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  1. >"Anon?...Are you alright?" Princess Celestia had noticed you fall, she used her magic to set you on your hooves. She sighs. "I was hoping we would not meet like this. But it seems Discord did not understand the urgency in my letter. That's my fault actually"
  2. >"Um...Hi Anon, are you alright?" Thorax said waving his hoof. Feeling a little uncomfortable, yet worried for you.
  3. "Ok, one, let me bring you up to speed. I just finished beating up a Tantabus. Princess Luna was there and everything. And now Fluttershy and the CMC know my secrets. And two, yeah...I'm used to it. I'm here, not to stop you two, but to get things done. I understand now how serious this is...also hi Thorax"
  4. >You rushed through your words as quick as you could. You didn't want Celestia to suddenly magic you away or question you. So you spoke rapidly, without stopping. Except to greet Thorax
  5. >"A Tantabus? My sister?....hrn" Celestia took the time to ponder your words. Part of her expected you to try something. But, she didn't expect the events that you mentioned. "Anon...what exactly do you understand?"
  6. >....
  7. >You sigh, and slow down.
  8. "I understand that I've been a putz. An idiot. That I mistreated my friends. And that my obsessions made me make bad decisions.I should have respected what Chrysalis was. But, I also still understand that she is my friend. So Princess Celestia. I'm here to ask you. Please, let me have one more go. Right here, and if she refuses. That's it. I leave her to you. You have my word."
  9. >You knelled and bowed to her in respect.
  10. >Celestia was silent.
  11. >She looked to Thorax with a smile "I'm convinced. How about you Thorax?"
  12. >"I uhh....ok? I mean, I'd like for everypony to be reformed. And if Anon wants to try. Then, well...I agree. I'm convinced too" Thorax said, a little confused on the situation, but he didn't want to be a prude on anyone.
  13. "yeah! Thanks you guys and!...Thorax, woah. Is that what your wings turned into?"
  15. >His wings had lost their nasty bug look. and became blue with a beautiful shining luster.
  16. >"Oh, yes! Do you like them? I think their great!" Thorax smiled cheerfully as he flittered his wings. He seemed so proud of them. "And I still haven't gotten hungry either. I..." He stopped and gave a warmer, self confidant smile "I feel great"
  17. "Thorax, that's great. I really mean that.And I wish you the best of luck. I'll be at your side for this since..well..y'know"
  18. >"And I wish you lots of luck too. I know, I can just feel it, that a lot of good will come out of this!" Thorax said with a cheer
  19. "Yeah, me too"
  20. >Celestia could already see the change in you. Whatever dream you had. It seemed to have fixed your disposition and attitude for sure. She'd have to ask her sister about this Tantabus later. She felt at ease. To see you happy, to see Thorax happy. She made a wish, for the best of success. The strongest victory possible. She didn't want either of you to be disappointed. And should something go wrong. She would stand firm. to protect the both of you from whatever harm might come your way down in that basement.
  21. >The time was here.
  22. >To face Chrysalis, possibly one last time.
  24. >The three of you stare at the basement trap door.
  25. >"Anon, are you absolutely sure you can handle this? I don't mean to sound harsh. But we cannot afford a mistake." Celestia warns
  26. >After beating that Tantabus, you were sure you'd be fine. Besides, this was your fight too.
  27. "Hey, don't sweat it Princess Celestia. I promise, I got this. And I have your sister, Discord, and my friends to thank"
  28. >"Then Anon, before we go. I wish to test you through a special ritual. That should you succeed, you will be granted knowledge beyond anypony. Wisdom that will not only help you with this situation. But your future as well." Celestia says as she looks at you with a serious stare
  29. >wut?
  30. "You mean..a ritual..right now?! Uhh, I don't think we have the time...though, that does sound awesome."
  31. >"Unfortunately, now is the only time I can do this until the next one hundred moons. You just so happen to have come at the perfect time, with your soul purged of it's doubt. The ritual itself will only take a minute. It is a rare opportunity that I'd suggest you take" Celestia explains
  32. >...wuuut?
  33. >Well, as sudden as this was. If it'd help. And fuck, being super smart or awakened or whatever you'd call it might be damned awesome. You might even get cool powers and..wait.
  34. "Am I going to become an Alicorn? Because I thought that required like, something else. Fixing a spell or something?"
  35. >"The rite of passage to Alicornhood varies from pony to pony. And is not easily reached. Although, it is possible that this ritual will cause a transformation within you that may in fact change you into an Alicorn."
  36. >...woah
  37. >Alicorn Prince Anon.
  38. >...hehehehe, you'd be better than that fucking other guy.
  39. "Well now, that sounds awesome. And, you say you can do that right now?"
  40. >"Yes, but be warned. for if there's doubt in your heart. You will explode into a thousand pieces and be lost in the void of darkness" Celestia's tone became dark and serious
  41. >....wut?
  43. "....uhhh, what?! That's ridiculous! That's dangerous! Who would even agree to even try such a thing?"
