MagiReco Main Story 8 - Mitama

Jun 25th, 2018
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  1. Mitama
  3. 8.22 Mitama 1
  4. at the Adjuster's
  5. Mitama: "What should I do? Not as the Adjuster, but as Yakumo Mitama..."
  7. 8.22.1 (from 8.21.1 Momoko 4)
  8. [at the Adjuster's]
  9. Mitama: "..."
  10. (Kanagi... What should I do...)
  11. (I understand your feelings of wanting to help Yachiyo-san out...)
  12. (You think that in the end, Magius's plans will not bear fruit...)
  13. (But, I don't know...)
  14. (I know because I'm the Adjuster...)
  15. (That they're raising witches, and spreading rumors...)
  16. (And even brainwashed Tsuruno and others...)
  17. (But even so, I still don't know which to support...)
  18. *bam!*
  19. Mitama: "Huh!?"
  20. "W-What!?"
  21. Momoko: "Adjuster! Let me borrow some space!"
  22. Mitama: "Momoko!?"
  23. "And... Eh!?"
  24. [screen wipe; we see Konomi, Kako, and Kaede]
  25. Konomi: "It's just as Kaede-chan said, everyone is gathered here."
  26. Kako: "Um, Nanaka-san and the others on my team..."
  27. "Might come here too..."
  28. Kaede: "Yeah, we're all trying to spread the word, so I think more will come."
  29. [screen wipe, we see Ria and Manaka]
  30. Ria: Now the name of the lovely Ami Ria will naturally spread."
  31. "Ooohoho!"
  32. Manaka: "Senpai, this is not your stage. Please don't butt in."
  33. [screen wipe]
  34. Sasara: "These are all rescued magical girls, huh."
  35. Asuka: "We're the first, so there are more going to come."
  36. Rena: "So can you wait here for a bit longer?"
  37. [screen wipe]
  38. Masara: "Now you need to explain and clear up the suspicion."
  39. Kokoro: "You shouldn't be so distrustful, Masara..."
  40. Aimi: "Um! We have someone injured here, so can we clear some space somewhere?"
  41. Mitama: "What's going on here?"
  42. Momoko: "Well, all of our team members thought of the same place."
  43. Mitama: "That's not answering my question."
  44. Momoko: "Sorry about this, Adjuster, but let me explain briefly."
  45. Mitama: "O-okay."
  46. Momoko: "The Wings of Magius are acting."
  47. "On top of spreading witches throughout town, they're indiscriminately trying to kill magical girls."
  48. Rena: "And all the feathers have gone crazy. They're all acting weird."
  49. Mitama: "Huh, really? I didn't know that!"
  50. "Even if that's true..."
  51. "Isn't their goal to save all magical girls?"
  52. Momoko: "I knew it, you did know about them..."
  53. Mitama: "...I'm the Adjuster."
  54. Momoko: "Well, you say you're neutral, but it's not you're adjusting every day."
  55. "And between that, you might remember about the Magius."
  56. Mitama: "That's right..."
  57. Momoko: "And so, as the Adjuster, who despite knowing about both us and the Wings of Magius..."
  58. "Maintained her neutrality, I would like a favor from you."
  59. Mitama: "W-what is it?"
  60. Momoko: "Let us use this as a shelter."
  61. "And explain to them what you know. I want you to share everything you know."
  62. "Both about their goal of release, and what they've done."
  63. Mitama: "Are you serious!? I'm the number one most trustworthy Adjuster!"
  64. "Telling them everything, knowing that it's in your interest..."
  65. "Would be breaking my impartiality!"
  66. Momoko: "That's why I'm saying this."
  67. Mitama: "Momoko, is that why you..."
  68. Momoko: "I want you to break your neutrality."
  69. Mitama: "Ah, I see now..."
  70. "..."
  71. Momoko: "If you can't, then at least let us stay here. I'll do the explaining..."
  72. "I know that you have no power to fight."
  73. "So I know that even though you knew it all, you couldn't safely say it."
  74. "So I won't resent it."
  75. Mitama: "Momoko..."
  76. Momoko: "However, I didn't think that you would merely watch..."
  77. "As they killed magical girls for no reason."
  78. Mitama: "Stop it, Momoko."
  79. Momoko: "Do you really think your neutrality is worth protecting?"
  80. Mitama: "!?"
  81. "..."
  82. "..."
