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  1. Pazza: heyyy
  2. CatherineRogers: Heyyyyy:)
  3. Viban: Hello ~
  4. CatherineRogers: Hi there :)
  5. CatherineRogers: Wb Meka and Elana :)
  6. CatherineRogers: and welcome Viban :)
  7. Pazza: thanksss
  8. ElanaMari: hellooooooo
  9. Pazza: Heyy Elana
  10. Viban: Thank you.
  11. ElanaMari: hiiiii mekaaa
  12. CatherineRogers: Hru all?
  13. ElanaMari: goooood
  14. CatherineRogers: ahaha
  15. Viban: Can't complain, you?
  16. CatherineRogers: that's nice Elana :)
  17. Pazza: good,
  18. CatherineRogers: I'm good Viban :)
  19. JAZZYBOUTTHT: Hello :) I'm Jazyln ... Never Got To Introduce Myself In The Group Chat Because I've Been Busy .
  20. Viban: Nice to meet you Jazlyn <3
  21. CatherineRogers: Hi Jazyln!!
  22. CatherineRogers: Welcome :)
  23. Pazza: hey
  24. JAZZYBOUTTHT: Nice To Meet You Too & Thank You .
  25. Pazza: wait it's a new gc?
  26. ElanaMari: yeahh
  27. Pazza: oop someone add me lol
  28. CatherineRogers: yes Meka!
  29. CatherineRogers: I have added you
  30. Pazza: im not in it
  31. CatherineRogers: let me see
  32. CatherineRogers: hold on
  33. CatherineRogers: Added
  34. CatherineRogers: so sorry
  35. CatherineRogers: I thought I added you
  36. CatherineRogers: check now :)
  37. Pazza: lol np
  38. Pazza: ty
  39. CatherineRogers: np:)
  40. Viban: Weba
  41. CatherineRogers: Wb:)
  42. Guest_ashtega: Okay, hiii everybody !
  43. Viban: Hey
  44. CatherineRogers: Hello:)
  45. CatherineRogers: Welcome!
  46. CatherineRogers: Welcome back Paris!!
  47. Guest_ashtega: Thank you miss .
  48. CatherineRogers: :)
  49. ShavonneH: /me runs in quick asf with coffee
  50. ShavonneH: WOO OMG
  51. ElanaMari: ii
  52. ElanaMari: ii
  53. ShavonneH: haii Mrs. Catherine
  54. parisdiorr: ayee tyty
  55. parisdiorr: hey yall
  56. CatherineRogers: Hi ShavonneH!!
  57. CatherineRogers: Wb:)
  58. ElanaMari: hiiii
  59. Viban: Heey
  60. ShavonneH: omg Mrs. C i asked you to add me back to the chat
  61. Guest_ashtega: heyyy
  62. ShavonneH: LANA BABY HI
  63. ShavonneH: hayyy everyone
  64. ShavonneH: I am so sorry :(
  65. ShavonneH: did I disturb the lesson?
  66. CatherineRogers: did you leave the chat?
  67. ShavonneH: yeah remember my chat was glitched
  68. CatherineRogers: oh okay
  69. CatherineRogers: hold on
  70. CatherineRogers: added :)
  71. ShavonneH: thank you
  72. CatherineRogers: np:)
  73. CatherineRogers: /me clears throat
  74. CatherineRogers: Welcome to your second semester of Fashion Stylist class!
  75. ShavonneH: aowww
  76. Viban: ii
  77. CatherineRogers: I am happy to see some familiar faces who have returned to my class so wb guys :)
  78. ShavonneH: haaaayyyyyy
  79. CatherineRogers: And welcome to the new students
  80. CatherineRogers: ii
  81. Pazza: ii
  82. Guest_ashtega: :D
  83. Guest_ashtega: ii
  84. CatherineRogers: Before we start our class
  85. CatherineRogers: please introduce yourself to the class one by one
  86. CatherineRogers: Let's give it up for the new students first
  87. CatherineRogers: so Viban
  88. parisdiorr: ii
  89. CatherineRogers: please step forward and introduce yourself
  90. Viban: Hi everyone, I'm Han
  91. parisdiorr: heyyy
  92. Viban: Really excited to see what this class is all about honestly