  44. >"Well, I suppose nopony. As it is rather dangerous. A shame really. I felt you worthy Anon, but perhaps I was wrong. But you are right to cast doubt, as you may not survive the process. Only the brave and dauntless, with no question in their heart, could survive such a process. Come, let us gather our thoughts and-"
  45. "Woah wait wait!....I didn't say I wasn't interested. I did beat my own Tantabus. And I did help save a world. For reals. And from what I understand, beating that Tantabus kinda qualifies me for this upgrade you're suddenly offering"
  46. >"So I assume, you wish to undertake the ritual?" Celestia asks
  47. >You were sure you'd be fine. You felt as if you had no doubt in your heart. You sort of had to. or you'd explode.
  48. "I'm ready!"
  49. >Celestia had you sit forward facing her. Her horn lit up as she put her hoof on your forehead "Anon, as the princess of Equestria, I bestow upon you this wonderful gift. Do you accept?"
  50. "Yep!"
  51. >"Then close your eyes. And bask within your newfound knowledge and possible princehood."
  53. >You do as she says, and wait.
  54. >You could hear her humming. so far, you didn't feel any different.
  55. >"Wow, this is so amazing." Thorax said as he observed
  56. >Another moment passes, you wanted to open an eye. did
  57. "Umm, when is it going to-"
  58. >"ANON NO! YOU RUINED THE RITUAL!" Celestia said in shock
  60. >Suddenly, you hear a huge explosion. You fall to the ground, onto your back, shaking and yelling. Scared out of your mind.
  61. "DSFSDSDFSFSDFdsfds...dsfsd...wait..."
  62. >You look at your hooves, you wiggle your tail, then look back at your hooves.
  63. "...Wait a second"
  64. >Celestia starts giggling
  66. >"Princess Celestia? W-what happened?" Thorax asked, confused, he was even worried. He thought you exploded too. until it turned out you were fine.
  67. >Celestia took a moment to compose herself from her laughter as you gave her a hard and menacing stare.
  68. "That's not funny..."
  69. >"Oh, relax Anon. I was just playing with you. You weren't ever in any danger." Celestia said with a light hearted chuckle
  70. >"Ummm..Princess Celestia, was that what a pony would call, a prank?" Thorax asked "It seemed kind of funny"
  71. >"It is indeed. I thought it'd be alright to lift the mood. Considering what we are about to do. It's good to be in better spirits so your Changeling brethren will feel more at ease. If they feel we are serious and too determined. They might feel a need to be defensive and doubtful." Celestia explains with a smile as she uses her magic to sit you back up
  72. >.....How did you even fall for something like that?
  73. "So, there's totally no ascension or ultimate knowledge or anything?"
  74. >"No, you're not taking it too hard. Are you Anon? I thought you'd appreciate that kind of joke." Celestia gave you a cocky grin "It's certainly no creepy clown. But, I thought it'd work well enough"
  75. >....ohhh, that kind of takes you back. She was talking about when you used a Pennywise Celestia to scare the shit out of Twilight.
  76. >It made you chuckle. She really did get you good. Maybe remembering Nightmare Night is what softened the blow. But it suddenly felt funnier when she mentioned "It".
  77. "Ok Celestia, ya got me good. Heh, so then. What now?"
  78. >"Well, are we all ready? Anon, are you prepared?" She asks
  79. "I am. In fact..."
  80. >You explain to Celestia that you'd like to step up first with just her. To try to reason with Chrysalis before Thorax's attempt. If she sees Thorax, she'd probably lose her shit and not listen at all. You assured her, if you failed. You wouldn't interfere.
  81. >She agrees.
  83. >It was time. Thorax hung back as you and Celestia went down into the depths of the cavernous basement.
  84. >Step by step. You prepped yourself. You wouldn't fall for Chrysalis's tricks.
  85. >And you'd make sure to try your best
  86. >You could hear the changelings buzzing about
  87. >You could hear Chrysalis, humming a sweet little song.
  88. >You whispered to yourself
  89. "C'mon Anon. You can do this.For sure"
  90. >As you whispered. Celestia put her wing over you. You had gotten comfortable with this kind of affection from Fluttershy. Even from Celestia, it calmed your nerves.
  91. >You looked up at her and whispered
  92. "..thanks"
  93. >She smiles and nods.
  94. >When you both reached the main chamber. Thorax stood back at the stairs as you both approached Chrysalis. Who was busy cleaning her car.
  95. >The changelings around her began to hiss.
  96. >"Silence! I'm concentrating on this spot. Who would have thought cave grime would be hard to scrape off. It's a good thing this car is invincible or I'd be...." Chrysalis stops
  97. >She felt a strong presence.
  98. >a harmonic one
  99. >She started cackling as she dropped her rag. "Oh no. Anon, you didn't. You can't be serious"
  100. >Chrysalis turned to face the both of you with a cruel smirk. "Ohoho! But you did. Well well well, If it isn't Princess Celestia herself. In my lair no less. I have to admit Anon, this must be your most desperate attempt yet. But no matter, I was thinking of having some royal cuisine."
