Higurashi Gou Differences

Oct 16th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Episode 13 updated.
  3. This document is a compilation of differences in the 2020 anime Higurashi Gou, made with the help of observations by people in the Hinamizawa server. The point of this document is not to evaluate Gou as an adaptation, but to detail how the Gou arc(s) differ from their main story counterparts. The comparison is made with reference to the visual novel, but the DEEN anime is taken into account too when it may explain cuts.
  5. Criteria for Inclusion
  6. - All new full scenes are included
  7. - Scene rearrangements and changes in smaller details are included when the reasons for the change may go beyond standard cuts for adaptation/presentation
  8. - Omitted scenes, sections of scenes, or information are not included unless the omission is relevant to the main plot.
  9. - Additional details that may be noticed by the audience but do not affect the characters are not included. (eg. Mion’s hair color in the opening scene)
  10. - Things that did not change may be noted in reference to things that did (eg. which events stayed on the same days)
  11. - Details from the OP/ED are not included
  12. Note: Day numbers are those of the VN's chapter select
  14. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Onidamashi ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  15. Episode 1
  16. - The first day of the story is now on Friday 10 June, one day earlier than in Onikakushi. Rika is shown to stare at the calendar. This might be general behavior she exhibits during loops, but its meaning may be slightly different given the context of Onidamashi
  17. - The anime then skips to Sunday 12 June. Sunday and Monday’s (Day 2 and 3) general structure is the same as in Onikakushi
  18. - On the 13 June club activity (Day 3), Keiichi makes reference to his mother seeing his marker-face punishment, indicating that he had already joined the club before this day.
  19. - The Day 3 club activity is instead a marker hide-and-seek. Rika almost gets it but falls victim to one of Satoko’s traps. Satoko wins and Rika, declaring that she’s “not mad at all”, gives her a booby-trapped box that imprints a red “KO” on her face.
  20. - Rena spaces out after/while this is happening and Mion comments on that. She claims to be tired. Because of this, she doesn’t join Keiichi and Mion for the walk home (In the VN, she doesn’t join them due to running off to go treasure hunting)
  21. - The cleaver scene normally happens the same day, but there is a timeskip to June 15 in Onidamashi. Keiichi walks into the junkyard while Rena is in the middle of doing something. Rena pauses before responding to him and seems more thrown off-balance by him showing up.
  22. - Red-eyes Rika looking over from the cliff in the post-credits
  24. Episode 2
  25. - A new scene is inserted before the OP, showing Rika and Hanyuu talking on a floating floor in what appears to be the Sea of Fragments with floating pieces of the shrine.
  26. >>> Rika looks older in the scene, and Ryukishi in an interview mentions “high school”. Rika is also wearing a uniform with the crest of St Lucia Academy.
  27. >>> Rika mentions that she was wondering why she didn’t see Hanyuu when she woke up. Hanyuu says that she is a lingering trace of herself and tells Rika that she cannot answer the question of whether she died.
  28. >>> When told that the Fragment leads to June 1983, Rika responds in anger, asking if 100 years of repeating that life was not enough. She says that she’s “no longer that little girl who knew nothing of the truth, who kept tossing the dice…” and that she “knows everything now, even the rules of Hinamizawa” and who her killer is. She mentions having “won [their] future before”.
  29. - This scene fades into Rika as she stands over the cliff. It’s unclear if this is just a directorial decision or if she experiences that scene there and then during the red eyes moment
  30. - Rena actually raises the cleaver above Keiichi’s head, as if about to swing it down on him. In Onikakushi, she is simply carrying it by her side.
  31. - Day 4’s events are now on June 16, while Day 5's events are on June 17.
  32. - Rena is shown to be ominously standing behind Keiichi in the reflection as he washes his face after the zombie tag club activity
  33. - Rena rejects Keiichi’s offer to carry the cleaver in a similar manner as in the “shiranai” scene. This offer does not happen in Onikakushi
  34. - While excavating Kenta-kun with the cleaver, Keiichi gets a flashback of his bat scene from Onikakushi
  35. - Rena pauses for a while with a spooky look when asked how they are to bring Kenta-kun home
  36. - After meeting Tomitake on Day 5, they have the usual conversation about what Tomitake is really here for. In Onikakushi, Keiichi wonders if he’s actually here for something related to the dismemberment incident. In Onidamashi, Keiichi wonders if Tomitake is actually a detective or spy. There is a shift in camera focus from Keiichi to Rena after Mion laughs about that comment.
