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Battle Royale

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Oct 27th, 2018
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  1. Sandy lined up with the other girls. A competition of unknown goals, she lived for this. The prize this time was a lifetime subscription to MG match, known for guaranteed matches for Monster Girls. Sandy lived for competition, with a potential husband as the prize being that much sweeter.
  3. Her opponents eyed her and each other. Sandy, the Salamander, a lizard with a fiery tail and temperment. Pearl the Hinezumi, a martial artist mouse with the gift of fire. Karen, the Jinko, a catgirl of incredible strength and speed. Margaret, the Grizzly, a massive bear girl. Marion, the hellhound, a dog girl with ink black hair and flaming eyes. Scooter, the high orc, a humanoid of incredible strength. And Lori, the Minotaur, a cow girl of incredible strength. Each one, an incredible competitor in almost any competition, each having some overlap in their strengths, and mostly sharing the same weaknesses. Sandy began devising stratagems for whatever the competition was. In a battle of strength, she'd be mostly beaten by the Grizzly and the Minotaur, but could probably go toe to toe with the Hinezumi and the Jinko. These thoughts were dashed by the arrival of the judge, a medium build man walking in through the wide barn door.
  5. "Ladies, welcome to the fourth annual Monster Girl Battle Royale! As you all know, each year we hold this competition to help eligible ladies find potential mates, since some of you have...errr...trouble with men running away from you." This elicited a chuckle from some, and a groan from others. Sandy's own failures she mostly chalked up to the pathetic men that came courting. It wasn't her fault that all the men delivering pizzas and mail to her house couldn't swordfight well enough to defeat her. She even provided them a sword...sometimes.
  7. "This year, thanks to our sponsors, will be a bit different though. As it's been in previous years, we will be televising this competition, so make sure you smile for the cameras!" Sandy glanced through the barn. The location itself, a large, wooded barn, was an odd place to hold a fight, but the wide, open field beyond the barn would suffice. It would allow her ample room to maneuver and run in a fight.
  9. "However, due to insurance concerns, and due to the concerns of the neighboring community, this competition will *not* be a fight." The faces around the girls drooped. Each one was a fighter in their own right, and had been looking forward to an incredible battle.
  11. "This competition will actually be, drum-roll please.........a lactation competition!" Sandy stared blankly. Half the girls shared the same expression. Immediately, Pearl the Hinezumi piped up "Excuse me, Mister...uh...Judge, but-". The Judge abruptly cut her off. "Not to worry, my dear ladies! On behalf of our sponsors, Johnson's Lactation Inducer, all of you have been given drinks that help induce the magic milk so you can all compete! Also, though some of you-" he said, as his eye wandered to Lori the Minotaur "are more gifted than others, all of you will be on even footing, as the competition is not just for volume produced!" Sandy stood in shock. Not only was this competition not what she expected, she'd been drugged without her knowledge for the competition. Her breasts felt...odd. Uncomfortable.
  13. "Now ladies, I'll ask you to step into the milking booths with your name on them, and the lactation assistants will aid you from there!" Sandy and the other girls, still reeling from the shock of having the rug pulled out from under them, meekly wandered to their stalls, each stall with a small placard with each girl's name designating stalls. As Sandy wandered to the stall, there was a small curtain draped across the stall, concealing the assistant inside. A young man, there behind the curtain, greeted her. He was cute enough, but she found herself more agitated by the swelling, uncomfortable sensation in her breasts to really pay him much attention.
  15. The young man spoke first. "Ma'am, we have several options available to help you out. There's the automatic lactator, this thing here-" he pointed to the interesting contraption beside him, a tangle of hoses, cups, and a central tank device where, she assumed, the lactation was collected. The man patted it gingerly as he spoke. "It's a favorite amongst the cow girls that live here, but if needs be, there are a few hand pumps, or if you prefer it, I can help you manually." Sandy glumly looked over the devices before she replied, with hesitance in her voice. "W-w-which one do you t-t-think will milk me the m-m-most?"
  17. The young man looked thoughtful. "I'll be honest, while the automatic lactator is the most reliable, I can usually coax the most out by hand." Sandy looked skeptical. His hands were large and strong looking, but she didn't feel comfortable with anyone but her potential husband touching her breasts. As she continued to deliberate, she could hear the other girls as the devices (or assistants) coaxed out their milk. Lori, her moans accented by moos, was possibly the loudest. Sandy, torn between her modesty and her desire to win, she bit her bottom lip. The assistant continued to look at her, waiting for her answer.