  101. >Some of the changelings began to gather around Chrysalis. Ready for a feast.
  102. >Celestia put up a barrier, as she looked at Chrysalis with disgust. "I would recommend you control your horde. This barrier will protect me from your ability to feed. And I know about Discord's barrier, you can do me no harm."
  103. >Chrysalis chuckled at those words "Suit yourself. But if that's how you're going to be, then I don't even see why you're here. Anon, this was pathetic. Send the little princess home so we can upgrade my car"
  104. "No"
  106. >Chrysalis stopped "No?" Chrysalis chuckled again, this time annoyed "Why no? I'm letting her go. You're obviously not going to school. And I thought it'd be fun to make this into a real murder machine. Suitable..." Chrysalis brought her eyes back to Celestia "For crushing those putrid ponies"
  107. >Celestia stands firm. She doesn't even twitch at those words.
  108. "Chrysalis, listen to me for once. As your friend. I'm trying to help you. There's no future for you if you don't reform now. Chrysalis, Celestia is here because this is your final moments. I don't know what will happen if you don't agree. But whatever it is, I don't want to lose you. Think about it. Is all this worth it? At this point. Any plan you try to pull off is destined to fail. And if you failed too hard. You might end up losing everything. But when you're with me? You laugh, you have fun, heck, you enjoy the films I show you. Something nopony else would. And we both have fun watching them too. Doesn't that mean anything to you? We don't need to conquer the ponies. What even is the point? We could live among them and STILL enjoy everything we like to do together. I mean.."
  109. >You point to the car
  110. "Wouldn't you like to take a road trip? Me and you, into the distant horizon? We could drive through all sorts of places at max speed. Wind in our manes. It'll be fun! Chrysalis...please. I'm your friend. I know you care. You know it'd be lonely even if you did win. So come on.."
  111. >You give her a warming smile
  112. "Let's give ponies a chance, huh?"
  113. >Chrysalis just looks down at you with disgust "....I'll have to punish you for that later. I could feel burning bile within my throat."
  114. >......
  115. >You look down, then gave her a more determined. yet broken look.
  117. "Chrysalis, I'm serious! You won't like what happens next. I swear! You're out of my hooves if you don't give in. I'm trying to save you!"
  118. >Chrysalis points at Celestia "What? From her? Ha! Let her send us to Tartarus. We'd be free soon enough. If Tirek could do it, so can we. And then we'd be free to do as we please." Chrysalis then looked at Celestia and poked at her barrier "That's right Celestia, no matter WHAT you do. Whether you leave us here or banish us. We will always come back! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Chrysalis started cackling as her changelings joined her.
  119. >You looked at Celestia, who looked back at you.
  120. >There was nothing more you could do.
  121. >You tried.
  122. "I'm sorry Chrysalis. Just know, that I still consider you a friend."
  123. >You started to back off, eyeing her.
  124. >She just looked at you and rolled her eyes "Ever so melodramatic. Anon, just shut up and get your butt over here. We could see if we could make Celestia the first instance of Equestrian roadkill"
  125. >You don't respond.
  126. >".....Hmph. You're no fun." Chrysalis turns away. No longer interested.
  127. >"Thorax...It is your time. I shall use my magic to protect you. So please, do not be afraid to speak your mind." Celestia calls Thorax out, and as he comes down the stairs, a golden barrier begins to surround him.
  128. >Chrysalis stops, but she doesn't turn around "How interesting" She says with an unpleasant, and passively angry tone "You're alive" Chrysalis then shifts her eyes towards you "Anon, you've been planning this whole thing for awhile then. Bringing the traitor here? And tricking the captain? I don't think he'd like that very much. I...don't like it very much."
  129. >You just stand there, silent. It wasn't your time anymore.
  132. >Still you say nothing.
  133. >But that reaction.
  134. >"Queen Chrysalis, that's a rather interesting reaction. What does it matter to you if Thorax lives or not" Celestia asks, with some smug in her voice.
  135. >"SHUT UP! you insolent little...Very well." Chrysalis points to the exit. a wall of changelings forming around it. Hissing. "I won't let anypony leave. And then soon. We'll have our feast. And Anon, you can watch. That's your punishment"
  136. >"Thorax, now is the time. Do not be afraid. say what it is in your heart." Celestia calls to him
  137. >Thorax looked around at his siblings. He could feel their hunger. Their suffering. He hated it.
  138. >He didn't like it.
  139. >Knowing what it was to starve, to not know what love,friendship, and caring truly was until he met you,Celestia,Luna, Scrappy, and everyone else.
  140. >He knew he had to save them. To bring the word of friendship to them.
  141. >He started to hover upwards. and started to speak. "My fellow siblings. Please listen, please. I know you're all hungry. And wish to feast on me and the princess. But I also know that in a few hours, you'll all be hungry again. I know that you've been locked up here for a long time now. Only managing to feed off some sort of orb that doesn't have a lot of love in it. But that's just it. Why do we have to steal love? why do we have to eat so much of it? Why? Aren't you all tired of it? Starving everyday until your next meal? I got tired of it. I got tired of how lonely it was. How painful it was. We don't even love each other, we only serve to further the queen's evil plots. Well, I for one, didn't want to do it anymore..."