  37. - At the festival, Tomitake does not join the group in their club activities at all. He meets them before Rika’s performance. When asked if he will photograph it, he mentions that he has something else to do. Rika calls out to him and pats his head but does not say more.
  38. - Tomitake meets Takano at the river during Rika’s performance. The ending of the episode juxtaposes her calling out to him with Rika swinging down the ceremonial hoe.
  40. Episode 3
  41. - Keiichi does not talk to Tomitake and Takano about Oyashiro-sama’s curse at all. He sees Tomitake in the distance with Takano and decides not to interrupt them. Rena is shown to be watching this while hiding in the trees. Because of this, Keiichi doesn’t get major spooked by Takano’s telling of the events. (Note: In the manga, Takano is not even shown to meet Tomitake)
  42. - When Ooishi gives Keiichi the news, he informs him that both Tomitake and Takano are missing (in Onikakushi, only Takano is missing). Both their car and bike were left on festival grounds.
  43. - Ooishi is the one to explain the curse to Keiichi, since he didn't hear from Takano this time.
  44. - While Ooishi tells Keiichi not to tell his friends about their meeting, he only singles out Mion for particular emphasis, while he singles out both Mion and Rika in Onikakushi. He also gives a different reasoning, suggesting that he withhold the conversation so as not to scare them, instead of suggesting that the murders may be part of a village-wide conspiracy that may be especially connected to his friends. Because of this, he also does not suggest that the bar for being "cursed" is getting lower, and that simply being an outsider might set one up as a victim.
  45. - Rena’s eyes are ominously concealed when Keiichi returns
  46. - In the conversation Keiichi eavesdrops on while pretending to sleep, Rena does not mention that the next victim could be her
  47. - All mentions of Satoshi's name are absent in Onidamashi.
  48. - The following scenes are swapped. The Angel Mort scene is now on Day 11 (from Day 12), while the "usoda" and door eavesdropping scenes are now on Day 12 (from Day 11)
  49. - Because of the switch, the conversation about the meaning of being "demoned away" is now in Angel Mort instead of on the phone.
  50. - When Rena mentions that Keiichi is hiding secrets, she also mentions noticing that he hid something (the magazine) from her at the junkyard.
  51. - After the “usoda” moment, Rena mentions working really hard to be happy, lines that echo her mindset during Tsumihoroboshi
  52. - "You've got stuff you wanna hide, and so do I" -> The "we" (Rena-tachi) is changed to "I" (Rena)
  53. - The third conversation with Ooishi, which is normally in Angel Mort and about Keiichi's friends, is now on the phone. Ooishi brings this topic up of his own accord, while in Onikakushi Keiichi specifically tells him to look into Rena’s background before (due to him overhearing her say that she might be the next victim). In Onidamashi, Ooishi only shares information about Rena's past, not about his other friends.
  54. - Generally, the changes and omissions remove many of the things that would make Keiichi more paranoid and distrustful of his friends. Rena's is hinted to have experienced events similar to Tsumihoroboshi, and her actions towards Keiichi are framed to suggest that she is actually hostile to Keiichi rather than it being a hallucination.
  56. Episode 4
  57. - Because the Rena-eavesdropping scene is a day later than usual, Keiichi also takes a sick day a day later (June 23 instead of 22).
  58. - When Keiichi goes to the clinic, he sees many shady (eyes concealed) men in khaki outfits moving boxes to or from (likely from) the clinic into vans. This matches the colour and style of Okonogi's outfit in the VN. (The DEEN anime has dull-green outfits instead, so in this case the outfits more closely match the original)
  59. - Keiichi actually goes back to school in the afternoon. Noticing that Keiichi mentioned he was sick, Rika privately meets him outside the school building to ask if anything is bothering him. When told that Rena is scary, she tries to reassure him that it might be his imagination and tells him to trust Rena and doubt himself. When Rika says "you're lying" (usoda) during the conversation, the same effect used in the "shiranai" scene occurs. Despite this, Keiichi tries to accept Rika's advice.