  83. "!"
  84. "I understand..."
  85. "I guess I can't help it if I lose a few customers."
  86. "But, even if I do break my neutrality..."
  87. "I'm only talking to avoid a situation in which the Adjuster is disadvantaged."
  88. Momoko: "That's one way to put it."
  89. Mitama: "If you say that, then protect me until the end of my life, Momoko."
  90. TO: Nothing
  92. 8.56 Mitama 2
  93. at the Adjuster's
  94. Mitama: "There are a lot of people gathered here... I guess it's about time to tell them, huh..."
  96. 8.56.1 (from 8.62.1 Felicia 6)
  97. [at the Adjuster's]
  98. Momoko: "The number of girls who took shelter here independently is quite a lot..."
  99. "But..."
  100. "This is becoming almost like a field hospital..."
  101. Mitama: "..."
  102. "So it is true that they're killing indiscriminately..."
  103. *slam!*
  104. Momoko: "Someone else came, it seems."
  105. [screen wipe]
  106. Tsuruno: "Excuse me, coming through!"
  107. Felicia: "She's really sick! Or rather, really injured!"
  108. Momoko: "Tsuruno, Felicia!"
  109. Shizuku: "uh..."
  110. Momoko: "This girl..."
  111. Ayaka: "Shizuku-chan!?"
  112. "You're in terrible shape! This happened after you contacted me?"
  113. Shizuku: "Y...eah..."
  114. Mitama: "Wait, over here! Put her on the Adjustment bed!"
  115. "Any grief seeds!?"
  116. Tsuruno: "We already used it!"
  117. Mitama: "Then all we can do is wait for her to heal herself..."
  118. "Shizuku-chan, you don't have any healing powers, do you?"
  119. Ayaka: "Y-yeah... she only has the power to connect spaces..."
  120. Mitama: "I feel bad, but she probably won't get better in a day or two..."
  121. "But..."
  122. Ayaka: "B-but...?"
  123. Mitama: "If her magic has been replenished, I think she'll be fine just sleeping."
  124. Ayaka: "I'm so glad..."
  125. "I was so surprised I couldn't even think of a gag..."
  126. Momoko: "It'd be scary if you could..."
  127. [screen wipe]
  128. Mitama: "sigh..."
  129. "Since Tsuruno and Felicia-chan have come..."
  130. "All we have to do is wait for Yachiyo-san and Kanagi."
  131. Momoko: "Well, yeah..."
  132. "Anyway, sorry about making you do all this..."
  133. Mitama: "Why mention it now?"
  134. "Well, up until now you've hunted familiars and witches for me here."
  135. "I feel like I can finally pay you back for all that."
  136. "At least officially."
  137. Momoko: "Officially?"
  138. [we see everyone who has shown up]
  139. Asuka: "It's been a while since we've arrived."
  140. "Isn't it about time you told us in detail what's going on?"
  141. Sasara: "She's got seppuku on the line here."
  142. Asuka: "Please don't make fun of me anymore!"
  143. Nanaka: "It's exactly as you say, though."
  144. "While I don't think that every magical girl in Kamihama has gathered here quite yet..."
  145. "I think it's about time you begin."
  146. Hazuki: "If there's a need to wait for Yachiyo-san, though, then that's a different story."
  147. "But there's no need, is there?"
  148. Tsuruno: "Yeah... but... I wonder where she is..."
  149. Felicia: "She said to meet up as soon as we form groups of at least two, right?"
  150. Tsuruno: "Yeah, but..."
  151. Ayaka: "Um, is this Yachiyo-san the long-haired spear user?"
  152. Tsuruno: "Yeah, that's right..."
  153. Ayaka: "When I met with her, she told me to head to the Adjusters and went towards a heliport."
  154. Tsuruno: "Huh? When was this!?"
  155. Ayaka: "I think it was quite a while ago..."
  156. Tsuruno: "Heliport..."
  157. "This might be bad..."
  158. "That would be a perfect spot to fight, where nobody can see!"
  159. Felicia: "Tsuruno! Let's go! She might be fighting against someone!"
  160. Tsuruno: "Yeah!"
  161. Rena: "Wait, you two! What about the explanation?"
  162. "You're related to this, so it'll be fine!"
