck his head. Covering his own ears as well.
  51. >You rolled your eyes as you approached him and gave him a knock on the head
  52. "Look dude, you don't need to be scared. We're not going to hurt you"
  53. >Thorax stops shaking for a moment and raises his head, accidentally poking your forehead with his horn. Making you fall down on your back as you gasp in pain. No blood, it didn't penetrate. but ouch!
  55. >Thorax freaked out and went to check on you, looking up from over you as he whimpered "A-are you ok?! I didn't mean to do that! I didn't know you were that close."
  56. >And then Scrappy looked over you right after Thorax. He couldn't take you seriously right now. "Wow Anon. You just lost to Thorax...I..I don't think I could ever challenge you ever again. I don't mean to sound mean. But he's the worst changeling fighter there is...but" He then gives you a dumb happy smile "we can still be friends though!"
  57. >You even hear Luna giggle at you when she realized you were ok
  58. >The horn jab actually REALLY wasn't that bad.....fucking dammit. But it still hurt?...even though it didn't even leave a mark...
  59. >You then just stopped worrying about the pain as you just make a stoic face Eyes half closed. "...Ok, whatever, let's all laugh at the hero horse. Big laughs..."
  60. >"Oh Anon, don't act like one of my sister's boring advisers. It was quite humorous." Luna giggled.
  61. >"Well..I don't think it was funny. I could have really hurt him..I think" Thorax actually offers his hoof, and helps you get back up. "I'm really sorry for hurting you like that"
  62. >This guy. He wasn't like Scrappy. He was a definite good guy. And a definite wimp. He also clearly wasn't stupid. He may be realizing what's actually going on.. You couldn't let yourself get butthurt. Just stay the course.
  63. "Thanks, are you ok though? Because look, I don't want to be your enemy. All of us? We want to be your friend. You don't seem like that bad a guy."
  64. >"..Y-you really mean that?" Thorax asked, he was stunned at this point. He had hurt you, yet you still wanted to be friends.
  65. >"He does, as do I, and I'm sure Scrappy wishes to be your friend as well. Especially since you will become mine" Luna knew what she was doing now. If she just plain out said Thorax would be her friend, Scrappy would follow suit.
  67. >"Oh....Right! Thorax, will you become Princess Luna's friend? If you do, then I get to be your friend too!" Scrappy explains, hook line and sinker.
  68. >Thorax froze up for a moment, then tears started to comw down from his buggy eeyes as he began to shake, then a soft and gentle smile, very odd for changeling, appeared on his face. "Yes, I would like to be all your friends. I promise I'm not bad. I'm just I dreaming/" Thorax starts to tap at his leg with his other leg. Until Luna chimes in.
  69. >"I am the princess of the night Thorax, the master of dreams. I can assure you, you are very much awake" Luna could see him just light up when she said that. She was now just devising how this would work now. Since she wouldn't be taking him in as a prisoner. She felt she may have to ask you for an idea or two.
  70. >You felt the same. You could tell Luna wasn't going to just take the guy in as a prisoner. But you also had to wonder. What of Chrysalis? You and Scrappy COULD tell her you all destroyed Thorax. But you'd need proof....but what?
  72. >"Anon, how do you think we should end this operation? Unfortunately, I can't just take back a changeling. Nor can you and Thorax return without proof of Thorax's faux destruction" Luna was plotting on how to end this successfully. But she knew there would be chaos if she just took back Thorax as is.
  73. >Well, the solution for that was obvious. Well, for the former.
  74. "Easy, just have him disguised as a pony or something. or a pet."
  75. >" guys are serious, aren't you? S-so, does that mean...wait" Thorax hazarded a guess as he cautiously approached. "Does it mean, you're not going to hurt me? And that..I get to be around other ponies? A-are you sure that's ok?"
