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  1. Blue Sand Sound
  3. I called Rafatalia, Firo and Rishia to test something.
  4. I plan studying magic after this, but that can wait.
  6. "Naofumi, what happen?" (Rafatalia)
  7. "I have something to ask of you, Rafatalia" (Naofumi)
  9. I remove the slave limiter preventing Rafatalia from attacking me.
  10. I do this prior to the test because she will suffer due to the slave crest if I don't.
  12. "I wanted to test the defense on the shield I've upgraded. I gave you permission to hit me." (Naofumi)
  13. "Huh...." (Rafatalia)
  14. "Try bare-handed first. Don't hold back." (Naofumi)
  15. "I see." (Rafatalia)
  17. While hesitant, Rafatalia hits my chest with great force.
  18. The impact let out a loud sound.
  19. But i felt no pain, only a sentation as if bitten by a mosquito.
  20. Was this the extent of Rafatalia's fist......
  21. How would it turn out if i was struck by a sword?
  22. Though it may be foolish, and it would be unpleasant to get wounded, I want to test out how much i can endure.
  24. "Lets use a sword next" (Naofumi)
  25. "Oh, that. Are you sure?" (Rishia)
  27. Rishia asks fearfully.
  28. I understand her feelings. If you look at it from an ordinary person's view, this doesn't look normal.
  30. "I'm trying to see how much i can withstand" (Naofumi)
  32. If i can endure one of Rafatalia's attacks, I feel I'd be fine for the moment.
  33. I do not know how high my defense is, or if it's better.
  35. "Here i go" (Rafatalia)
  37. Rafatalis swings her sword at me with without serious intent, I can tell she held back somewhat.
  38. A light sound is made as it hits my shoulder.
  40. "This is hard...." (Rafatalia)
  42. Rafatalia says in a tearful voice as she drops the Iron sword in her hand.
  43. I did not recieve any damage.
  44. This is amazing, It's as if my body has become metal.
  45. My body is normal meat and flesh when i touch it.
  47. Did i gain more muscle since coming to this world?
  48. Including Lvs I feel this body has become on suitable for fighting.
  49. Well i have been involved in a lot of fighting these 4 months.
  50. Well i use more physical strength like in older times where one got around by foot or carriage. Can't even compare to
  52. the time when I was a geek.
  54. "Firo next." (Firo)
  55. "Oh, good." (Naofumi)
  56. "Yay!" (Firo)
  58. I uncheck Firo's demon crest.
  59. I'll know i have great defense if i block one of Firo's attacks, I want to know.
  61. "Well then, let's go" (Naofumi?)
  63. Firo changes into her demon form, she raises her leg high ready to kick.
  64. Mississauga Mishimishimishi ...... ...... ...... Biki.[TL: this is onomatopoeia explained soon]
  66. "Wh, what is....." (???)
  68. The sound of Firo's powerful leg muscles contracting can be heard.
  69. Past experiences can tell me. This is dangerous.
  71. biki ......bikibikibiki![TL: More onomatopoeia ]
  73. "It stopped"(Naofumi?)
  74. "Yes!"(Firo)
  76. I ready my shield at once.
  77. With a roar, vibrations are felt. A shock runs through my whole body.
  79. "You trying to kill!"
  81. I may have been taken back if i didn't prepare myself. For this.
  82. With a smile i gaze over at Firo, i can't complain.
  83. I felt my eyebrows furrow for a moment.
  85. "Wow, master is really sturdy" (Firo)
  86. "What was that kick just now!" (Naofumi)
  87. "Well, it's a kick using all the power, can't be used in real battle" (Firo?)
  89. That was a serious kick from Firo...... She completely didn't take it easy.
  91. "I use power as if kicking the Spear guy" (Firo)
  93. I sympathize for Motoyasu, it's his end if he's kicked with this power.
  94. I feel like watching that a little also.
  96. "Want to go flying into the horizon?" (Firo?)
  97. "You, think a little more about your actions!" (Naofumi?)