  142. >"SHUT UP!" Chrysalis went up , her horn aglow, she was going to try to at least destroy Celestia's barrier.
  143. >You quickly put on your horn. And shackled Chrysalis in chains.
  144. >It was painful to do. When she struggled, and looked at you with rage. You could only look back at her with silent sorrow.
  146. >"My queen!"
  147. >"What is he talking about? what he's saying we already know. We must feed!"
  148. >"the pain will go away once we feed once more!"
  149. >"Being hungry stinks!"
  150. "Keep going Thorax! Keep going!"
  151. >Thorax could see the changelings angrily converging. She mustered up more courage. and continued. "Listen to me my brothers and sisters! When I left on my own! I found wonderful friends in Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. They taught me so much. They taught me to love and cherish life,friends, strangers, everything!"
  152. >"who cares?"
  153. >"Ponies stink!"
  154. >"what have they ever done for us but drive us away!"
  155. >"Ponies...they aren't as bad as you think! They only hate us because we attack and hurt them. And steal their love! Well, I for one am sick of it! And I wanted to be more than a changeling who attacks others. Who steals. who plots. Now? I have friends, I care about them, I love them. And I feel great about it everyday. So much so...that I don't need to feed anymore. I always feel nice, never hungry. Everytime I do a good deed, or even compliment Princess Celestia's morning breakfast or Princess Luna's lavender to help us dream sweeter dreams. It all makes me feel happy and good every second of the day. And I couldn't keep it to myself. I didn't want to. I wanted to share it with all my siblings. I don't want you all to suffer. I want you all to be happy. To live among ponies in peace like I have. Not suffer here, imprisoned like we we're terrible beings. We're not. We were never meant to be."
  156. >you could feel through your horn that Chrysalis was angrily struggling.
  157. >.....You couldn't let her go. She had her chance.
  159. >"You don't need to feed anymore?"
  160. >"You're always full?"
  161. >"I...don't want to be hungry anymore too..."
  162. >"I didn't even know we could do that."
  163. >"I....well..erm..I hate being down here anyway. We can't leave!"
  164. >"...I....I wouldn't mind learning to love. I..think it could be neat"
  165. >"Yeah, it could be neat!"
  166. >"I want a friend! I'm sick of talking to rocks all day!"
  168. >"Ponies rule!"
  169. >"My fellow siblings! I don't want you to suffer anymore. Please, drop your hate. don't loathe ponies anymore. They can help us! We can live with them, among them, and we can work together..and...a-and..uh?!" Thorax started to shine, his body began to be enveloped in a crazy light.
  170. "...HOLY CRAP! THORAX!?"
  172. "Don't worry buddy! I-I'll..."
  173. >But it was too late. But not in a bad sense.
  174. >Thorax had reemerged as a green, purple eyed, orange antlered bug things that was huge as fuck. About as big as Chrysalis.
  175. "Thorax?...that you buddy?"
  176. >Thorax was looking at himself. He changed. he felt even better. happier than before.
  177. >And it seemed to be affecting the other changelings. they looked at him with awe. And seemed to have gained some sort of understanding. because they could feel his love. And how fulfilling it was. And they wanted some of that.
  178. >And one by one, two by two, and then by the bunches. they all began to transform.
  179. >....shit. Really? It was that easy?! how long has these guys been alive again?! IT WAS THAT EASY?!
  180. "...christ.."
  181. >Suddenly, with the last of the transformations. There's a huge burst of harmonic energy.
  182. >So much full of harmony. That your horn fizzles out, releasing Chrysalis from her chains as she is blown back by the force of the energy.
  183. >You, Thorax, and Celestia look on. You could practically feel the good vibes they were giving out. It was like, the opposite of the feeling of being drained. It was like they were making everyone in the room feel better.
  184. "Woah..."
  186. >as the changelings looked at themselves at each other. they all seemed instantly pleased with their new forms.
  187. > was kinda fruity. But whatever,
  188. >"What have you done?" Chrysalis says weakly, in utter shock. "M-my hive."
  189. >at first you were worried she was going to try something. But she looked weak. Surprised.
  190. >Maybe even...
  191. >You step over to Chrysalis, and look down at her pathetic form.
  192. "Chrysalis...please. The madness has to end."
  193. >You hold your hoof out, to help her back up.
  194. >You felt an eerie chill. as if someone you knew was doing this. at the exact same time.
  195. "Look at them. Their happy. I know you get hungry too. I know you suffer when you can't get the love you need. But, it doesn't have to be that way anymore. Chrysalis, I'll be there for you....every step of the way."
  196. >She looks at your hoof, and looks at you, with the most genuinely sad eyes you've ever seen her give. "Y-you will?...even after all I've done?"