  19. "I-i-i-if i-i-its o-o-okay with you....I'd l-l-l-like you to m-m-m-milk me. P-p-p-please."
  20. The assistant smiled. "Ok, sit right here on this stool. I'm going to put this milk pail in front of you, and begin. Please remove your top garment, and I'll put a small amount of lanolin balm on before we start." Sandy removed her top and bra, her modest breasts freed from their confinement. She immediately felt immense relief from her sore, swollen breasts. She sat down, the odd shaped milking bucket sitting between her knees, the collared top near her breasts. As soon as she was in position, the young man sat behind her, his warmth making her blush. Due to their close proximity, his mouth was in her ear, and when he began to speak, his hot breath made her even more uncomfortable. However, she refused to cower away from any competition, even one as odd as this one.
  22. "Here comes the balm, I'm going to spread it around so this doesn't hurt at all." He squeezed the relatively cold fluid across her breasts, a stark contrast to the warm words in her mouth. He then, as soon as the bottle was put away, began rubbing the balm onto her breasts. He seemed to be working the breasts down, from her chest, down towards her aching nipples. After a few strokes along the entire breast, he began to make half motions the length of the full breast, and began focusing almost exclusively on her nipples. His hands, quite used to eliciting milk from breasts, worked diligently and efficiently, and before long, she began hearing the sound of some sort of liquid hitting the can. Sandy, however, was unable to visually confirm this, as her eyes had retreated to the back of her head in ecstasy. Between the efficient squeezing and the relief she felt, rather than commanded, her voice escaping her throat. The sounds of liquid on metal grew louder as the young man squeezed, until she felt the immense relief of having exhausted her mammary glands' supply. Limply, she lounged back against the young man, her head spinning from the sensation still echoing in her head. "You did well, Miss Sandy, I reckon this is at least a gallon here, surely this'll win the competition." Helping Sandy to her feet, the young man then hefted the milking bucket out of the stall, allowing her the peace of mind to begin to dress. From the sounds echoing around, it seemed that most of the other girls were about done.
  24. Sandy, now dressed again, stepped out of the stall to find that she was the last to emerge. The other girls, blushing and finding it difficult to meet one another's eyes, waited for the judge to announce whatever came next. He, in true showman fashion, didn't fail to disappoint.
  26. "Congratulations ladies, and thank you for your participation, now the results! You girls were graded on multiple categories, those specifically being volume, taste, and temperature. And for the results of each: In the category of volume, you girls didn't disappoint! Surprising, coming last, was Lori, the Minotaur, with only a quart!"
  28. Lori looked around, a slight blush to her cheeks, "I guess I'm not a very good dairy cow, heh."
  30. The announcer continued, "And the winner of the volume category, was Pearl the Hinezumi! She produced two gallons, twice as much as her runner up, Sandy the Salamander!" This caused both girls to blush intensely. "But a great showing by all you girls. Next category, taste, as judged by our panel of taste testers in a blind taste test. Coming in last was Scooter the High Orc! Girl, what have you been eating?"
  32. Scooter glanced at the small containers hanging off her belt. Sheepishly, she replied "Perhaps best you don't know."
  34. The announcer continued, "And tying for first, Sandy the Salamander and Marion the Hellhound! Both girls had, as our judge panel puts it, the most interesting flavor profile they've ever sampled!"
  36. The announcer began wrapping it up, obviously running short on time. "And lastly, temperature. Being as fresh as this milk was, the judges were hoping for a consistent, pleasant temperature. In last, Margaret, the Grizzly. Sorry Marge. And in first place, Pearl, the Hinezumi! Hers stayed at just the right temperature for consumption for the judges, who found hers the most pleasant to consume. Which means, the winner of today's competition is Pearl, the Hinezumi! Even though she was had the smallest breasts, she managed to bring the goods! A round of applause for the fire mouse!"
  38. The girls politely clapped, Sandy herself feeling embarrassed further for her loss. However, the experience taught her that there was one man who could definitely defeat her. As she clapped, she caught eyes with the young farm hand, his one eye closing slightly at her, as if to let her know that whenever she wanted more, he was there. Perhaps she didn't need that subscription to the dating service after all.
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