Camping Trouble [Finished]

May 19th, 2014
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  1. There was nothing quite as relaxing as camping, Larry thought silently to himself. He had gone out alone for a week trip to get away from the stresses of the rest of the world. No work to worry about, no girlfriend to nag at him and no family to bother or try to mooch off him. He brought his phone in case of emergency, but he had turned it off so no one could disturb him. Tonight was Larry's third night out, he had spent most of the day fishing by the edge of the nearby lake, hardly twenty-five meters from his small camp. He was considering moving it a little farther away from the lake, the previous nights he had heard strange splashing and sploshing sounds. Not the kind of sounds of fish jumping out of the water or frogs into it, nor that of birds such as osprey or king fishers trying to catch fish. Larry had thought he was just being silly, there's nothing in the water that could pose a threat, unless a bear was swimming to the small island he had been camping on.
  2. Late into the night, as his fire grew dim, Larry decided it was time to sleep. He grabbed his flashlight and bucket, then walked to the shore, filling it up to dump into the fire to extinguish it. Mere seconds after he turned away from the lake to walk back he heard the splashing again, right behind him. Larry whipped around shining his light at the edge of the lake to find...Nothing. The surface of the lake was almost like glass, nearly completely undisturbed and reflecting the night sky. He stared at the lake and waited. He heard splashing elsewhere on the lake, but it sounded distant. Shining his light directly at the water, Larry froze as he swore he saw something move. Something slimy. Realizing what a fool he must have looked like, Larry chuckled to himself and walked back to the camp. "Scared of shadows and fish..." He muttered to himself, glad no one was around to see him acting like a scared child.
  3. Steam and smoke arose from the fire pit as he dumped the water on the already dying flames. Taking one last look around his campsite and at the lake and beautiful night sky, he slowly shuffled towards his tent. Once inside, Larry had removed his clothes and laid down on his padded camping mat and drew a light sheet over himself. It was too warm to wear clothes while sleeping, but he could never sleep comfortably without some sort of blanket or sheet. Within minutes he had dozed off into a deep sleep.
  5. --
  7. Larry awoke, startled. Careful to not make much noise, he sat up and looked around. Still in his tent, he heard rustling around outside. He noticed right away that it seemed pitch black outside, no light of the moon to cast shadows on his tent. He heard a slick slithering sound near the front of his tent. Something outside had poked the front lightly before deciding to go underneath. Normally Larry would have assumed it was just a snake, but judging from the bulge it was making slithering under the tent, it was too big to be any snake native to the area. It seemed to be moving right towards him. As it drew closer, Larry backed himself into a corner of the tent, noticing another bulge coming from the other side of the tent. Larry stayed silent, nearly unmoving hoping that, whatever they were, they would ignore or even not notice him and go away. That's when he felt the thin wall of the tent draw around the back of his head, wet and sticky. He froze, terrified, not even daring to draw breath. There was a thick slap sound as another long mass hit the far side of the tent, shaking the whole thing. The two thick masses under the tent were right in front of him now, one near each of his legs. They grew black as the fabric of the tent started to disintegrate at their touch. Larry could feel the same thing happening behind his head, as he could no longer feel the wet fabric, but the slimy flesh of whatever it was that all but had him in it's grasp.
  8. That was it, no more. Larry tried to jump to his feet, to escape, but he was caught in it's embrace in the blink of an eye. The tentacle at the back of his head grabbed him around the neck, not enough to choke him, but firmly enough to keep him from escaping. His feet were restrained by the ones that had slithered under his tent and two more appeared from God knows where to bind his arms as well. They lifted him into the air in unison, destroying any part of the tent in their way and leaving the ruins on the ground. Larry looked around, as best he could for some means of escape, but found none. He struggled and fought against the strange appendages with all his might, but achieved nothing but them tightening their grip. The tentacle around his neck let go briefly to get a hold of his head and keep him from turning it away. Yet another dark tendril appeared, tracing it's way up his leg, past his crotch, over his chest and finally to his mouth. Larry held his mouth shut, trying to deny it entry, unable to see the one approaching his ass. In one quick motion it had penetrated him eliciting a gasp of surprise and discomfort.
