Dandelion turns the tables

Jan 22nd, 2014
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  1. >You are Anonymous
  2. >and you are going to do a crime
  3. >you’ve been stalking a rather innocent looking filly
  4. >Dandelion is her name, and cute is her game
  5. >you’ve been stalking her for a while now, letting the urge grow to sweeten the crime
  6. >and that game you are going to violate and ruin
  7. >tonight’s the night
  8. >you tip toe behind her as she makes her way to a dark alleyway
  9. >but unknown to her, you have already sealed the other side with junk and barricades
  10. >she’s trapped now and you prepare for your shocking entry
  11. >Dandelion gasps as she sees you walking towards her
  12. >you pull out some rope and hold it in your hands as you smile eerily to her
  13. >”Oh we are going to have so much fun~”
  14. >you flash her the creepiest smile you can, the screams and fright of fillies being like Viagra to you
  15. >but, this filly instead gives you bedroom eyes and licks her little lips
  16. “Oh yes~”
  17. >...
  18. >ok what
  19. >you drop your creepy pose
  20. >”What the hell?”
  21. >Dandelion starts to slowly walk towards you, giving her flanks some sway that is too adult for someone her age
  22. “Ohh~ yes please kidnap Dandelion and lock her up in your basement”
  23. >Dandelion is now near you and you feel surprisingly uncomfortable with this whole situation
  24. >and then she gives you crotch a nuzzle
  25. “Please use Dandelion for your pleasure until Dandelion breaks...”
  26. >you put the rope back into your pocket
  27. >”Ok what the hell kid, you’re supposed to scream and resist and feel disgusted at me, not, this, whatever you are doing”
  28. >Dandelion moves her body against you as she looks up at you and bites her lower lip while standing on her hind hoofs, her soft little tummy and chest against you
  29. “Dandelion will do whatever you say~”
  30. >welp that totally killed all the boners you could ever have for this filly
  31. >”Eeeww I’m not going to sleep with an underage horse when she consents”
  32. >you turn around, letting Dandelion fall flat onto the ground and start to walk away
  33. >but then she gets up and starts to walk behind you
  34. “Please use Dandelion sexually!”
  35. >”No!”
  36. >you start to run now, hoping to loose the little filly
  37. >but she is a fast runner
  38. >you take a turn down a dark alleyway and now notice that she has you cornered
  39. “You are going to ravage Dandelion right now!”
  40. >”Someone help!”
  41. >Dandelion jumps and pins you to the ground
  42. >you try to struggle but for some reason you can’t break free
  43. >As Dandelions mouth nears yours you can’t help but to shed a tear
  44. >that night you were violated in a dark alleyway
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