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  1. Good morning/afternoon
  2. I am the owner of the upcoming gambling platform known as Csgocandy we plan to release the site within the coming weeks when we release every user will be given $50 in fake credits to test the site and to find any bugs (DEPOSIT AND WITHDRAW WILL BE DOWN) deposit and withdraw will be down for a week at max and all users coins will be reset upon us activating the deposit and the withdraw we hope every user will have fun and we hope for the best for everyone and he luck be with you on my site currently I put $4k into the bot so withdraw is lit
  3. We hope all users are as excited as we are support will be our main focus we have a entire team for support and all tickets will be responded too within 2 hours sometimes will take 24 hours max but usually will be 2-3 we thank you all for sticking with us through the making of the site and we hope to release soon!
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