July Process Evaluation

Jul 31st, 2018
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  3. Alternate attendance and preparation weeks
  4. Preparation should be centered on 2-3 recent performance issues (gameplay or otherwise) and 1-2 learning objectives that correspond with general interest.
  6. Good news: I stuck to this rule pretty well.
  7. Bad news: I pretty much gave up on practice halfway through the month due to poor mental health management + getting a Switch.
  8. I think this one overall works but I should force myself to attend every other week anyways as it makes me want to practice (if I perform poorly).
  10. 2 sessions per week, netplay or otherwise
  12. Good news: All my play sessions were incredibly productive.
  13. Bad news: This is BY FAR the goal I am the worst at following because I enjoy playing others so much + it's easy. I think I played netplay way more than twice a week except during tourney week. I might -- no, I will go on netplay detox until I ingrain consistent solo practice habits. Once I get consistent solo practice habits...I'll use a maddestmao style progress report to go along with sessions.
  15. Solo practice, meditation/visualization every day
  16. 3-4 days a week of VOD Analysis
  18. Bad news: When I let myself turn into a degenerate I gave up all of the above. That's a huge detriment to my upward progress results-wise and it will take a while to build momentum again.
  19. Good news: The good news is that I was able to catch myself sliding two weeks in rather than several months down the line. I should reaaaally d/l UnclePunch ISO for consistent tech chase practice.
  21. --
  24. Alternate attendance and preparation weeks, but force attendance so that I don’t get complacent (don’t have to go to many tournaments, just one is enough)
  25. Preparation should be centered on 2-3 recent performance issues (gameplay or otherwise) and 1-2 learning objectives that correspond with general interest.
  27. Solo practice, meditation/visualization every day
  28. Meditation/visualization after water + when I wake up (lets me get comfortable and use on tourney days)
  29. So morning routine goes Water -> WHM -> Yoga -> Meditation, should take about an hour
  30. Solo practice when I get home from work.
  31. 15 minutes of basics, 30 minutes of punishes on top tiers
  33. 3-4 days a week of VOD Analysis
  34. Associate urge to netplay with urge to analyze instead
  35. Getting creative: keep Smash notebook downstairs by the computer before every study session. Forces me to use downstairs computer, be efficient (chair is uncomfortable for longer periods of time), and subtly associates the computer with more than just netplay
  37. Make sure to create list of testable/practicable items and/or insights to internalize.
  38. Positions, tactics, situations, opposing mentality, etc.
  39. This is really really important; even small observations from solo or VODs could be useful to test
  40. Don’t forget basics — positioning/”situations” (refer to smad if necessary), why someone gets hit, and reaction cues
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