  76. >"Splendid idea A-hmmm?" Luna noticed Thorax's hesitance. She thought, like Scrappy, he'd be ecstatic. "Why wouldn't it be? I am the one half of the ruling class of Equestria. Although a disguise seems rather deceptive, I happen to think it's a smart plan and is "ok" to explain this? Ahh yes, although you'd be under my watchful eye, you would be considered a friend in the castle. In fact, I'm sure my sister would enjoy your company as well. If Scrappy is anything to go by. It seems to me that changelings who are not evil are a rather adorable sort"
  77. >"...Adorable? uhhhh...I..uhmmm..ok" Thorax didn't blush, instead, he was just utterly confused. "uhm, so...uhm. If I understand. You're all ok with me being a changeling walking around Canterlot Castle despite me, again, being a changeling."
  78. >"Yes, exactly, is there a problem?" Luna asks, she didn't know where he was going with this.
  79. >"....I don't know. I wanted pony friends, but now that it's happening. I don't know if I should....what if everypony hates me. Even if I'm in a disguise, they might hate me, or find me annoying, or ummm...hate me more?" Thorax gulped. This was apparantly, too fast for him.
  80. >And it...was annoying.
  82. "Thorax, listen to me. We know you're good, we can tell because of how you're acting. And how Chrysalis seems to hate you. Luna, THE PRINCESS OF THE NIGHT, is inviting you to the castle. While you will be disguised. You have a chance to show that changelings can be good and friendly. Sorta...I mean, that's gonna take awhile if you ever plan to do that since I'm kinda working on Chrysalis. But still, we can tell that living here stinks. And that you'd be much better off with her. AND the fact that Chrysalis wants you captured and knows where you are means you can't stay here anyway. We're trying to help you AND get some inside dirt on the changelings that even Scrappy here might not know. So now that THAT's clear, and it's clear you want some friends, which we totally are willing to be friends with you. Can you just say "Sure, I'd really like this" So we can move on? It's cold in here, and my other sandwich turned ice cold....So I'm hungry too"
  83. >"...." Thorax looked at all of you. He stayed silent, thinking, at first, he still seemed hesitant. But then he approached Luna, and bowed to her. Still obviously nervous. "O-ok, t-then I guess. I should bow, s-since I'm changing allegiances officially. Is that alright?"
  84. >For all the times ponies have had ponies bow to her. This was one of rare times she felt awkward about it. "It is fine, but you needn't bow at this time. I am not here as a Princess. But as a friend."
  85. >"....T-thank you" Thorax can't hold it in anymore. And hugs onto Luna, but the moment she hugs him back. He starts to hiss angrily, and pushes himself off as he hides behind the boulder again. "S-sorry! Sorry! Sorry!"
  86. >"What in Equestria was that?" Luna had to check herself, was....was she just infected with something. No, she almost got angry, she didn't understand what just happened.
  87. "Holy....What?! Hey!"
  88. >You bark at him, losing trust in him immediately
  89. "What was that for?!"
  91. >"OH, I can explain that!" Scrappy happily chimes in, as if nothing bad happened. "He's just super hungry. I don't think he's fed in awhile. All of us changelings have that kind of reaction when we're really really hungry. Well, not that bad. That would be the kind of reaction you'd see if he was trying to not eat or something. And that's just dumb. Changelings like me love love. Master Applebloom lets me have enough to feel filled, so I do my best to never take too much, which is easy since I don't get too hungry lately. Does that explain everything?" Scrappy smiled happily as he walked over to Luna and leaned to have his head rubbed "If it did, can I get head rubs? I like head rubs"
  92. >"Perhaps later Scrappy...interesting" She looks to the boulder Thorax hid behind, curious now. A natural reaction then? "So, am I to guess you have not fed in a while?"
  93. >"....No, It's been a l-long time" You can hear him gulp "I, I've been forcing myself not to eat at all. I don't want anypony to get angry at me for it."
  94. >Woah, wait..So, if you were to guess right. This guy was so sorry and so wimpy for what he's done. He was willing to starve himself to not hurt anyone while he tried to make friends. Despite hiding here not making friends.
  95. "Thorax...look, sorry if I sounded mad. I jumped the gun."
  96. >You really did, you had to watch yourself. Think of Fluttershy.