  93. Viban: But I'm open minded, so that's all ~
  94. parisdiorr: ii
  95. CatherineRogers: ii
  96. CatherineRogers: What made you choose Fashion Stylist Han?
  97. Viban: Fashion is something I enjoy, and I think there's always something to learn so it was an obvious choice.
  98. CatherineRogers: ii
  99. CatherineRogers: Please have a seat:)
  100. ElanaMari: back
  101. Viban: Weba
  102. CatherineRogers: Ashtega please step forward and introduce yourself :)
  103. CatherineRogers: wb:)
  104. Guest_ashtega: Hey y'all, my name is Jada
  105. CatherineRogers: Hi Jada!
  106. Viban: Hey Jada
  107. ElanaMari: hii
  108. CatherineRogers: what made you choose Fashion Stylist?
  109. ShavonneH: haaaay
  110. CatherineRogers: Ashtega?
  111. Guest_ashtega: Well, to put it simply, I am obsessed with fashion. It has always been my favorite thing to do, as in shopping and piecing things together to create something amazing!
  112. CatherineRogers: oooo
  113. CatherineRogers: ii
  114. Viban: ii
  115. Guest_ashtega: Lmaoo, sorry. I'm lagging a bit
  116. CatherineRogers: Take your seat:)
  117. CatherineRogers: np:)
  118. CatherineRogers: Jazzy please step forward :)
  119. JAZZYBOUTTHT: Hi :) My Name Is Jazyln
  120. CatherineRogers: Hi Jazlyn :)
  121. CatherineRogers: What made you choose fashion stylist?
  122. JAZZYBOUTTHT: I Chose Fashion Because I've Always Been A Fan Of Fashion Since I Was Elementary. I Love The Different Fabrics & Textures Of Clothing & Its Pretty Awesome How People Can Make Some Beautiful Clothing With Just Little Cloths :)
  123. ElanaMari: ii
  124. ElanaMari: ii
  125. CatherineRogers: ii
  126. Guest_ashtega: ii
  127. HYPEBAEVU: ii
  128. Viban: ii
  129. CatherineRogers: Please take your seat:)
  130. CatherineRogers: Hypebae please step forward and introduce yourself :)
  131. HYPEBAEVU: hey everyone im Hypebae you can call me babii
  132. ElanaMari: hi babii
  133. CatherineRogers: Hi Babii!
  134. JAZZYBOUTTHT: Helloo :)
  135. Viban: nice to meet you
  136. HYPEBAEVU: hey bebes its nice to meet everyone
  137. Guest_ashtega: heyaaa
  138. CatherineRogers: What made you choose fashion stylist?
  139. HYPEBAEVU: Well im into creating so i figured why not
  140. CatherineRogers: ii
  141. Viban: ii
  142. CatherineRogers: Please take your seat :)
  143. HYPEBAEVU: thank you
  144. CatherineRogers: :)
  145. CatherineRogers: Now my old students
  146. CatherineRogers: XD
  147. ShavonneH: AOOOWWWW
  148. CatherineRogers: ShavonneH
  149. ShavonneH: HAY YALL
  150. CatherineRogers: please step forward and introduce yourself to the class:)
  151. ShavonneH: /me walks over to Mrs. C
  152. ShavonneH: HEY YALLLLLL
  153. Viban: heeyyy
  154. ShavonneH: Im Shavonne the Ghetto Fashionista/ newest MUA of IMVU
  155. ShavonneH: I came back because my ass flunked last semester, I started off the class poorly and was not able to really grasp the FULLNESS of the class
  156. ShavonneH: SO IM BACK AOW
  157. ShavonneH: I be having all the snacks just ask aow
  158. CatherineRogers: lol
  159. parisdiorr: ii
  160. ShavonneH: and I hope to be enjoying this with yall
  161. parisdiorr: yass
  162. ShavonneH: /me sits down
  163. HYPEBAEVU: ii
  164. ShavonneH: /me hugs paris hard asf