  60. - Keiichi's parents leave him alone in the house one day earlier (June 23 evening instead of June 24). This time, his parents invite Rena over to make dinner for Keiichi. Both times, Keiichi makes a remark that he "won't die on them", but his mother only responds to it in Onikakushi (likely because he brought up the topic the day before in that arc)
  61. - Keiichi faces an internal conflict over whether to let Rena in. He only does so after getting a flashback from the end of Onikakushi and remembering Rika telling him that "he can win". The flashback begins with the "Rena's fingers through the door" scene from Day 14 Onikakushi (June 24), causing him to recoil and clutch his head and then see the scene from Day 15 with Rena and Mion dead. In the manga he remembers many more events from Onikakushi.
  62. - Rena rejects Keiichi's offer to help her with the food preparations. When she unpacks her supplies in the kitchen, the boxes are shown to be packed with tools for restraining, killing, and body disposal.
  63. - When Keiichi enters the kitchen wanting to apologise to her, he sees Rena scratching at her neck with a crazed expression. Rena tells Keiichi that she will kill him and then be demoned away herself, allowing her dad to live in peace. She states that she has already been cursed by Oyashiro-sama.
  64. - Keiichi and Rena battle in the living room. Rena straddles Keiichi and stabs his torso many times with a kitchen knife. Keiichi retaliates by hitting her head with a nearby alarm clock. Rena is laughing while this is happening. The fight in the manga is slightly different and is less one-sided.
  65. - After the fight, Keiichi and Rena both lie on the floor in a pool of blood. Keiichi is still conscious and sheds tears.
  66. - Keiichi ends up in the hospital and is shown in a neck brace with bandages around his forehead and on his cheeks. It is not mentioned who called the ambulance.
  67. - When questioned by Ooishi on what happened, he says that he remembers what happened, but cannot explain it. Tears fall from his face. Ooishi leaves, telling him he will visit later.
  68. - When Mion visits Keiichi, she makes the "how many years has it been" joke she made in episode 1. Keiichi responds "wasn't just two days this time, was it?", referencing his answer back then. This indicates that he's been in the hospital for quite some time longer.
  69. - According to Mion, Rena died.
  70. - Mion tells them that the day after his fight with Rena (the day after = June 24), Rika and Satoko were found dead in their house. They had been stabbed in the neck repeatedly. The same knife was used to kill Rika and Satoko. The police suspect murder or suicide.
  71. - A nurse enters and asks if Keiichi's neck feels itchy. At this point Keiichi no longer has his neck brace or the forehead bandage on. Keiichi remembers Rena's scratching, scratches at his own neck, and screams. The episode then ends. The nurse looks similar to the one who is implied to have killed Satoko in the hospital in Yakusamashi-hen, the anime-only arc from DEEN's adaptation of Kai.
  73. Additional info from the manga (
  74. - The Rika/Hanyuu scene is at the end of Onidamashi instead of at the junkyard. Ryukishi mentioned in an untranslated panel that he meant to reveal this later, but shifted it forward to hook returning viewers.
  75. - Rika is in her regular casual outfit instead of her high school one. She also looks her 1983 age
  76. - Hanyuu mentions that she left the human world after the last loop and went to sleep in order to let Rika live a normal life. Her power to rewind time was supposed to disappear, and she does not know why it's happening again now
  77. - Rika mentions that she never saw a world like this in her 100 years of repeats. She explains her actions in the arc
  78. - Rika mentions that she was *killed* in this world (thus ruling out suicide)
  79. - The panel where she mentions "that future we won before" includes physical Hanyuu
  81. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Watadamashi ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  82. Note: Mion and Shion will be referred to as who they appear to Keiichi.
  83. Episode 5
  84. - The first day is the same (Sunday 12 June) as in Watanagashi. (Minagoroshi's event is a week earlier)
  85. - The game tournament follows the format of the VN (split up first round) with the same games. Mion is upfront about hinting that she rigged the vote, which does not happen in Watanagashi.
  86. - Rika intervenes when they get the prizes and suggests to him that he need not worry about the person he's giving it to being flustered. She does not mention Mion by name. Blushing, Mion accepts the doll from Keiichi.
