Camarilla Harry Potter Party

Jun 11th, 2020
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  1. Harry Potter Party
  2. Edgewater Beach Resort - Elysium Great Hall(#15582RMU)
  4. The Great Hall is lavish and sophisticated but there is also a welcoming atmosphere about it. The two-tiered circular room is large and beautifully appointed, with graceful arches lining the lower perimeter to create small alcoves where an ornate sconce fixed to the wall within creates a warm glow. The dramatic 18-foot ceiling is umbrella-shaped and painted to resemble the look of stained-glass, vibrant hues that are discolored and distorted yet exquisite. From the center hangs a large crystal chandelier which reaches the base curvature where hundreds of small, evenly spaced, lights provide just the right amount of additional illumination when turned on. The walls are composed of elaborately carved crown molding and custom silvery-white wall panels which shimmer softly beneath the lights. The floor is made from richly designed marble tiles that match the rest of the decor and makes for a lovely dance floor should one be needed. An ornate balcony lines the upper tier - accessible by a set of small narrow staircases - but is designed with just one large seating area that is slightly elevated to provide an unobstructed view of the room below.
  6. Set at a fair depth into a large archway at the end opposite the main entrance, and flanked by marble columns and another door on one side, is a wide stage area with a set of four steps leading up to it. The interior stands out from the rest of the room as it is a deep crimson with intricate gilded molding and illuminated by a single chandelier which is only lit when the area is in use. The cushioned seats there are evenly spaced and staggered, five in front and five in back, so that when all seats are occupied everyone may be seen. Artfully scattered around the floor is an array of comfortable chairs and couches, many easily able to be tucked into the lower alcoves or pushed off to the side to clear the floor if needed, but all facing the stage in some manner.
  7. Hogwarts Buffet of Magical Delights
  8. Invisibility Cloak Replica
  9. Replica Wand with Daniel Radcliff's Signature on the box
  10. Sorcerer's Stone
  11. Spell Book From Half Blood Prince
  12. Veil of Night
  14. Hogwart's Setting
  15. Jar of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans
  17. Bellatrix strides through the chamber making sure everything is exactly right, occasionall pausing to look askance at something or other before she laughs wickedly and goes back to what she was doing
  19. *~Wizards and witches behold! A magical tune fills the air!~*
  20. ( ) The Harry Potter Theme
  22. Roiling darkness bursts through the entrance, flowing and undulating over and around obstructions. When it parts, a coarse looking man steps out. Greyback emerging from the coalescing shadows
  24. Bellatrix is stalking the edges of the room, a mad look in her eyes
  26. A very nervous looking, very recently escaped Sirius Black, arrives and he is still wearing the striped filthy clothing of an Azkaban prisoner. Even the expression his face look haunted and paranoid as he quietly slink into the crowd, looking over his shoulder every few steps and radiating an aura of fear.
  28. Charlie Weasley wanders into the room, casual steps, the redhead, hair tied back, wearing a brown jacket and carrying a small velvet bag.
  30. Opal arrives just looking like someone who is probably in house Gryffindor but not one specific character. The glasses on her face definitely faux. She makes her way towards a comfortable place to sit and rests her hands in her lap.
  32. A flash of light streaks through the door and a puff of smoke dissolves from it leaving behind a tall young witch with a pale heart-shaped face and dark twinkling eyes. Tonks is enthusiastic and bubbly with a quick bright smile for everyone. As a Metamorphmagus, she can change her appearance at will. Tonight she comes in at first with her hair shorter and a bright bubblegum-pink and wearing her trademark long black leather jacket. Around her neck she wears a black velvet collar with jingling bells on it.
  34. Greyback gives the Weasley a sneer, and a flex of fingers as if claws are itching to come out.
  36. Moaning Myrtle slips in with a sigh and just drifts about the party.
  38. Bellatrix prowls around the edges of the room until she is right behind Tonks then "Boo!" and cackles with laughter "Well come in everyone it IS a party after all"
  40. Under obfuscate Moaning Myrtle makes no move as she watches the others walk in. She then suddenly runs in and drops the obfuscate with a screech and wail, the toilet seat moving about her neck. WIth a sniff and a sign she looks around in a small voice "Oh my , so many people. Have you all come to share my toilet? No? A shame one ever wants to share..or talk to me..." With a wail she slowly drifts to the side..giggling when Bella attempts to scare Tonks..
  42. Viktor Krum strides in to the chamber, crimson cloak fluttering behind him, accompanied by ... wait. That is not Fleur Delacour. Why is he holding hands with Luna Lovegood? That's not the canon pairing... anyway, together they are, making their entrance as they utterly betray the source material.
  44. Sirius Black is here and he is continuing to act strangely, standing behind a marble column and whispering to people walking past, "Don't tell them I'm here..."
  46. The Harry Potter Theme Song continues to play through the chamber
  48. Nymphadora Tonks gasps and her hair flows from pink to white. "Ah, but you gave me a fright you WITCH!" She waves her wand towards Bellatrix. "Beware the Order of the Phoenix!"
  50. Charlie Weasley chuckles "Aptly named"
  52. Tonight as Luna Lovegood enters with Viktor Krum, it is easy to tell it is her with the straggly, waist-length, dirty blonde hair, very pale eyebrows, and protuberant green eyes that give her a permanently surprised look. She gives off an aura of distinct dottiness. Perhaps it is the fact that she has stuck her wand behind her left ear for safekeeping, but tonight she has chosen to wear pink Christmas tree style dress for the festivities.
  54. Bellatrix cackles in insane glee and spins about the room, spotting Serious she gives him a look that is at once hilarious and deeply disturbing "Cousin"
  56. Moaning Myrtle sighs, "They are all going to die." as she moves about the place just drifting here and there with shoulders slumped.
  58. Sirius is fully in character still and the sight of Bellatrix earns a reaction that is bound to turn a few heads, "How dare you call me Cousin!" He shouts and then points dramatically at Bellatrix, causing a wand to come shooting out of his prison costume sleeve and right into his hands. "After all you've put me through!" He bellows and raises his wand only to end the attack with a madman's bout of laughter. "I can't, I can't-" He shakes his head, breaking character, "Its too silly." Then a tiny puff of green sparks shoots out of his toy wand and he laughs again. The glitter raining down slowly around them.
