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  3. Lea made her way to the beach, setting her sights on the horizon. The sun had not yet risen, unlike the last time she was about to do this, but it was rather close to doing so. She removed her shoes, her socks, and even undid her dress, this time, revealing shorts underneath. With several slow, calculated steps, Lea wades knee deep into the water, closing her eyes, and allowing her thoughts to vacate her mind.
  5. Shall we dance again?
  7. Rather than through her words, or even her thoughts, Lea asked the question by taking several careful steps through the water, just as she had before. And the water responded in its own quiet, subtle ways, moving along with Lea's steps; noticeable, for sure, but nothing compared to the grand performance she put on display prior.
  9. Perhaps that was intentional.
  10. (Lea Elisheva)
  13. Without her dress getting in the way, Lea's movements became even more graceful and fluid than they were prior. As Lea's feet rarely left the water, so too did the water not raise far above sea level. Her last performance exhausted her, so this one needed to last. She needed to get a feel for everything involved with the process of harmonizing.
  15. Lasting immersion.
  17. Thanks to her quieter, more subdued movements, Lea managed to maintain the dance for hours, and with it, her sensitivity to the movements around her heightened. This would not be called a breakthrough, but it could be considered her growing closer to one.
  19. She needed something a little more.
  20. (Lea Elisheva)
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