Chiming Bell That Transcends Time Summary (Prologue-Ch5)

Feb 24th, 2018
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  1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2. Prologue
  3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  5. <Iroha and co were momentarily separated by the "Wings of Magius">
  6. <This is what took place some time after they overcame those trials and the Mikazuki household regained its liveliness>
  7. <At Mitama's shop, where magical girls gather...>
  9. Iroha visits Mitama on her own. The adjuster tells her that she has good timing and that she just learned of a charm that works well. Since Yachiyo also happens to be there, she's going to tell them both. The charm is supposed to help them see good dreams, which is good for Yachiyo since lately, she's had problems sleeping. It goes as follows: First, prepare one red and blue candle. Next, have them face each other in a certain direction. Then, the most important part, is to do something before lighting them (we aren't told what).
  11. Five minutes pass. Yachiyo and Iroha have learned how to do it. Since they're such fast learners, Mitama decides to give them some special scented candles she got from an antique store. Iroha's grateful but Yachiyo finds it sketchy. She glares at Mitama, who swears she doesn't know. Since Mitama doesn't look away, Yachiyo figures she's telling the truth. The two girls decide to give it a try when they get home.
  13. That night at Yachiyo's, Iroha and Yachiyo set up the candles and decide to give it a try. Iroha's nervous, but Yachiyo tells her that they have to relax, or it won't work. As soon as they light the candles, they start to feel sleepy.
  15. When Iroha wakes up, she's in a place she's not familiar with. There's flashes of light that seem to be guiding her in some direction.
  17. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  18. Part 1: The France of Dreams
  19. Chp 1
  20. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  21. Some knights are struggling in battle against their enemies--enchanted armor that constantly spawns from the darkness. Their leader calls for the survivors to retreat. A mysterious masked girl, Corbeau, taunts them, asking if they're leaving already. The leader calls her the Witch of England, and she corrects him, insisting that she's a magical girl before killing him.
  23. Iroha realizes from the sounds that she's in a battlefield of some sort and she wonders what's going on. One of the enemy knights attacks her and she is saved just in the nick of time by Yachiyo. She thanks Yachiyo and asks her if she knows what happened and where they're at. Yachiyo says their conversation will have to wait until later. She says the moving armor seem to be like familiars and tells Iroha to transform. Iroha does.
  25. Corbeau is amused. She didn't expect to meet other magical girls in a place like this. Corbeau asks if they're allied with the France saint girl. Iroha clearly doesn't know what she's talking about. Yachiyo observes that Corbeau has summoned the familiars. Corbeau hasn't destroyed enough to satisfy herself, so she tries to destroy the two magical girls. Left with no choice, the girls decide to face off against her, although Yachiyo senses and warns that she is a dangerous enemy with an incredible amount of magical energy.
  27. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  28. Chapter 2
  29. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  30. Corbeau is proving to be more than the two girls can handle. The masked magical girl laughs and decides that it would be a waste to take them out at once and instead decides to take them out one by one. She wants to start with the "white one". Yachiyo warns Iroha to dodge but it's too late. Luckily for Iroha, another magical girl has stepped in to protect her. Corbeau is surprised, since she put in a decent amount of magical energy into her attack, and yet somehow the magical girl managed to deflect it. Ignoring Corbeau, the girl asks if Iroha's okay. She's happy to hear that Iroha is and introduces herself as Tart.
  32. Corbeau laughs again. She wasn't expecting the saint herself to show up. Tart volunteers to hold her off while Iroha and Yachiyo escape. Iroha's reluctant to do so, but Yachiyo argues that it'd be better to leave Corbeau to her since it would be hard for Iroha to fight with her wounds. Iroha agrees and tells Tart to be careful. The girls try to escape and Corbeau tries to stop them by summoning a barrier, complete with a witch. Tart says she can handle the witch, and Yachiyo says she can as well, since she's also a magical girl.
  34. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  35. Chapter 3
  36. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  37. Yachiyo and Tart manage to defeat the witch, but Yachiyo finds it strange that the witch they just fought was one that appeared in Kamihama. She wonders why it's here. Meanwhile, Tart is fighting Corbeau and is sent flying. Yachiyo calls out to her in concern, but Tart's completely fine, much to Corbeau's surprise. She isn't hurt at all. Iroha's impressed. Corbeau starts laughing to herself and readies herself to fight Tart to the death. However, someone interrupts her. It's Riz. Yachiyo's surprised that Riz came out of Corbeau's shadow.
  39. Riz tells Tart to return back to where the main troops are. They're having trouble with familiars that have appeared there. She asks Melissa to guide her there. Melissa introduces herself to Yachiyo and Iroha. Corbeau isn't about to let them go, however, she has exposed her back to Riz and ends up getting attacked again. Riz says the price of injuring Tart is a high one and Corbeau agrees to fight one of the friends of the La Pucelle, telling Riz not to disappoint her. Tart says that they should leave Corbeau to Riz and wonders what the two girls' names are.
