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On the Stratfor and Attacks

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Dec 28th, 2011
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  1. Anonymous has begun to show their true colors over the past few days. They have clearly shown that they are kids who are in it for media attention and money. The attacks on Stratfor and, which a month ago, would have been publicly denounced by many Anons have been publicly supported and encouraged by Anonymous' major players. Accounts like @anonymouSabu, @AnonymousIRC, and @YourAnonNews have all been tweeting their excitement over the recent events. As of this writing, of the major Anon accounts only @Anon_Central has disavowed the actions. @Anon_Central argues that these are the actions of the faction of Anonymous, #AntiSec, however there is so much overlap between the two that there is virtually no distinction. The attacks on Stratfor and are clearly the actions of Anonymous.
  3. With that said, the hypocrisy in this group is insane, Anonymous has stated that the reason for attacking is that it caters to law enforcement and military personnel. However, when a vet gets pepper sprayed during the Occupy protests Anonymous and the protesters bitch about it for weeks. Now, Anonymous has stolen the identities of 100,000 military personnel, law enforcement officers, and vets, who is the bad guy here? These attacks have clearly had one goal: to steal money.
  5. It has been reported that Anonymous has stolen $500,000 to various charities using credit cards stolen during the attacks. Even if this were an ethical, good idea, they are stealing from the 99% (who they are supposedly trying to help...) and giving that money to the 99%, this defeats the "Robin Hood" concept. Also, as @AIDG put it, "Stratfor Global has us worried. Pls don't donate to AIDG with stolen credit cards, we get hit $35 per fraudulent transaction! #anonymous RT," obviously, this is all going to backfire. Anonymous used to claim that it was a only a small portion that was doing illegal activity, now they are not fooling anyone, it's blatantly obvious that they are a group of criminal, media whoring, children. Nearly every Anon-supporter account is praising these attacks with only a few denouncing the actions.
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