  163. Felicia: "We'll leave it to you!"
  164. Rena: "Team Mikadzuki House sure is in a kerfuffle..."
  165. Kaede: "I wonder when we can start..."
  166. Mitama: "..."
  167. "It won't do us much good waiting. Let's start."
  168. Momoko: "Yeah, that's right."
  169. [screen wipe]
  170. Mitama: "Everyone, sorry for the wait."
  171. "Now, I will tell everyone what I know."
  172. "Who the Wings of Magius are, and what their goal is."
  173. "And also, what might have driven them to start attacking you. Everything."
  174. "However, in order to understand, I'm going to have to tell you things I'd rather not."
  175. "It's also something you probably wouldn't want to hear."
  176. "So, prepare yourselves."
  177. "If you're too afraid to listen, then you should either plug your ears or leave."
  178. TO: 8.57.1 (Mitama 3)
  180. 8.57 Mitama 3
  181. at the Adjuster's
  182. Mitama: "This is a delicate topic, so I have to approach it carefully."
  184. 8.57.1 (from 8.56.1 Mitama 2)
  185. [at the Adjuster's]
  186. Mitama: "In order to tell you everything, I probably should go down the same path."
  187. "So we'll follow the sequence via which Iroha-chan learned this..."
  188. "As I explain it to you."
  189. [fade to black]
  190. Mitama: *The Wings of Magius, who attacked all of you, was launched some number of months ago and has been secretly working in the shadows."
  191. [in the background we see the city at night]
  192. Mitama: *At the time that witches and magical girls gathered in the city, and rumored stories began occurring in real life, they had already begun operating."
  193. [fade to gray; we see Yachiyo]
  194. Mitama: *The first person to begin moving, without knowing what was going on, was Yachiyo-san.*
  195. *Yachiyo realized that rumored stories became large witch-like entities, rumors.*
  196. [Iroha and Tsuruno stand next to her]
  197. Mitama: *Iroha-chan and Tsuruno-chan became her teammates, and since then, the three of them have been targeting rumors.*
  198. [now we see a black feather]
  199. Mitama: *And then they first encountered the Wings of Magius.*
  200. [flashback to the sewers]
  201. black feather: "In this city, Magius is working to release magical girls from a spell."
  202. "We are working to assist them in that."
  203. Mitama: *The first thing they learned was that the Wings of Magius were aiming to release magical girls."
  204. *I'm sure most magical girls are unaware of what is meant by that."
  205. *In fact, at that time, Iroha as well did not understand either."
  206. [fade to black, we see a black feather]
  207. Mitama: *All she knew was that they were strange people who protected the rumors that caused danger for people.*
  208. [fade to black]
  209. Mitama: *However, Iroha-chan continued to target rumors, working towards a different goal.*
  210. *That's why they suddenly became involved with the Wings of Magius.*
  211. *Of course, when fighting with the Wings of Magius who were protecting rumors, they were once again reminded of how abnormal the Wings of Magius are.*
  212. [flashback to the helipad after the fight with Ai]
  213. Tsukasa: "Protecting witches..."
  214. Tsukuyo: "...Is only one part of releasing magical girls."
  215. Tsukasa: "Rumors and witches, together, will connect us with the first release."
  216. Tsukuyo: "Right?"
  217. "People's feelings and impurities and curses are all necessary for release as well, you know."
  218. Mitama: *What they learned was that they were using not only rumors, but witches as well, to achieve release.*
  219. *At this time, Iroha-chan recognized that the Wings of Magius were a dangerous existence that protected rumors and witches, which in turn hurt people.*
  220. [fade to black]
  221. Mitama: *However, after that, she learned of the meaning of release.*
  222. *What we magical girls need to be released from, what spell it is that binds us.*
  223. *That is...*
  224. [flashback to the museum]
  225. Felicia: "Magical girls turn into... witches? No way that could be..."
  226. "If it were, then... if soul gems are souls..."
  227. "Then we're witches too!"
  228. Touka: "It may be unfortunate, but that's the truth. I told you at the start, didn't I?"
  229. "This is neither a joke nor a lie. This is just how it is."