  197. >you nod
  198. "Of course, you're one of my best friends. I can't leave you hanging"
  199. >You give her a warm smile, as she returns one back to you. It warmed your heart.
  200. >She began to reach her hoof out.
  201. >But something...felt off
  202. >And that was with her horn. Which you also noticed was glowing brighter and brighter by the second.
  203. >....ahh fuck
  204. "HIT THE DECK!"
  205. >you dive and cover your eyes as Chrysalis releases a shining green light.
  206. >ahh dammit. She was making her escape.
  207. >With everyone else rubbing their eyes and wondering what happened. You rush up back up to the living room and into your room up the gravity stairs.
  208. >When you check the portal door. It was still set to the way you left it
  209. >It hadn't even been opened.
  210. >...the fuck?
  211. "...if she didASEFDSD"
  212. >Suddenly, you felt yourself get picked up and held by the throat by a hoof.
  213. >Chrysalis's hoof, as she looked into your eyes with murderous intent.
  214. >...she was hurting you.
  216. >Did...that blast of light from the changelings reformation break the curse?
  217. > were choking and you couldn't even get your horn back on. It must have been back in working order by now.
  218. >"I should end you Anon. Here and now...You ruined everything. You DESTROYED everything I worked for in mere minutes! MOONS ANON, MANY MOONS I'VE SPENT WORKING, CRUSHING, OBLITERATING, AND YOU DESTROYED IT IN MERE MINUTES BY BRINGING THE TRAITOR!"
  219. >You couldn't even mouth words. You could barely breath.
  220. >Chrysalis looked into your eyes, and pressed harder into your neck.
  221. >Shit..she was going to do it...
  222. >She was going to kill you...
  223. >But..
  224. >If she was...
  225. >Why didn't she just kill you outright? Why didn't she just do it right now?
  226. >She was silent, she growled, she pressed, but then relented.
  227. >...she couldn't do it.
  228. >But she didn't let you go either, she stared right into your eyes with fierce anger.
  229. >"I shouldn't let you live. But Discord will undoubtedly hunt me down if I did end you. And then there's the fact you're so pathetic, if I pressed any harder. Your neck would snap like a twig. It wouldn't be worth it. But I assure you. You're family and friends? They will burn for this as retribution. As for you..."
  231. >She hesitated. She was thinking. She was plotting while trying to show no hesitance.
  232. >"You're still more likely to join me than Discord, I just need the right persuasion. That horn is too precious to simply give up. So consider yourself lucky you still somehow have a use to me. I really wish you had joined me Anon. I almost feel bad that sometime in the future, I'll have to take everything from you. You were right though, I'll give you that. I really did have fun being with somepony who could understand me. Who I could have fun with. But it's over now, isn't it? Well, at least it seems that I can make my escape from this hell hole. I suppose I can thank you for that. Well...I'll see you later Anon. I can promise you that. And...Take care of my car. I'll want it back once Equestria is mine" Chrysalis then moved in and gave you a deep kiss.
  233. >It wasn't a lover's kiss
  234. >She choked and drained you so hard you fell unconscious.
  236. >You fell into a dreamless sleep.
  237. >When you awoke, everything was a blur.
  238. >You smelled the familiar bland smell of the hospital. you had been here a few times before.
  239. >"Finally, Anon. What took you so long. You've had Fluttershy,your friends, and of course. You're amazing father worried." You hear the familiar arrogant voice of a certain Draconeequs.
  240. >"Discord, please don't be so insensitive. He's just waking up now and...and" You hear Fluttershy, at first she sounded fine. But as she spoke, she started to choke up and whimper "A-anon...? Are you really awake?"
  241. " head"
  242. >You slowly lean up, you were covered in a warm blanket that obviously didn't belong to the hospital. It seemed to have been made of an extremely expensive cloth. Gems embroidered into it. And it was very soft and warm. Rarity?
  243. >You look over to Fluttershy, who was hovering above you with tears coming down her eyes.
  244. "A-aunt Fluttershy? What happened?"
  245. >"Anon..." Fluttershy whined as she gently landed on the bed beside you and picked you up for a hug. "I was so worried!"
  246. >You slowly wrapped your forelegs around her. You were still confused. But as you looked over her shoulder. You could see various gifts scattered about the room.
  247. >Baskets of apples. Daring Do books you'll probably never read. There was some cakes. Each one written in cream "Yay! Welcome back Nonny! " with the day written just under it, obviously...Pinkie Pie had been making a cake everyday to be prepped for you for when you awoke. And not doing anything with them after the day was done. The blanket must have been Rarity's. There didn't really seem to be any presents from Twilight or Rainbow Dash. Unless that small collection of Daring Do books was supposed to be something.
  249. >There was a grappling hook with a white line on the table next to you. It looked like it could be attached to your grapple gun. Lyra and Bon Bon's gift obviously. Next to it was a familiar yet unfamiliar little stun gun with a note that said "Anon, You seem to be really bad at defending yourself sometimes. So I had this made for you - Starlight"
  250. >...Well damn Starlight. You weren't that bad.