  165. CatherineRogers: ii
  166. ShavonneH: haiii siss
  167. Viban: ii
  168. Guest_ashtega: lmaaaaaooooo! okurrrr
  169. parisdiorr: heyyyy
  170. Guest_ashtega: ii
  171. CatherineRogers: Meka please step forward :)
  172. Pazza: Heyyy Guys
  173. Pazza: I'm Meka
  174. Pazza: This is my 2nd semester
  175. Pazza: umm yeah lol
  176. CatherineRogers: ii
  177. parisdiorr: ii
  178. HYPEBAEVU: ii
  179. parisdiorr: yass boo
  180. Guest_ashtega: ii
  181. Viban: ii
  182. CatherineRogers: Elana please step forward :)
  183. ElanaMari: ii
  184. ElanaMari: ii
  185. ElanaMari: Heyy everyone
  186. parisdiorr: heyy'
  187. Viban: heyy
  188. ElanaMari: this is my 2nd semester also
  189. Pazza: ii
  190. Viban: ii
  191. ShavonneH: HAYY LANAAAA
  192. ElanaMari: This is the best class everrr
  193. ElanaMari: HEYYYYYY
  194. CatherineRogers: awww
  195. CatherineRogers: <3
  196. ElanaMari: I choose fashion styling again because I had so much fun before
  197. ElanaMari: and ms.c taught us so much I wanted to learn more
  198. Viban: ii
  199. parisdiorr: ii
  200. ElanaMari: thats it
  201. ElanaMari: z
  202. ElanaMari: lol
  203. Pazza: ii
  204. HYPEBAEVU: ii
  205. CatherineRogers: ii
  206. CatherineRogers: Please take your seat:)
  207. CatherineRogers: Paris
  208. parisdiorr: /me walks to mrs c
  209. parisdiorr: HEY YAWLLL
  210. Viban: heey
  211. CatherineRogers: ii
  212. parisdiorr: im paris and this my second semester
  213. Calgari: Sorry I’m late
  214. ShavonneH: AOOWOWW PARIS
  215. parisdiorr: um... i failed last semester so... im back at it again
  216. CatherineRogers: Np Calgari , take your seat:)
  217. Viban: ii
  218. CatherineRogers: ii
  219. parisdiorr: but i love fashion fr fr yall
  220. parisdiorr: cant wait to see yall fits erday lol
  221. ElanaMari: righttt
  222. CatherineRogers: lol
  223. CatherineRogers: ii
  224. parisdiorr: lol
  225. parisdiorr: ii
  226. CatherineRogers: Please take your seat :)
  227. parisdiorr: /me walks down and trips
  228. ElanaMari: oop
  229. parisdiorr: SHIT!
  230. CatherineRogers: Calgari please step forward and introduce yourself to the class :)
  231. Viban: you okay?
  232. ElanaMari: /me tries to help you up
  233. parisdiorr: damn yall im clumsy too
  234. Guest_ashtega: :o you good ?
  235. parisdiorr: its all good yalll
  236. Calgari: Hello I’m Kiori
  237. parisdiorr: heyy girll
  238. CatherineRogers: Hello:)
  239. Calgari: I recently moved out here from Florida
  240. parisdiorr: what part ?
  241. Pazza: ooo
  242. Calgari: Cape Coral
  243. royalgangreign: Hey
  244. CatherineRogers: Welcome :)
  245. royalgangreign: Ty I’m reign ntmu
  246. Calgari: I love modeling and fashion so I chose this class
  247. CatherineRogers: ii
  248. CatherineRogers: Please have a seat Calgari :)
  249. Pazza: ii
  250. CatherineRogers: Reign please step forward and introduce yourself:)
  251. ElanaMari: ii
  252. ElanaMari: ii
  253. royalgangreign: Hello everyone
  254. royalgangreign: I’m reign
  255. ElanaMari: hiiii
  256. ShavonneH: haay
  257. CatherineRogers: what made you choose fashion stylist?
  258. royalgangreign: I love clothing even in real life I’m alwys dressing outside the box but I always love putting my clothes together just for pictures