  97. "I've hung around a lot of changelings. Trust me, I'm trying to reform Chrysalis. And it hasn't made too much progress. But believe it or not, I am currently her friend. And I've seen her get cranky when she hasn't fed. So I understand. So if you need a snack right now. Take some from me. If you're as good as I think you are. I know you won't overdo it"
  98. >"..I-I Can't..I shouldn't have to feed on love. It's stealing. It's wr-"
  101. >You just, lose it, holy fuck. This guy was SUCH A FUCKING PUSSY. You thought he'd accept the offer. But no, didn't he understand that you were cold and hungry?
  102. >"Ok,ok! U-ummm! J-just don't hurt me. I'm sorry!" Thorax quickly comes out from hiding and rushes towards you. He immediately starts feeding. You could feel it. But only for a moment before he stops.
  103. "That was quick. You're done already?"
  104. >"U-umm....yes?" He sounded unsure...goddammit.
  105. >You raise your hoof and shake it at him
  106. "I swear, if you didn't get your fill....."
  107. >Thorax gulps "O-ok, I'm..still a little hungry." He goes back to feeding. He actually takes a decent share to make you feel kind of tired.But he does realize this and stops himself. His bug ears droop, as he looks down in shame. "I...really hate doing that. Are you ok?"
  108. >You nod, you were tired. But not out. Christ, you never thought you'd find a changeling unwilling to eat love. It seemed like those bastards could never get enough.
  109. >"Well, it seems I can trust you to watch how you feed Thorax. I was afraid that would have been an issue. Speaking of which, Anon, you needn't lose your temper over such things. It's very unbecoming."
  110. >...what?!
  111. "Wuh?! Hey! Don't even! We're telling him we want to be friends and he's not even saying yes until we yell at him. It's frustrating!"
  112. >"Indeed, but I find a interdimensional pony who happens to be aiding our eternal enemy even more frustrating. But I believe my sister and I have done a good job in keeping our tempers. And besides." Luna smirks at you "could you imagine losing your temper in front of the one you love? Ive been through her dreams too. And I can say this, I would pay bits to see her culture you over you losing your temper in public. It would be grand"
  114. >.....Ok...she had a point. And...goddamn. Was she joking about that? I-it wouldn't be that funny.
  115. "...Ok....I get the point...sheesh, never took the moon princess to want to see a pony get bullied."
  116. >You poke at her, trying to get her to feel a little bad over what she said.
  117. >"Oh no, it just pertains to you Anon. You do still have a few pegs that need knocking down. I believe that is the proper phrase. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Seeing you flustered is adorable to be honest. But if it makes you feel better, I would not want to see such an event turn too mean spirited or soul crushing. There is a distinction between cute and humorous to cruel and hateful. I would step in if it's the latter."
  118. >CUTE?! IT WOULD BE CUTE?!.....Fucking dammit. Hell, how would you even counter that. You knew you were cute. And that boyish problems with young girlfriends would be cute. You'd find it cute. FUCKING DAMMIT BEING CUTE SUCKS SOMETIMES!
  119. >'d let her have this. By trying to move the conversation along.
  120. "Yeah yeah....So Thorax, you ok now? You on board with this?"
  121. >"I t-think so. It's going to taker some time adjusting but. If I can figure out a form to use...I-I guess I can do it...I just...hope I don't end up hurting anypony." He was still kind of unsure.
  122. "No, it'll be fine. I'm sure the whole hissing thing will stop if you just keep to some sort of diet. I know from experience that a single changeling feeding off some love won't cause too noticeable effect. So it'll be fine. Now the problem is, how are we going to convice Chrysalis that we destroyed you."
  123. >"How about we just throw him off a cliff?" Scrappy ignorantly suggests.
  124. " We aren't trying to ACTUALLY destroy him"
  125. >"....oh...right. I forgot."
  127. >"Hmmm, but perhaps that isn't a bad idea. There are endless pits within these caverns. And you needn't actually throw him into one. We'd just need proof that such an act was done. But, what evidence can we get I wonder?" Luna felt Scrappy was on to something, she was just trying to figure out how to fake it.
