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Aug 29th, 2012
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  1. The Business:
  2. Over the last few months I have been selling BTC to a group of local people. Now this is a don't ask don't tell group of people so I can't tell you exactly where and to whom the coins ultimately end up with but so far its been pretty painless. During this last week I maxed out my available coins both personally and "leased" from other members and they needed a lot more. Up until now, I have dealt with my core group of friends and been able to handle the requests, but they seem to be getting larger and more frequent. So now I'm looking into other methods for keeping a consistent storage or on-demand availability of coins. I have two plans available for those sitting on coins.
  4. On-Demand
  5. When an order comes in that is over what I have available I'll send out a request to users in this plan requesting the total needed. The first to respond gets the deal and the transfer is made. These coins will be tide up for 1 business day to give me enough time to settle the transaction and acquire the coins to return. This plan pays a flat 3.5%.
  7. Storage
  8. This plan works as an ongoing commitment. You would send coins anytime to the address provided and you would earn interest on a daily basis. You can withdraw your balance at anytime, but I do request that you give me a couple hours to insure I have coverage for the next order. Interest payments are paid out ever 3 days until either you withdraw the funds or my local dealings dry up and I can no longer be profitable. This plan pays 1% per day.
  10. Now I would hope to have enough people on the storage plan that I wouldn't have a need for the on-demand but I'll see how it goes. I ultimately want the ability to provide coins at anytime and any amount for these guys and we can all share in the profits.
  12. I've created my own custom management software that I've built to monitor deposits, withdraws and interest payments. As this gets bigger I'll build a front end for it so users can view and manage there account and maybe putting that domain to good use.
  14. For more information send me a PM or just ask below. You can check out my OTC ratings in my signature.
  16. Edit: I forgot to mention that dealing with anything less than 50BTC is more work than its worth so I've made that the minimum on both plans.
  18. Thanks
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