  259. ElanaMari: ii
  260. Viban: ii
  261. parisdiorr: aww she look like a baby
  262. royalgangreign: I wanna create my own company
  263. CatherineRogers: ii
  264. CatherineRogers: Thank you
  265. CatherineRogers: Have a seat :)
  266. royalgangreign: I always had this avatar I feel she very unique
  267. CatherineRogers: Alright!!
  268. CatherineRogers: So welcome again all of you :)
  269. CatherineRogers: As you all know this is the second semester of SEU Fashion Stylist
  270. CatherineRogers: and that I have covered almost 3 topics in my last semester
  271. ElanaMari: /me listens
  272. CatherineRogers: so those who are new to my class , I will briefly explain it to you the 3 topics that has been discussed so that it's easy for you to go ahead with the remaining topics in the future
  273. royalgangreign: /pay close attention
  274. CatherineRogers: also the three topics that I have discussed won't be coming for your exam , it's for you to know the basics of fashion stylist
  275. CatherineRogers: However , the last topic that I had to hurry was " how to analyse and fashion collection "
  276. CatherineRogers: *a
  277. royalgangreign: Okay
  278. CatherineRogers: which will be continued this semester as well
  279. CatherineRogers: so you will have 3 topics for this semester as well
  280. CatherineRogers: topics :
  281. CatherineRogers: How to analyse a fashion collection
  282. ElanaMari: okay
  283. CatherineRogers: Dress culture and society
  284. royalgangreign: /rights in notes
  285. CatherineRogers: and lastly
  286. CatherineRogers: Fashion and Celebrity
  287. ElanaMari: /me takes out notes to write
  288. royalgangreign: Ok
  289. Calgari: Okay
  290. ShavonneH: /me pops gum looks as I type it on my iphone
  291. Viban: Noted
  292. Eclairs: ok :)
  293. JAZZYBOUTTHT: /me Writes Notes Down In Notebook
  294. CatherineRogers: in the last semester we have covered 2 topics which were " The study of dress and fashion " and " Importance of color in fashion "
  295. royalgangreign: Okay
  296. CatherineRogers: Now for those who are new , don't worry I will brief it up for you and those who have returned please be patient with me XD
  297. CatherineRogers: Now ,
  298. CatherineRogers: Can someone from the new group explain it to me is fashion styling and fashion designing similar?
  299. royalgangreign: Sure
  300. royalgangreign: You want us to say what it is to us?
  301. CatherineRogers: to let the whole class know what you understand by it :)
  302. JAZZYBOUTTHT: No, They Are Not Similar I Think
  303. Viban: Fashion styling is putting together clothes already made, while fashion designing is making something new.
  304. CatherineRogers: Viban you are close
  305. royalgangreign: Well to me fashion styling and fashion designing are similar because it’s like your designing something to make it styled by someone who is putting the look together
  306. ElanaMari: brb
  307. CatherineRogers: tyt
  308. JAZZYBOUTTHT: Fashion Designing Is Like When You Drawing Out, Basically Sketching It Out & Fashion Styling Is When Your Styling A Person To Make A Good Look
  309. ShavonneH: I cant answer that right Mrs. C?
  310. CatherineRogers: ShavonneH you can now :)
  311. ShavonneH: lol I took it on the exam though :(
  312. Eclairs: Fashion styling is all about how to makes a cloth looking-good aswell as in own taste, and fashion designing is making a new one.
  313. HYPEBAEVU: ii
  314. CatherineRogers: Okay let me clear this for you
  315. CatherineRogers: Fashion designers designs an outfit whereas fashion stylists styles them
  316. CatherineRogers: so a fashion designer can hire a fashion stylist for her clothing line
  317. CatherineRogers: that is why we always see celebritites are often asked "who are you styled by and what are you wearing?"
