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Aug 18th, 2019
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  1. A friend shows up at my place. He brought over two very women. One was topless and kind of seemed gross. Something about this girl wasn't right I was laying on a couch then my friend comes in the topless girl comes toward me. But as she creeps closer to me she tries to get on top of me.
  3. I put both my forearm out close together to her neck; scream "get the hell off me." She was attacking me surely enough the other girl and my friend vanished into thin air.
  5. So I ran I'd been attacked plus she just didn't bite me she took a huge chunk out of my skin on my arm. I started feeling really strange. As I'm running I'm feeling myself changing slowly as I'm thinking of a bird I become invisible. I can feel myself flapping my arms and flying through the air.
  7. I can't see myself anymore but I'm I'm going fast. So I got away; something completely insane was going on. As I'm going I see my friend and the other girl going into a house. As they both go in all I could hear were screams from my friend.
  9. As I got to a safe place I landed. Suddenly I was human again. Apparently, I'm able to change form. When I was looking around the area I'd made it too. I saw this woman she was a giant so of course.
  11. I thought of being a giant and I become a giant. The house was big of course but it was almost like people could come inside the place like an Amusement Park.
  13. The two crazy girls that tried to kill me early ended up coming back and trying to kill this giant lady I'd found by flying around. I ended up getting rid of them both saving the giant. The dream starts getting hard to remember at this point. But I believe the giant lived in its own room with an alarm system of sorts
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