  251. >Then, you could see at the corner. a familiar sleeping filly. Diamond Tiara. She looked ragged. The poor thing. she must have been spending her time here for quite some time.
  252. >And how much time had you been here?
  253. >Well, there was fourteen cakes and...
  254. >......oh god....
  255. >Fluttershy started to slowly sway as she held you "Anon, h-how are you feeling?"
  256. "I...uhm..I..feel ok. I guess. Um, what happened? Because I'm counting fourteen cakes over there and...have I really been out for two weeks?"
  257. >Fluttershy gently put you down. And slowly nodded. "M-mhmmm. Everypony has been bringing you gifts. Mr.Rich has been paying to make sure you get the best care. And...Anon, so much has happened. But, I'm.."
  258. >she started to cry again "I'm just glad you're ok!" She grasped onto you and hugged you again.
  259. >wow...holy...fucking shit...
  260. "U-umm..Aunt Fluttershy. You remember that dream...with the Tantabus, right?"
  261. >You could feel her move her head in a nodding motion "Yes, and I still don't care. You're my nephew. And you always will be"
  262. >That got you...right in your heart. You hugged her tightly as you started to sob.
  263. "I-I love you Aunt Fluttershy. So so so much"
  264. >"I love you too Anon. I love you oh so very much"
  265. >Discord, as you looked over, was shedding a few tears while keeping a straight face. "Well, as beautiful as this all is. I bet Anon is very anxious to learn what has happened in the last two weeks."
  266. >Actually...
  267. "Sorta, I'm more worried about what happened to me right now. What happened to Chrysalis. Did she escape?"
  269. >"Oh, she did. Seems the little transformations our new allies went through caused a small interruption in my curse. The barrier dropped, as did the curse on her and her little captain" Discord said as he looked to the side, walking over to the window to keep his eyes busy so you couldn't see his tears. "She hasn't been seen since. And she certainly hasn't returned to her hive now that King Thorax sits on throne."
  270. >Wut?!
  271. >Also...wait..what happened to Scrappy?
  272. >What happened to the changelings
  273. >wtf happened?!
  274. "Woah woah woah woah woah."
  275. >You back off a little from Fluttershy and look up at her
  276. "Is he telling the truth? King Thorax? What happened?"
  277. >"Well..Anon. erm. You see. After the changelings reformed. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna invited Thorax to the castle for a special announcement. A-as it turns out, everypony was actually very accepting and forgiving after they explained the changelings were being manipulated by their queen and that their true form no longer needed to harvest the love from ponies. Who would've thought that the exile of an evil queen and a big big apology from Thorax for the evil she had wrought would have made everything better." Fluttershy shrugged.
  278. >"Indeed, it's almost as if it was destined. Ahh, speaking of which. there's going to be an award ceremony once we alert the princesses of your recovery. You, and I, and some other ponies.....I guess. Eh, well the point is. We're all do for medals and congratulations for all the good we did in fixing an entire race!" Discord did a little snicker as he thought about it. Obviously it fed into his ego.
  279. >Awards ceremony? Other ponies?
  280. "Who else is getting medals?"
  281. >"Does it matter?" Discord scoffs
  282. >"Discord..." Fluttershy shook her head as she raised her hoof to wipe the few tears you still had. "Well, there's Starlight, King Thorax, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders too."
  283. >the CMC...why?..was it because of...
  284. >Suddenly, there's a knock on the door.
  286. >You look over...
  287. "Hello?"
  288. >The door opens, as the CMC and Starlight step inside.
  289. >"See, told ya he was awake" Said Applebloom with an arrogant smile on her face
  290. >"How'd you know he would be?" Sweetie Belle asked
  291. >"Yeah, that's pretty weird Applebloom, how'd you know" Scootaloo asked as well
  292. >"Scrappy told me. he said "The Queen's Kiss" can knock a pony out for awhile. Apparently, she only uses that sorta thing to cause a big distraction or somethin'" Applebloom said
  293. >"Well, it certainly worked. Because I couldn't find an immediate cute for it myself. I'm just really glad it can be recovered from. Also, hi Anon" Starlight waved to you "We didn't come at a bad time, did we?"
  294. >Hmmm, it seems Starlight had taken advantage of the two weeks to get more friendly with the ponies in Ponyville.
  295. "Um, I guess not. I just woke up know me..always ready for any-"
  296. >"SHE KISSED YOU?!"
  297. >Like lightning, Diamond had awoken and darted right onto your bed and right over you, pushing Fluttershy off the bed.
  298. >She stared right at you with anger as steam came out her nose. "HOW COULD YOU LET HER KISS YOU! OF ALL THINGS!"
  299. >ooohhh shit. OHH SHIT!
  300. "D-d-diamond?! You're awake?!...h-how much did you hear?"
  302. >WUT?!