  60. Nymphadora Tonks winks at Charlie Weasley, circling him playfully to tug on a lock of red hair, "I heard you have a bagful of tricks."
  62. Bellatrix hisses at Sirius and steps back, wand at the ready until he breaks then she sticks her tongue out at him and dances away again
  64. *~Grab your butterbeer and don’t forget your wand!~*
  65. ( ) Diagon Alley and the Gringotts Vault
  67. The doors have opened and the girl in white appears. She steps forward and then leans back with a little sigh and turn of her hand. Yes, it is the girl from France, the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Fleur Delacour. The feathers of her gown make it look like she floats as she moves forward, and of course the very appropriate black lace peacocks on her dress just give it that special je ne sais quoi. She moves toward the center of the room, not paying attention to the squabbles of the others. There, her hands come together in front of her and then spread apart, releasing a flock of butterflies that just magically appear.
  69. Moaning Myrtle bats the darn bugs away with a bit of a frown on her face and crinkling of her nose.
  71. Greyback paces the room, as if in search of a tender morsel to separate from the flock, giving 'Luna' a playfully aggressive snap of his teeth.
  73. Severus Snape wasn't here previously, but there he is now, standing rigidly and glowering at any that look his way. A judgmental expression etched onto his pale visage and a scowl for anyone that draws remotely near to him. He keeps to himself and skirts the periphery of the room.
  75. Bellatrix applauds Fleur's butterflies then tries to catch one. Turning she spots Snape and her smile curves in that .. utterly insane way she has "oh joy the traitor is here"
  77. MoaningMyrtle looks on as more arrive, wondering where her bathroom might be. The butterfly flutters at her and she just makes an indignant sound and bats it away. "Too bright, too cheery...hmph" She moves swiftly with a feline grace and proceeds to look at the items on display, her eyes glancing at the food table...
  79. Sirius Black, standing now in a small pile of green glitter, shakes it off and continues to rove around the party looking like a proper madman in his Azkaban best.
  81. Fleur Delacour says in French, "Good Evening to all. It is a shame Bill could not make it as well."
  83. Moaning Myrtle grins a bit then does that strange almost snorty laugh at some of the antics, before heading to the pile of green glitter to blow it about.
  85. Charlie Weasley moves to lean against the wall, peeking down into the velvet bag.
  87. Then there is Paige, the no good fun time ruiner. She has deigned to put on a rather large witches hat, and she idly carries a smooth rowan wood wand. Her brows raise softly as she slips in. "I find perhaps the most amusing part of this entire night is going to simply be that I can't get Madeline to name the name of a band or other culturally significant event in the past fifty years. But she knows what the hell Harry Potter is."
  89. Nymphadora Tonks applauds Fleur's entrance and then fans herself with her hand, "Alas, the one that is loved by all. Your brother Ron said no one could compare to her, even me with all my looks and charms." She laughs merrily then and peeks into the bag along with Charlie.
  91. Bellatrix gives Paige a wink "well.. she does now"
  93. HermioneG wanders past Paige as Paige finishes her whining, "Da, called readink books. Much better zan listenink for music zat destroyink brain cells." She winks, "Give try. Zough, vhould recommend not Doctor Seuss. Might be too complicated."
  95. Greyback snorts, shakes his head. "Clockwork Orange is an inspiring way to convince someone to watch new movies."
  97. Sirius chimes in to something Hermione said, "It doesn't kill brain cells, music is a pretty personal experience... one man's noise is another's meditation track."
  99. *~Wizards and muggles alike are taking a chance with Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans…and then a loud EWWW is heard as the poor soul gets…earwax bleh!!~*
  101. Luna wiggles her toes as she smiles up to Viktor, her feet are bare, "All my shoes have mysteriously disappeared. I suspect the Nargles are behind it." As she reaches up to touch his cheek and looks back delightedly at the butterflies fluttering about the room.
  103. Moaning Myrtle wants to get high.
  105. Charlie Weasley grins to nymph and opens the bag to let her get a peek.
  107. Opal remains seated for the time being and just quietly observing. As Paige arrives, bright smile curls her lips that is accompanied by a welcoming wave hello.
  109. This is a rather large jar of jelly beans. Not just any beans though: the myriad technicolor all but indicates that this is a jar of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. (And yes, we do mean EVERY flavor.) If you're feeling lucky, you can try your luck and pick a bean! It might even be a non-horrible flavor!
  110. (OOC: Page Fritz with "+roll 2" if you wish to play roulette with these sugary confections.)
  112. Snape stalks past Sirius and says blandly, "Or woman.." he seems to have zero'd in on Opal who he approaches and he frowns deeply as he inspects her. then he says to Paige with a condescending and disapproving tone, "This is exactly what I expect of a childe of yours."
  114. Viktor is in the middle of stifling a laugh at Hermione's snark when Luna acts all... Luna-like. He sighs and glances down at her indeed shoe-less feet. Then sighs again. Then cracks a smile. "You and your Nargles. Now go put your shoes back on, this is hardly the place to be without them."
  116. Paige raises her hand up to wave softly at Opal, a small smile smirk given. "Well at least it isn't Avatar, no one remembers that one." A pause however as she raises her brows towards Hermoine, tilting her head a little. Distracted soon enough as she moves to the bar while answering Snape. "Bullshit it is, the building isn't on fire and no one is dead."
  118. Moaning Myrtle moves to circle Snape and page with a low moan, then "I'd try putting it in the water if I were you." before drifting away.
  120. The band is seen setting up on the stage sounds like music will be starting shortly
  122. Greyback curls his fingers as if grasping at Opal.. "Could always claw 'er up, leaver 'er body fer tha muggle ta find. Send the sheep scattering." and drifting past Luna again, adding.. "Or bite off the feet..."
  124. "Here, here, or woman." Sirius echoes in agreement to Snape as he snarks his way past, "Music is for everyone."
  126. Bellatrix slides up behind Snape "Perhaps you could educate her Severus, with your chemistry set"
  128. just moves past Severus Snape, ignoring what they say and heading over to join Paige. A kiss is lightly placed on Paige's as she asks, "How do you like my outfit? I think yours is rather clever."
  130. The Weird Sisters - Do The Hippogriff -
  132. For the First time Playing Live! Here at Hogwarts! Please welcome! The Band that needs no introduction! The Weird Sisters!!
