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May 16th, 2013
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  1. v1.1.460.0517
  3. Important Note : This version contains some new features may not be compatible older version of project. Please BACKUP YOUR PROJECT before update!
  5. New :
  7. Activation System V2
  8. New activation system that supports licensing addons. Also instead of “Email & Transaction ID”, V2 Licensing uses Store username & password for validating your license.
  9. EarthFX (New Addon – Requires additinonal license)
  10. EarthFX will provide surface based effects for your games. {More Details}
  11. DamageFX (New Addon – Requires additional license)
  12. DamageFX will provide impact based mesh deformation and some other effects for RGKCar {More Details}
  13. Racing Line (New Addon – Free)
  14. Visualize your best racing line with Racing Line addon.
  15. Car Paint Pro Shaders (New Addon – Free for Pro Only)
  16. Collaboration with RedDotGames, Racing Game Kit have a free version of Car Paint Pro Shaders (Desktop edition only!) bundled. With realtime reflections script provided in this version, you can provide awesome looking vehicles for your games.
  17. C2 – New Vehicle Controller Set
  18. Vehicle controllers rewritten. C2 contains new controllers for keyboard, gameped and steering wheel inputs. Its also rewritten for AI too.
  19. TouchDrive – New Mobile Controls Set
  20. As part of C2, I renamed mobile controls as TouchDrive. TouchDrive manager handles your touch inputs and TouchSteeringWheel input is another way to have fun.
  21. Speedtrap – New Game Mode
  22. Fastest car will win the race… It doesn’t matter you finished last or first, if you cant drive it fast, you loose.
  24. RaceManager : RaceMode Renames ;
  25. RaceManager : New Inspector for better management of scene and race..
  26. RaceManager : New SpeedTrapMode for speedtrap race type selection : HighestTotalSpeed or HighestSpeed
  27. RaceManager : MoveDestroyedToIgnoreLayer property of KnockOut Race.
  28. RaceManager : PlayerContinueAfterFinish property and AI Switch functionality for race finished shows.
  29. RaceManager : KickLastRacerAfter2ndPassed property added.
  30. RaceManager : ShowCheckPointArrow property added.
  31. RGKCar_Setup: BlurSwitchVelocity property added. This value set RGKWheel switch to blur textured models on given speed.
  32. RGKCar_Setup : UseEarthFX property aded. This property allows RGKCar use EarthFX for environmental effects. EarthFX Prefabs should added to scene to work.
  33. RGKCar_Setup : GlobalSkidmarkName property added. If you dont want to use EarthFX, you can use a RGKGLobalSkidmark instead. But this skidmark can be unique for each vehicle. Or you can use one for all.
  34. RGKCar_Setup : Clutchtime property added for how long it take shifting gears.
  35. RGKCar_Setup : GearDownRPM, GearUpRPM properties added for gear management.
  36. RGKCar_Setup : FrontWheelRadius and RearWheelRadius properties added. You can change wheel radius’s separately now.
  37. RGKCar_Setup : FrontWheelSideGrip and RearWheelSideGrip properties added for better handling minimizing slipping on fast corners.
  38. RGKCar_Setup : WheelGizmos added to RGKWheels for helping radius settings.
  39. RGKCar_Setup : Setup Mode property added for changing settings of RGKCar on editor. You should unchecked before release.
  40. RGKCar_Setup : CenterOfMass and CarInteria properties moved to RGKCar_Setup
  41. RGKCar_Setup: Reverse Light Lights and its objects added for reverse time light decoration.
  42. Racer_Detail : RacerSectorSpeedAndTime propert added for sector speeds and times
  43. Racer_Detail : RacerHighestSpeed property added for highest sector speed
  44. Racer_Detail : RacerSumOfSpeeds property added for retrieving total speeds
  45. RGK Realtime : Realtime Cubemap renderrer for Pro Car Shaders.
  46. RGKCar Engine : New RPM Management code.
  47. RGKCar_Engine: Push property added. This will add extra force with limited time on start. And it can be used only 1st gear.
  48. RGKCar Advanced Audio : Gear Change Sound property added.
  49. RGKCar Advanced Audio: Surface Sound property added to collaboration with EarthFX. This will help you to change driving surface sounds like mud or gravel.
  50. RGKCar Wheel : Added EarthFX integration
  51. RGKCar Wheel : New caliper and disk brake offset added
  52. SpeedometerUI : Now its supports JSON formatted data templates.
  53. SpeedometerUI : New Inspector with load/save template functionality in running.
  54. Race_Camera : CameraStartupShake property added.
  55. Race_Camera : CameraHighSpeedShake property added.
  56. ProAI : FPS Based steer smoothing property added.
  57. ProAI & BasicAI : New Inspector for better understanding of product settings
  58. CheckPoint Items have new behavior as Checkpoint, SectorPoint and SpeedTrap to related race.
  59. Waypoint Items and Manager, SpawnPoints and Spawnpoint Manager: Scene Inspectors for faster development. Also Waypoint item handles for more information about waypoints.
  60. RGKGLobalSkidmarks : New approach to use of skidmarks.
  62. Fixes and Improvements :
  64. Reworked on Pajecka calculations, RGKCar is more stable now.
  65. Fix : RGKCar_Wheels : Slight sliding problem on rounds fixes.
  66. Fix : RaceManagers wrapped text was causing object section button isn’t visible because scroll bar overlap.
  67. Fix : Startup distance calculation “IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range” error that caused missing index.
  68. Fix : RGKCamera LockFPSTo property handles O now. If value is O locking will be disabled.
  69. Fix : Swaybar null error if wheel not assigned or destroyed.
  70. Fix : StopRaceAfterPlayerFinish bug that stops race after player finish even not checked
  71. Fix : Wrong distance calculation if a checkpoint located before of start point
  72. Fix : RaceRegister : Fixed Racer_Tag requirement that prevents mobile crash because of try/catch didn’t work properly if Mono handling .
  73. Fix : CarAudioBasic : RGKCar_Controller Component requirement ([RequireComponent(typeof(RGKCar_Controller))) removed.
  74. Fix : Destroyed or removed lights was causing error when lights on.
  75. RGKCar Engine : For better handling, "drivetrainFraction = 0.8f / iPoweredCount;". This change requires reconfiguration on gears.
  76. Asphalt Skid, Water Splash and GrassDirt properties removed from RGKCar Setup. This properties will handled by EarthFX
  77. HumanController : added switch to gear 1 when race start, that prevents delay on throttle..
  78. Changed default UI fonts with static sizes for avoiding mobile problems.
  79. Some other minor fixes.
  81. Side Note :
  82. Because of upcoming V4 Distribution package, I had to change some script names in binary version distribution. This changes are ;
  84. GameCamera > Race_Camera,
  85. GameAudio > Race_Audio,
  86. RaceManager > Race_Manager,
  87. RaceProgress > Race_Progress,
  88. RacerDetail > Racer_Detail,
  89. RacerRegister > Racer_Register-
  90. RaceUI >Race_UI,
  91. RGKCar_Controller >RKCar_AIController
  93. Since class names not changed you shouldn’t have any problem with this changes.
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