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  1. (defn -initialize [this params]
  2.   (dosync
  3.     (alter (.state this) assoc :starting-node false)
  4.     (alter (.state this) assoc :m-value (int *m*))
  5.     (alter (.state this) assoc :logger
  6.       (Logger/getLogger (->> this .getAddress .getName))))
  7.   (condp = (alength params)
  8.     0 true
  9.     1 (dosync
  10.     (alter (.state this) assoc :starting-node (boolean (aget params 0)))
  11.     true)
  12.     2 (dosync
  13.     (alter (.state this) assoc :starting-node (boolean (aget params 0)))
  14.     (alter (.state this) assoc :m-value (int (aget params 1)))
  15.     true)))
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