  318. CatherineRogers: Those two different terms signifies how these two are different from each other
  319. CatherineRogers: Any questions regarding this?
  320. ShavonneH: nope I got that correct on the exam aow
  321. Viban: No
  322. CatherineRogers: ok
  323. CatherineRogers: so shall we move on ?
  324. ShavonneH: yess
  325. JAZZYBOUTTHT: Yes Please
  326. CatherineRogers: alright
  327. royalgangreign: Yea
  328. CatherineRogers: so now I will briefly explain you a few terms
  329. CatherineRogers: Dress
  330. CatherineRogers: What is a dress?
  331. CatherineRogers: Calgari?
  332. Pazza: brb
  333. CatherineRogers: tyt
  334. Calgari: Like a wedding dress?
  335. CatherineRogers: Any dress Calgari
  336. Calgari: An article that you wear without pants lol
  337. CatherineRogers: lol
  338. ShavonneH: lord I gotta stay quiet :(
  339. CatherineRogers: Dress - A dress is a piece of clothing or garment worn to cover one's body
  340. CatherineRogers: that is the actual definition for dress
  341. CatherineRogers: Now
  342. CatherineRogers: what is an outfit?
  343. ShavonneH: :((((((
  344. CatherineRogers: Han?
  345. ShavonneH: MRS. C THIS AINT RIGHT
  346. ShavonneH: /me laughs
  347. CatherineRogers: What is?
  348. ShavonneH: I dont wanna answer Lml
  349. Viban: A combination of garnments put together to form one set
  350. CatherineRogers: no please do
  351. CatherineRogers: we would like to hear you
  352. Calgari: Lol
  353. ShavonneH: I answered these though but alright lol
  354. CatherineRogers: Since we are all in the class , you can answer it again
  355. CatherineRogers: :)
  356. Eclairs: Outfit is a set of clothes worn together for occasion or purpose?
  357. ShavonneH: an outfit is pieces of clothes along with accesories coming together
  358. CatherineRogers: yhes ShavonneH
  359. CatherineRogers: *yes
  360. ElanaMari: back
  361. CatherineRogers: and Han you are correct too :)
  362. CatherineRogers: wb:)
  363. ElanaMari: ty
  364. CatherineRogers: And Eclairs , it can be worn for anything , doesn't really have to be an occasion always :)
  365. CatherineRogers: Now any questions regarding this?
  366. Eclairs: ooo ok
  367. CatherineRogers: this is just the basics
  368. CatherineRogers: won't come for your exam
  369. Viban: None here
  370. CatherineRogers: just for you to know it
  371. Calgari: No
  372. CatherineRogers: alright
  373. royalgangreign: I’ll brb gotta do sum for my mom in rl
  374. CatherineRogers: What is a costume?
  375. CatherineRogers: alright royalgangreign
  376. ShavonneH: a costume is a piece of clothing used to identify a specific person
  377. ShavonneH: clothing or accessory*
  378. CatherineRogers: /me nods
  379. CatherineRogers: anyone else?
  380. Calgari: Like Christmas or Halloween
  381. CatherineRogers: I want some answers from the new lot
  382. CatherineRogers: yes Calgari
  383. Viban: I think the difference between costumes and outfits is that costumes are temporary. You put them on for a special occasion, while outfits don't need any reason.
  384. CatherineRogers: yes Han!!
  385. ElanaMari: /me nods
  386. JAZZYBOUTTHT: /me Claps
  387. CatherineRogers: so basically , costume is a particular set of clothes for a particular theme or setting
  388. CatherineRogers: any questions on this?
  389. Viban: none
  390. JAZZYBOUTTHT: No :)
  391. CatherineRogers: now
  392. ShavonneH: could it be to identify a person to MRS C?
  393. Calgari: No
  394. ShavonneH: caus-
  395. ShavonneH: oh-
  396. ShavonneH: well
  397. CatherineRogers: Costume can identify a person's personality
  398. CatherineRogers: like for example a clown
  399. Guest_ashtega: Like... roleplay, miss?
  400. ElanaMari: /me writes that down
  401. CatherineRogers: we know clowns and what are they for with how they wear it
  402. CatherineRogers: that is one example of many
  403. CatherineRogers: we have catwoman
  404. CatherineRogers: spiderman
  405. CatherineRogers: superman
  406. CatherineRogers: so many characters
  407. CatherineRogers: but their outfits are termed as costumes
  408. ShavonneH: alrighttt
  409. CatherineRogers: cause as I've mentioned above costume is a particular set of clothes for a paricular theme or setting
