T5S2 10th Edition Rules Judgements & FAQ (up. 10.16.23)

Jul 2nd, 2023 (edited)
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  1. (NOTE) Rulings in this document marked (FAQ) describe how common rules interactions function together, but do not add new interpretation or information. Rulings marked (JUDGEMENT) are rules judgements that represent new or uncommon interpretations of rules that may be played differently in other communities. Entries marked (NOTE) are just explanatory and don't represent any rules implications.
  4. Core Concepts
  5. - (JUDGEMENT) A player with no remaining units in play can still complete their turns.
  7. - (JUDGEMENT) The Starting Strength of units that are divided into two or more units after the Muster Armies step is recalculated upon that division.
  9. - (JUDGEMENT) Rules that specify that they take place at the start of a phase/step only take effect before any other rules that would take place in that phase/step have been resolved.
  11. (NOTE) The base of base-measuring models, and the hull of hull-measuring models, will collectively be referred to as the measurement surface of that model.
  12. - (JUDGEMENT) The measurement surface of models may not intersect that of other models or terrain. While a model is moving, only its measurement surface is considered for the purpose of moving over or intersecting terrain features, however in order to end a movement or be set up legally, miniatures (regardless of their measurement surface) may never intersect terrain.
  14. - (JUDGEMENT) Effects that allow models to ignore modifiers to their characteristics (such as Trajann Valoris), do not ignore modifiers to the characteristics of weapons those models are equipped with.
  16. - (FAQ) Effects that trigger or are used when a unit is selected to shoot or fight (such as Unparalelled Foresight) are not in effect when making attacks outside the appropriate phase (such as when firing Overwatch).
  18. - (FAQ) Effects that occur when a unit was "just destroyed" (such as the Reinforcements! Stratagem) do so after it is removed from the battlefield.
  20. - (FAQ) Abilities that require a model to be on the battlefield to be used... cannot be used when the model is not on the battlefield.
  21. Because of course they can't...
  23. Pre-Battle Abilities
  24. - (JUDGEMENT) Unless otherwise specified, effects that allow units to redeploy are resolved before determining the player taking the first turn. While redeploying, units can make use of abilities that resolve during deployment.
  26. Command Phase
  27. - (JUDGEMENT) CP gained during this phase (aside from the 1 CP gained each turn normally) count against the GAINING COMMAND POINTS restriction.
  29. Movement Phase
  30. - (JUDGEMENT) Units disembarking normally from a transport do so during the Move Units step of this phase.
  32. - (FAQ) The height of a terrain feature (for the purposes of ignoring it for movement and the Titanic Walker rule) is measured from a highest point of that terrain feature, regardless of the dimensions of the specific component of the terrain feature model being moved over.
  33. (NOTE) Keep in mind that measurement Through The Air is still based on the actual movement of moving model, so the height of the specific component of the terrain feature model being moved over is taken into account.
  34. (NOTE) The T5S2 map pool specifies the height of each terrain feature at their highest points.
  36. - (FAQ) Effects that allow models to be added or returned to a unit cannot be used in the same phase the unit was set up on the battlefield from reserves.
  38. - (JUDGEMENT) Reposition effects that resolve immediately, or specify exactly when a unit is set back up on the battlefield (such as "the Reinforcements step of your next Movement Phase") override the normal restrictions against Reserves arriving during the first Battle Round, and can be used to set up repositioned units on the battlefield during the first Battle Round.
  39. NOTE: Per the Leviathan Games pack; reposition effects that place a unit from the Battlefield into Strategic Reserves can always be used to set those units up in the first Battle Round provided that they started battle on the battlefield.
  41. Shooting Phase
  42. - (JUDGEMENT) A weapon may not be chosen to make attacks by both a unit and a transport it is embarked within or embarks into in a single phase.
  43. - (JUDGEMENT) An expended One-Shot weapon cannot be used by a transport to make attacks with via the firing deck ability, and a transport using a One-Shot weapon via the firing deck ability expends the weapon for the embarked unit.
  45. Making Attacks
  46. - (FAQ) Fast dice rolling may be used in the following circumstances:
  47. -When resolving hit and wound rolls for weapons with identical profiles, abilities, targetting the same unit.
  48. -When resolving saving throws for non-random damage attacks with identical target numbers.
  49. In situations where fast dice rolling may be used, dice manipulation (such as Command Reroll) may be used after the fast dice roll has been resolved. In ALL other situations, saves or damage rolls must be resolved one at a time one at a time for dice manipulation to be used.
  51. Stratagems
  52. - (FAQ) Stratagems that do not specify a target (such as Command Re-roll) cannot be affected by abilities that require a unit to be targeted by a stratagem (such as Rites of Battle).
  53. NOTE: Some effects (such as Battle Shock) check whether a unit is being "affected by" a stratagem, which does not require the stratagem to target them. Battle shocked units still cannot be affected by Command Re-roll.
  55. - (FAQ) Unless otherwise specified, rules that modify the CP cost of a stratagem that targets a friendly unit, cannot be used if an enemy unit must also be selected as the target of that stratagem (such as the Surprise Assault stratagem).
  57. - (JUDGEMENT) The Big Guns Never Tire and Pistol rules do not trigger while resolving the Fire Overwatch stratagem, so as such an engaged unit may never be selected as the target of the stratagem or attacks made as a result of the stratagem.
  60. - (JUDGEMENT) For missions using the Hidden Supplies rule on maps that do not have only 2 corners of the battlefield in no mans land, the players roll off. The player that wins the roll moves the marker in the direction of a corner of their choosing.
  63. Chaos Daemons
  64. - (JUDGEMENT) Kairos Fateweaver's 'One Head Looks Forward' ability affects the chosen Stratagem for the remainder of the battle, and as such applies each time the stratagem is used (so future uses of the stratagem will incur an increasing tax).
  65. NOTE: All other CP cost-increasing abilities only increase the cost of the stratagem by a total of 1.
  67. Necrons
  68. - (JUDGEMENT) When the Protocol of the Undying Legions stratagem is used targeting Necron Warriors, the unit's controlling player can choose to use either the reanimation value of Their Number is Legion or the Protocol of the Undying Legions.
  70. Thousand Sons
  71. - (JUDGEMENT) A single model can only be affected by the Weaver of Fates Cabalistic Ritual once each phase.
  72. - (JUDGEMENT) A single unit can only be affected by the Echoes of the Warp Cabalistic Ritual once each phase.
  73. - (FAQ) Rolls for the resolution Doombolt Cabalistic Ritual do not constitute hit, wound, or damage rolls.
  75. Tyranids
  76. - (JUDGEMENT) Spore Mine units generated during the game are considered to be Reserves. As such they count as having made a Normal Move when set up, and are affected by all restrictions otherwise imposed on the set up of Reserves.
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