  133. The song is energetic as is the lead singing, encouraging everyone to dance as he sings “Move your body like a hairy troll Learning to rock and roll Spin around like a crazy elf Dancin' by himself Boogie down like a unicorn No stoppin' till the break of dawn Put your hands up in the air Like an ogre, who just don't care
  134. Oh! Can you dance like a hippogriff? Na na na ma ma ny na na ny na Flyin' off from a cliff Na na na ma ma ny na na ny na
  135. Swooping down to the ground Na na na ma ma ny na na ny na Wheel around and around and around and around Na na na ma ma ny na na
  137. HermioneG wrinkles her nose at Snape, doing her best to lower her voice and trying to sound like Alan Rickman, "Now turn for page 394..." She has that slow cadence with the revealing of the page number. She, then clears her throat afterwards. With that, she looks around for a place to sit. She does spy Viktor Krum, though. She makes a face, "Knowink should have vhorn formal dress."
  138. Nymphadora Tonks says, “Back off Greyback or I'll turn you into a toad to match your personality!" She coos at the tiny dragon Charlie has. "Oh he's just a dear!”
  140. Snape frowns deeply as Opal blatantly ignores his taunt. With a glance to Paige he scowls and says, "Not too bright. And you're all talk without walk." he turns his head partially to address Bellatrix, "I now understand why they locked you up."
  142. Bellatrix gives Snape a taunting look and cackles then dances backwards and spins, joining those already on the dancefloor
  144. Luna smiles up at Viktor and then back down at her feet before she offers a reply, "My mum always said things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end. If not always in the way we expect." And starts to head away towards the Beans, let fate work in its own way, as the music starts, and her eyes grow wider in that surprised look."
  148. Raccoon scurries around looking for something to write even if its food it can smear. smears "Animagus" on the BK crown
  150. Viktor slinks one full arm around Luna's waist, casting a protective side-eye at Greyback as he drifts by. "Try it and see." Hermione's comment doesn't go unnoticed in the encounter. "Don't worry too much, I'm already ruining the canon here." With that, he follows Luna along to the great big jar of beans. There's got to be, like, a hundred flavors mixed in there or something, easily.
  152. Staff in costume try to pull guests out onto the dancefloor
  154. Paige tilts her head towards Opal softly, lips quirking into a smirk. "I tend to be lazy dear, and am... exceptionally picky about my appearance in most cases. There are certain rules after all, after all an arrest or an execution tends to be one of the most important events in someone’s unlife, it would be insulting to them to not treat it with the proper respect and dress appropriately." Her eyes however glance to Snape. "You keep telling yourself that dear."
  156. Sirius slinks and sneaks his way over to the table with the bertie botts beans, avoiding the staff trying to get folks to dance as if they were Dementors.
  158. The band is on fire (but not literally) dancing and playing as they rock the crowd
  160. Groove around like a scary ghost Spooking himself the most Shake your booty like a boggart in pain Again and again and again Get it on like an angry specter Who's definitely out to get ya' Stamp your feet like a leprechaun Gettin' it on, gettin' it on
  161. Can you dance like a hippogriff? Ma ma ma, ma ma ma, ma ma ma Flyin' off from a cliff Ma ma ma, ma ma ma, ma ma ma Swooping down, to the ground Ma ma ma, ma ma ma, ma ma ma Wheel around and around and around and around Ma ma ma, ma ma ma, ma ma ma
  162. Yeah, yeah, yeah Ooh, come on Mmm, you gotta move it Like a groovy creature Creature of the night
  163. In a flight
  164. Ah, a creature of the night
  165. Well, do ya' feel alright? Do ya' feel alright?
  167. Opal easily join Paige at the bar and drops to just softly talk with her there.
  169. Fleur Delacour floats over toward the bar, and takes a seat. She watches the band and smiles.
  171. Even though she is portraying the somber being, the player of this particular MoaningMyrtle is still going to eat drink and be merry before jumping back into character. She moves over to the refreshment table and snags a pumpkin juice before getting on the dance floor for the music and dancing
  173. Raccoon scurries around looking for shiny things to gnaw on running from staff screeching if they come at him
  175. Bellatrix dances with the staff on the dance floor until the song ends. While they applaud she tips her head to look at Fleur in that mad way she has then smiles and bows as if her performance was he best of the night "Your Neeeeext" she sings towards Fleur
  177. Nymphadora Tonks tugs at Charlie's arm, "Come on, I want to try a bean before we dance."
  179. Charlie Weasley glances over, easily tugged "A bean?"
  181. Moaning Myrtle heads to Hermine, then sidles up. "So seen him in the bath yet?"
  183. Sirius is leaning by the bean table waiting for a turn to try one with a crazed look in his over wide eyes.
  185. Luna is held possessively by Viktor, as he protects her from those ferocious wizards who might seem to want to do her harm, letting herself be led over to the Jar of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans to try a bean too. "What is cannon?"
  187. HermioneG smiles softly to Moaning Myrtle, shaking her head, "Nyet. Not for plannink visit in baff, eizer." She then looks out over the crowd. She scrutinizes each person here, guaging outfits and the like.
  189. Nymphadora Tonks smiles brightly and tugs Charlie over to the table. "Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans of course! Wish me luck!" She smirks at Sirius, gives him a wink and reaches into the jar to pick one at random. Popping it into her mouth she bites down and her eyes widen. Within the span of the next moment her hair changed from pink to white to a flaming red as she sputters, "Liver and Tripe!"
  191. Snape eyes Opal with a malicious glint in his eyes and he says dryly to Paige, "We didn't get your head delivered in a box yet, so you do have that going for you." he slowly turns and passes by the table where they are handing out treats. He stares at those eating things as he makes his way over to a trash receptacle which he vomits a gooey black substance into.
  193. Moaning Myrtle grin widens, "Well sometimes that is the best time to ambush them."
  195. Bellatrix laughs manically at Tonks and rolls her eyes at Snape "I always knew you didn't have the stomach to serve the Dark Lord"
  197. When he has a chance to step up and take one Sirius selects a deep blue colored on and holds it up to the light, "Its been so long since I've eaten anything..." And that's probably not a lie because the Kindred in costume pops the bean into his mouth and then scrambles for a napkin to spit it back out into... "Excuse me, sorry.." He sneers and wrinkles his nose, "Oh wow- blech-" Stepping away from the table to keep from grossing out others, "That's like a real blueberry...nasty."