  41. >Tart: Nice to meet you! Iroha-sama, Yachiyo-sama.
  42. >Iroha: I'd like you to stop using "-sama".
  43. >Yachiyo: ...Me too.
  44. >Tart: Then... Iroha-san and Yachiyo-san! Let's hurry!
  46. As they leave the battlefield, Yachiyo thinks to herself about the "Saint of France", the "La Pucelle", knowing that that's the nicknames of Jeanne d'Arc. She wonders if that means that the magical girl is Jeanne.
  48. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  49. Chapter 4
  50. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  51. One of the knights greets Tart upon her return. She asks for a status report, and he says it's not good at all.
  52. There's a large number of the enchanted armor familiars from earlier. Tart calls them Corbeau's familiars and Melissa explains that ever since they joined the England forces, the France forces have been pushed back. Iroha doesn't get what they're talking about at all, and Yachiyo explains that she thinks that they're talking about the medieval army. From what she's heard, Tart and the others are part of the French forces. She thinks to herself that Jeanne d'Arc was the saint that saved France from the English invaders, and wonders again if Jeanne = Tart.
  54. The enchanted armor familiars are advancing and Melissa alerts the group. Tart volunteers to hold them off, so she asks that they retreat. Iroha claims it's impossible for her to handle them all by herself. Tart insists she'll be okay, since she has her allies in the French army. Yachiyo thinks to herself about how her assumption that they were part of the French army was correct, though she doesn't understand why the enemy forces seems to consist of only monsters. Regardless, she thinks that their best option right now is to do as Tart says. She gives Iroha a grief seed to use to heal herself. They're going to help France withdraw by getting rid of familiars in their way. Iroha uses the grief seed to heal herself and agrees. She tells Tart to be careful.
  57. They managed to retreat. One of the soldiers says they should be fine back here and calls for help for the wounded. Melissa thanks Yachiyo and Iroha for their support, and like Tart, uses "-sama". Yachiyo asks her to use "-san" instead.
  58. Iroha's worried about Tart. Suddenly, Yachiyo senses an incredible magical reaction. It's coming from the direction Tart and the others are still fighting in. Melissa explains that that was La Lumiere, Tart's light magic. Yachiyo wonders how she can use magic like without harming both sides.
  60. >Iroha: Huh...? Yachiyo-san? For some reason, I can't hear everyone's voices...very we...
  61. >Yachiyo: Iroha...Wh...s wrong? Can you ...Hey...? ....? ....!
  63. A bright flash. Iroha finds herself back at Yachiyo's place in Kamihama. She wonders out loud if it was all a dream.
  65. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  66. Part 2: The Strange Candle
  67. Chapter 5
  68. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  69. Iroha's surprised to learn that Yachiyo saw the exact same dream she did. They agree that the dream was oddly realistic. Yachiyo asks about the injury Iroha had in her dream and Iroha says she's fine. It must have just been a dream. Yachiyo wonders if anyone else saw the same dream.
  70. They ask Felicia and Sana who have no idea what they're talking about and/or saw a completely different dream. Yachiyo suspects that the source of the shared dream were the aroma candles they got from Mitama and suggests that they give her a call.
  72. Mitama apologizes, but finds it strange that all the other girls who tried the same charm saw pleasant dreams.
  74. Yachiyo sums it up: they didn't learn anything new other than that the candles are more suspicious than the charm. She asks if Iroha was the one who extinguished the candles. Iroha says she did. Yachiyo wonders if the way it works is that the dream ends if the flame on the candles go out. They still have other candles, so they can try again later that night, but Iroha seems reluctant to do so. Then Yachiyo wonders if they'll either see a new dream or see a continuation of the dream from the night before. Iroha answers that they won't know unless they try.
  76. Yachiyo then shares her theory that Tart = Jeanne d'Arc and that they were in the Hundred Years' War with Iroha.
  78. >Iroha: ...Huh, but we able to communicate?
  79. >Yachiyo: Well...that's because it was a dream.
  80. >Iroha: Right.
  82. The girls decide whether to try the candle thing again. Iroha admits she's a bit scared, but she's okay, since it's just a dream. Yachiyo has the same opinion. She's scared because it's so realistic, but it's just a dream so they should be fine.
  85. They try the candles again. Although they're in a different location, it appears to be the same dream as before. They again comment on how realistic it is. Iroha wonders if it's possible to see dreams this realistic. Yachiyo adds that normally people wouldn't have the same dream either.
  86. But it's just a dream, right?
  89. The girls decide to look for Tart and that it'd be best to stay in their magical girl forms. Yachiyo comments on how dark it is.
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