  128. >" If I can say...something about that. Since erm...I really kinda would want her to think I'm gone so she'd leave me alone. I can fly, so saying you tossed me into a pit wouldn't work. Unless..." Thorax gulps as he looks back at his wings. Then turns around and braced himself. flittering his wings. "M-maybe if you took back both of my wings. She'd believe it"
  129. >Holy fuck, what was wrong with this guy?! he wanted us to mutilate him?
  130. "A-are you serious?! Wouldn't that hurt?"
  131. >"It's alright. I guess I wouldn't really need them right now because I'd be in Canterlot. And since I'd have no wings. Nopony would have to worry about me flying away. I-it's ok. J-just...yank it out." Thorax gulped and shook as he prepared for his wings to be torn off.
  133. >"Yank them out? Absolutely not! surely there must be another way" Luna was shocked at the very suggestion. She couldn't mutilate someone so seemingly innocent.
  134. >"O-oh, no no. It's ok. They'll eventually grow back. You just have to pull hard and it doesn't hurt as much...I-I'm ready" He shivers and holds his head. Keeping everyone out of his sight so he doesn't have to witness his wings being torn off.
  135. >Geez christ. This guy. Like, holy fuuuuck. Even you found it hard to just rip his wings off willy nilly.
  136. >"I'll do it!" Scrappy hops over to rip his wings off with his mouth. But you immediatly hold him back.
  137. "Waiiit! Holy....Ok wait up."
  138. >"But, he just said-" Scrappy was confused. He was just doing what Thorax suggested. He didn't know what was wrong.
  139. >You cut him off.
  140. "I know what he said.."
  141. >You were hesitant. You had to be the one to do this. You felt Scrappy would be overzealous....or maybe..
  143. >You giggle to yourself as you grab and slap your horn onto your forehead.
  144. "We don't even need to do that. Check this out."
  145. >You aim the horn at his wings. Making them flash for just a second as a tattered pair appears in front of you. You smirk at your genius as you take the wings and carefully put them in your bag as your horn changes back tot he Sombra necklace.
  146. >"Ummm, are they gone yet?" Thorax asked, unaware of what happened.
  147. >"Anon, what did you just do?" Luna was confused.
  148. "Simple, I made another pair of wings that made it look like he was in a struggle. And that worked because, well, chaotically speaking. It's for use in one big lie. Yes, haha! I totally got this!"
  149. >You felt pretty damn good about yourself. You solved the problem without hurting the guy.
  151. >"Ingenious Anon, absolutely perfect! But, are you sure it's enough to fool Queen Chrysalis?" Luna was amazed at your action, but was still skeptical about it's potency.
  152. "Oh, I'm sure...hold on."
  153. >You take one of the wings out of your saddlebag and hold them up to Scrappy.
  154. "Hey Scrappy, would you say these are authentic?"
  155. >Scrappy moves up to them, and gives them an awkward looking sniff.
  156. "Uhhh....Do you really have to act like a dog ALL the time?"
  157. >Scrappy nods "Yup, I need to be as good as a dog as you are as good as a stooge"
  158. >HEY! WHAT?! That was rude!
  159. "What the?! What do you mean by that?! I'm not a stooge!"
  160. >"Scrappy shrugs "That's what the queen used to call you, she doesn't call you that much these days. But It's true, isn't it? Your marefriend tells you what to do, Discord tells you what to do, Princess Cadence tells you what to do"
  161. >"I tell him what to do" Luna says with a sincere seriousness
  162. >"Princess Luna tells you what to do" Scrappy adds to his list.
  163. "HEY! YOU DON'T TELL ME-"
  164. >Your instant reaction from being insulted is quickly quelled however.
  165. >Luna looks at you with glowing hot white eyes as darkness grows around her "WHAT WAS THAT?!" Her voice booms.
  166. "......u-uhmm...nothing..."
  168. >And then she giggled as everything went normal "That's what I thought"
  169. >.....fucking...dammit
  171. >You start making mock laughter
  172. "ha ha, very funny. Just remember, this "stooge" just managed to outdo the both of you."