  410. CatherineRogers: and this here is the setting
  411. CatherineRogers: any more questions?
  412. ShavonneH: no thats all
  413. CatherineRogers: alright
  414. CatherineRogers: What is an uniform?
  415. ShavonneH: an outfit worn by peers under a facility or organization to maintain professionalism and organization
  416. Viban: Beat me to it
  417. ShavonneH: ex: school, jobs
  418. CatherineRogers: yes ShavonneH!
  419. Calgari: Me too lol
  420. ElanaMari: ii
  421. ElanaMari: ii
  422. CatherineRogers: Anyone from the new lot who wants to add up?
  423. Calgari: Like a police force or soccer team
  424. Viban: I think uniform can also refer more casually to just wearing the same thing everyday-- like Spongebob or Timmy Turner
  425. ElanaMari: hmmm
  426. ElanaMari: i never thought about it like that
  427. CatherineRogers: you have a point there Han
  428. Guest_ashtega: that's true :o
  429. CatherineRogers: but that won't be considered as a uniform though
  430. CatherineRogers: cause
  431. CatherineRogers: no you are right
  432. CatherineRogers: ii
  433. CatherineRogers: I even gave it a thought about it and it's true actually
  434. CatherineRogers: well done Han!
  435. JAZZYBOUTTHT: /me Claps
  436. Viban: thanks
  437. CatherineRogers: ii
  438. ElanaMari: ii
  439. ElanaMari: ii
  440. CatherineRogers: any questions on this?
  441. Viban: none
  443. CatherineRogers: now what is an attire ?
  444. Eclairs: For me its like formal ones
  445. Viban: ^
  446. Calgari: Something you wear for a certain occasion
  447. CatherineRogers: /me nods
  448. CatherineRogers: yes
  449. ShavonneH: an attie is considered a LOOK put together depending on a category
  450. ShavonneH: ex: formal, everyday, atheltic
  451. ElanaMari: /me agrees
  452. ShavonneH: athletic*
  453. CatherineRogers: yes ShavonneH!
  454. Viban: ii
  455. CatherineRogers: but also Eclairs you are correct too
  456. CatherineRogers: Attire is clothes especially of a particular or formal type
  457. CatherineRogers: so both of you are correct
  458. CatherineRogers: any questions on this?
  459. Viban: none
  460. Calgari: No
  461. Guest_ashtega: no ma'am
  462. CatherineRogers: What is Fashion to you?
  463. Calgari: A way to express your individuality through clothes or makeup
  464. Eclairs: fashion is how to express myself as in outfit
  465. Viban: Fashion is subjective and expressive. Some are going to find it pleasing to them and some aren't but that doesn't change the fact that it's your identity expressed in clothing form.
  466. ShavonneH: fashion is an expression of ONES vision.. taking risk and pulling off looks while satisfying the public eye.
  467. ElanaMari: ii
  468. ElanaMari: ii
  469. ElanaMari: I have nothing to add
  470. ElanaMari: z
  471. HYPEBAEVU: fashion is a form of personality through clothing. to express how you feel on the inside. it can also represent who you are as an individual.
  472. CatherineRogers: Whoa!
  473. CatherineRogers: I'm quite impressed!
  474. CatherineRogers: ii
  475. HYPEBAEVU: ii
  476. Viban: ii
  477. CatherineRogers: All of you great!
  478. ElanaMari: ii
  479. ElanaMari: ii
  480. ElanaMari: good job
  481. Guest_ashtega: honestly to put it simple...Fashion...I believe is a lifestyle.
  482. CatherineRogers: ii
  483. ElanaMari: /me nods
  484. CatherineRogers: I think we are clear with this one
  485. CatherineRogers: Now
  486. CatherineRogers: next topic
  487. CatherineRogers: Importance of color in fashion
  488. CatherineRogers: Colors put happiness and liveliness to a person's life
  489. ShavonneH: hell yeah
  490. CatherineRogers: The type of color combinations  that we choose for ourselves reflects our inner self
  491. ElanaMari: lmaoo
  492. Guest_ashtega: colour ! well first off, colour is very important. colour can make or break a look. colour also can describe a mood, as in: yellow, light blue & pink are known as vibrant colours , so happiness basically
  493. ShavonneH: LMFAO WAIT
  494. ShavonneH: SHE WAS READY
  495. ShavonneH: HELL YEAH!
  496. CatherineRogers: The bright color reflects happiness
  498. ShavonneH: she went the hell off
  499. Guest_ashtega: LMAAAOOO
  500. ShavonneH: COME ONE SIS!
  501. CatherineRogers: lol
  502. CatherineRogers: ii
  503. Guest_ashtega: I WASS
  504. ElanaMari: rightttt
  505. ElanaMari: ii
  506. ElanaMari: ii
  507. ShavonneH: I yodeled :((
  508. CatherineRogers: lol
  509. Guest_ashtega: sksksksk but nawlll, colour is one of the main keys in fashion
  510. ElanaMari: I got a little confused on the color part
  511. ElanaMari: i kinda mixed them up
  512. CatherineRogers: so the bright color reflects happiness and adds positive vibes to one while the dull colors reflect the sadness in person's life and some color adds peace to one's life
