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So anyway, the MESS team is a toxic piece of shit.

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Mar 24th, 2015
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  1. Alegend45: I'm telling you, the IRQ and DMA both occur at the START of VBlank.
  2. R. Belmont: because the fucking if you change is the one for the end of vblank
  3. Alegend45: All the code in that if statement does is trigger IRQs and start DMAs.
  4. R. Belmont: I wrote the goddamn code, I know what it's doing
  5. R. Belmont: ban countdown starts now. keep lying, make my day
  6. Alegend45: It has literally nothing to do with the end of VBlank.
  7. Alegend45: I'm not lying! This is straight from endrift, the guy that wrote mGBA!
  8. R. Belmont: it is exactly the end of vblank. which is why it's not in the if (scanline >= 160 && <= 227) above
  9. Alegend45: <endrift> oh my god VBlank IRQs are ABSOLUTELY 160
  10. R. Belmont: I've never heard of mGBA, so that name-drop does nothing. I do know higan's GBA emulation is kind of awful.
  11. Alegend45: mGBA runs the Classic NES series just fine, so that tells you right there that he doesn't fuck around.
  12. R. Belmont: that's a hoax, only no$gba runs Classic NES --Note: Current VBA-M and mGBA run them fine
  13. R. Belmont: Google says "mGBA" is the "Mixed Gender Basketball Association" though, so there's that ;-)
  14. Alegend45: No, it isn't.
  15. Alegend45: --Note: that this shout got deleted later
  16. Alegend45: You yourself posted a link to his blog about that series.
  17. Alegend45: Did you seriously delete my proof?
  18. Alegend45: Holy shit, that's an Orwellian abuse of power right there. Damn
  19. palindrome: hi folks
  20. R. Belmont: hey p. any new attacks by drunks?
  21. Alegend45: That's it, that's fucking it.
  22. Alegend45: I've had it with your team's toxicity, Arbee.
  23. R. Belmont: anyway, Alegend, even if that turns out to be right your patch is incorrect. it should be placed further up, and you could remove the comment stating that it's the end of vblank.
  24. Alegend45: From now on, I'll be maintaining my own fork on MAME/MESS/UME
  25. Alegend45: Because this abuse of power is bullshit.
  26. R. Belmont: dude, I abuse power all the time here. it's the lulz.
  27. R. Belmont: also, aren't you the person who's claimed at various times to be emulating 5 different ISA cards and then asked what an ISA card is?
  28. R. Belmont: anyway, resubmit the patch in a form that doesn't make me puke and you might make it in before release. your call.
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