  230. Mitama: *The spell that binds us... ended up being the fact that magical girls turn into witches.*
  231. [fade to black]
  232. Mitama: *But even so, Iroha-chan and Yachiyo-san refused to believe the Wings of Magius.*
  233. *They couldn't accept that the Wings of Magius, trying to create a world where you don't become a witch, were using witches and rumors.*
  234. *And just as they had feared, the Wings of Magius began committing atrocities.*
  235. [we see Sana, Tsuruno, and Felicia]
  236. Mitama: *They brainwashed Tsuruno and Felicia-chan and Sana-chan, and then...*
  237. [now we see Rumor Tsuruno]
  238. Mitama: *They made Tsuruno part of a rumor, and tried to indiscriminately kill the people of Kamihama.*
  239. *As for why...*
  240. *Everything became known after they saved Tsuruno.*
  241. *What the Magius who lead the Wings of Magius were trying to do...*
  242. [fade to gray; a flashback]
  243. Touka: *The reason that we use witches and rumors is because we want energy.*
  244. [insert image of the Rumor of the Townspeople Horse]
  245. Touka: *The energy that the people of Kamihama exhibit when they're happy or sad because of rumors...*
  246. [insert image of the sheep witch]
  247. Touka: *Or the energy that witches save up, or the energy from when a magical girl transforms into a witch...*
  248. [insert image of ? squiggly]
  249. Touka: *By using all of this saved up energy, we can release everyone."
  250. [Alina shows up]
  251. Alina: *That's how it is.*
  252. *We are using all the gathered energy to promote the incubation of the Embryo Eve.*
  253. Nemu: *And as a result, if all three Magius are together at the time of the hatching of the Embryo Eve, we can face the world from Kamihama here and cause a miracle to occur."
  254. [back to the Adjuster's]
  255. Mitama: "And through their involvement with rumors like this..."
  256. "Iroha-chan and her team learned this about the Wings of Magius."
  257. "And also..."
  258. "When you put together all that has come to light about them, this is what you get..."
  259. [we see the three Magius]
  260. Mitama: *The Wings of Magius is an organization which has the noble pursuit of avoiding the transformation from magical girl into witch.*
  261. *At the same time, they aim to gather the energy for release even if it requires sacrificing the people and the magical girls of the city.*
  262. [back to the Adjuster's]
  263. Mitama: "What they promise sounds very appealing..."
  264. "But those who believed in them have had something awful happen to them."
  265. "The state of the feathers who attacked you tells the tale."
  266. "They would even lay a hand on their own to achieve their goals."
  267. "If Iroha-chan hadn't intervened in the case where Tsuruno became a rumor..."
  268. "Everyone's families might have been drawn in and killed."
  269. TO: 8.58.1 (Mitama 4)
  270. TO: 8.63.1 (Felicia 7)
  272. 8.58 Mitama 4
  273. at the Adjuster's
  274. Mitama: "I understand that it might be difficult to accept, but it's the truth..."
  276. 8.58.1 (from 8.57.1 Mitama 3)
  277. [at the Adjuster's]
  278. Asuka: "I now understand what these Wings of Magius are..."
  279. "But..."
  280. Sasara: "It's tough to accept that we become witches..."
  281. Mitama: "As long as you are within Kamihama, even if you build up impurities..."
  282. "By means of something called a doppel, you will not become a witch."
  283. Hinano: "..."
  284. "So it's just weighing my own life versus those around me..."
  285. "I know which way the balance leans, but actually making that decision takes courage..."
  286. Meiyui: "Honestly, there are some girls who didn't really hear the second half..."
  287. Momoko: "I'm sure you're all confused."
  288. "I myself only just told Kaede and Rena about it recently..."
  289. "But, now that all magical girls are involved..."
  290. "We couldn't not let you know..."
  291. Konoha: "The way the Wings of Magius are facing this issue..."
  292. "As another part of this, right?"
  293. Mitama: "It's just as you say it."
  294. "Whether you accept it, and whether you can implement it..."
  295. "You have to think about it yourself."
  296. Momoko: "Whoever you want to back, I'm not going to stop you."
  297. "It's your own personal decision."
  298. "But Yachiyo-san and us couldn't accept it."
  299. "And as a result, we've incurred their wrath..."
  300. "And gotten everyone involved."
  301. "I apologize for that."
  302. Nanaka: "There should be no need for an apology."
  303. "If that was your opinion, this is something you would want eventually."
  304. "In fact, more than just rejecting them, do you have a counter-proposal?"
  305. Momoko: "A counter-proposal?"
  306. Nanaka: "An alternative solution to release."
  307. Momoko: "Umm..."
  308. "I'll just borrow what Iroha-chan said, but we're going to think about it after it's all over."
