#Zelda Changes

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  1. Hey, guys,
  3. Like many of you, I've seen several online communities go up in smoke, or incur mass exoduses due to interpersonal drama. This is the opposite of what I want to happen to #zelda. I enjoy the community garden we've built, and I want to preserve it and improve it with constant maintenance, not let it fall into tangled, overgrown disrepair.
  5. In light of recent events, there are a few issues I'd like to address.
  7. • I think we've had an impartiality problem in #zelda, with #tcrf drama
  8.   getting carried over to our channel.
  10. • I've updated the chatroom rules to be more specific, and clarify the
  11.   relationship between TCRF, #tcrf, Jul, and #zelda.
  13. • I'd like to try holding an application process for moderators. The
  14.   candidates selected would be appointed on a trial basis for keeping
  15.   the peace and balanced atmosphere of the room. The link to apply is
  16.   in the channel topic. Once new moderators are selected, save for
  17.   CloudMax and GlitterBerri, the existing moderation team will be
  18.   dismantled. (Unless the same faces prove to be the best/only
  19.   candidates.)
  21. • In order to ensure that people are satisfied with the job the mods
  22.   (including me!) are doing, I've drafted a set of mod rules. If you
  23.   feel that someone isn't following these rules, please let me know.
  25. • If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, I'd love to hear
  26.   them. Please feel free to fill in the comments box on the anonymous
  27.   member survey linked in the channel topic, or PM me directly.
  29. -GlitterBerri
  31. ---
  33. New Rules:
  35. 1. Be civil. It's OK to not like someone. It's not OK to be rude or
  36.    passive-aggressive as a result.
  38. 2. No racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia/intolerance of any kind.
  40. 3. No sexual harassment or rape jokes.
  42. 4. If you mess up, apologize!
  44. 5. Don't derail topical conversations. It's OK to discuss subjects
  45.    unrelated to Zelda, but don't interrupt on-topic conversations.
  47. 6. What happens outside of #zelda stays outside of #zelda. Don't
  48.    bring in drama from other communities. However, if you have a
  49.    serious concern about the conduct of another community member
  50.    outside the channel, notify a mod.
  52. 7. Don't spam.
  54. 8. If you have problems with another user, don't address it in the
  55.    channel. Contact a mod, who will act as a mediator.
  57. 9. If you have problems with a moderator, and feel they are in violation
  58.    of moderator rules, notify GlitterBerri. She will take both sides into
  59.    account to amend the dispute.
  61. 10. All bots must be approved by the admins.
  63. ---
  65. New Moderator Rules:
  67. Required reading: How to Handle Toxic People
  68. (
  70. 1. In all your dealings, be civil.
  72. 2. Treat your job with impartiality, and judge members'
  73.    behaviour based on whether it would be considered toxic from
  74.    an outside perspective.
  76. 3. If you feel your ability to make an impartial judgment is
  77.    compromised, ask another mod to handle the problem for you.
  79. 4. Before issuing a ban, consider the following:
  81. • Is the ban based directly on someone's behaviour in the channel,
  82.   or in PMs to its users?
  83.   (Except for rare exceptions, the answer should be yes.)
  85. • Is the ban based on an impartial judgment of the user's conduct in
  86.   #zelda, regardless of your personal feelings towards them?
  87.   (The answer should be yes.)
  89. • Has the person been repeatedly warned for their behaviour?
  90.   (Unless someone has committed an egregious violation of channel rules,
  91.   provided they are receptive to a warning, they should be given a
  92.   chance to shape up.)
  94. 5. If you need to take a vacation from mod duties due to personal
  95.    commitments or a need to decompress, notify GlitterBerri ahead
  96.    of time and she will attempt to find a temporary replacement.
  98. 6. Mods are also required to abide by all member rules.
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