  87. - The Angel Mort visit still happens on 13 June. While Shion has a very embarrassed reaction to Keiichi's remarks, her lines are the same as in the VN
  88. - The curry competition is still on 14 June. Satoko is more blatant in her sabotage efforts.
  89. - When the waitress convo comes up, Mion normally says that she works at the toy store while Shion is the waitress. In Watadamashi Keiichi interjects and helps Mion out by correcting himself that the waitress was actually Shion. Keiichi also supports Mion after she leaves, telling Rena that she isn't lying.
  90. - When Shion brings Keiichi the bento box, she is in her Okinomiya school uniform. In Watanagashi she appears in her casual clothes.
  91. - Shion mentions that she brought the food to thank Keiichi for the doll (along with hearing from her sister that he didn't have lunch). Keiichi notices this discrepancy, which Shion deflects by saying that she brought Mion's gift to him.
  92. - Mion has her part time job on 15 June. This is not the case in Watanagashi (she walks home with Keiichi, only Rika has stuff to do).
  93. - Normally Keiichi goes to Angel Mort to get his keychain back, but this reason isn't mentioned at all here. He still goes to Angel Mort for some reason. The scene with the motorcycles plays out the same way.
  95. Episode 6
  96. - Everything in the opening scene and Angel Mort scene is from the VN, including Shion's veiled hostility to Ooishi and her responding to "Mion" as she is leaving. There are some parts absent, like her correcting his calling her "Mion" at the start (he doesn't make that mistake here) and her comparing the two sisters and questioning Keiichi about it. This may be omitted due to adaptation reasons or Mion (assuming it is her) might be more secure in this arc.
  97. - The dessert festa happens on the same day (16 June). The club members getting revenge for Shion is omitted, but that's probably just for time reasons. Keiichi wakes up in an employee room instead of his seat.
  98. - Scenes where Rena hints to Keiichi that Mion was hurt by him are absent due to the doll change. Similarly, Keiichi doesn't start mapping Shion's actions onto Mion's possible motivations, though he's still shocked when it is revealed that they are different people. Shion still asks Keiichi for the (same) doll, and Keiichi seems a bit confused about it but goes to buy it anyway.
  99. - Mion objects when Shion claims that she brought the bento for Keiichi. In the VN it's just implied with her embarrassment at the line.
  100. - 17 June is skipped. Mion has less reason to be upset anyway and that's the main content of that day. All subsequent events are effectively identical.
  102. Episode 7
  103. - The statue of Oyashiro-sama normally has one of its arms broken (by Satoko as a child). The statue in Gou has both its arms intact. It can also been seen in the OP
  104. - The question of which arm is raised and which is broken is inconsistent depending on the version. If we compare it to the DEEN anime, the right arm is raised and broken, while in Gou the left arm is the one that is raised, meaning the statue is mirrored. However, the statue depicted in the manga has its right arm raised and intact (Watanagashi and Minagoroshi). The broken arm would be the left one, though this is not visible in the panels. In the Tatarigoroshi manga, Satoko says she broke the right arm, though this might be her taking left/right from her perspective, not the statue's. Which arm is broken and their positions is not stated in the VN.
  105. - Shion touches the statue and the entire thing wobbles, with the head falling off and splitting into two clean halves. The halves of the head are hollow, and the neck also appears to contain a rectangular slot of some sort (though it does not seem to be for fitting the head in). The statue in the original series was solid, as seen from the break at the arm.
  106. - Tomitake comes in and they put the statue back together. He comments that "it was already broken"
  107. - There are no comments about hearing the sound of a child jumping up and down from either Shion or Tomitake. This matches up with Hanyuu's comments about her lack of power
  108. - (Note: Details such as Takano staying behind to take photos, her actions around Tomitake later etc are from the VN. They are not new, unless their meaning is different this time)
  109. - In addition to asking about Shion, Mion also asks Keiichi if he saw Tomitake and Takano. This normally happens the next day, when Mion has already been swapped with Shion.
  110. - On his way home, Keiichi is stopped by Ooishi, who questions him about whether he saw Tomitake and Takano. This normally only happens the next day in the library. The conversation is similar.