  309. Akira: "Just putting it off!?"
  310. Nanaka: "How irresponsible..."
  311. Momoko: "It's not like we had time to think..."
  312. "But, I think it's good that everyone is gathered here like this."
  313. "Iroha-chan said that it would be a problem for all magical girls..."
  314. "If everyone came up with separate solutions for the same problem."
  315. "So she said to have us all think together."
  316. "That's what I planned on doing, so if everyone else is on board..."
  317. "I'm sure that out of this giant circle that is Kamihama, someone will come up with a solution."
  318. Meiyui: "If we disagree, it'll all come crashing down. It's just an ideal in the end."
  319. Momoko: "If we don't talk about ideals, then we won't even have something to aim for."
  320. [in a darker corner]
  321. Ren: "That might... be true... yes..."
  322. "It's tough, it's scary, I regret things, and I feel pitiful..."
  323. "But even if I want to do something... just thinking of becoming evil itself..."
  324. "It's really tough... yes..."
  325. "But... even so... if that's how I am now..."
  326. "If I don't gaze intently on an ideal..."
  327. "I'll become all black... and probably become a witch..."
  328. "So instead I... want to aim for a bright future... yes..."
  329. [now we see the Azalea trio]
  330. Hazuki: "When we broaden our field of vision, the three of us have the Azalea House."
  331. "If we leave things be, it might end up closing..."
  332. Ayame: "Huh!? I don't want that!"
  333. Konoha: "Ayame, which would you prefer: the release right before us, or the Azalea House?"
  334. Ayame: "Azalea!"
  335. Konoha: "I see... Then, my scale has been tipped."
  336. Hazuki: "That's right, me too."
  337. [now we see Akira and Emiri]
  338. Emiri: "Anyway, if that's the case, shouldn't we not not get going already?"
  339. Akira: "What do you mean, Emiri-san?"
  340. Emiri: "Well, if we stay here..."
  341. "Won't the robe people all be suuuper bored?"
  342. "If it were me, I'd go to the helipad to attack-way!"
  343. Nanaka: "It's just as you say. Then, let's be off."
  344. Momoko: "Oh, you're on board?"
  345. Nanaka: "It seems like it'll affect my Kashinryuu." [her flower arrangement style]
  346. "Kako-san might also lose her Natsume Bookshop as well."
  347. Momoko: "Thanks for being with us."
  348. Nanaka: "Kyubey-san has some kind of hidden side to him."
  349. "I had a suspicion from the very beginning."
  350. Riko: "Um, me too! I'd like to help out!"
  351. Momoko: "Are you sure?"
  352. Asuka: "Regardless of us, they're a group who would even use their own members."
  353. "Knowing that, I'm not enough of a blockhead to join them!"
  354. Himika: "I'll help too!"
  355. "Right now, let's leave this witch stuff aside. I won't be satisfied unless we beat some sense into them!"
  356. "They were going to erase my family!"
  357. Momoko: "..."
  358. "Then, those who are going to help out, please come with me."
  359. Kaede: "I-I'm going too!"
  360. Rena: "Me too!"
  361. Momoko: "I got it!"
  362. Mitama: "Then, Adjuster, I'll leave the rest to you."
  363. Mitama: "Yes, I understand..."
  364. TO: 8.55.1 (Momoko 5)
  365. TO: 8.59.1 (Mitama 5)
  367. 8.59 Mitama 5
  368. at the Adjuster's
  369. Mitama: "Breaking my neutrality... And redemption for myself... For that, I will..."
  371. 8.59.1 (from 8.58.1 Mitama 4)
  372. [at the Adjuster's]
  373. Rika: "Really, this is nuts... I wished by myself... became a lover..."
  374. "Broke up of my own choice... and in the end, I'll be a witch..."
  375. Ren: "Rika-chan..."
  376. Rika: "Really, is this punishment for me?"
  377. "Ahaha... hah... whimper..."
  378. Ren: "..."
  379. Rika: "I'm sorry... Ren-chan... for stopping you..."
  380. Ren: "No..."
  381. [screen wipe]
  382. Aimi: "What sort of expression should I have when I see Isezaki-kun tomorrow..."
  383. "Even if I confess to him and we go out, I might end up killing him..."
  384. "If I become a witch..."
  385. "For starters, I should have held off on fantasizing... I guess that's the deal..."