  9. The remaining tentacle forced it's way into his open mouth as the one in his ass started pulsing and pounding him. Within minutes Larry could feel both of appendages cum and release something inside of him. Almost instantly he felt warm and fuzzy inside, barely noticing the landscape around him dissolve and reform itself bit by bit, no longer on a small island on a lake, but in a peaceful, calm field, still in the dead of night. The tentacle in his mouth pulled out, spurting some cum on his face as it did so. They continued to hold him in place, but it seemed as though they were giving him some respite. Another appendage appeared and started massaging his crotch and his dick. Lost in the pleasure, Larry didn't even notice his dick shrinking, it was only when he felt a strange wet feeling between his legs did he realize something was wrong, though unable to look down and see what it was exactly, he soon found out what it was as the new tendril wasted no time in jamming itself in Larry's new pussy, causing her to moan only to interrupt herself in shock at the sound of her voice. The tentacle that had removed itself from her mouth returned and throat fucked her.
  10. Orgasm after stunning, mind blowing orgasm the tendrils fucked her long into the night. The most amazingly blissful part for her was when her body started to change further, beyond simply becoming female. Her fingers had shrunk and melded themselves into hooves as had her feet as a very fine and soft fur covered her body, from head to newly formed tail, complete with a lush and beautiful mane. Her mouth, now a short and cute muzzle, pointed ears near the top of her head, her shoulders and wide hips reformed for walking on four legs. She even had wings sprout from her back! By the time the wondrous changes were complete, she couldn't remember what her name had been, though she knew she would have needed a new one anyways. By the time the sun started to rise, she had strangely felt more energized, despite being used and abused all night. The tendrils lowered the new mare gently to the ground and all but one had receded back into the waters of the lake. It gently brushed over her head and down her mane, before retreating, itself. She looked to the sky and felt a change, deep within herself. Whatever landscape she had seen in the night, it was gone for now, though she knew she could return there any time. For now, though, she would remain here on earth.
  11. She trotted over to the her ruined tent and used a hoof to pull her old backpack out. After some struggling she managed to get it open and got her old phone out. She stared at it for a moment contemplating how she would use it, wondering who would design such a device that a pony couldn't use? Eventually she grabbed a pencil from her backpack with her mouth and used it to poke the buttons, accessing her contacts list. One by one, she called everyone on it, managing to make what sounded like a desperate struggle to any listener on the other end of the phone. Anyone who cared would show up to rescue Larry not realizing they had been lured into a trap until it was too late. She sat down looking over the lake, trying to decide upon a new name. She eventually picked one that she felt suited her: Lorelei or Lore for short. The waiting game certainly isn't fun, she thought, admiring the scenery. But then she remembered there's other people camping out here, on the lake, in the forests around it and there is even a town a few short miles up the road. As the memories of who she had been faded away, she took to the skies in search of others to bring back to the island, to get them converted by the tentacles into ponies as well.
  12. It had taken Lore all but a couple short minutes to find some people, she could see a canoe out on the lake. From up in the sky, she could tell it was a young couple, a guy and a girl. The perfect first victims. Their backs were to her, so they didn't see her fly up to them until she said anything.
  13. "Heya!" she said casually to the couple. Both of them stopped paddling and turned to look at the pegasus that had sneaked up on them and was gently gliding beside them. They simply stared at the pony in shock.
  14. "What, you've never seen a pony before?" she asked as they continued to stare at her, slack jawed. "Before you ask, no, you're not dreaming. Look, I needed some help. There's been a bit of trouble back at my camp." she explained, pointing with a hoof towards the island she had been camping on.