  111. - Back home, Shion calls Keiichi (she normally does not call until the next night). She asks if he saw Tomitake and Takano after they split and gives him the news. According to the Sonozakis' monitoring of the police's info, the two of them stole one of the festival's trucks and left the village in a hurry, leaving their car and bicycle behind. Shion suspects it is because they were being targeted by Oyashiro-sama's curse. During this conversation, Shion is casually sitting alone in her standard outfit at the window of what seems like a room in the Sonozaki estate. Both Shion and Mion are normally there on the night of the festival.
  112. - Unlike in Watanagashi, Mion is not late to their meeting place on June 20. Her body does not feel warm to Rena (Rena does not try to feel it), and she gives a direct reason for her sleepiness--she was awake till 3am because the mayor was missing.
  113. - Mayor Kimiyoshi's disappearance normally happens on the night of June 20, not the night of June 19.
  114. - Keiichi and Rika normally have their conversation at the garden behind the school, where Keiichi finds her stunned and looking like she was pushed (due to her confrontation with Shion before). In this case, their conversation happens in a more public location, and Rika is the one who approaches Keiichi.
  115. - Keiichi is the one who brings up the story about cats to Rika, instead of the other way around. He also mentions 4 kitties in his story and says that two went missing. The dog is not brought up.
  116. - Rika says she "never expected [him] to tell [her] such a ridiculous story". She tells him not to worry, cause regardless of whether he does, it's "all over". "This year's curse, this world, you, me--we're all finished". She berates him for doing what he shouldn't have instead of watching her dance. She also mentions she is surprised Tomitake's body has not been found yet, but is certain that both he and Takano are dead. She says that Shion is alive, but suggests that that may not be a good thing for Keiichi. During this entire ramble, her eyes are glowing red like in the episode 1 post-credits scene.
  118. Episode 8
  119. - The entirety of the episode, with the exception of the epilogue, takes place on Monday June 20, the same day Rika makes her spooky rant to Keiichi. The epilogue takes place on June XX. I'm going to try a different format and divide the main points by topic. Mion/Shion will be referred to by who they appear to be to Keiichi
  120. - Rika's actions/whereabouts
  121. >>> Satoko saw Rika talking to Keiichi
  122. >>> Mion saw Rika talking to a man in a construction uniform (Mountain Dog?) behind school. Satoko replies that there's no one like that at school
  123. >>> Satoko's expression during the convo looks hostile/suspicious from the moment she brings up her witnessing their convo. It's hard to pin down exactly her expression and you should judge for yourself what it means
  124. >>> While searching for Rika, Keiichi notices something strange about the septic tank. Mion interrupts this by calling for him at that moment and telling him she saw Rika on the roof.
  125. >>> According to Ooishi's report, Rika was later found dead in the septic tank
  126. - Mion's views on the curse
  127. >>> While Keiichi is on the ladder, Mion's expression darkens and she starts shaking it while rambling about putting an end to the curse. She believes Rika is the ringleader taking advantage of the curse to kill people
  128. >>> At her house, Mion says that the deaths of the curse were originally coincidence, but people began to take advantage of it to kill in Oyashiro-sama's name (This is not what Mion believes in the main series. She knows about the Sonozakis' bluff and has no clue who is doing it. She does not accuse the villagers. It's more similar to what Shion believes, so either this is Shion, or Shion told Mion her theories, or the situation in Gou is different. There is a slight difference with Shion's beliefs though—Shion thinks that Oryou is the one who decides the victim even if someone else is executing the curse)
  129. >>> She also believes that she spirit of the village has been warped after the dam war.
  130. >>> At her house, Mion asks Keiichi if he feels like someone is out to get him
  131. >>> Mion says that she wants to protect Keiichi from the curse and people who want him to be punished. She does this by trapping him in the safest room of her dungeon
  132. >>> After locking Keiichi in there, Mion declares that she is going to do something about the curse herself. She even says that he can pretend to be her victim if necessary
  133. - Regarding the shrine storage break in
  134. >>> Keiichi attempts to admit to his "sin" while walking back with Rena/Mion. Mion seems angry or has her expression hidden by darkness during this
  135. >>> When Keiichi admits this and apologises to Mion at her house, she tells him not to worry because she is on his side. Mion says that she trusts Keiichi (Keiichi is uncertain whether to trust Mion because of his experience with Rika)
  136. >>> According to Mion, many people know about the four people who broke in. She says that many people believe they should be punished.