  173. >"Indeed, Anon. I was merely having some fun. Your efforts are still very much appreciated." Luna felt she didn't go too far. But she eased off, despite internally feeling you were taking it too hard. She then looked to Thorax, who began to relax himself. While still being cautious. "Thorax, our only issue now is the form you will take and how we will introduce you to my sister. As I said, a pet could work as it works for Scrappy. But only if it also works for you"
  174. >"Ummmm...well. I don't want to be a pet. I'd like to speak to the friends I might have if I was disguised as well..a pony. But, will that be ok?" Thorax was nervous. He didn't want to impose, nor did he want to be seen as deceptive.
  175. >Luna nods "It will be fine, so choose. We shall wait patiently until you have come to a decision"
  176. >You take your sandwich out. It wasn't just cold and hard. It was near frozen at this point. You toss it away as you grumble
  177. "Speak for yourself..."
  178. >"Decision, right..well.." Thorax was looking around at random objects "ummm...I guess, if I have to be a pony, it should be....ummm...I..Umm..."
  179. >"Come on Thorax, you can do it! Oh! You should be Master Applebloom. She's really nice" Scrappy happily suggests.
  180. >...
  181. "Uhhh, that can't work Scrappy. There can't be two Appleblooms"
  182. >"Why not? Two is better than one right?" Scrappy was deeply confused by your words. He thought you'd be happy knowing there were now two best pony walking about.
  183. >No wonder the CMC found him adorably cute. Despite you getting annoyed, his cute confusion made you want to internally "D'awwwww" at this point.
  184. "Um, not in this case Scrappy. He needs to be a different pony so other ponies don't wonder why Applebloom is in two places at once"
  185. >"Ooooh, I guess it would be confusing how she would get around a lot. Ok! I got it!" Scrappy was content with the explanation.
  187. >"Hmmm, I-I guess then...I think" Thorax looked around the cavern. "That if had to choose to be a pony..I'd..umm" He starts looking at the ice and crystals along the ground and walls. "Crystal..." Thorax began to glow for a moment, as he decided on a form, as he glowed, he looked at his own hoof "Trot?" Crystal...Hoof?" He then transforms. Into a rather adorable crystal blue young yet teenaged colt with a vase cutie mark. He actually looked greek. With the vase and greek like hairband on his now grey man. His eyes too, were blue. "Crystal Hoof....That works..right?"
  188. >Crystal Hoof? What kind of name was that? That'd never fly on the show at least.
  189. >"I think it's a fine name. Thorax, as princess of the night. I can assure you that as long as you show love and respect among the ponies you will now walk among. That you too will be shown the same love and respect. I expect you to act as any pony would. Do you understand?"
  190. >Thorax nodded slowly, looking into her eyes with uncertainty "Yes ma' I' that very much. Living as a changeling, it's always made me feel really bad for all the horrible things we do. I'd like to try to make up for it. I-if you really don't mind."
  191. >"I Really don't Thorax, it shall be fine. But tell you enjoy....hug times?" Luna asked, she found Scrappy's reaction so adorable she wondered what Thorax's reaction would be.
  192. >But before he could say anything...
  193. >"HUG TIMES!" Scrappy bullets right towards you and tackles you with great strength, knocking you down as she cuddles onto your chest.
  194. >"....that looks warm and wonderful." Thorax was entranced by the affection. Still a little hungry, but also just wanting to be loved.
  195. >You just laid there, trying to figure out if you went wrong anywhere, But as he affectionatly rubs his head on you. You slowly let it in, smile, and rub his head back.
  196. "You're alright Scrappy..."
  198. >Thorax reluctantly stepped up to the both of you. You just looked at him, and smirked.
  199. " gonna try a hug or what?"
  200. >Thorax reached his hoof out, then pulled back, he didn't want to do it on the pretense of food. But...he just wanted to feel what being loved is like. He finds a spot on your side and moves into it. snuggling into you. Oh god...this looked utterly gay.
  201. >"...This feels so good"
  202. >...oh god....don't say that!