  303. >At this point, you didn't know whether to say Dad or Discord
  305. >Discord shrugged with a smirk "She asked. Oh yes Anon, because the secret with the changelings was soooo well kept even after the public announcement of their reformation. She asked, I told. She's YOUR marefriend. She was going to find out eventually"
  307. >"YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME ANON! I COULD HAVE HANDLED IT! I DON'T CARE THAT YOU USED TO BE SOME WEIRD HUMAN THING! DISCORD ALREADY TOLD ME YOU'RE PURE PONY NOW. THAT THE COLT I FELL FOR IS IN FACT, THE COLT I FELL FOR....and yet" She started to tear up "You kept that bug queen a secret from me, those changelings too...And I don't even know how to really feel about it. She helped us, which is weird...Because she helped us...I don't know...I don't know how to feel about it. She made her kids feel like...kinda how i felt with my mom. To be something you really weren't. I...kinda wish you had managed to change her too, because...she didn't seem so bad..." Diamond grabbed onto you hugging. "I don't know how to feel about that. But I do know that you're my special somepony, and I love you, and I want to marry you and become a princess, and...and..please don't keep secrets like that from me...please? Promise me you'll never do that again...or be kissed by anypony else that isn't me or your family."
  308. >...christ. Ponies were really accepting and forgiving. Huh, it made you wonder if Twilight did eventually end up reforming Starlight. Hell, it'd have been kinda hilarious if it did happen, that after that. Starlight would have reformed the changelings. With her own version of the mane six even. She;d have Trixie with her and Discord and.....nahhhhh, that'd NEVER happen.
  309. >You put your hooves around Diamond and hugged her gently.
  310. "I'm really sorry Diamond, I messed up. I know. But I promise never to keep any secrets like that from you again."
  311. >You tried being a little romantic, you lowered your hoof under her chin and raised her head. she was tired, crying, and looked a wreck.
  312. >So you kissed her lips with a half moment's kiss.
  313. "I love you too"
  314. >Diamond smiled as her tears rand down and buried her head onto your tummy and cuddled. "'re the best."
  315. >Damn straight
  316. >You looked over to the CMC and Starlight, wondering a few more things.
  318. "Ok, so I know I've been out for two weeks. But to me, it was like two minutes. And there's still a few things i'm confused about. First, what happened to, right after I was knocked out."
  319. >Suddenly, the CMC all frowned. That wasn't good.
  320. "...Ok, let me ask this. Is he ok, right now?"
  321. >"Well, yeah, of course he's ok." Sweetie Belle answered.
  322. >"But, if yer wantin' to know what happened before that...well...ahm.."
  324. >Applebloom began the tale. It seemed after Chrysalis's escape. The curse on Scrappy had lifted. And he had turned changeling in front of the apple clan. And of course, they all tried to run him out. Applebloom protected him, explained that she knew, and that she didn't care because apparently he was already considered family. She did her best to try to convince them there and then, but they thought she was brainwashed and chased him out. Apparently, he had ran back to the hive to actually ask Chrysalis why ponies hate changelings so much. But he had run into an empty hive. Upon Discord telling him what happened in his own special way. Scrappy entered a horrible depression and apparantly said he'd run away where no one could find him......which ended up being the CMC clubhouse. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo had found him there crying in his dog form, they asked him what was wrong and he told them he didn't understand what really happened at the hive, nor did he really understand why he had to be hated for being a changeling. When they asked him why he thought that and what was really going on due to a lack of understanding. He revealed himself to them, and asked them if they hated him now too. They were surprised, but they couldn't hate him.To them, he was still Scrappy.
  325. >Scrappy was still in a horrible depression however. As he felt like he didn't belong anymore. Even with the curse broken, he was still in his original form. He hadn't changed like the others. And he was starting to feel that he should be hated.
  327. >Then, as it turned out. Applebloom had decided to run away. leaving a note that if her family can turn on somepony she considered part of the apple clan, then she shouldn't be around anymore in case they turn on her too for caring for a changeling. Apparently Applebloom didn't know where Scrappy had run off to. And that information only came to light when Applejack came busting into the clubhouse to see if she was in there. only to find the two other CMC members and Scrappy. Again, applejack was on the warpath. demanding where her sister's location was.
  328. >Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo also jumped to defend Scrappy...until they realized their friend was missing. But they still argued it wasn't his fault.
  329. >Applejack argued that he used his weird hypnosis thing like Chrysalis.
  330. >They explained that ONLY Chrysalis could do something like that. And that Scrappy loved Applebloom and considered her his master.
  331. >Applejack, the stubborn horse that she was, refused to listen. told the CMC to step aside, and demanded the location of her sister, or he'd know her fury.
  332. >Apparently, Scrappy didn't even bother to look at her. He was silently crying. he was mumbling words like how he failed his queen and such.
  333. >But the words Applejack caught in her ear was "I wish Master Applebloom can just hate me. So she doesn't have to worry about me and that her family won't hate her anymore for being my master"
  334. >Scrappy was so lost in his sorrow at that point that he hadn't even realized Applejack was there.
  335. >Those words alone had made Applejack stop.