  137. - Mion's mental state + Possible twin switches
  138. >>> Mion has a crazed expression when Keiichi is on the ladder and rambles on without listening to him while shaking the ladder
  139. >>> When walking home with Keiichi, Mion still looks angry
  140. >>> Mion does not look this way after meeting Keiichi later at the waterwheel and at her house, though she is serious at times.
  141. >>> Mion changes clothes when she leaves to make tea for Keiichi
  142. >>> Mion's corpse has scratches on its neck, a symptom of L5. The bleeding from it is not extensive
  143. - The Mountain Dogs?
  144. >>> Rika was seen talking to a man in a construction outfit behind school before disappearing.
  145. >>> Keiichi notices two man standing around a white van on his way home with Rena/Mion. They are wearing medical outfits. Upon being spotted, they turn away from Keiichi and head to the van
  146. >>> The van is still around the same place later. The side mirror shot suggests that when Keiichi meets Mion later, they are still being observed.
  147. >>> Through the security camera footage, Keiichi sees many men in the same outfits as in episode 4 outside the clinic.
  148. - The security cameras
  149. >>> There exists a set of security cameras in the safe room but outside of the cell
  150. >>> After locking Keiichi in and her conversation with him, Mion checks the cameras and remarks that "their minion is here instead" or that "they've caught on". She tells Keiichi she will greet a guest and brings a revolver with her
  151. >>> We only ever see the contents of the security cameras once, and that is after Keiichi breaks out of the cell. He sees many men in the same outfits as in episode 4 at the clinic. Due to the time delay, this may not necessarily have been who Mion saw on the screens.
  152. - Satoko and Mion's deaths (and Satoko in general)
  153. >>> Satoko has a hostile/suspicious/idk how to describe expression when talking about Rika's disappearance in class
  154. >>> Satoko and Mion were found dead near each other in a hallway at the Sonozaki estate. There is a gun in between their bodies, though it appears different from the one which Mion brought with her (this is just visual, it isn't commented on verbally)
  155. >>> Apparently, a nearby detective heard a gunshot. It is not stated which gun it was fired from.
  156. >>> It isn't clear where exactly any gunshot wounds are, though the blood pools around Satoko and Mion's heads (separate pools) suggest they were head wounds.
  157. >>> Mion also has scratches on her neck, but they are not deep enough to spew blood from
  158. >>> There are small splatters of blood on the floor. No other wounds are visible.
  159. - The bodies in the well
  160. >>> Shion, Oryou, and Kimiyoshi were all found in the Sonozaki dungeon well
  161. >>> Shion was last heard from the night of the Watanagashi when she called Keiichi
  162. >>> Kimiyoshi went missing on the night of the Watanagashi
  164. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tataridamashi ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  165. Episode 9
  166. - Episode opens with an original scene at wherever Teppei's non-Hinamizawa residence is. There is a closeup shot of a prescription in his name on the floor of the house. Rina is not mentioned or seen anywhere in the episode.
  167. - The days of the events are the same as in the VN. The lunch + cooking disaster is on Thurs June 9, the shopping trip on June 10, the baseball game on June 11, the barbeque is on June 12.
  168. - Rena calls Keiichi to the baseball event instead of Satoko. Besides mentioning the "fight", she also mentions that Satoko is in trouble, which makes Keiichi especially alarmed. Satoko is batting when Keiichi arrives here (she leads the camera crew in the VN)
  169. - The pitcher looks like Kameda, but Satoko manages to beat him without Keiichi's intervention. While Satoko is normally good at baseball, her success in VN Tatarigoroshi was partially dependent on Kameda going easy on her. In the DEEN anime (S1 version) she also wins without the special plan, though Keiichi gets to bat at least. Another possible reason for the cut would be that Kameda's voice actor has passed away.
  170. - Irie does not use the euphemism "transferred". He simply says Satoshi left Hinamizawa.
  171. - Shion is Satoko's "nee nee" in this arc. This indicates that she's kept some level of development from Meakashi. Normally this is first introduced in Minagoroshi, and she would also be part of the Hinamizawa school. The lunch scene suggests this is not the case in Tataridamashi.