  99. No, I'll definately be killed.
  100. Wonder if the kick would send you into the horizon.
  101. Or into a different world..... if you think of it like an anime.
  103. However, I was able to establish the strength of my defense.
  104. I was able to prevent all of Firo's power, which is comparable to Glass.
  105. I do not know how much stronger, but i can anticipate further effects.
  107. "Hmm......Alright"
  108. "That's not for you to decide, it's for me"
  109. "Well i think that's ok"
  111. Does this person have some wild perception?
  112. That was a little scary, let's go check the items a second time.
  114. "Well it's ok..... no one was injured... so let's go back for tonight" (Naofumi)
  115. "Umm" (Rishia)
  117. I turn slowly towards Rishia.
  119. "Eh?" (Rishia)
  120. "You don't need to do it, you are good." (Naofumi)
  121. "Y, Yes" (Rishia)
  123. I was not damaged by Firo, or Rafatalia. It would be impossible if Rishia tried.
  124. It would be bad to strain oneself.
  125. Though it feels like she has frail health, it is a defeat if it minds it.
  127. "Since the next wave is near. Train you magic for today" (Naofumi)
  129. You should raise your level in earnest.
  130. Though Rafatalia seems to do simulation exercises with the knights.
  132. "Yes"
  133. "I understand"
  134. "I'll go study with Firo and Mel chan"
  135. "Let's go like that."
  137. Because she is the princess of this country, it is natural, but Melty tends to only study in the castle.
  138. Now that Bitch has been deprived of her inheritance rights, what such thing do you need as the next queen.
  139. Maybe Monarch studies? There was a similar thing in my world.
  140. It may be said that she studies every day and make it the utmost proper country.
  141. Speaking of Melty, if i find spare time while being taught compounding and magic, i go to my place.
  142. Studying with Firo can also be fun.
  143. ........Let's forget how i complained about being caught up with Firo while studying a few days ago.
  144. Firo's head is not good, Melty's might also be going bad. Yeah. [idk]
  146. Now that i have to time to myself, i think I'll strengthen...... the Wrath Shield for the time being.
  148. Wrath shield Ⅲ (awakened) +7 50/50 SR
  150. Ability unsealed ...... equipment bonus, Skill [Change shield (attack),] [Iron Maiden] [Blutopfer]
  151. Special Effect: Dark Curse Burning S, Strength UP, Super( orMighty) Dragon's Rage, Roar, Frenzy of Companions,
  152. Magic Sharing, Clothing of Anger (medium).
  153. Proficiency 0
  155. I seems the shield can't preform item, spirit and status enchantments.
  156. Still it's abilities imporved tremendously.
  157. The problem is, that the moment i switched to this it started trying to take over my consciousness, a fearsome
  159. problem.
  161. Preperations for the wave are coming along well.
  163. The next day.
  164. 3 days until the wave.
  166. "Queen Speaking"[Knight?]
  167. "What? "(Naofumi?)
  169. After lunch a meeting with the queen was hailed.
  170. Preperations are almost done, then just wait for the wave.
  171. As is expected, it would be severe to fight against Glass with only us.
  172. Which is why we gathered the heroes now, but who knows if they'll listen.
  174. "How are you Heroes? How went the waves of other countries?" (Queen)
  175. "Heroes, except Iwatani, participated in the wave of other countries between these few days and seem to have let
  177. you suppress it safely. Iwatani is isn't a big problem treating our country exclusively."(Queen)
  178. ""I'm anxious to say its a big problem but - Tsu!?"(Naofumi?)
  180. A sound that could break glass is heard from the corner.
  181. A big shock shook our heads.
  182. The sound was similar to the Wave starting, but it was.....delicately different.
  184. "....Something happened just now"
  185. "?"
  187. I look around.
  188. Althought i though i was trasnferred to the wave, I didn't go anywhere, I was still in the castle hallway.
  190. "What happened?"(???)
  191. "I don't know...but something just happened that is certain"(Naofumi)
  193. The call the icon of a red hourglass to check the wave in the corner field of my view.
  194. The timer had stopped at 3 days.
  195. Next to it another icon appears..... a blue hourglass with a "7" engraved into it.
  197. "Another hourglass has appeared, with a 7 engraved into it, but i don't know what this means" (Naofumi)
  199. Calling up the Help menu, i verify if there are no new items.
  200. But it seems.... Information can not be found.
  201. What's going on?
  203. 7 ... the story of the Seven Star Heroes, i recently heard the story.
  204. Could it be?
  206. "A Hero may have been defeated in some wave somewhere"
  207. "However, these brave heroes participated in other waves, but just in case... I will look into other countries and seek
  209. information"
  211. The Queen gave instructions to a messenger soldier to gather information.
  212. The opening of the case was here ......
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