  336. >She had raised her hooves at him, to see if he would react. He didn't.
  337. >And then the CMC berated her for accusing Scrappy. And they should be looking for Applebloom.
  338. >And THATS when Scrappy realized she was missing.
  339. >and when he had noticed Applejack was there, his first action was to plead with her to let him help, that he couldn't fail his master because that's all he had left when it came to having someone over him.
  341. >That Applebloom was his best friend. And that failure meant he had to destroy himself.
  342. >That struck you as weird. It seems Scrappy was extremely codependent. He couldn't live without someone over him. And with Chrysalis gone and, as it seems, this being before the big announcement. That Applebloom was for all intents and purposes, his master and "Queen".
  343. >The rest of the story went along as you'd expect. Applejack, caring more for her sister than a baseless grudge. Finally accepted the truth. They found Applebloom, who,as it turned out, had ran away to Zecora's. And had told her everything that had happen. And of course Zecora understood. That Zebra seemed even more understanding than most ponies.
  344. >And Scrappy was able to find her because he had not fully reformed yet. He could taste lingering feelings from her and followed the trail.
  345. >And after that. Scrappy hugged onto Applebloom. and begged her never to do something like that unless he was at least there with her to protect her. Applejack saw how much he cared for her. And eventually reconsidered. And near the same time. When Scrappy WAS officially considered an apple. He changed like the rest of the changelings. and didn't need to eat love anymore.
  346. >But still insisted on being Applebloom's dog.
  347. >.heartwarming to be sure. But he was still an idiot.
  348. >But he was the kind of idiot you felt you could be good friends with.
  350. "...I really missed a lot..didn't I? Wow..."
  351. >"Yeah, it's been a wild ride for the last two weeks Anon." Scootaloo said with a tired sigh
  352. "So then, why isn't Scrappy here to see me then?"
  353. >"Ummmmm, probably because he's mad at you about Chrysalis. He may have changed like the rest of them changelings. But he's still Scrappy, took us forever to get his wantin' for revenge down to a game of chess. Couldn't bring him because of how ornery he'd get" Applebloom explains.
  354. >Christ...
  355. >You wondered what would have happened if they couldn't get him down to wanting a game of chess.
  356. >or worse, if he had came into your room at anytime during your kiss coma.
  357. "I-I"
  358. >You look over to Starlight. Wanting to witch subjects.
  359. "H-how was your two weeks Starlight? How'd your visit with Sunburst go?"
  360. >"Oh, me and Sunburst hit it off great! As for my two weeks? Uhh, I spent some time trying to figure out a way to wake you up early. And also, I had contemplated on yelling at you for spying on me. But.." Starlight sighs and looks at you with a smile "I'm just glad you're ok, really. I guess I could just beat you in a game of chess."
  361. "WHAT?!...I you..."
  362. >Ahh fuck it, whatever. she knew
  363. "How'd you know?"
  364. >"Sunburst had a few books on identifying magical residue. Of the two magical signatures found from the blast little Flurry Heart made on the night I was visiting. One was found to be full of harmony...and the other was chaos. It was simple deduction after that" Starlight explained with her classic arrogant smirk "Couldn't resist spying on me huh? I'm going to make sure I really REALLY destroy you in chess."
  365. >"Tsk, tsk. After all I've taught you you couldn't do such a simple thing as not leaving evidence. What a failure of a father I am" Discord said, acting sad, but being arrogant about it.
  366. >......ohhh lordie. What a time to be awake.
  368. >But it was fine.
  369. >You were around friends, loved ones, and you knew that even the ponies who weren't here right now. All cared about you and didn't give a shit about your past.
  370. >they didn't care about the fact you were, and perhaps, still are friends with Chrysalis.
  371. >Chrysalis, although you were over her. You hoped she was ok. And would reform like her children did.
  372. >maybe one day.
  373. >For now? You no longer had to worry about hiding anything.
  374. >everyone knew
  375. >Everyone didn't care about it
  376. >Everyone was ok with it
  377. >Everyone cared about you.
  378. >And you cared about them.
  379. >no matter what the shenanigans were
  380. >You cared.
  381. >You had family and friends. Good friends. Something you never really had back on earth.
  382. >And in the end, thats all you really needed.
  383. >You were happy.
  384. >And whatever adventure came your way? You'd face it head on.
  385. >Because in the end, you always had a home to go back to and-
  386. >Your codec rings...
  387. >"Ahhh, Anon. hate to break whatever thoughts you're having right now. But, you did make a promise to me a couple of weeks back. And Twilight's castle isn't going to mysteriously have it's doors lead to different rooms on it's own. Or mess with the order of the books in the library. Or put a Quesadilla under our purple princess's pillow. We can wait until you check out. I'll be patient"
  388. >And of course, the shenanigans will never change either.
  389. >The future was bright for you
  390. >And you'd face that future, with the love in your heart and the chaos in your hooves.
  391. >You are Anon
  392. >Son of Discord
  393. >And this was your life.
  394. >Your life, in Equestria
  396. The End
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