  199. Charlie Weasley says, “I'm not sure I'd know what liver and tripe taste like. I feel happy not knowing that."”
  201. Paige looks up from a small discussion at the bar, and a few nods to Opal. Her eyes glance to Snape, and she gives a highly amused snort before waving her hand dismissively.
  203. MoaningMyrtle moves and slinks about, glancing at Sirius. She is covering her mouth and giggling at his misfortune as he spits out the bean. "Oh that's delightful..."
  205. Snape wipes his mouth off on the sleeve of his robe, smearing a bit of black onto his jaw. With a flash of annoyance in his tone he says to Bellatrix, "Correct. Unlike most here, I do not have my nose stuck firmly up Vegard's ass." and with that he starts to make his way toward the exit.
  207. Viktor just shakes his head at Luna, still holding her by the waist. "Canon. Official story for a popular work of fiction." He says that matter-of-factly, seriousness clashing with Luna's very... unique personality. "So. Are we feeling lucky tonight?" He motions for her to try one of the beans, stepping back just a bit to let the guinea pig go first.
  209. Nymphadora Tonks shakes her head and her face alters, her nose and mouth shifting into that of a duck's beak. She quacks, "Not. Funny." She waves her wand towards Bellatrix "Wingardium Leviosa!" and a chair lifts and hovers over the dark haired vixen for a moment, and then settles back down on the floor.
  211. Opal looks about as Paige does before she looks back to her to continue their softly spoken conversation. Her fingers reaching up to twirl some of her platinum tresses around, smiling at the levitation trick as she sees it performed by Nymphadora.
  213. MoaningMyrtle removes the toilet seat from around her neck and sets it down. She happens to be near Snape as he makes his comment and she cannot help but smirk and giggle again. "Oh Professor Snape, you sound like a bright cheerful day..don't you."
  215. Bellatrixs eyes widen ad she ooooohs at Tonks hovering the chair over her head then swirls her wand over her head "Serpensortia" and snaps it towards Tonks, spitting out a brightly colored snake that hisses and slithers away
  217. HermioneG mutters from her seated position, "LeviOsa, not LeviosA." She then grins. Still, she seems to enjoy simply be an observer as others are a bit more active with the different things going on.
  219. Snape scowls and he turns, pointing two fingers at his eyes and then pointing them at Myrtle before he turns again and departs without another word.
  221. *~Sparkles of gold zip across the ceiling. If one pays attention, they might see tiny beating wings attached to each of those little spherical sparkles.~*
  223. After his less than pleasant experience with the Bertie Bott's Bean Sirius is shuffling his way to the bar, still looking over his shoulder every so often and being paranoid to the point of twitchy. He sits down heavily at the bar.
  225. Charlie Weasley silently watches the ongoing playacting with a grin.
  227. Luna reaches into the Jar despite the previous reaction of Snape, and pulls out a red bean that seems to bite back, as Luna sputters at the heat, "Chili bean!" now she is looking around for some water. "Oooh, look, a Blibbering Humdinger!"
  229. Nymphadora Tonks screeches at the snake and quickly hides behind Charlie. Then with a shake of her head her pink hair returns and she laughs as she looks over at Hermoine and gives her a thumbs up.
  231. Charlie Weasley reaches into the little bag and pulls out a tiny dragon, holding it out like a weapon at Bellatrix.
  233. Raccoon stands on his hind legs sniffs. scampers to the jelly beans until he thinks the coast is clear. rubs his hands together eager. starts shoving as many beans as he can in him mouth
  235. Bellatrix watches her snake with mad eyes until it slithers out of sight then cackles and stalks over to Sirus "So cousin.. what shall we do tonight? Oh I know, lets Kill Harry Potter"
  237. Moaning Myrtle just watches the thing with a tilt of her head, "Toddler trap" is all she says.
  239. Charlie Weasley drops the dragon back into the bag as Bellatrix is dispatched.
  241. Fleur Delacour rises from her seat at the bar, and looks to Bellatrix.
  243. Viktor gives Luna's back a pat as he directs her to the nearest thing of water, then draws his own bean. A slightly reddish-brown one. He grimaces, tries the bean... and grimaces again. "Blech. Beef casserole... just awful." After that, he catches up to Luna, who hopefully got her water, and places a hand softly on her shoulder. "You know, Quidditch is not my only talent. I am pretty good dancer, as well. Shall ve?"
  245. Bellatrix uses her wand to brush a black ringlet out of her eyes and smiles at Fleur "go on then"
  247. Raccoon will eat spat out jelly beans
  249. Nymphadora Tonks looks over to the Racoon with widened eyes. "Oh no!"
  251. Moving up to the where the band is, Fleur takes to the microphone. Her obvious draw of attention, as she releases the butterflies again as the music begins. Her sweet enchanting voice hard not to turn and listen to as she sings, especially as it becomes obvious that while there is a band backing her up, perhaps there are more voices than just the one singing? She sways letting those feathers of her skirt ripple in time with the music.
  253. "All the girls on the block knocking at my door!
  254. Wanna know what it is make the boys want more!
  255. Is your lover playing on your side? Said he loves you,
  256. But he ain't got time. Here's the answer.
  257. Come and get it, At a knocked down price. Hey!
  258. Full of honey, Just to make him sweet.
  259. Crystal balling, Just to help him see
  260. What he's been missing. So come and get it,
  261. While you've still got time. Hey!"
  264. The Weird Sisters nod to Fleur as she starts, playing behind her to back up the song
  266. Moaning Myrtle heats the song, then shakes her head, "Shit I need a bath after that song."
  268. Raccoon chews with an open mouth smells of feet, chili, vomit, marshmallow, grape jelly,, peppe4, pears, cinnamons, lawn n grapefruit wafts from his gob. raccoon seems in heaven
  270. MoaningMyrtle stops and hears the music playing. She tilts her head and doesn't say anything as she slouches and walks to the bar. She looks around and dramatically tries to climb into the sink, since there is no toilet. "so upbeat...where's my drastic bathroom..."
  272. The band continues to play before the next verse comes along
  274. With a wave of her hand, Fleur sends what seems like sparkles of light flowing over herself as she sings with her dare I say, magical voice?