  172. - Shion's scene with Keiichi at the washbasins where she gets angry at his use of the word "transferred" does not happen. Instead, two kids mention Oyashiro-sama's curse and how Satoshi was a victim to it.
  173. - Instead of Rika and Satoko leaving together to get shopping after cleanup, Satoko leaves alone (for the same reason) before the cleanup. Rika implies that she was trying to escape the work.
  174. - When asked about Oyashiro-sama's curse, Mion looks at Rena's dark expression and makes an excuse to get Rena away from the conversation. In Tatarigoroshi, Keiichi doesn't know about the curse and Mion fills him in on the details of the police investigation first before Rena interrupts by bringing up the curse. The part where rambles about it with the scary eyes is absent because Mion gets her away before that.
  175. - There is a Gou original scene on June 12 where Teppei returns to his Hinamizawa house and leads Satoko in. Satoko's mental state seems to be the same as in Tatarigoroshi.
  177. Episode 10
  178. - Keiichi's June 13 (Monday) nightmare is of a flashback of him killing Teppei in Tatarigoroshi.
  179. - There is an original scene where Keiichi privately asks Rika if Satoko is sick. Rika turns away downcast and does not reply.
  180. - In the Tatarigoroshi VN, Satoko shows up to school on Thursday (Day 8) and Saturday (Day 10. Note: Saturday is a half-day for school). Both the DEEN anime and Gou make different sorts of rearrangements to the scenes, with the former cutting out her first reappearance entirely.
  181. - In Gou, Satoko's first reappearance is brought forward to the afternoon of Day 5 (Monday). Satoko has a thoroughly defeated manner, saying her typical lines but without a trace of enthusiasm. In Tatarigoroshi, she is able to act more like things are normal, but with the sense that she's forcing herself to.
  182. - All other scenes are shifted forward accordingly (i.e. the Chie convo is on Day 6 instead of 9, Satoko's second return is Day 7 instead of 10), though there are original scenes and omitted scenes.
  183. - There is an original scene where Rika describes waiting into the night for Satoko to come back from shopping, only to have her come back to get her belongings from the house.
  184. - The after school convo about how to help Satoko is much shorter because Keiichi doesn't obsess over trying to save her. The convo ends with Rika looking in Keiichi's direction (possibly watching out/hoping for him to do something?)
  185. - The conversation with Chie is more similar to Minagoroshi than Tatarigoroshi. Instead of asking to see Mion and Keiichi, she asks for Rika alone, allowing Rika to make a cynical comment about what Chie can('t) do. Keiichi, Mion, and Rena enter the conversation (Shion interrupts it in Minagoroshi), but Rena intervenes to calm Keiichi and leave the responsibility to Chie. Rika agrees with her. Rena calms Keiichi down later in the VN, but only after his outburst, and Keiichi doesn't accept her words fully.
  186. - Chie's visit to Satoko's house is shown, with Teppei refusing to let her see Satoko. The others remain at the school to await her return (These two details are similar to Minagoroshi's situation). Keiichi is angered about the situation, but Rena calms him down. Rika sits on the stairs completely hopeless. Mion expresses hope that Chie calling the CCC would have more of an effect than her own call (this fails according to the next day).
  187. - A lot of setup that would lead to Keiichi killing Teppei is removed. He doesn't go to Satoko's house and witness Teppei's abuse himself, he doesn't obsess over how to shelter Satoko, he isn't told by Takano that the curse is carried out by humans, he doesn't plead with Mion to make Teppei this year's victim etc.
  188. - Additionally, all the setup about Satoko enduring the abuse as a trial for Satoshi to come back is also gone.
  189. - Note: Satoko's behavior during her second reappearance is the same as in the VN.
  190. - The conversation with Rika on Day 7 (originally 10) also included Chie in Tatarigoroshi.
  191. - When Satoko's trauma episode is triggered, there is a lingering shot of Rika with a completely expressionless face.
  192. - Note: Rika does not personally remember Minagoroshi. In Matsuribayashi, it is mentioned that her last memory was of Tsumihoroboshi, and Hanyuu had to remind Rika of what happened in the previous arc.