  513. ElanaMari: /me re writes that down
  514. Guest_ashtega: yes miss . Sadness would be like black & grey...
  515. CatherineRogers: mhm
  516. CatherineRogers: god
  517. CatherineRogers: net
  518. CatherineRogers: z
  519. CatherineRogers: alright
  520. CatherineRogers: So we are surrounded by so many colors
  521. CatherineRogers: Now I wanna ask you all what does these colors refer to
  522. Eclairs: but dark colour can brings you a message as explicit, sometimes it can show off as happiness too imho cmiiw
  523. Guest_ashtega: Colour combination ?
  524. CatherineRogers: The color black , what does it stand for?
  525. CatherineRogers: anyone ?
  526. Eclairs: brave and freedom
  527. Viban: Black is grounded and versatile
  528. Guest_ashtega: Sadness/Mysterious/Dull
  529. Calgari: Mourning?
  530. Guest_ashtega: ?
  531. ShavonneH: black stands for melanin
  532. ShavonneH: Haaayyyy
  533. ElanaMari: z
  534. Eclairs: haha
  535. Viban: ii
  536. Guest_ashtega: amen to that !
  537. Viban: yesss
  538. ShavonneH: :((
  539. ElanaMari: thats righttt
  540. Guest_ashtega: PERIODD
  541. CatherineRogers: It can be sometimes worn for mourning
  542. ShavonneH: ugh yes I know my mind
  543. CatherineRogers: and sometimes
  544. ElanaMari: Black can also be sleek or chic
  545. CatherineRogers: it is also considered as sophistication
  546. CatherineRogers: yes Elana
  547. CatherineRogers: In the fashion world , Black is the most worn color cause it's classy and screams sophistication
  548. Eclairs: ii
  549. CatherineRogers: It is even the most popular color worn
  550. ElanaMari: it is for me
  551. CatherineRogers: Now how about the color red?
  552. Guest_ashtega: SEXY
  553. Viban: Passion
  554. Calgari: Red is boldness or love?
  555. Guest_ashtega: oop. first word that popped up in my head
  556. Eclairs: thats why i said black is freedom bcs it can describe anything ><
  557. ElanaMari: I agree with black is freedom
  558. Eclairs: red is a truth
  559. Eclairs: XDD
  560. CatherineRogers: ii
  561. Guest_ashtega: ii
  562. CatherineRogers: Well I agree with all of you
  563. ShavonneH: red is sas and anger
  564. Guest_ashtega: raw emotions :/
  565. CatherineRogers: and if I have to ask you where do you find yourself most likely wearing the color red?
  566. ShavonneH: ON MY HEELS AOOOW
  567. ElanaMari: z
  568. CatherineRogers: Sorry my bad
  569. CatherineRogers: my question is
  570. Eclairs: lol
  571. CatherineRogers: Which occasion ?
  572. Viban: depends on the article of clothing
  573. ShavonneH: FORMAL
  574. Calgari: Valentines
  575. CatherineRogers: mhm
  576. JAZZYBOUTTHT: Yeah Formal
  577. CatherineRogers: ooo yes valentines
  578. Viban: obvious a red dress is going to be more formal, but red pvc not so much
  579. Viban: obviously*
  580. Eclairs: I was about to say Valentines and Cocktail party as combinations with black :D
  581. ElanaMari: AGREES
  582. CatherineRogers: ooo yes Eclairs !
  583. Eclairs: it would look so elegant effortlessly
  584. CatherineRogers: Now how about pink?
  585. Guest_ashtega: Red & black is a dangerous combination bcuz it's so...amazing
  586. ShavonneH: so Mrs. C my heels dont count-
  587. ShavonneH: OOOH SHIRTS!
  588. CatherineRogers: lol
  589. ShavonneH: everyday wear
  590. CatherineRogers: it does count ShavonneH:)
  591. Guest_ashtega: pinkkkkkkk! CASUAL
  592. JAZZYBOUTTHT: For Cancer Month
  593. Guest_ashtega: oouu! yes!
  594. CatherineRogers: ii
  595. Calgari: I think pink can be worn casually
  596. Eclairs: pink is not my main but when i wore it must be when im feeling loved