  276. "Get your boy on his knees, and repeat after me, say
  277. Take a sip of my secret potion, I'll make you fall in love.
  278. For a spell that can't be broken, One drop should be enough.
  279. Boy, you belong to me, I got the recipe
  280. And it's called black magic, (and it's called black magic)
  282. Take a sip of my secret potion, One taste and you'll be mine.
  283. It's a spell that can't be broken, It'll keep you up all night
  284. Boy, you belong to me, I got the recipe
  285. And it's called black magic, (and it's called black magic)
  287. If you're lookin' for Mr. Right, Need that magic
  288. To change him over night. Here's the answer.
  289. Come and get it, While you've still got time. Hey!"
  292. Bellatrix lays her head of tossled dark hair on Sirius's shoulder as she watches Fleur on stage
  294. Moaning Myrtle just breaks down laughing at the next song, cause...she cannot seem to stop laughing.
  296. The music calls to her and Tonks tugs Charlie onto the dance floor, bouncing to the beat of Fleur's words.
  298. Luna with those big eyes, smiles up at him and back at the song, and offers him a drink of water too to help rinse out his mouth, and gently holds out her hand to him and hip checks him making her dress jiggle. In reply to his question she offers, "A Wrackspurt . . . They’re invisible. They float in through your ears and make your brain go fuzzy," she said. "I thought I felt one zooming around in here." taking his lead to the dance floor.
  300. Sirius, who is seated at the bar, glances over his shoulder as Bellatrix comes over to drape her head on his shoulder and hisses out a restrained, "Persistent as ever, Cousin." There is a good natured smile as the end though as he joins her in watching the stage for a bit.
  302. Moaning Myrtle sits down at the Bar.
  304. Twirling around, letting those peacocks be shown fully, Fleur dances with the music. If she could make it sound like four people singing, she would, but thankfully the band joins in!
  306. All the girls on the block knockin' at my door! (I got the recipe)
  307. Wanna know what it is make the boys want more! (now you belong to me)
  308. All the girls on the block knockin' at my door! (I got the recipe)
  309. Wanna know what it is make the boys want more! (now you belong to me)
  311. Take a sip of my secret potion, I'll make you fall in love.
  312. For a spell that can't be broken, One drop should be enough.
  313. Boy, you belong to me,(Hey!) I got the recipe
  314. And it's called (black magic), and it's called, and it's called black magic!
  316. Take a sip of my secret potion, One taste and you'll be mine.
  317. It's a spell that can't be broken, It'll keep you up all night
  318. Boy, you belong to me (belong to me), I got the recipe
  319. And it's called black magic, (and it's called black magic)
  320. Falling in love (hey!)"
  322. With one last wave over her head, Fleur makes those light sparkles appear again and the shower the room!
  324. Bellatrix steps back with a grin and a whispered sing song "i killed Sirius Blaaaaack" before turning to vanish into the crowd
  326. The band hits the last notes and nods with smiles to Fleur
  328. Charlie Weasley grins as tonks pulls him to the dancefloor "What will lupin say?" he chides as he begins to dance.
  330. *~ The roar of a dragon erupts from outside. Then another, different roar, apparently angry at the first. The two roar at each other for a while, but eventually calm down.*~
  332. Nymphadora Tonks laughs merrily at Charlie, "Someone had to watch Teddy. He's at that crucial age you know. He wouldn't deny me a dance. You're just lucky it isn't the full moon." She glances towards the door. "Did you bring the adults with you too?"
  334. Sirius shoots the a cold glower at Bellatrix's antics and bellows out a defiant, "Not dead yet, witch!" He then cackles and shuffles down a few seats to sit closer to Paige and Opal. "Did one of you say something to me?" He twitches again, flinching and swatting at a bit of nothing over his left shoulder.
  336. Viktor accepts the water, swishing it around before spitting it back out. Discreetly, maybe. He definitely finds a place to dispose of it properly, first. Luna's absolute non-sequitur earns her an eyeroll, but he does still lead her by the hand to dance. He takes her other hand, standing there for a bit... then leans in to whisper something into her ear.
  338. Bellatrix does turn and give Fleur a wink and nod of approval for the song - how uncharacteristic
  340. Charlie Weasley laughs and dips Tonks back "They wouldn’t fit in my pack."
  342. Moaning Myrtle says, “Really which Tremere?"”
  344. Raccoon hides under a table when dragons roar
  346. Greyback howls back at the dragon's roar
  348. Bellatrix is back to stalking around the edges of the room as if she can feel something coming
  350. HermioneG looks over to Moaning Myrtle with some curiosity.
  352. Moaning Myrtle says, “You having fun tonight Opal, cause I am still debating fun tonight, the show is not bad tonight.”
  354. *~ Dementors are among the foulest creatures that walk this earth. They infest the darkest, filthiest places, they glory in decay and despair, they drain peace, hope and happiness out of the air around them. .~* ( ) The Dementors Converge
  356. Nymphadora Tonks had bounced until the final sparks fluttered to the dance floor before she clapped her hands together and given a chaste kiss to Charlie's cheek. She leans down then and peeks under the table. "Are you all right down there?"
  358. The only thing that seems to give away Luna, is her ability to dance, which is quite unlike the true Luna and why should she be normal, she is Luna, she is anything but, and her being with Viktor this evening, is as unexpected as her dancing is. She seems to take a strong lead in guiding Viktor on the dance floor, careful to guide him, so that her bare feet do not get stepped on. "Youre just as sane as I am." She speaks softly to him, well to her it is soft but sure others around them can hear it as she says it to Viktor in reply to his whisper to her.
  360. Moaning Myrtle looks over to HErmineG and nods.
  362. Bellatrix ooooohs as the Dementor's song plays, stepping out into the center of the floor, turning, eyes on the ceiling as if she can feel them coming then she smiles and waves her wand, casting a spell above her "Morsmordre" and from her wand comes a sickly green mist that forms above them all as the Dark Mark " minute 1.27"
  364. Fleur Delacour sits back down at the bar. She is paying most attention to the music, and preparing for her next performance.
  366. Sirius slinks down even lower, pressing himself to the bar practically as the Dementors song starts and he asides to Opal, "Too long." Although his whole body is tense with fear he bravely takes his wand in hand and levels it at the developing darkness in the room.
  368. Moaning Myrtle looks about at this part of the floor show, and without thought her arms wrap about herself, and she just watches for now.
  370. Nymphadora Tonks moves to stand near Sirius, her wand appearing in her hand as she looks up at the dark mark and scowls, her face altering to a serious demeanor.