  15. Luckily for her and unluckily for them, they eventually agreed to help her, despite how insane the whole situation appeared to be. Though they still seemed cautious about the pegasus they were following, Lore knew it wouldn't matter. By the time they realized something was up, it would be too late. As they paddled over to the island, they questioned her on her situation. She made up a lie about an angered bear tearing through her camp in the middle of the night. They were less than ten meters from the island when Lore saw the tentacles darting around underwater, a dozen or more surrounding the canoe from all sides. Flying backwards, facing the canoe, she watched as a single appendage raised out of the water behind the canoe, making no sound. Then in one quick motion all the tentacles burst from underneath the canoe, restraining it's new victims in it's grasp, raising them out of the canoe. Another one appeared grabbing the canoe itself, crushing it and pulling it to the bottom of the lake. Lore noted that was likely to avoid anyone else from becoming suspicious of another empty boat at the island, as Larry only had one. Lore landed by the shore of her old camp and watched as the tendrils groped at and molested it's new victims for several minutes before finally taking them both in every orifice. Remembering her own experience with the tentacles, Lore had laid on her back and begun to gently rub her own mare-hood with a hoof, not being able to get as much enjoyment out of it as she would have liked. She didn't have to wait long, as another tentacle emerged from the water and gently pushed her hoof away, before burying itself in her snatch.
  16. Lore quickly lost track of time as she fucked and got fucked by the appendage, enjoying every moment of it, nearly forgetting about her new friends. She looked towards them, seeing them still suspended in the air, getting fucked every which way by the tentacles. The man seems to have given in to the pleasure and was nearly completely transformed into a stallion, completely lost in getting fucked. The woman however, only partially transformed, looked at Lore with an expression of betrayal, though that only fueled her on more. Once both the man and woman were stallion and mare, the tendrils set them down on the island, both panting and exhausted. Lore walked up to them, examining each one's new appearance. Too tired to really move, both just glanced at her from the corners of their eyes. In no time they had fallen asleep before shimmering brightly for a few short moments, then vanishing, being transported to their new home, Equestria.
  17. Lore laid back and stared at the setting sun, simply relaxing after a job well done. There were many more people to lure in, she looked forward to watching their faces as the tentacles ensnared, fucked and transformed them all. Lowering her gaze back down to the lake, she saw another boat in the distance, fast approaching the island. Must be her first 'rescue' crew, she thought. This was going to be a fun night.
  27. I decided to switch up the endings due to the alternate one being almost as long as the original story. So now the recruitment ending is the default one and Larry in Equestria is the alternate ending.
  29. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  31. Orgasm after stunning, mind blowing orgasm the tentacles fucked her long into the night. The most amazingly blissful part for her was when her body started to change further, beyond simply becoming female. Her fingers had shrunk and melded themselves into hooves as had her feet as a very fine and soft fur covered her body, head to newly formed tail, complete with a lush and beautiful mane. Her mouth, now a short and cute muzzle, pointed ears near the top of her head, her shoulders and wide hips reformed for walking on four legs. By the time the wondrous changes were complete, she couldn't remember what her name had been, though she knew she would have needed a new one anyways. By the time the sun started to rise, she was exhausted from being used and abused all night. The tentacles lowered the new mare gently to the ground and vanished before she could glimpse what their source had been. Feeling comfortable in this new land and new body, she laid down to finally get some rest.
  32. Several hours later, she had woken up, judging from the position of the sun in the sky, she assumed it must be around noon. Glancing around nervously, she had hoped no one would see her like this, not that anyone she knew would have recognized her in this new body. Strangely enough, she knew how to walk and run and everything, as if she had always had this body. Looking to the sky once more, she saw others like her, flying. It felt too real to be a dream, but everything she was experiencing was too impossible to be real. Creeping up a nearby hill, she saw a town. If there's a whole community of these horse creatures, they must know how this happened and how to turn her back, she thought. She stealthily approached the town, when she noticed a pink horse creature sneaking along beside her. Once the pink horse saw that Larry noticed her, the pink pony started hopping up and down in excitement around her babbling on too fast to understand. Of the words Larry managed to get, he heard "Ponyville," "Pinkie" and "Party." Upon seeing this, a purple horse with a horn ran up to them and told the pink one to cram it, though more politely than that.
  33. The purple unicorn seemed intelligent enough, Larry thought, so she explained what had happened to her, minimizing the details of being relentlessly fucked by tentacles and completely leaving out the fact that she had enjoyed it. Larry's hopes had faltered when she was told by the unicorn that she didn't know what a human was or how to solve Larry's problem, however she was willing to help Larry find a new name and home and learn to live in this new land. Not seeing much choice, she accepted Twilight's offer. Though unhappy at the fact she was trapped in a strange world, in a strange body surrounded by colorful talking horses, she couldn't help but feel as if her future was bright.
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