  597. CatherineRogers: ooo
  598. CatherineRogers: yes
  599. ElanaMari: I where pink often so I don't know lol
  600. Viban: pink conveys femininity, innocence, vulnerability
  601. CatherineRogers: true Viban!
  602. Eclairs: yes girl
  603. JAZZYBOUTTHT: /me Nods
  604. Eclairs: ii
  605. Guest_ashtega: yuppp!
  606. ElanaMari: yess innocence
  607. Eclairs: black and pink is dead combination too
  608. Eclairs: dudududu~
  609. CatherineRogers: The color pink is the universal love of oneself and of others
  610. Eclairs: ><
  611. Guest_ashtega: anything goes with black
  612. ElanaMari: white is for innocence and purity too right?
  613. Eclairs: mhmm
  614. Guest_ashtega: hmm
  615. CatherineRogers: Yes Elana it is
  616. Eclairs: white is calming and home
  617. CatherineRogers: yeap yeap
  618. CatherineRogers: What about Dark Green
  619. CatherineRogers: ?
  620. Guest_ashtega: nature
  621. JAZZYBOUTTHT: I Never Worn Dark Green
  622. ElanaMari: wealth
  623. Eclairs: ooo
  624. Viban: dark green is really grounded and strong
  625. Eclairs: its a life
  626. Viban: makes me think of aventurine, a crystal that bring good energy
  627. ShavonneH: dark green symbolizes nature
  628. ShavonneH: WOO THATS A COLOR green omg
  629. ShavonneH: olive green? UGH YES A COLOR
  630. ShavonneH: whoever created that MIND was superb woo
  631. CatherineRogers: Well dark green is growth
  632. CatherineRogers: and like Elana said it's wealth too
  633. CatherineRogers: Now how about brown , charcoal and navy colors?
  634. JAZZYBOUTTHT: Naturalism
  635. ShavonneH: feces aka shit
  636. Guest_ashtega: navy - blue = harmony
  637. ShavonneH: oh wait you mean what it reps?
  638. ShavonneH: oh brown represents soil
  639. ShavonneH: nurture
  640. Guest_ashtega: oooooops-
  641. ElanaMari: z
  642. ElanaMari: @shit
  643. CatherineRogers: Well brown , charcoal and navy colors are good at reflecting power whether at work or at a time when you're trynna convince someone
  644. ShavonneH: well my ass needa stop guessing at this point :(
  645. CatherineRogers: so all in the all the darkening of any color adds empowerment
  646. CatherineRogers: *so all in all
  647. Viban: ii
  648. CatherineRogers: any more colors you'd like to add?
  649. Viban: orange, blues, purples?
  650. Calgari: Yellow or purples?
  652. Viban: Bolder colors, really
  653. CatherineRogers: orange is joy
  654. CatherineRogers: happiness
  655. ElanaMari: /me re writes that
  656. CatherineRogers: enjoyment , fun
  657. CatherineRogers: where do you think you can wear orange color fit?
  658. Eclairs: on birthday party :D
  659. Eclairs: or wait
  660. ElanaMari: summertime
  661. ShavonneH: my nigga house aow
  662. Eclairs: yeah on the beach
  663. ShavonneH: a tasty orange woo
  664. Viban: autumn
  665. ElanaMari: LMAO
  666. CatherineRogers: beach yes
  667. Guest_ashtega: Beach
  668. CatherineRogers: autumn too
  669. Guest_ashtega: Ohhhh , i didn't see
  670. CatherineRogers: The color blue represents loyalty
  671. ElanaMari: and purple is royalty?
  672. Guest_ashtega: peace ?
  673. CatherineRogers: purple is royalty yes
  674. CatherineRogers: purple represents royalty , power , ambition
  675. CatherineRogers: luxury too
  676. ShavonneH: hell yeah
  677. ElanaMari: okay
  678. ShavonneH: oh shit its midnight lmaoo
  679. Guest_ashtega: i'm shutting down lmaoo
  680. ElanaMari: wow it is midnight
  681. Guest_ashtega: for me it's 11:03
  682. CatherineRogers: So that is all
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