  372. The stage area fills with fog as a voice calls out “All Dark wizards and witches, step forward – this is our time to shine” – A figure in a dark hooded robe, flanked by 4 Death Eaters steps forth. Just as the music begins, the central figure throws off his hood and is revealed to be Voldemort – the Dark Lord himself!
  375. MoaningMyrtle moves from the behind the bar and lets out a small deathly wail. She moves about and looks to those around her. Her eyes then move to Bellatrix when she speaks the word and then the green mist appears. Myrtle will then clap with delight and find a seat to see how this will play out. "I have plenty of room in my bathroom...."
  377. This Wiz, I'm ice cold I’m Voldemort, That white gold - This one, for that H.P. Says he hates me - But what can he do? Caught the kid, boy who lived - Harry's outta luck - With the Elder wand, stop the chosen one - Maybe make a new horcrux? (Ha!)
  379. I'm too hot (hot hand) - Call an Auror up to try and stop this man - I'm too hot (hot hand) - Make a headmaster retire man - I'm too hot (hot hand) - Don't say my name, you know who I am! - I'm too hot (hot hand) - Am I bad 'bout this curse Avada down now
  381. Voldemort and the Death Eaters have the choreography down and are dancing as they sing
  382. Albus sent ya, hallelujah (Whoo)
  383. Albus sent ya, hallelujah (Whoo)
  384. Albus sent ya, hallelujah (Whoo)
  385. Cuz Dark Lord Funk gon' give it to ya! - Cuz Dark Lord Funk gon' give it to ya! - Cuz Dark Lord Funk gon' give it to ya! - Saturday night and we takin Hogwarts - Don't believe me, just watch! (Come on!) - Don't believe me, just watch!
  387. Don't believe me, just watch!
  388. Don't believe me, just watch!
  389. Don't believe me, just watch!
  390. Don't believe me, just watch!
  391. Hey, Hey, Hey, Oh!
  393. Stop!
  394. Wait a minute
  396. "Was that an insult?" Viktor for his own part is able to keep up with Luna's guidance, though he throws in a sharp hip-check when he can. He's careful to make sure she doesn't fall over, but that may have required a bit of a grip... regardless, he follows her steps, coming closer than might be comfortable to stepping on a foot, but does not actually do so.
  398. Bellatrix keeps the Dark Mark over the performers as they dance and sing, dark lord's got rhythm
  400. Voldemort and the Death Eaters continue to jam as they sing
  402. “Fill my goblet, put some fire in it - Grasp the hands, make the vow - Come on 'Trix, seal this now! We takin Diagon, Knockturn, Hogsmede, Anywhere! - If we show up, we gon' curse out - Badder than that Devil's Snare (Ha!)
  404. I'm too hot (hot hand) - Call an Auror up to try and stop this man - I'm too hot (hot hand) - Make a headmaster retire man - I'm too hot (hot hand) - Witch, say my name, you know who I am! - I'm too hot (hot hand) - Am I bad 'bout this curse Crucio now
  406. They have moved out among the other guests, especially anyone portraying a dark character as they sing and dance
  407. Albus sent ya, hallelujah (Whoo)
  408. Albus sent ya, hallelujah (Whoo)
  409. Albus sent ya, hallelujah (Whoo)
  411. Cuz Dark Lord Funk gon' give it to ya! - Cuz Dark Lord Funk gon' give it to ya! - Cuz Dark Lord Funk gon' give it to ya! - It's Saturday night and we takin Hogwarts - Don't believe me, just watch! (Come on!) - Don't believe me, just watch!
  412. Don't believe me, just watch!
  414. Don't believe me, just watch!
  415. Don't believe me, just watch!
  416. Don't believe me, just watch!
  417. Hey, Hey, Hey, Oh!
  419. Sirius has to use every ounce of his acting talent to maintain that stern expression, his wand trained on the performance waiting for his chance to strike.
  421. Before we leave Imma tell Harry Potter a lil' something Dark Lord Funk you up, Dark Lord Funk you up
  422. Dark Lord Funk you up, Dark Lord Funk you up
  423. I said Dark Lord Funk you up, Dark Lord Funk you up
  424. Come on, curse! Just cast it
  425. If you got the mark, then blast it
  426. If you're pureblood, we'll have it
  427. No need to fear the dark magic!
  428. Come on, curse! Just cast it
  429. No need to fear the dark magic
  430. Saturday night and we takin Hogwarts- Don't believe me, just watch! (Come on)
  432. Don't believe me, just watch! - Don't believe me, just watch! - Don't believe me, just watch! - Don't believe me, just watch! - Don't believe me, just watch! - Hey, Hey, Hey, Oh!
  434. Dark Lord Funk you up, Dark Lord Funk you up - Dark Lord Funk you up, Dark Lord Funk you up (Say Whaa!?) - Dark Lord Funk you up, Dark Lord Funk you up - Dark Lord Funk you up, Dark Lord Funk you up - Dark Lord Funk you up, Dark Lord Funk you up...
  436. Luna almost falls over and pulls out her wand as it grows dark in the room from the Dementors, still holding Viktor's hand to keep from falling, and then spins back into him and smiles, using the clumsy maneuver to her advantage, and crying out 'Expecto Patronum'.
  438. When others finally do cry out, Sirius joins the hail of voices that echo, "Expecto Patronum!" To his credit, a puff of white glitter shoots out of his wand and anything else that happens after that is all part of the show.
  440. Tonks' demeanor immediately shifts as the singing rap begins, bubblegum pink hair returning as the music brings Tonks back to herself. Her hands in the air she bounces and twists to the song enthusiastically. She bounces in time to the music over to Charlie and grabbing his arm she turns him in a circle, laughing merrily.
  442. MoaningMyrtle sits there expecting some dark magic to spark through the air with some chaos and mayhem. Instead she breaks character and dances along to the beat of the music, her pigtails bouncing.
  444. Paige makes a few smiles, and a few more words at the bar, before she is stepping away. A nod of her head as she turns, curtsying once before departing.
  446. When others finally do cry out, Sirius joins the hail of voices that echo, "Expecto Patronum!" To his credit, a puff of white glitter shoots out of his wand and anything else that happens after that is all part of the show.
