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  1. country_worth = data[][['country','worth']]
  2. country_worth = country_worth.groupby('country').median()
  4. # we visualize the average(median) worth in each country and compare which on has the highest
  5. # or the least
  6. with'fivethirtyeight'):
  7.     country_worth.plot(kind='barh',figsize=(10,6),color='purple',alpha=.8)
  8.     plt.title('Average worth of Forbes 2018 world\nbillioniares across countries.',
  9.               fontsize=15)
  10.     plt.xlabel('worth (millions of US dollars)',fontsize=13)
  11.     plt.ylabel('country',fontsize=13)
  12.     plt.legend(labels=[])
  13.     plt.grid(axis='x')
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