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  1. Valkyrie nodded. "We'll take the case."
  2. "No, we won't," Skulduggery said from the corner.
  3. Whist swung round, startled. "Detective Pleasant? Are you... are you invisible?"
  4. Valkyrie smirked. "He's not invisible. He's hiding behind that chair."
  5. The armchair was old and frayed, and sagged in the corner beside the door. A gloved hand emerged, and waved. "Hello," said Skulduggery.
  6. Whis hesitated. "Why are you hiding?"
  7. "I told you," Valkyrie said. "Someone wants to kill the guy who owns this office, and we're helping out. I'm the bait, so I've been sitting here for two days. Skulduggery's the trap, so he's been hiding behind that chair."
  8. "For two days?"
  9. "Yes."
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