  448. Charlie Weasley is turned this way and that, grinning at Tonks enthusiasm.
  450. As three voices call out for their Patronus the voldemort and ban run screaming from the room and the dark mark at the ceiling shatters, leaving Bellatrix stamping her foot in anger
  452. MArtha watches the show, then leans back clapping for the preformers.
  454. Sirius slips out shortly after the dementors make their dramatic exit.
  456. Opal offers a curtesy before she so soon following out after Paige.
  458. A rabbit patronus had turned into a wolf and then fades as the dancing line started up.
  460. The staff applaud and clear the stage for the Wierd Sisters to set up again
  462. Bellatrix looks infuriated at all those who cast Patronus "You destroyed my Dark Mark" then points her wand aggressively towards Tonks and shouts "Expelliarmus!"
  464. Nymphadora Tonks blinks in surprise as her wand flies from her hand and her hair flows into a bright red. "How dare you WITCH!" But we all know what she was /really/ thinking!
  466. MArtha watches the show some more with a little bit of amusement. Then a smile and wave to Fleur Delacour.
  468. Fleur Delacour waves to Martha, and winks. She blows a kiss to her, and a butterfly appears and sails over to Martha and around her head.
  470. MoaningMyrtle tries to slip back into character and sits watching the two go back and forth. A small giggle escaping her lips as the words are exchanged. "Fighting and bickering, such music to my ears"
  472. Greyback takes a few steps back melting back into the shadows, letting Bellatrix fight her own battles and avoiding the bright Patroni
  474. Bellatrix crouches down with a maniacal laugh and spins back into the crowd
  476. MArtha grins as she watches the Butterfly about her head in between the show she is trying to follow, she finally takes the glasses off, to well see better.
  478. Rising from the bar, the femme from Beaubaxtons moves toward the band. Fleur signals the band, and then curls her finger to someone in the back. Seems she has a friend to come join the band, and a little mini DJ station is setup for some additional sounds to be added. As he gets setup to spin it, Fleur replaces her headband with a new crown of sorts - very Cleopatra. With a grin, she nods to the band to play. Obviously, this song is darker than the first.
  480. "I knew you were, You were gonna come to me
  481. And here you are, But you better choose carefully
  482. 'Cause I, I'm capable of anything, Of anything and everything
  484. Make me your Aphrodite. Make me your one and only
  485. But don't make me your enemy, your enemy, your enemy
  487. So you wanna play with magic? Boy, you should know what you're falling for
  488. Baby do you dare to do this? Cause I'm coming at you like a dark horse
  489. Are you ready for, ready for, A perfect storm, perfect storm
  490. Cause once you're mine, once you're mine. There is no going back"
  493. Some of the staff that had been hiding from the Dark Lord creep back out to enjoy the beautiful song
  495. The notoriously clumsy at times Tonks trips slightly but manages not to fall as she scrambles over to retrieve her wand from the floor as the music starts. She gives a final scowl over at Bellatrix before her attention goes to Fleur and her song.
  497. MArtha listens to the song relaxing some as she listens, she even smiles.
  499. With a twist of her hands, Fleur makes little birds appear overhead. Very harmless and not bugging anyone. As she sings, they sail overhead. When she sings of the storm, the birds dissolve into sand and seems to fall away. The beat of this song very different from the first.
  501. "Mark my words, This love will make you levitate
  502. Like a bird. Like a bird without a cage
  503. But down to earth. If you choose to walk away, don't walk away
  505. It's in the palm of your hand now baby. It's a yes or no, no maybe
  506. So just be sure before you give it all to me. All to me, give it all to me
  508. So you wanna play with magic? Boy, you should know what you're falling for
  509. Baby do you dare to do this? Cause I'm coming at you like a dark horse
  510. Are you ready for, ready for, A perfect storm, perfect storm
  511. Cause once you're mine, once you're mine (love trippin')
  512. There's no going back"
  514. Some of the staff sway to the music and others are dancing
  516. HermioneG watches the antics of the singing and dancing from the safety of the couch. She seems to be acting more like a chaperone rather than someone getting into spirit of the music.
  518. Viktor stops to swoop Luna back into his arms after her little acrobatic Patronus cast, giving her a couple extra spins before placing his hands on her hips and giving her a sway this way and that, along with the music. It's a bit of a slower number, but it'll work out.
  520. Even the Ghosts of Hogwarts have come tonight, a pair of them dancing above the floor to the beautiful tune
  522. Raccoon spits chew jelly bean gob in his paws. holds up offering to the band
  524. Now the DJ takes over the singing.. well, rapping as this song traditionally was done. While he sings, Fleur sways back and forth and around the microphone, as a siren will do. As the DJ raps, pictures appear. A heart, that begins to sparkle until it breaks and falls away like sand. Then a flurry of snowflakes that swirl overhead. Just light things that go along with what he says.
  526. "Uh. She's a beast. I call her Karma (come back)
  527. She eats your heart out Like Jeffrey Dahmer (woo)
  528. Be careful, Try not to lead her on.
  529. Shorty's heart is on steroids Cause her love is so strong
  530. You may fall in love, When you meet her
  531. If you get the chance you better keep her
  532. She's sweet as pie but if you break her heart
  533. She'll turn cold as a freezer
  534. That fairy tale ending with a knight in shining armor
  535. She can be my Sleeping Beauty I'm gon' put her in a coma Woo!
  536. Damn I think I love her. Shorty so bad, I'm sprung and I don't care
  537. She ride me like a roller coaster Turned the bedroom into a fair (a fair!)
  538. Her love is like a drug I was tryna hit it and quit it But lil' mama so dope
  539. I messed around and got addicted"
  541. Taking back over again, this time moving around the room still singing as if she was mic'd, projecting her voice for them all, Fleur lightly touches shoulders of each person she passes until she ends up back at the microphone at the end.
  543. "So you wanna play with magic?
  544. Boy, you should know what you're falling for (you should know)
  545. Baby do you dare to do this?
  546. Cause I'm coming at you like a dark horse (like a dark horse)
  547. Are you ready for, ready for (ready for)
  548. A perfect storm, perfect storm (a perfect storm)
  549. Cause once you're mine, once you're mine (mine)
  550. There's no going back"
  552. Nymphadora Tonks sways in place to Fleur's hypnotic voice and the music, her now hazel eyes half closed. She sighs as the beautiful woman touches her shoulder as she passes by and she smiles warmly to her.
