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  1. I can’t wait for the winds of winter.
  3. Spoilers :
  6. The final season was such a disappointment for me after being invested in this story for over a decade. These are characters I basically have grown up with since I was 15 years old, and it’s very bittersweet to have it come to an end. This is just some of my ramblings about certain character endings.
  8. Jaime. How do you fuck Jaime up so badly and totally disregard the valonqar prophecy? Having him return to Cersei in the show even though he burned her letter asking him to return to her (in AFFC). And him betraying poor Brienne. Annoying to have his redemption arc totally ruined.                                                              
  10. I’ve never been a Daenerys fan, though I liked her story for the most part, but she deserved a far better end than what she got as well. That scene just didn’t feel right, and her ‘descent to madness’ happened far to quickly. This season needed to be like 12 episodes not 6.
  12. Didn’t like how they treated the dragons either, including Viserion. But I guess the writers forgot about the Horn of Joramun so they needed him to bring the wall down so we could get one whole episode of battle to get rid of the Others. I won’t even get into how they just had Rhaegal randomly shot out of the sky by professional snipers but Drogon couldn’t be touched by hundreds of scorpions on the walls of Kings landing. And then Drogon just fucks off at the end of the show never to be seen again. Ha. Ha.
  14. I liked Aryas ending, she gets to do what she wants to do, and she’s always been a lone wolf. So I liked that ending for her, even though it’s obviously they only did it to set up a spin off show for her.
  16. No closure for Nymeria which was disappointing.
  18. I loved Sansa’s ending, who would have been Queen of the seven kingdoms if I had my perfect choice of ending. Happy that the north is free again, and she will be a good queen. Loved her arc from the naive girl who was so excited to move to King’s Landing to the strong woman she became. Perfect ending for the Hound’s little bird.
  20. The Hounds ending was what it should have been, taking out his brother by throwing him into the fire, but the way the scene played out was so fucking corny and Robert Strong looked like a fucking Marvel villain. It was ridiculous.
  22. Jon’s ending just pisses me off, mainly for the show to throw R+L=J into our faces for so long only for literally nothing to come out of it other than Tyrion using it to convince Jon to kill Dany. After that it literally was forgotten and his cripple cousin steals the throne that is rightfully his. What’s stopping them from just acting like Jon is going to the wall until Grey Worms dumb ass leaves on a boat and then let Jon off the hook? How does Grey Worm even know/care/accept letting them send Jon to the wall? He knows no history of Westeros. He wouldn’t care about the wall and the punishment of sending someone there. Hated Jon’s ending, but I’m glad he’s back with Ghost where he belongs.
  24. I wish Ghost and Jon were closer in the show like they are in the books, but I understand them not having the time to invest in Jon’s warging abilities, etc.
  26. I don’t have much to say about Bran being on the throne. It’s so out of left field that I literally haven’t given much thought to it over the years because I never thought it would happen. If this is the ending GRRM told to the show writers I hope he does a much better job fleshing out these characters, because Bran literally did fuck all for the past 8 seasons. And out of nowhere Tyrion and these lords trust him to lead the realm.
  28. I’m glad Tyrion survived, but I wish he was Lord of Casterly Rock and not the Hand. But being the hand is a form of punishment, and he deserves it after betraying my boy Varys.
  30. As Jaime said in the first season, “The king shits, and the hand wipes.” Tyrion will be doing a lot of that with Brans broken ass lol.
  32. I’m sad to see one of my favorite stories come to an end, but I hope to be able to forget all of this if George finally releases his version of the ending.
  34. Until then my watch begins.
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