  386. Kokoro: "That's not true, Aimi..."
  387. Aimi: "But even you, Kokoro..."
  388. Kokoro: "Masara said it well... This was... for the best..."
  389. "I picked the right choice..."
  390. Aimi: "It's not right at all..."
  391. "It'll only lead to suffering..."
  392. Kokoro: "But..."
  393. "If we hadn't made our wishes, it might have turned out even worse."
  394. "For me, if I hadn't made a wish, the very next day..."
  395. "While merely feeling nostalgic for my family, I would surely have been killed by a witch."
  396. "So this was for the best."
  397. "And, from now on, I'm going to look for the best way."
  398. "For me, for Masara, and for you, Aimi..."
  399. "Confessing is perfectly fine. Going out is perfectly fine."
  400. "It's not like anyone said you would meet misfortune."
  401. "You should be happy."
  402. [screen wipe]
  403. Ren: "Me too... I think it's just as she said..."
  404. "Rika-chan..."
  405. Rika: "Ren-chan..."
  406. Ren: "Just for getting to meet you, Rika-chan..."
  407. "I feel... glad that I became a magical girl."
  408. Rika: "Me too... I am also glad that I got to meet you, Ren-chan!"
  409. Ren: "You know, this isn't punishment at all..."
  410. Rika: "Yeah... yeah..."
  411. [screen wipe]
  412. Shizuku: ""
  413. Ayaka: "Shizuku-chan... Sorry I couldn't protect you..."
  414. "You'll definitely get better..."
  415. "You're the only one who laughs at my gags, so..."
  416. Shizuku: " mmmm..."
  417. Ayaka: "You're okay!? Does it hurt anywhere!?"
  418. [screen wipe; we briefly see the Apartment trio, then Mitama]
  419. Mitama: "sigh..."
  420. (It seems they've calmed down bit by bit...)
  421. "..."
  422. (But, in the end, I broke my neutrality...)
  423. (No, I wasn't ever truly neutral at all...)
  424. (I was just double-crossing Iroha-chan...)
  425. (Kanagi, did your notice?)
  426. (You don't read minds too deeply, so you might not know...)
  427. (But if you try to peer into all sorts of magical girls' memories, I think you'd know.)
  428. [fade to black]
  429. Mitama: *This town and its history were not kind to us...*
  430. *However...*
  431. *The people of this town are just a bit nicer than we thought.*
  432. [back to the Adjuster's]
  433. Mitama: "..."
  434. "I've come this far, so it seems I must step to the fore."
  436. 8.64 Mitama 6
  437. at the Adjuster's
  438. Mami: "Everyone... sorry for being a such a bad senpai..."
  440. 8.64.1 (from 8.39.1 Everyone 10)
  441. [at the Adjuster's, the scene is dark, and we see Madoka]
  442. Madoka: "Mami-san!"
  443. Mami: *I'm sorry, Kaname-san.*
  444. *I've gotten you involved in this world...*
  445. [now Sayaka]
  446. Sayaka: "Mami-san!"
  447. Mami: *I'm sorry, Miki-san.*
  448. *You admired me, but not only did I show you my weak side, I even went as far as attacking you...*
  449. [and now Homura]
  450. Homura: "Tomoe-san!"
  451. Mami: *I'm sorry, Akemi-san.*
  452. *No matter how much I tried to teach you, if I show you my openings so easily, I can't be much of a senpai...*
  453. [fade to black; we see Mami]
  454. Mami: *But even so, please forgive me.*
  455. *Before, I couldn't forgive that I would become a witch, or that I was hunting witches.*
  456. *But now I've changed.*
  457. *It took a long time, but I've become able to think calmly.*
  458. *So please, forgive me.*
  459. *And once more, let me fight alongside you.*
  460. *I don't have an alternative answer to Magius, but with all of you, and with Nanami-san...*
  461. *I want to find a new answer.*
  462. Madoka: *MAMI-SAN!!*
  463. [in the Adjuster's, Mami wakes up]
  464. Mami: "sigh..."
  465. Madoka: "Mami-san!"
  466. "Thank goodness you woke up."
  467. Sayaka: "I'm so glad you're safe, Mami-san."
  468. "Well, you might not be safe, but..."
  469. Homura: "Are you alright? Do you need anything?"
  470. Mami: "..."
  471. "Thank you, everyone."
  472. "I'm fine now."
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