  203. "...y-yeah..."
  204. >Luna just found the entire moment adorable. And she also found there was no more room for her to join in on the hug. But it was heart warming nonetheless.
  205. >There wasn't much more to do after that. Eventually. Thorax fully agreed to return to the castle with Luna. What would happen? Even you don't know. As for you? You and Scrappy just had to report back to Chrysalis then go to the clubhouse. Easy peasy. The powerful magic of your horn should ensure a perfect victory.
  206. >Thorax was still pretty much a wuss. But, at least it seemed to mean that he was also good.
  207. >There was one more thing you had to discuss though. So as you all began to exit the caves. You caught up to Luna, who was leading the line. To discuss with her something you wanted to know.
  208. "So Luna, can I ask you about something you told me before?"
  209. >"Hmm? Told you before? What do you mean Anon?" Of course, considering how superfluous it was, she wouldn't remember.
  210. "It's a little bit of a blur to even myself. Buuuut, remember when you said that if you had a kid. It'd be something like being tough on him to make him a prince?"
  211. >"I vaguely recall that. hmm, yes. I do believe I said something like that. Why? you're not suddenly wishing to be my son. Are you?" Luna, even as she said it, felt that wouldn't actually be the case. But then...why the question?
  212. "Erm, well. no. But what if I told you and Celestia had a another dimension...that was another me."
  214. >Luna eyes go wide. Was...was that true? She couldn't process that in her head. "...t-that's impossible...isn't it?"
  215. "'s real. I gave Starlight something that other Anon left behind when he jumped to this dimension for...something. Anyway, Scrappy had a run in with him. He said a few interesting things"
  216. >You look back at him while he seemed to be catching up with Thorax.
  217. >"..something he left behind? Another Anon? Son....No, I do know that other dimensions do exist. It's possible that it may be true. Perhaps even, that the other version of my sister and I may have longed for a son. But, what does that have to do with what I have told you? Why would this other Anon even come to this dimension?" Luna was confused and troubled by this startling piece of information.
  218. " real idea why he came. But he was apparently a nice guy. Who, as I was told. Has a very deep love for the both of you. And the both of you having a very deep love for him. In which many hugs and cuddles were involved. So let me ask, why would I have to go through rigorous prince training while he gets loves and cuddles."
  219. >"That's...what's bothering you?" It...seemed so petty "Considering our time together is coming at the end at the moment, you'll be wanting an answer now. But let me ask you a question before I answer. Is this other you dangerous at all?" Luna needed to know this. considering how much of a threat you could be.
  220. >But you took that as just her seeing him as a possible enemy, completely unrelated to anything you've done.
  221. "No, like I said. He's apparently a sweet and loving me"
  223. >"Yes.." Luna looked away slightly when she said that. She believed only the first part of your sentence.. But at this point, would not condemn you for the second. "Well, it could be perhaps that this nice sweetness he has is simply worthy of praise and the hug times. But still, training is a must. But you can't expect us to not show affection to one we deem our child. Does that answer your question? I would think that would have been obvious"
  224. "huh...I guess"
  225. >Would it? Considering how literal Luna could be. You couldn't be sure...but god fucking dammit. Now you knew, that even in this world. You could have had it just a little better. maybe even a little more stress can't be helped. you had a mission. And Discord and Fluttershy? Well, they were too good to trade up for now. You cared about them too much. You would put it out of your mind for now. You couldn't let yourself get consumed.
  226. >There wasn't much more to it than that. Thorax was still cowardly, yet thankful to you,Scrappy, and Luna for the help. And profusely apologized for his race once again as he took to Luna's side. Luna herself thanks you for your help, wishes you good luck, and thanks you a second time for showing her that not all changelings are terrible. and maybe, there was a chance..but reminds you...that the chance is of only a singular sense. You still had to be careful.
  227. >Scrappy of course went for one more hug. And told Luna he'd miss her. Luna actually looked sad to let him go. It seemed she had grown fond of the little captain.
  228. >It was time to return..which wouldn't be too hard. Since, well...Snow was water.
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