  194. Episode 11
  195. - On the day of Satoko's breakdown, there is a new scene where Rika asks Satoko to come home with her after school. Satoko rejects her.
  196. - After this, the story changes to more closely resemble Minagoroshi, starting with Shion arriving after school to declare her intent to kill Teppei. Though the time and circumstances are different, the scene plays out similarly with Keiichi stopping her. Keiichi remembers the Tatarigoroshi timeline like he does in Minagoroshi (though in a different but related scene), and he comes to the conclusion of appealing to the CCC without his mother's input.
  197. - The first CCC visit happens on the same day (June 15). Keiichi recruits his classmates' help the next day with Shion also now at the school. Rika convinces Chie to support them without the principal's help (vs Minagoroshi). The second appeal plays out similarly.
  198. - There is an original scene at the end showing Ooishi ominously walking down a village road.
  200. Episode 12
  201. - Original scene before the OP where two villagers comment on a mini statue (of Oyashiro-sama?) that had fallen out of a torii gate. According to what they heard, Teppei kicked it over and relieved himself in there. They comment that the curse will likely strike him this year.
  202. - On the morning of the third day of appeals (June 17 in this timeline), Satoko normally comes to school due to pressure on Teppei. This does not happen in Tataridamashi (possibly because the scene with the principal is similar to what already happened with Keiichi, as well as the fact that that scene revealed Satoko's HS condition to Keiichi)
  203. - Mion invites Keiichi and the others to the festival planning meeting (instead of him having reason to be there due to being part of the auction)
  204. - Kimiyoshi brings Mion aside to put pressure on her (this can be inferred from the original but isn't stated).
  205. - Ooishi is in the festival prep meeting. When the session ends, he comments that he's impressed by Keiichi.
  206. - At the end of the episode, Rika mentions that Keiichi taught her how to tear apart fate like a piece of paper. Keiichi is confused as to when he did this. Rika is referencing Minagoroshi, but according to Matsuribayashi she didn't remember that world? Hanyuu also never mentioned that line to her. May be an error.
  207. - The episode ends on the night of Friday June 17. There is one more day before the festival
  209. Episode 13
  210. - Instead of speaking to Satoko over the phone, the CCC staff member (Harayama) goes to the Houjou residence directly with Ooishi and Kumagai.
  211. - We are not shown scenes of the rescue. Instead, Satoko reports the events that happens via a phone call to Keiichi. The events and her though process seem to have played out similarly to Minagoroshi.
  212. - There is a scene where Satoko is showering and puts on a new outfit. She does not have bruises on her body; it is not known if this is intentional.
  213. - During Rika's dance, Satoko brings Keiichi to a private spot. She thanks him for his help and asks if he can become her "nii nii"
  214. - She then brings Keiichi to her house in order to give him something that was important to Satoshi. She tells him to wait in a room and leaves to get it.
  215. - When Keiichi turns on the lights, he is assaulted by Teppei who is wielding a bat. The scene is given a red filter (not present in any scene before this) and Teppei's eyes are also glowing red. Satoko returns horrified, and Keiichi steals the bat and kills Teppei before collapsing
  216. - The dolls in the OP are also in this room. It is not known what their significance is.
  217. - It may be noteworthy that we never actually see Teppei in between the ending scene of Episode 9 and this scene. Scenes with Teppei regarding Satoko and Satoshi's room were cut out, and the moment Satoko calls for help is reported to us after the fact by Satoko herself. It is unknown if this is meaningful.
  218. - Keiichi wakes up in the hospital and is visited by Kumagai, who asks him what happened on the night of the Watanagashi. Keiichi is hit with a piercing headache and cannot remember the events. Kumagai refuses to answer what happened to Ooishi
  219. - Keiichi meets Rena on a bench later and asks about the strange situation. She tells him of the events that happened at the dance after he left. Her wording is disjointed and ambiguous, mentioning that "Ooishi came", a "gun", and that Mion, Shion, Satoko, and Rika died. Note that there is no crowd (as the subtitles mention), she does not actually say that Ooishi shot them, and that Satoko seems to have been present there for some reason. Rena witnessed the event herself.
  220. - Rena remarks that what happened made no sense, which is how I feel about this episode too.
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