  554. Luna settles into the arms of Viktor and leans her head against his shoulder, after tucking her wand back behind her ear, enjoying the music. before she leans back to look into his eyes with a smile, and winks at him.
  556. The staff and even the floating ghosts applaud Fleur and the band!!
  558. Fleur Delacour thanks the band and the DJ and then moves toward Bellatrix to thank her for the night.
  560. MArtha claps and whistles with a big smile.
  562. Bellatrix comes out of the shadows, giving a slow clap but she actually smiles and drops character JUST long enough to kiss Fleur's cheek and whisper to her then she steps back, pretending to wipe her mouth
  564. You whisper “merci beau coup ma cheri” to Fleur Delacour.
  566. MoaningMyrtle hmphs in her character but she claps for the singer
  568. Nymphadora Tonks claps her hands together when Fleur finishes, her eyes sparkling. She continues to smile as she moves to the table to get herself a glass of punch.
  570. Viktor can't help but smile back at Luna as the two dance with the song. As the final (?) number winds down, he joins in the applause, before sneaking a kiss right on Luna's lips, returning that wink, and whispering something to her before pulling away again.
  572. Bellatrix steps to the center of the room and waves her wand about then suddenly transforms s she drops the Mask of 1000 Faces to be the lovely Madeline once again
  574. Madeline smiles “Thank you ALL for coming tonight, for playing along and making the evening such fun. Thank you very much to our dear Herald for her songs, my dear Keeper for her efforts along with Monsieur Fritz, Mademoiselle Angie and Monsieur Mikael. Your assistance has been invaluable"”
  576. Martha says, “It was it fun.”
  578. Viktor Krum motions toward the big jar of beans. "Seems like nobody was lucky enough to draw the blood flavor. Alas."
  580. Luna smiles brightly back at Viktor, as he kisses her right on the lips and gently reaches up to touch his cheek, whispering back into his ear lightly, this time for only his ears to hears, and then laughs about the bean and offers a warm applause to everyone, "The costumes tonight have been absolutely beautiful tonight. Thank you everyone for coming!"
  582. Martha looks over to the happy couple and just smile wryly. Then looks back her her companion.
  584. Nymphadora Tonks smiles at Madeline and then gives a bow to both her and then Fleur. Her features blur then as rises and reveals her true face to be the familiar Mikael. "Your performances were amazing. The evening was truly wonderful, merci."
  586. Fleur Delacour curtsies to Nymphadora, "Merci beaucoup! And your interactions with our Bellatrix were a treat!"
  587. Raccoon scurries away
  589. Angie drops character "Well that was fun.." She eyes the dessert table "I think I will take some of those things use in letting them go to waste. Oh maybe we can donate them to the kids at the church non?"
  591. Madeline playfully brushes a lock of golden hair behind one ear and laughs "have you any idea how difficult it was not to do that all evening"
  593. Mikael reaches over and helps himself to one of the chocolate frogs. "I hope you will share our leftovers, Mademoiselle?" He gives Angie a playful wink.
  595. Madeline smiles "yes those that do eat please take soem treats with you, and if needed yes we can donate the rest" she says to Angie and Mikael - turning to thank the Weird Sisters then back to those still here "Jolene and I will confer tomorrow evening and distribute the prizes"
  597. "All I really did was the jelly beans." Fritz drops character (not that he was acting much like Viktor to begin with) and goes to pat that jar of leftovers. "Speaking of which, there's still a few left if anyone's feeling lucky." He sneaks on over back to Luna and returns that whispering they've been doing back and forth.
  599. Amelie hmms, as she removes her blonde wig (she has not magic to change that that she wished to use. "Oh? Prizes? How lovely."
  601. Martha grins, "Fun night guys, and well not sure I got all the story, never watched the Harry potter stuff, or read the books." then a shrug, "Had to google the characters."
  603. Madeline gestures to the items about the room "Invisibility cloak, a wand, the fabled sorcerers stone, spell book and... an enchanted item, the Veil of Night. Categories are best costume, best character portrayal, best magical display and best display of pure talent"
  605. Luna drops her character as well, though not the look of Luna, and smiles, she gently squeezes Fritz, at his whisper and nods to him, "I would like that very much." She then smiles at Martha, "You might wish to see the movies instead. Though there is so much more detail in the books, deleted scenes the movies don't offer."
  607. Madeline smiles "I had to spend an entire evening reading the books. So now, yes, I can claim /one/ pop culture reference in the past 50 years" teasing on what Paige said when she arrived
  609. Svetlana gets up from the couch, nodding her head, "Zank you for vhonderful evenink." She wrinkles her nose, "And not makink lists for Craig." She then looks to Martha, "Excuse, please. Needink attendink elsevhere."
  611. Martha smiles, "Might, just Magic is real, so not sure about a kids series on it." then to Svetlana, "Be safe and see you soon."
  613. Madeline says “thank you for coming Mademoiselle" she says to Svetlana then nods to Martha "this was all in good fun, and no reference to your clan whatsoever my dear Primogen"”
  615. Mikael smiles brightly and looks hopeful at Madeline and then chuckles softly at her and Martha's comments. "I did not read the books until I saw the first movie. The Potter universe began to make the rounds in the theatre world as well and it was important to keep up with things. The later books and movies were more serious."
  617. Martha says, “It seemed like a modern fairy tale, of good vs evil."”
  619. Fritz raises an eyebrow at Jolene's recommendation, and shakes his head. "Nu-uh. The movies kind of suck. Stick with the books, much better."
  621. Angie plucks a cookie from the table and nibbles on it as she joins the group. "yeah it was a pretty fun night I must say. Everyone's costume and performances were wonderful!"
  623. Amelie smiles, "I should probably get going as well. Merci for a lovely evening. I'm so glad you could host this tonight." She gives Madeline a kiss to the cheek and one list sparkle is sent out from her fingers overhead. "I should return to work." She begins to head to the door.
  625. Madeline returns Amelie's kisses with a smile "thank you for performing dearest" then laughs at the sparkles
  627. Angie looks to Amelie "Your performances were magnificent !"
  629. Jolene hugs Angie and then offers a hug to Amelie and Madeline as well. "You do make a wonderful Fleur and Bellatrix and Moaning Myrtle! Wonderfully done All! It took all I could not to laugh!"
  631. Madeline laughs "It was certainly a stretch to my acting skills but i did enjoy it"
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